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Cotelands with Park Hill Infants School in the background

The London Borough of Croydon is one of the boroughs in London with the most schools. They include primary schools (95), secondary schools (21) and four further education establishments.[1] Croydon College has its main building in Croydon, it is a low rise building.[2] John Ruskin College[3] is one of the other colleges in the borough, located in Addington and Coulsdon College[4] in Coulsdon. South Norwood has been the home of Spurgeon's College, a world-famous Baptist theological college, since 1923; Spurgeon's is located on South Norwood Hill and currently has some 1000 students. Winterbourne Junior Boys' and Winterbourne Junior Girls Schools are the only single-sex state primary schools in the United Kingdom. The London Borough of Croydon is the local education authority for the borough. Croydon operates a comprehensive system of education but there are a number of formerly selective schools in the borough; including The John Fisher School and Coloma Convent Girls' School

State-funded schools[edit]

Primary schools[edit]

Secondary schools[edit]


*This school is located in Croydon, but is administered by Sutton

Special and alternative schools[edit]


Further education[edit]

Independent schools[edit]

Primary and preparatory schools[edit]

Senior and all-through schools[edit]

Special and alternative schools[edit]


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