List of school education areas in New South Wales

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This is a complete list of school education areas in New South Wales as of December 2006.

List by school region[edit]

Hunter-Central Coast Region[edit]

John Mather, Director. 300 public schools. [1]

Illawarra-South Coast Region[edit]

Graeham Kennedy, Director. 233 public schools. [2]

New England Region[edit]

Des Gorman, Director. 125 public schools. [3]

North Coast Region[edit]

Carol Carrigan, Director. 281 public schools. [4]

Northern Sydney Region[edit]

Deonne Smith, Director. 170 public schools. [5]

Riverina Region[edit]

Colin Parker, Director. 195 public schools. [6]

South Western Sydney Region[edit]

Tom Urry, Director. 274 public schools. [7]

Sydney Region[edit]

Dr Phil Lambert, Director. 228 public schools. [8]

Western New South Wales Region[edit]

Carole McDiarmid, Director. 198 public schools. [9]

Western Sydney Region[edit]

Lindsay Wasson, Director. 240 public schools. [10]

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