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This article discusses primary and secondary schools in Ethiopia. An incomplete list is included.

Primary and secondary education[edit]

Education in Ethiopia was focused on mainly towards religious learning until after World War II. The government then began to emphasize secular learning to achieve national development. Free public education is provided in Ethiopia at both the primary and secondary level. Although there are many private schools in the country, most are concentrated in the Addis Ababa area and are rarely found in the more rural areas where there is a shortage of schools. Many students walk long distances to get to school both in and around the capital city.

Primary education starts at the first grade and continues to the eighth grade. All subjects are taught in the national language—Amharic—until seventh grade, at which point all subjects are taught in English. However there are some schools—many of them private—that begin offering instruction in English at or before the first grade. By the end of eighth grade, students take a national examination which determines whether or not they may continue on to the secondary level. Failing students must repeat the eighth grade and take the national examination again until they pass it and matriculate into the ninth grade.

Until 2001, Secondary education went from the ninth to the twelfth grade. But after 2001, the government changed the curriculum so that general secondary education ends at the tenth grade level, while the eleventh and twelfth grade are considered college preparatory. At the end of tenth grade students take yet another national examination which determines whether or not they will be allowed to continue to pursue their educations and go on to college. Students who pass this second, national examination may decide if they want to focus in a Science or Arts stream. The Science stream mainly consists of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Technical Drawing, while the Art stream mainly consists of Geography, History, Civics and Economics. Students who fail at this level generally either join the general work force or go to a private college. At the end of twelfth grade students must take another national exam which determines their eligibility to move on to the university level. Passing students may choose between two general majors and two public university campuses. The government then assigns each student to a specific major and campus.

List of schools[edit]

This is a list of schools in Ethiopia, sorted alphabetically. Unless otherwise noted, these schools are located in Addis Ababa.

List of Schools in Arsi[edit]

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