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This is a list of schools in the Far North Queensland region of Queensland, Australia.Prior to 2015, the Queensland education system consisted of primary schools, which accommodated students from kindergarten to Year 7 (ages 5–13), and high schools, which accommodate students from Years 8 to 12 (ages 12–18). However, from 2015, Year 7 became the first year of high school.[1] The region's largest population centre is Cairns.

Regional schools are:

  • 98 State Primary Schools
  • 25 State Secondary
  • 26 Catholic Schools
  • 10 Independent Schools
  • 2 Special Schools
  • 1 Distance Education School

State schools[edit]

State primary schools[edit]

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Alexandra Bay State School Cape Tribulation Cairns 1986 Website
Aloomba State School Aloomba Cairns 1899 Website
Atherton State School Atherton Tablelands 1891 Website
Balaclava State School Parramatta Park Cairns 1954 Website
Bartle Frere State School Bartle Frere Cairns 1922 Website
Bellenden Ker State School Bellenden Ker Cairns 1922 Website
Biboohra State School Biboohra Tablelands 1902 Website
Bloomfield River State School Wujal Wujal Wujal Wujal (A) 1952 Website
Butchers Creek State School Butchers Creek Tablelands 1913 Website
Cairns West State School Manunda Cairns 1964 Website
Cape York AAA - Coen Campus Coen Cook 1895 Website Coen SS until 2009; part of Western Cape until 2012.
Cape York AAA – Hopevale Campus Hopevale Hope Vale (A) 1949 Website Formerly Hopevale SS until 2012
Caravonica State School Caravonica Cairns 1927 Website
Cardwell State School Cardwell Cassowary Coast 1870 Website
Chillagoe State School Chillagoe Tablelands 1902 Website
Croydon State School Croydon Croydon 1890 Website
Daintree State School Daintree Cairns 1924 Website
Dimbulah State School Dimbulah Tablelands 1914 Website P-10
Edge Hill State School Edge Hill Cairns 1940 Website
El Arish State School El Arish Cassowary Coast 1922 Website
Feluga State School Feluga Cassowary Coast 1927 Website
Flying Fish Point State School Flying Fish Point Cassowary Coast 1899 Website
Forsayth State School Forsayth Etheridge 1963 Website
Freshwater State School Freshwater Cairns 1896 Website
Georgetown State School Georgetown Etheridge 1874 Website
Goondi State School Goondi Cassowary Coast 1898 Website
Gordonvale State School Gordonvale Cairns 1897 Website
Hambledon State School Edmonton Cairns 1887 Website
Herberton State School Herberton Tablelands 1881 Website Relocated in 1994
Innisfail State School Innisfail Cassowary Coast 1887 Website On 18 July 1887 the Geraldton Provisional State School was opened on a site which is now known as Memorial Park, Innisfail. On 1 August 1894 the Geraldton Provisional School became the Geraldton State School. The school was transferred to its present site in Emily Street. During 1913 the name of the school was changed to the Innisfail State School (No. 527); this was because the town itself had been renamed Innisfail.
Innisfail East State School Innisfail Cassowary Coast 1936 Website
Irvinebank State School Irvinebank Tablelands 1886 Website
Isabella State School Edmonton Cairns 2007 Website
Julatten State School Julatten Tablelands 1923 Website
Kairi State School Kairi Tablelands 1911 Website
Karumba State School Karumba Carpentaria 1968 Website
Kennedy State School Kennedy Cassowary Coast 1927 Website
Kowanyama State School Kowanyama Kowanyama (A) 1904 Website Has year levels P-10. Originally known as Trubanamen Mission School (Church of England) and then from 1916 as the Mitchell River State School. Circa 1975-1980 the school and community began to use the name Kowanyama.
Lakeland State School Lakeland Cook 1969 Website
Laura State School Laura Cook 1889 Website
Lower Tully State School Lower Tully Cassowary Coast 1932 Website
Machans Beach State School Machans Beach Cairns 1952 Website
Malanda State School Malanda Tablelands 1913 Website
Mareeba State School Mareeba Tablelands 1893 Website
McDonnell Creek State School Fishery Falls Cairns 1913 Website
Mena Creek State School Mena Creek Cassowary Coast 1920 Website
Miallo State School Miallo Cairns 1911 Website
Millaa Millaa State School Millaa Millaa Tablelands 1918 Website
Miriwinni State School Miriwinni Cairns 1916 Website
Mission Beach State School Mission Beach Cassowary Coast 1953 Website
Moresby State School Moresby Cassowary Coast 1915 Website
Mossman State School Mossman Cairns 1898 Website
Mount Garnet State School Mount Garnet Tablelands 1901 Website
Mount Molloy State School Mount Molloy Tablelands 1906 Website
Mount Surprise State School Mount Surprise Etheridge 1917 Website
Mourilyan State School Mourilyan Cassowary Coast 1908 Website
Mundoo State School Mundoo Cassowary Coast 1895 Website
Murray River Upper State School Murray River Upper Cassowary Coast 1904 Website
Mutchilba State School Mutchilba Tablelands 1939 Website
Normanton State School Normanton Carpentaria 1882 Website P-10
Northern Peninsula Area College - Bamaga Bamaga Northern Peninsula 1964 Website Formerly Bamaga SS until Mar 2005
Northern Peninsula Area College - Injinoo Injinoo Northern Peninsula 2005 Website
Palmerston East State School East Palmerston Cassowary Coast 1938 Website
Parramatta State School Parramatta Park Cairns 1927 Website
Pormpuraaw State School Pormpuraaw Pormpuraaw (A) 1973 Website
Port Douglas State School Port Douglas Cairns 1989 Website Previous school 1879-1962
Ravenshoe State School Ravenshoe Tablelands 1912 Website
Rossville State School Rossville Cook 1988 Website
Silkwood State School Silkwood Cassowary Coast 1916 Website
South Johnstone State School South Johnstone Cassowary Coast 1916 Website
Tagai State College - Badu Island Campus Badu Island Torres Strait Island 1905 Website
Tagai State College - Dauan Island Campus Dauan Island Torres Strait Island 1985 Website
Tagai State College - Erub Island Campus Erub Island Torres Strait Island 1985 Website Darnley Island SS until 2005
Tagai State College - Horn Island Campus Horn Island Torres 1993 Website
Tagai State College - Kubin Campus Kubin (Moa Island) Torres Strait Island 1985 Website
Tagai State College - Mabuiag Island Campus Mabuiag Island Torres Strait Island 1985 Website
Tagai State College - Malu Kiwai Campus Boigu Island Torres Strait Island 1985 Website
Tagai State College - Mer Campus Mer Island Torres Strait Island 1985 Website
Tagai State College - Poruma Campus Poruma Island Torres Strait Island 1985 Website Coconut Island SS until 2005
Tagai State College - Saibai Island Campus Saibai Island Torres Strait Island 1985 Website
Tagai State College - St Pauls Campus St Pauls (Moa Island) Torres Strait Island 1985 Website
Tagai State College - Stephen Island Campus Ugar Island Torres Strait Island 1985 Website
Tagai State College - T. I. Primary Campus Thursday Island Torres 1885 Website
Tagai State College - Warraber Island Campus Warraber Island Torres Strait Island 1985 Website
Tagai State College - Yam Island Campus Yam Island Torres Strait Island 1985 Website
Tagai State College - Yorke Island Campus Yorke Island Torres Strait Island 1985 Website
Tolga State School Tolga Tablelands 1895 Website
Trinity Beach State School Trinity Beach Cairns 1979 Website
Tully State School Tully Cassowary Coast 1924 Website
Walkamin State School Walkamin Tablelands 1958 Website
Western Cape College - Mapoon Mapoon Mapoon (A) 1995 Website Mapoon SS until 2002
White Rock State School White Rock Cairns 1988 Website
Whitfield State School Whitfield Cairns 1989 Website
Wonga Beach State School Wonga Beach Cairns 1939 Website
Woree State School Woree Cairns 1980 Website
Yarrabah State School Yarrabah Yarrabah 1892 Website
Yorkeys Knob State School Yorkeys Knob Cairns 1957 Website
Yungaburra State School Yungaburra Tablelands 1909 Website

State high schools and colleges[edit]

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Atherton State High School Atherton Tablelands 1959 Website
Babinda State School Babinda Cairns 1914 Website P-12
Bentley Park College Edmonton Cairns 1997 Website P-12
Cairns School of Distance Education Manunda Cairns 1974 Website P-12, distance education
Cairns State High School Cairns City Cairns 1924 Website
Cape York AAA - Aurukun Aurukun Aurukun 1974 Website Formerly Aurukun SS until 2002; part of Western Cape until 2012.
Cooktown State School Cooktown Cook 1875 Website P-12
Gordonvale State High School Gordonvale Cairns 1965 Website
Herberton State School (Secondary Campus) Herberton Tablelands 1912 Website
Innisfail State College Innisfail Cassowary Coast 2010 Website P-12. Replaced Innisfail SHS
Kuranda District State College Kuranda Tablelands 2008 Website P-12. Replaced Kuranda SHS & SS
Lockhart State School Lockhart River Lockhart River (A) 1924 Website P-12
Malanda State High School Malanda Tablelands 1961 Website
Mareeba State High School Mareeba Tablelands 1960 Website
Mossman State High School Mossman Cairns 1973 Website
Northern Peninsula Area State College - Senior Bamaga Northern Peninsula 1973 Website
Ravenshoe State School (Secondary Campus) Ravenshoe Tablelands 1991 Website
Redlynch State College Redlynch Cairns 1932 Website Formerly Redlynch SS until 2007
Smithfield State High School Smithfield Cairns 1983 Website
Tagai State College - T. I. Secondary Campus Thursday Island Torres Strait Island 1966 Website Formerly Thursday Island SHS until 2007
Trinity Bay State High School Manunda Cairns 1960 Website
Tully State High School Tully Cassowary Coast 1964 Website
Western Cape College - Weipa Weipa Weipa (X) 1966 Website Formerly Weipa North SS until 2002
Woree State High School Woree Cairns 1985 Website
Yarrabah State School (Secondary Campus) Yarrabah Yarrabah 1912 Website

Other state schools[edit]

This includes special schools (schools for disabled children) and schools for specific purposes. Additionally to these, special education programs and units are located at many larger primary and high schools.

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Cairns School of Distance Education Manunda Cairns 1974 Website Next to Trinity Bay State High School

Defunct state schools[edit]

Name Suburb LGA Opened Closed Notes
Almaden State School Almaden Tablelands 1906 1997
Bamford State School Bamford, near Petford, Queensland Tablelands 1905 1935
Barrine State School Barrine Tablelands 1909 1958 Formerly Boar Pocket SS until 1911
Beatrice Creek State School Beatrice Tablelands 1921 1945
Boogan State School Boogan Cassowary Coast 1929 1979
Brook's Road State School Millaa Millaa Tablelands c1943 1958
Cairns Central Girls' School Cairns City Cairns 1914 1943 Merged into Cairns Central SS
Cairns Central State School Cairns City Cairns 1917 1994
Cairns North State School Cairns North Cairns 1878 2004
Cairns Road State School Edmonton Cairns 1921 1963
Cairns Special School Cairns Cairns 1958 1990
Calcifer State School Calcifer, near Chillagoe, Queensland Tablelands c.1898 c.1908
Cardross State School Cardross, near Chillagoe, Queensland Tablelands c.1914 c.1920
Cardstone State School Cardstone Cassowary Coast 1959 1990
Cassowary State School Cassowary Cairns 1913 1967
Chilverton State School Chilverton Tablelands 1916 1956
Coorumba State School Coorumba Cassowary Coast 1924 1979
Cowley Lower State School Lower Cowley Cassowary Coast 1937 1956
Daradgee State School Daradgee Tablelands 1911 1984
East Barron State School Barron Cairns 1915 1964
Einasleigh State School Einasleigh Etheridge 1901 1955
Ellinjaa Road State School Ellinjaa Tablelands 1919 1949
Eubenangee State School Eubenangee Cairns 1921 1971
Euluma Creek State School Euluma Creek Tablelands 1930 1951
Euramo State School Euramo Cassowary Coast 1927 1974
Evelyn Scrub State School Evelyn Tablelands 1896 1919
Evlinton State School near Ravenswood Tablelands 1885 1921 Opened in 1885 as Sandy Creek Provisional School. Changed name in 1886 and became a State School in 1909.
Gadgarra State School Gadgarra Tablelands 1928 1958
Girofla State School Mungana, near Chillagoe, Queensland Tablelands 1898 1946 Later became known as Mungana State School.
Glen Allyn State School Glen Allyn Tablelands 1920 1965
Golden Gate State School Golden Gate mining town near Croydon 1896 1921
Hale's Siding State School Irvinebank Tablelands 1915 1922
Holloways Beach State School Holloways Beach Cairns 1955 1966
Innisfail Inclusive Education Centre Innisfail Cassowary Coast 1980 2009 Merged into Innisfail State College
Innisfail Senior High School Innisfail Cassowary Coast 1955 2009 Merged into Innisfail State College
Iyah State School Iyah Cassowary Coast 1920 1963
Innot Hot Springs State School Innot Hot Springs Tablelands 1940 1957
Jaggan State School Jaggan Tablelands 1918 1965
Jessica Point (Napranum) State School Napranum Aboriginal Community, near Weipa Napranum 1898 2005 Originally opened in 1898 as Weipa Mission School run by the Presbyterian church but was staffed by the Queensland Government not long after. It changed name to Weipa South State School in 1966 and then again to Jessica Point State School in 1976. The name changed again in 2002 to become Napranum Campus of Western Cape College. The school closed in 2005.
Karumba State School Karumba Carpentaria 1968 2013 Financial Troubles in 2012 was the fate of the school shut down in 2013.
Kidston State School Kidston Etheridge 1911 1954
Koombooloomba State School Koombooloomba Tablelands 1953 1963
Koorboora State School Koorboora, near Chillagoe, Queensland Tablelands c.1901 c.1936
Kulara State School Kulara Tablelands 1912 1958
Kuranda Senior High School Kuranda Tablelands 1998 2007 Merged into Kuranda District State College
Kuranda State School Kuranda Tablelands 1892 2007 Merged into Kuranda District State College
Kureen State School Kureen Tablelands 1912 1958
Lake Barrine State School Barrine Tablelands 1920 1949 Formerly Lakebank SS until 1935
Lappa Lappa State School Lappa Lappa, near Chillagoe, Queensland Tablelands 1900 1933 Originally known as Loch Lomond State School - should not be confused with Loch Lomond State School which existed on the Darling Downs from 1904 to 1976. Changed name to Lappa Lappa on an unknown date.
Lever Estate State School Lever Estate Cassowary Coast 1936 1967
Little Mulgrave State School Little Mulgrave Cairns 1926 1964
Lorraine State School Lorraine Station Carpentaria 1981 1995
Lorraine State School Lorraine Station Carpentaria 1981 1995
McIvor River Provisional School [2] Mt. Webb, Starcke Station, North-north-west of Cooktown, Cape York 1960 early 1961
Merragallon State School Merragallan Tablelands 1913 1935
Middlebrook Road State School Mungali, near Millaa Millaa Tablelands 1935 1946
Minbun State School Minbun Tablelands 1922 1974
Mount Aunt State School near Chewko Tablelands 1940 1958
Mount Carbine State School Mount Carbine Cairns 1908 1957
Mount Mulligan State School Mount Mulligan Tablelands 1915 1958
Mowbray River State School Mowbray Cairns 1925 1961
Muldiva State School Muldiva, near Chillagoe, Queensland Tablelands c.1892 c.1894
Mungana State School Mungana, near Chillagoe, Queensland Tablelands 1898 1946 Originally known as Girofla State School.
North Johnstone State School North Johnstone Tablelands 1914 1971
O.K. State School O.K. mining settlement, near Chillagoe, Queensland Tablelands 1904 1910
Peeramon State School Peeramon Tablelands 1911 1959
Petford State School Petford Tablelands 1935 1995
Port Douglas State School Port Douglas Cairns 1879 1962
Redcap State School Redcap, near Chillagoe, Queensland Tablelands 1905 c.1974
Riversdale State School near Euramo Cassowary Coast 1953 1968
Silky Oak Creek State School Silky Oak Cassowary Coast 1940 1974
Smithfield State School Smithfield Cairns 1899 1964
Strathmore State School Strathmore Etheridge 1916 1932
Stratvell State School Stratvell Cassowary Coast 1916 2002
Tarzali State School Tarzali Tablelands 1914 1967
Tate Tin Mines State School near Herberton Tablelands 1894 1940 Provisional school until 1909. Closed in 1924 then opened again in 1930 before closing permanently in 1940.
Tinaroo Falls State School Tinaroo Tablelands 1954 1959
Thornborough State School Thornborough Tablelands 1878 1932
Topaz State School Topaz Tablelands 1932 1960
Tully Falls State School Tully Falls Tablelands 1953 1955
Tumoulin State School Tumoulin Tablelands 1912 1960
Upper Barron State School Upper Barron Tablelands 1911 2008
Wai-Ben State School Thursday Island, Torres Strait, Queensland 1940 c1963 Originally known as Thursday Island State School for Coloured Children. Renamed in 1954.
Wolfram State School Wolfram, near Chillagoe, Queensland Tablelands 1905 1940
Wondecla State School Wondecla Tablelands 1883 1958
Woopen Creek State School Woopen Creek Cairns 1952 1967
Wright's Creek State School Wrights Creek Cairns 1894 1953
Zillmanton State School Zillmanton, near Chillagoe Tablelands 1909 c.1914

Private schools[edit]

Catholic schools[edit]

In Queensland, Catholic primary schools are usually (but not always) linked to a parish. Prior to the 1970s, most schools were founded by religious institutes, but with the decrease in membership of these institutes, together with major reforms inside the church, lay teachers and administrators began to take over the schools, a process which was completed by approximately 1990.

Schools in the region are administered by Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Cairns, and supported by the Queensland Catholic Education Commission, which is responsible for coordinating administration, curriculum and policy across the Catholic school system. Preference for enrolment is given to Catholic students from the parish or local area, although non-Catholic students are admitted if room is available.

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Good Counsel College Innisfail Cassowary Coast 1975 Website 8-12.
Good Counsel Primary School Innisfail Cassowary Coast 1975 Website
Holy Cross Primary School Smithfield Cairns 1987 Website
Mother of Good Counsel School North Cairns Cairns 1936 Website
Mount St Bernard College Herberton Tablelands 1921 Website 8-12
Our Lady Help of Christians School Earlville Cairns 1964 Website
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School Thursday Island Torres 1886 Website
St Andrews Catholic College Redlynch Cairns 2001 Website P-12
St Anthony's Primary School Dimbulah Tablelands 1966 Website
St Augustine's College Cairns City Cairns 1930 Website 7-12 boys
St Augustine's School Mossman Cairns 1934 Website
St Clare's School Tully Cassowary Coast 1928 Website
St Francis Xavier's School Manunda Cairns 1967 Website
St Gerard Majella School Woree Cairns 1988 Website
St John's Catholic School Silkwood Cassowary Coast 1948 Website
St Joseph's School Atherton Tablelands 1923 Website
St Joseph's School Parramatta Park Cairns 1927 Website
St Mary's College Woree Cairns 1986 Website 8-12
St Michael's School Gordonvale Cairns 1923 Website
St Monica's Catholic College Cairns City Cairns 1890 Website 8-12 girls
St Rita's School Babinda Cairns 1926 Website
St Rita's School South Johnstone Cassowary Coast 1932 Website
St Stephen's Catholic College Mareeba Tablelands 2006 Website 8-12
St Teresa's Primary School Ravenshoe Tablelands 1950 Website
St Therese's School Edmonton Cairns 1929 Website Edmonton Convent School until 1965
St Thomas's School Mareeba Tablelands 1909 Website

Independent schools[edit]

Name Suburb LGA Category Opened Website Notes
Cairns Adventist School Gordonvale Cairns Adventist 1950 Website
Candlenut Steiner School Kuranda Tablelands Steiner 2002 Website Formerly Cairns Steiner School
Djarragun College Gordonvale Cairns Anglican 2001 Website Formerly Emmanuel College, Manunda.
Djarragun College Port Douglas Cairns Anglican 2008 Website Formerly Wangetti Education Centre.
Freshwater Christian College Brinsmead Cairns Christian 1983 Website Formerly Cairns Christian College until 2008
Gulf Christian College Normanton Carpentaria Christian 1990
Jubilee Christian College Atherton Tablelands Christian 1984 Website Formerly Tableland Christian College until 1998
Peace Lutheran College Kamerunga Cairns Lutheran 1994 Website Day and Boarding, Co-Ed, P - 12, Kindergarten
Radiant Life College East Innisfail Cassowary Coast Christian 1982
Trinity Anglican School White Rock Cairns Anglican 1983 Website TAS White Rock - Kindergarten to Year 12. TAS Kewarra Beach - Kindergarten to Year 6. Co-educational. Weekly & long term short homestay available.

Defunct private schools[edit]

Name Suburb LGA Category Opened Closed Notes
Emmanuel College Manunda Cairns Anglican 1986 2001 Became Djarragun College[3]
St Barnabas' Anglican School Ravenshoe Tablelands Anglican 1953 1990 Campus acquired by Ravenshoe SS
Wangetti Education Centre Port Douglas Cairns Anglican 1983 2008 Became campus of Djarragun College

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