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This is a list of primary schools and secondary schools located in the Asian country of Iran. Tertiary schools are listed at the List of universities in Iran.


Schools in the city of Isfahan, Isfahan Province, include:

  • Esfahan Schools
  • Khomeyni's Schools
  • Safavi Schools
  • Tiz Hoshan Schools



Schools in the city of Karaj, Alborz Province, include:

  • Alborz High School (Alborz College)
  • Dehkhoda High School
  • Dr. Hesabi High School
  • Dr. Moein High School
  • Farzanegan High School
  • Farzanegan Middle School
  • Kashanipoor High School
  • Shahid Beheshti High School
  • Shahid Rahimi High School
  • Shahid Rajaee High School
  • Shahid Soltani School


Schools in the city of Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan Province, include:

  • Emam Reza School
  • Farzanegan High School (Tizhooshan)
  • Farzanegan Middle School (Tizhooshan)
  • Hasheminezhad High School
  • Hasheminezhad Middle School
  • Kosar Middle School
  • Mosala Nezahd High School
  • Omidvar Elementary School


Schools in the city of Shiraz, Fars Province, include:

  • Alavi School
  • Dastgheib (Tizhooshan) 1, 2 & 3
  • Dr. Hessabi Schools
  • Ebn Sina School
  • Ehsan School
  • Emamreza School
  • Farzanegans (Tizhooshans)
  • Fereshtegan School
  • Haj Ghavam School
  • Meraj School
  • Nia Kowsari School
  • Oloom Pezeshki School
  • Shahed Schools
  • Yas School


Schools in the city of Tehran, Tehran Province, include:

Boys' schools (grades 6–12)[edit]

Nazam Military High school

  • Allameh Helli School
  • Allameh Tabatabaei School
  • Energy Atomy School
  • Nokhbegan e Allameh Tabatabaei Schools
  • Rouzbeh Schools
  • Salam School

Other schools[edit]

  • Aftab Azarin (Ecole Bilingue De Teheran) School
  • Armenian Schools in Iran
  • Azadi Schools
  • Bahman Schools (22)
  • Derakhshesh Schools
  • Dr Gharib Schools
  • Dr. Hesabi School
  • Dr Shariaaty Schools
  • Emam Schools
  • Energy Atomy Schools
  • Enghelab Islamy Schools
  • Farvardin Schools (12)
  • Germany's School in Iran
  • Golestan Schools
  • Iran's Schools
  • Khomeyni's Schools
  • Kooshesh School
  • Leader Schools
  • Mehraein Schools
  • Modern Schools
  • Omid Schools
  • President Schools
  • Public Islamic of Iran
  • Refah Schools
  • Shahid Bahonar Schools
  • Salam Schools
  • Salehin High School
  • Sarsabz Schools
  • Shahid Beheshty Schools
  • Shahid Motahary Schools
  • Shahid Rajaee Schools
  • Soodeh High School
  • Tehran Schools
  • Tiz Hoshan Schools
  • Mofid High Schools
  • Toloo High School
  • World's School in Iran


Schools in the city of Yazd, Yazd Province, include:

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