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This is a list of schools in Kenya.

Primary schools in Kenya may be designated as follows:

  • DEB indicating that they were founded by the now abolished District Education Boards, hence were public schools from the start.
  • RC indicating that they were founded and sponsored by the Roman Catholic Church as it was known then
  • AC indicating that they were founded and sponsored initially by the Anglican Church
  • Others may have no designation meaning they were founded well after independence or they have dropped their sponsor designation from their official name.

For a complete list of schools in Kenya at all levels go to

List of schools[edit]

For a complete list of schools in Kenya at all levels go to


  • Joyhome Early Childhood Development Centre, Kinangop,Magumuzone
  • Baari Primary School, Mairo-inya Nyahururu
  • Kimaru Primary School, Mairo-inya Nyahururu
  • Nyahururu Elite School
  • Githungucu Primary School
  • Nyahururu Highway Schools, Mairo-inya Nyahururu
  • Ritaya Primary School, Nyahururu Mairo-inya
  • St Michael Academy, Nyahururu Mairo-inya
  • Mwalimu Racheal Academy, Naivasha
  • Ziwani Boys School, Nyahururu
  • Nyandarua Primary School
  • Maara Primary School, Miharati Township
  • Manunga Primary School, Off Miharati Wanjohi road
  • Munyu-ini Primary School, Off Miharati Wanjohi road
  • Mahindu Primary School, Machinery Centre Kipipiri
  • Githioro Primary School
  • Kamahia Primary School
  • Mahinga Primary School
  • Gitwe Primary School
  • Ng'arua Rironi pimary school-off Wanjohi, Ol'kalou road
  • Sky high Primary school
  • Ihiga Primary School
  • Malewa Primary School
  • Ndemi Primary School
  • Wanjohi Primary School
  • Raiyeta Primary School
  • Satima Primary School
  • Marimu Primary School
  • Kabati Primary School
  • Njura Primary School
  • Leleshwa Primary School
  • Turasha Primary School
  • Kanyua Primary School
  • Pioneer Secondary School (Leshau)
  • Muti-ini Primary School
  • Passenga Primary School
  • Riverbank Academy, Nyahururu
  • Rwanyambo Primary School
  • Njogu-ini Primary School
  • Weru Primary School
  • kitiri primary school

Buret District[edit]

  • Chebwagan Primary School
  • Kamanamsim Primary School CDT
  • Rungut Primary School
  • Ng'esumin Primary School
  • Lalagin Primary School
  • Cheborgei Primary School
  • Itoik Primary School
  • Kapkatet Primary School
  • Arokyet Primary School
  • Kaminjeiwa Primary School
  • Mombwo Primary School
  • Kaptele Primary School
  • Kapsogut Primary School
  • Siongi Primary School
  • Tebesonik Primary School
  • Tulwet Primary School
  • Kabitungu Primary School
  • Kabartegan Primary School
  • Kapchelach Primary School
  • Charera Primary School
  • Soet Primary School
  • Getarwet Primary School
  • Chelilis Primary School
  • Kapminjewet Primary School
  • Roret primary school
  • Monoru Primary School
  • Reresik Primary School
  • Mabasi Primary School
  • Kipraisi Primary School
  • Chemelet Primary School
  • Kusumek Primary School
  • Kapsir Primary School
  • Tengecha Boys & Girls Secondary School
  • Tengecha Primary School
  • Litein Secondary School
  • Kaptele Secondary School
  • Matunda Grammar school
  • Sally-Ann School
  • Kalya Academy
  • Mabasi Secondary School


  • Bungoma DEB (District Education Board) Primary School
  • Chebukwa D[9[k
  • Father Walstra Academy
  • Kabula R.C. Primary school
  • Kakamwe RC Primary School
  • Kanduyi DEB Primary School
  • Khaoya Primary School
  • Marehll Academy
  • Masuno RC (Roman Catholic) Primary School
  • Misimo Primary FYM
  • Namwacha FYM Primary School
  • Ndengelwa RC Primary School
  • Sang'alo RC Primary School
  • Siangwe RC Primary School
  • St. Erastus Primary School, Naitiri
  • Fountain Gate Preparatory School
  • Matumbufu DEB Primary School
  • Lwanda F.Y.M Primary School
  • Ekitale Friends Primary School
  • Barbra Junior Academy Chwele
  • Mnala primary school
  • Kibabii Primary School
  • Moi Primary school,Bungoma

•Tunya R.C. Primary iiyuni primary school


  • Webuye Kindergarten
  • Webuye Junior Academy
  • Miendo Friends High School.
  • Namawanga Primary School
  • Miendo primary School
  • Chebosi Primary School
  • Kituni Primary School
  • Bokoli primary School
  • Webuye D.E.B primary school


  • Shirotsa primary school
  • Bushibungo primary school
  • Butere Primary school
  • Emasaba Primary
  • Emauko Primary School
  • Eshirakalu Primary School
  • Muriri Primary School
  • Shatsala Primary School
  • Shibembe Primary School
  • manyulia primary school
  • mabole primary school
  • Shibanga Primary school
  • Elukokho primari school
  • Muluwa primary school
  • Lunza primary school
  • Manyika primary school
  • Namasoli primary school(Sammy)
  • Eshibimbi Primary School
  • Shiraha Primary School
  • Emusunguri Primary School
  • Elukoye Primary School
  • Mwilala Primary School
  • Eshilunyire Primary School
  • Mutoma Primary School
  • Bukolwe Primary School
  • Shinamwenyuli Primary School
  • Shibuche Primary School
  • Ebulafu Primary School
  • Amusere Primary School
  • Eshianza Primary School
  • Ibokol Primary School
  • Shitsitswi Primary School


  • Aturei Primary School
  • Chebarus Primary School
  • Chebaun primary school
  • Chepkatet Full Primary School
  • Chepkoilel Primary School
  • Eldoret Preparatory School
  • G.K Prisons Primary School
  • Gulab Lochab Academy
  • Hill School Primary
  • Holy trinity
  • Huruma Primary School
  • Inder Primary School
  • Kapseret Forest Full Primary school
  • Kapsoya Primary School
  • Kaptagat Preparatory
  • Lemook Primary school
  • Munyaka Primary School
  • Ngeria Primary School
  • Queen of Angels Academy
  • Saramek primary school
  • St George Primary school - Kapseret
  • St. Joseph's Primary - Kapseret
  • St. Patrick's Primary School - Eldoret
  • Tuiyo Primary School
  • Uasin Gishu Primary School
  • Paul Boit Boys High School Kapkong
  • North Gate School


  • Kimangaru primary school
  • Lions Primary School
  • Embu urban primary school
  • St Michael Primary School
  • Embu County Primary School
  • Karurumo Primary School
  • Kanja Primary School
  • Saint Petroc Premier School


  • Uthiru Primary School
  • Mama Ngina Primary School
  • Kinoo Primary Schhol
  • Ndurarua primary school


  • Bukhulunya Primary school
  • Ekambwonje Primary School
  • Eshiamboko Primary School
  • Ebuchinga Primary School
  • Eregi Primary School
  • Eshisango Primary School
  • Ikhulili Primary School
  • Ikonyero primary school
  • Imalaba Prymary school
  • Iremele Primary school
  • Isanjiro Primary
  • kakamega hill junior school
  • Kakamega Muslim primary school
  • Kakamega primary,
  • Kakoi Primary School
  • Kaluni Primary School
  • Khwisero primary (Sammy)
  • Kilimo Primary School, Bukura
  • Lusiola pry school
  • Lwanaswa Primary school
  • Madivini Primary School
  • Matioli Primary School
  • Manyonje primary school
  • Mukavakava primary
  • Mahira Primary
  • Mukulusu primary
  • Mukumu mixed boarding primary school, Ilala
  • Musaa Primary school
  • Mwiyenga Primary School
  • Nabongo primary school
  • Shamoni Primary
  • Shichiko Primary school
  • Shieywe Primary school
  • Shikomari primary
  • Shirali primary (Sammy)
  • Shiswa primary
  • Shitirira Boarding Primary
  • Shivikhwa Primary
  • Tumbeni Primary
  • Matundu primary school


  • ACK Holy trinity
  • Chepkolon Green-highlands Academy
  • Chepkurbet Primary School
  • Cheptabes Primary School
  • Eland Academy
  • Fountan Schools
  • Grassland Tabon Academy
  • Highlands Primary
  • Kabianga primary school, Kericho
  • Kapcheluch Primary School
  • Kaptebeswet Primary School
  • Kericho Boys Boarding Primary School
  • Kericho Primary
  • A.H.P. Workshop Primary School
  • Marinyn Primary School
  • Kibingei Primary School
  • Masarian Primary School
  • Milimani Grammar school
  • Siongok Academy
  • Telanet Primary School
  • The Eagle School
  • Torsogek Primary school
  • Kipchebor Primary School
  • Chepkolon Primary School
  • Motobo Primary School
  • St. Patrick Primary School
  • Kerego Primary School
  • Siret Primary School


  • Kamondo Primary School
  • Kamondo High School
  • Kiaibabu Primary School
  • The Green Garden Schools
  • Banana Hill High School
  • Benson Njau Primary School
  • Chief-Wandie Primary School
  • Fairlawns Primary School
  • Gîcharani Primary School
  • Gichuru high school
  • Gitare high school
  • Githiga High School
  • Githiga Primary School
  • Gîtîba Primary School
  • Gitwe girls High School
  • Jeverden Highlands Academy
  • Kahuho Uhuru High School
  • Kagwe Girls High School
  • Kaibere Primary School
  • Kambaa Girls High School
  • Kambui Girls' High School
  • Kamirithu primary school
  • Kangoya Primary School
  • Kanunga High School
  • Kapitungu Primary school
  • Karuri High School
  • Karuri Primary School
  • Kiambaa Primary School
  • Kiambu High School
  • Kiambu Primary School
  • Kibichiku Primary School
  • Kibichiku Secondary school
  • Kibubuti Primary School
  • kikuyu day boys secondary
  • Kirangari High School
  • Kiu River Primary School
  • Limuru Girls High School
  • Limuru Model Primary school
  • Loreto Limuru High School
  • Loreto Primary School
  • Machiri Primary School
  • Magutu-inî primary School
  • Mary Leakey Girls High School
  • mayuyu primary
  • Mirithu Girls
  • Muchatha Primary School
  • Mugumo-ini Junior Academy
  • Mungai Chengecha Primary School
  • Muongoiya Primary School
  • muongoiya secondary
  • Ndumberi primary School
  • Nyathuna Primary School
  • Riabai Primary School
  • Senior Chief Koinange Secondary School
  • St. Annes Lioki Girls High School
  • st joseph secondary gathanga
  • St. Joseph Secondary Githunguri
  • St Lilian Kahuho Academy
  • St. mary Thigio
  • St. pauls primary school
  • Thigio boys
  • Thirime Primary School
  • Thogoto Primary School
  • Tigoni Primary School
  • Ting'ang'a Primary School
  • Ting'ang'a Secondary School
  • Tulwet Primary school
  • Umoja Primary school
  • waguthu primary school


  • Abol Primary School, Kombewa
  • Abwao Primary Schoo,Okanowach
  • Aga Khan Primary School
  • Akonya Primary School, Kombewa
  • Alango Primary School, Kajulu
  • Angira Primary School, Kajulu
  • Apoko Secondary School, Nyakach
  • Arina Primary School, Arina
  • Arombo Primary School, Kapiyo Kadibo
  • Arya Primary School
  • Ayaro Primary School, Kolwa
  • Bolo Primary School, Bolo
  • Bonde Primary School, Kombewa
  • Bukna Primary School, Kajulu
  • Diemo Primary School, Kombewa
  • Elora Academies-Kisumu
  • G.S Junior Academy
  • Guu Primary School, Nyakach Sigoti
  • Highway Primary School
  • Kabondo Primary School
  • Kadiju Primary School, Kolwa
  • Karanda Primary School, Ahero
  • Kibuye Mixed primary school, kibuye
  • Kikiini Primary School,Mbooni
  • Kisumu Junior Academy, Kisumu
  • Kit-Mikayi Primary School, Kombewa
  • Kobong'o Primary School,Okanowach
  • Kolal Primary School, Kolal.
  • Kore Primary School, Ahero Irrigation Scheme.
  • Korwana Primary School, Kolal, Kadibo
  • Kosawo Primary School, Manyatta
  • Kowire Primary School,Nyakach Agoro
  • Kunya Primary School, Kibos
  • Kyai Primary School,Mbooni
  • Lolgarini Primary School, kipkabus
  • M.A.Junior academy, Kenya- Re
  • Manyatta Primary School, Manyatta
  • Mao Primary School, West Kano Irrigation
  • Maraba Primary School, Nyakach
  • Masogo Primary School, Kisumu County
  • Mbeme Primary School, Kisumu
  • Miranga Primary School, Holo
  • M. M. Shah Primary School
  • Naki Primary School
  • Ndiru Primary School, Kombewa
  • Nduru-Kadero Primary, Komewa
  • Ng'op-Ngeso Primary School, Kombewa
  • Ngutu Primary School, Kombewa
  • Nyang'ande Primary School, Kwakungu Kadibo
  • Nyangoto Primary School, Kasiru Kolal
  • Nyong'ong'a Primary,Nyakach
  • Obanda Primary School,Kusa
  • Obola Primary School, Kombewa
  • Obwolo Primary School, Kajulu
  • Ochwado Primary School,Nyakach Gem Rae
  • Odeny Odhiambo Primary School, Kolal Kadibo
  • Odienya Kagayi Primary School, Kombewa
  • Ogona Primary School, Kombewa
  • Ojola Kadero Primary School, Kombewa
  • Ong'adi Primary School, Kajulu
  • Onwang'o Primary School,Okanowach
  • Oremo Primary School,Nyakach Gem Rae
  • Oriang Primary School, Bolo
  • Oruga Primary School, Kombewa
  • Otenga Primary School, Kombewa
  • Pap-Othany Primary School, Kombewa
  • Peace Kids Humanist Academy - Sang'oro
  • ochara Primary school seme reru
  • Pundo Primatry School
  • Rae Mixed Primary School, Nyakach Gem nam
  • Rabuor Primary School, Kisumu County
  • Shaurimoyo Primary School,shaurimoyo
  • Siany Kabonyo Primary School, Kapiyo
  • St.Aloys Primary School, Nyakach Gem Rae
  • Thurgem Primary,Nyakach
  • Victoria Primary School, Kisumu
  • Xaverian Primary School, Kisumu
  • Ragumo primary school, Kisumu
  • Nyalunya primary school, Kisumu
  • Western International School of Kenya, Kisumu


  • Ngariama Primary School, Gichugu
  • Thumaita Primary School, Gichugu
  • High Visioned, Girls Primary Boarding School, Kutus
  • Mutitu Primary School, Ndia
  • Kangai Primary School, Mwea
  • Lower Baricho Primary School, Ndia
  • Ridgemount School, Ndia
  • Muchagara DEB School
  • Nyanja Primary School
  • Kiambatha Primary School
  • Kibaro Primary School
  • Kiandai Primary School
  • Thuiya Primary School
  • Karumandi Primary School
  • Kavote Primary School
  • Kianjiru Primary School
  • Kianguenyi Primary School
  • Guama Primary School
  • Waigiri Primary School
  • Karaini Primary School
  • Kibirigwi primary school-Ndia
  • Kiangoma primary school-Ndia
  • Ngugu-ini primary school-Ndia
  • Kairi-ini primary school-Ndia
  • Kianjege primary school-Ndia
  • Mukangu primary school-Ndia
  • Kiine primary school-Ndia
  • Thunguri primary school-Ndia
  • Kiburu primary school-Ndia
  • Kiaragana primary school-Ndia
  • Upper sagana primary school-Ndia
  • Lower sagana primary school-Ndia
  • Kiangai primary school-Ndia


ikuyuni primary school

  • Ngiini Primary School
  • Central Primary School
  • Muslim Primary School
  • Katyethoka Primary School
  • Kilevi primary school
  • Kiatine primary school
  • Muthale primary school
  • nguuni primary school
  • musengo primary school
  • kauma primary school
  • Kauwi primary school
  • Kiamani Primary school
  • Kangondi primary school
  • Mutanda primary school
  • Tulia primary school
  • Mutonguni Primary
  • Kitamwiki primary school
  • Utoo Primary school
  • Kasue Primary school
  • Nzinia Primary school
  • Kangungi Primary School
  • Kyondoni Primary School
  • Ndiuni Primary school
  • Mwangya Primary school
  • Kangii Primary school
  • Kakeani primary school
  • Kithumula primary school
  • Kyathani primary school
  • Mutulu primary school
  • Ngaaka yakwa primary school
  • Yalatani primary school
  • Kasyala primary school
  • Kitui Primary school
  • Matinyani primary school
  • Matinyani DEB Primary school
  • Kyaani primary school
  • Light & Salt Academy
  • Mikuyuni primary School
  • Musukini primary School
  • Uwu Primary School
  • Itiko Primary school
  • Syombandu Primary School
  • Kanzau Primary School
  • Mwanyani primary School
  • Mukuku Primary School
  • Kwa mutei Primary School
  • Inyuu primary School
  • Kiongwe primary school
  • Kaliani primary school
  • Katuvwi primary school
  • Kanziko primary school
  • Mangetheni primary school



  • Early Bird Day and Boarding Academy, Ngecha
  • Furaha Primary School, Limuru
  • Limuru Town Primary School, Limuru
  • Tigoni Primary School, Tigoni
  • Ngarariga Primary School, Biberioni
  • Biberioni Primary School,ngarariga
  • kamirithu primary school,kwambira
  • Nyatarangi primary school, ndeiya
  • Manguo primary school,Limuru
  • Kinyogori Primary School, Limuru
  • Umoja Primary School, Limuru


  • Isanjiro Primary School
  • Malava Primary School
  • Shamoni Primary School
  • Kakoi Primary School
  • Tumbeni Primary School
  • Shivikhwa Primary School
  • Shitirira Boarding Primary School
  • Malekha Primary School
  • Nguvuli Primary School
  • Mang'uliro Primary School
  • Mukhonje Primary School
  • Kimang'eti Primary School
  • kandiege primary school Pap- Onditi,Nyakachin


Kanga High School Uriri High School Ulanda Girls High School Uriri Boys High School Kanyawanga Boys High School Dede Girls High School


  • Kumbhar Primary School
  • Joyland Prime Academy
  • Baptist Estate School
  • Bombo Primary School
  • The Bombolulu School Of Promise
  • Fahari Primary School
  • Golden Chariot primary school, Mshomoroni
  • Makupa Primary School
  • Kags Joy Academy
  • Kiembeni Estate School
  • Kiุhclinguini Estate School
  • Kimbunga Primary School
  • Mikindani Primary School
  • Mombasa Parents - Nyali Primary School
  • MM Shah Primary School
  • Mombasa Light Academy Primary School
  • Mombasa Academy
  • Oshwal Academy
  • Shree Swaminarayan Academy - Nyali
  • Shiekh Nurein Primary School
  • Ahzab academy,ganjoni
  • Fairfield Academy - Mombasa Island
  • Fairfield Academy - Kiembeni
  • Presbyterian Academy Pwani- Kizingo
  • Greenfield Academy - Mtwapa
  • Twinkle Stars Academy - Kaloleni, Giriama
  • Braeburn Mombasa International School - Shanzu
  • Aga Khan Academy Mombasa - Likoni
  • Estate View Academy, Kiembeni
  • Mwganda primary school - Mombasa
  • St Andrews private school - Mombasa
  • Kimbilio Academy - Changamwe


  • Booker Academy
  • Kholera Boys school
  • Mumias Central Primary School
  • Mumias Sugar Complex Primary School
  • St. Peters Mumias Boys Primary
  • St. Anne's Mumias girls boarding Primary School
  • Ebwaliro Primary School
  • Nyapora Primary School
  • Kamashia Primary School
  • Emakhwale Primary School
  • Matawa Primary School
  • Mumias Muslim Primary School
  • Lureko Primary School
  • Indangalasia Primary School
  • Mwitoti Primary School


  • HGM Vitale Boarding Primary School(Outskirts of Kanthonzweni Mkt)
  • Kyunyu Primary School
  • Mumela primary school
  • Yikithuki Primary School
  • Tusunini Primary School
  • Mutongu Primary School
  • Kyuasini Primary School
  • Kanzokeani Primary School
  • Ngalana Primary School
  • Sultan hamud township primary school
  • Sultan hamud primary school, Sultan Hamud
  • Lumu primary school, Kiou]
  • Christoper Kiamba memorial primary school, Sultan Hamud]
  • Malooi primary school, Nzaui
  • Kyau primary school, Nzaui
  • A.I.C Kathonzweni primary school.
  • Ukia primary school, Okia
  • Mukaa primary school, Mukaa
  • Kiou HGM primary school, Sultan Hamud

[RORC 2012 1]

  • Nyaani primary school
  • Musalala primary school
  • Muluti Primary School
  • Kituiuni Primary school
  • Mutungu primary school
  • Nunguni primary school
  • Katulye primary school
  • Kiluluini primary school
  • Itumbule primary school


  • Enziu primary school
  • Kiisu primary school
  • Kyanganga primary school
  • Masavi primary school
  • Migwani primary school
  • Mwania primary school
  • Mwasuma primary school
  • Mwingi primary school
  • Nguni primary school
  • Tseikuru primary school
  • Kivou Primary School
  • Kasevi Primary School
  • Thitha Primary School
  • Kanzanzu Primary School
  • Kanzui Primary School
  • Kasovoni Primary school
  • Itaava Primary School
  • Mithumoni Primary School
  • Ndulu Primary School
  • Masumba Primary School
  • Kakili Primary School
  • Kalima Primary School
  • Sr. Damiana Memorial Primary School
  • Kikumini Primary School
  • Mwalili Primary School
  • Matiliku Primary School
  • Kithumba Primary School
  • Mulangoni Primary School
  • ENZAI Primary School
  • MUKAA Primary School
  • KWA-MWINGIO Primary School
  • KWA-KAVITA Primary School
  • KWA-KATHENDU Primary School
  • MAIANI Primary School (Mbooni)
  • Kilenge primary school
  • Utangwa HGM primary school
  • Kyuu primary school
  • Mutwii primary school
  • Kitundu primary school
  • Woyani Primary school
  • Ngaani primary school
  • Kikumini Sec. school Nzaui
  • Kyamatheka primary school


  • Potterhouse School - Runda Nairobi
  • St. Mary's International Academy Nairobi
  • St.Michael's Primary School, Makadara
  • Rosslyn Academy, Nairobi
  • Swedish School, Nairobi
  • Norwegian Community School, Nairobi
  • Nairobi West School
  • Banda School, Nairobi
  • Aga Khan Junior Academy, Nairobi
  • Aga Khan nursery School
  • Aga khan Tewie Community school
  • Ayany Primary School, Nairobi
  • Babadogo Primary School
  • Belle Vue Primary School
  • Buru Buru Primary School, Nairobi
  • Bangani Secondary School
  • Canon Apollo Primary School, Nairobi
  • Consolata Primary School, Westlands, Nairobi
  • City Primary School, Ngara
  • Dayspring Junior School
  • Diwopa Catholic Primary School, Kayole, Nairobi
  • Doonholm Primary School
  • Dr. Krapf primary School
  • Dr. Livingston Primary School
  • Flora Primary School
  • Goldenlight Educational Centre
  • Harambee Primary School
  • Highridge Primary School, Parklands, Nairobi
  • Hope Mission
  • Hospital Hill Primary School
  • Heshima Primary School, Bahati Estate
  • Jamhuri Primary School (Government School)
  • Jogoo Road Primary School
  • Kangemi Primary School
  • Kawangware primary School, Ungaro (by feli)
  • Kariobangi South Primary School
  • Kibera primary School, Kibera
  • Kihumbuini primary School, Kangemi
  • Kilimani Primary School
  • Kileleshwa Primary School
  • Kimathi Primary School
  • Komarock Primary School, Komarock Estate
  • Kongoni Primary School, South C
  • Lakewood Schools, Komarock

Lakewood Premier School Utawala

  • Langata Road Primary School, Langata
  • Langata West Primary School, Langata
  • Le Pic Primary School
  • Logos Christian School
  • Loresho Primary School
  • Loreto Convent Msongari
  • Loreto Convent Valley Road
  • Lililumbada Catholic School
  • Malezi School
  • Mathare North Primary School
  • Mihang'o Primary School
  • Milimani Primary School
  • MM Chandaria Primary School
  • Martin Luther Primary School, Makadara
  • Makongeni West Primary School, Makongeni
  • MacWilliams Academy, Githurai 45, Githurai
  • Morrison Primary School, Bahati Estate
  • Muslim Girls Nursery, (Primary & Secondary School) Park Road
  • Muguga Green Primary School, Westlands
  • Nairobi Light Academy Primary School
  • Nairobi Light Academy Secondary Boys
  • Nairobi Light Academy Secondary Girls
  • Nairobi Primary School (Mamlaka Road)
  • Nairobi River Primary School
  • Nairobi Starlet Academy
  • Nairobi South Primary School, South B
  • New Kihumbuini Primary School, Kangemi
  • Ngong Forest Primary School
  • Nile Road Special School, Nairobi
  • Olympic Primary School, Kibera
  • Oshwal Jain Primary School, Parklands
  • Our lady of Fatima secondary School (OLOFOSA)
  • Our Lady of Mercy Primary School, South B (by feli)
  • Our Lady Of Nazareth Primary School, Mukuru Kwa Njenga
  • Ofafa Jericho Schools
  • Park Road Primary School
  • Parklands Primary School, Parklands
  • Plainsview Primary School
  • Pumwani Primary School
  • Riara Road Primary School
  • Riara Springs Academy (High school & Primary)
  • Riruta Satellite Academy, Riruta Satellite and Kabiria.
  • Roysambu Primary School, Zimmerman
  • Satellite primary School (kawa by feli)
  • Serare School
  • Shepherds Junior School, Buruburu
  • Strathmore School, Lavington
  • Starehe Boys Primary School, Nairobi
  • St. Bridget's Primary School, ((Starehe)), ((Nairobi))
  • St. Joseph Feinademetz Primary School, Ruai, Nairobi
  • St. Patrick's Primary School, ofafa Maringo
  • St. Paul's Primary School, Nairobi
  • St. John's Primary School, Kaloleni
  • St. George's Primary School, Kilimani
  • St. Juliet Educational Centre, Kibera
  • St. Mary's School, Nairobi
  • St. Michael Educational Centre, Mathare
  • Tumaini Primary School
  • Toi Primary School
  • Uhuru Primary School
  • Utawala Primary School
  • Valley Bridge primary School
  • Vet-Labs Primary School
  • Visa Oshwal Primary School, Parklands
  • Westlands Primary School
  • Kaloleni Primary School,Kaloleni
  • wangu primary school


  • Mwalimu Racheal Academy Naivasha
  • AIC Cathedral Primary, Gilgil
  • Mwalimu Racheal Academy Naivasha
  • Excel Academy
  • Barut primary school
  • Bondeni Primary School
  • Jamhuri Primary School
  • Harambee Khalsa Primary School
  • Heshima primary school
  • Kaptembwa primary school
  • Kariba Road Primary School
  • Kelelwet primary school
  • Kenyatta Primary School
  • Kimathi Primary School
  • Kisulisuli Primary school
  • Koinange primary school
  • Lanet Lighthouse Academy, Lanet, Nakuru
  • Lions academy School
  • Mama Ngina Primary School
  • Melvin Jones Primary School
  • Menengai Primary School
  • Michinda Boys Boarding Primary School
  • Mogoon primary school
  • Moi Primary School
  • Mountain Park Academy
  • Mwalimu Mkuu Academy
  • Roots Academy
  • Racecourse Primary School
  • St. Francis of Assisi Academy, Nakuru
  • St. Joseph's Primary School
  • St. Mary's Primary School
  • St. Xaviers Primary School
  • Muslim primary school
  • Sokoro Primary School - Elburgon
  • Lusiru primary school - Ndeffo
  • Compit Education Centre
  • Njoro DEB Primary School, Njoro
  • Ndemi Primary School, Njoro
  • Kiriri Primary School,Njoro
  • St. lwanga Ndarugu Primary School, Njoro
  • Kenana Primary School,Njoro
  • kamathatha primary school-Gilgil


  • Ndiriti Primary School
  • Mukima Primary School, Nanyuki
  • Consolata Primary School
  • Gatururu Primary School, Mahiga
  • Lamuria Primary School, Kieni West
  • Rurichu Primary School, Lamuria Kieni west
  • Giakanja Primary School, Nyeri
  • Ihiga-Ini Primary School
  • Ithenguri Primary School
  • Ichamara Primary School
  • Kaiguri Primary School
  • Kanjuri Primary School
  • Kariguini Primary School
  • Kiandu Primary School
  • Kigwandi Primary School
  • Kihora Primary School
  • Kwanderi Primary School
  • Mount Kenya Academy Primary School
  • Nyamachaki Primary School
  • Nyeri Primary School
  • Temple Road Primary School
  • St.Benedict's Boys' Academy
  • Wamagana Primary School
  • Tetu Girls Primary School
  • Kaigonde Primary School
  • Ihwa Primary School
  • Nyeri Good Shepherd Academy
  • Kimahuri Primary School
  • Ndathi Primary School
  • Warazo Jet Primary School
  • St. Hellen Academy
  • Kabaru Primary School
  • Mbiriri Primary School
  • Mapema Primary School
  • Mere Primary School
  • Miagayu-ini Primary School
  • Njogu-ini Primary School
  • Kiawamururu Primary School
  • Tambaya Primary School
  • Ninga-ini Primary School
  • Kaheti Primary School
  • Gatura Primary School
  • Kanunga Primary School
  • Kagarii Primary School
  • Gathuki-mundu Primary School
  • Maganjo Primary School
  • Kihate Primary School
  • Saf aid foundation school
  • Ihwagi Primary School
  • Gathehu Primary School
  • Gathuthi Primary School


  • Bomet Primary school
  • Cheboriot Primary School
  • Chelsea Academy
  • Kapkesosio Primary School
  • Kimenderit Primary School
  • Kiriba Primary School
  • Ngwomwet Primary school
  • St. Mary's Mixed Day and Boarding Primary school
  • Tenwek Boarding Primary School
  • Tebeswet Primary School
  • St. Mary's Girls' Secondary School
  • Tenwek High School
  • Kugunoi Primary School
  • Chesoen Primary school


  • Adiedo Primary School
  • Agoro Sare Primary School
  • Aramo Primary School
  • Apondo Primary School
  • Dudi Primary School
  • Gangre Primary School
  • Higlands Academy, Oyugis
  • Saye Primary School
  • Kakiri Academy
  • Kakelo Mixed Primary School
  • Kachieng' Primary School
  • Nyatindo Primary School
  • Ober Mixed Primary School
  • Ober Boys Boarding School
  • Ogera Primary School
  • Obisa Primary School
  • Mithui Primary School
  • Ojwando Primary School
  • Nyatindo Primary School
  • Bwoye Primary School
  • Ondiwa Gamba Primary School
  • Orinde Primary School
  • Oyugis Primary, Oyugis
  • Ragama Academy, Oyugis
  • Ranena Primary School
  • Rawinji Primary School, Oyugis
  • Ringa Primary School
  • St. Joseph's Combined Academy, Oyugis
  • Wire Primary School
  • Kosele Primary School
  • Kaditonge Primary School
  • Miyuga Primary School
  • Mawego Girls Primary School
  • Mawego Mixed Primary School
  • Yath Welo Primary School
  • Manganga Primary School
  • Yala Primary school
  • Khohot High school
  • Rabuor Koguta primary school
  • Alara primary school
  • Kisindi primary school
  • Kendu Muslim primary school


  • Epang'a Primary School
  • Ebusiloli primary school
  • Matsigulu primary school
  • Ebusakami primary school
  • Ebusiratsi GOG primary school
  • Mukhombe primary school
  • Ebukhuliti primary school
  • Ebunangwe primary school
  • Emusire primary school
  • Esibuye primary school
  • Tigoi primary school
  • Navuhi primary school
  • Mudasa Academy
  • Ikumba primary school
  • Vihiga primary school
  • Chango primary school
  • Saphire academy
  • Kituru primary school
  • Womulalu promary school
  • Kegendirova primary school
  • Kaimosi Friends Primary School
  • Chavavo Primary School
  • Chanzeywe Primary School
  • Mahanga Primary School
  • Masana Primary School
  • Mwoki primary school
  • Inyali Primary School
  • Kegoye primary school
  • Emuhondo primary school
  • Eluhobe primary school
  • Ikumu primary school
  • Ebulamba primary school
  • Mwituha Primary school


  • Got Odima primary school > Ukwala
  • Nyaharwa primary school > Ukwala
  • Got Rembo primary school > Ukwala
  • Hafumbre primary school > Ukwala
  • Nyalenya Primary School > Ukwala
  • St Paul Ndenga Primary School > Ukwala
  • Usinda Primary School-Ugenya
  • Umer Primary School-Ugenya
  • Inungo Primary School
  • Ichinga Primary School - Ugunja
  • Tihinga Primary School - Ugunja
  • Ywaya Primary School - Ugunja
  • Ng'op Miseginin Primary School - Ugunja
  • Ukalama Primary School - Ugunja
  • Ywaya Primary School - Ugunja
  • Ligala Kabiero Primary School - Ugunja
  • Tingare Mixed Secondary School - Ugunja
  • Asango Primary School - Ugunja
  • Musiko Primary School - Ugunja
  • Kirind Primary School - Ugunja
  • Ginga Primary School - Ugunja
  • St Dominic Uloma Primary School - Ugunja
  • Ulanda Primary School - Ugunja
  • Moi Uloma Secondary School - Ugunja
  • Sigomere Primary School - Ugunja
  • Ninga Primary School - Ugunja
  • Got Osimbo Primary School - Ugunja
  • Bar Atheng' Primary School - Ugunja
  • Hawagaya Primary School - Ugunja
  • Lunjre Primary School - Ugunja
  • St Pauls' Sigomere Secondary School - Ugunja
  • Madungu Primary School - Ugunja
  • Luru Primary School - Ugunja
  • Lukongo Primary School - Ugunja
  • Luoka Primary School - Ugunja
  • Ugana Primary School - Ugunja
  • Uluthe Primary School - Ugunja
  • Madungu Secondary School - Ugunja
  • Uluthe Secondary School - Ugunja
  • Ukalama Secondary School - Ugunja
  • Yenga Primary School-Ukwala
  • Uriya primary School-Ukwala
  • Sifuyo Primary School-Ukwala
  • Mlambo Primary School-Ukwala
  • Got Rembo Primary School-Ukwala
  • Miyare Primary School-Ukwala
  • Bar Anyanga Primary School-Ukwala
  • Bar Oninge Primary School-Ukwala
  • Magombe Primary School-Ukwala
  • Ugambe Primary School-Ukwala
  • Sigweng' Karuoth Pr. School-Ukwala
  • Kanyaudo Primary School-Ukwala
  • Kagonya Primary School-Ukwala
  • Uyundo Primary School-Ukwala
  • Maliera Boys Secondary School
  • Maliera Primary School
  • St Mary's School Yala
  • Wango Christian Academy


  • Kimala Primary School
  • Timbila Primary School (with a special unit)
  • Mahoo Primary School
  • Ziwani Primary School
  • Chala Primary School
  • Jipe Primary School
  • Mata Primary School
  • Taveta Primary School
  • Lesesia Primary School
  • Malkiloriti Primary School
  • Rekeke Primary School
  • Kiwalwa Primary School
  • Sowene Primary School
  • Kidong' Primary School
  • Chumvini Primary School
  • Madarasani Primary School
  • Riata Primary School
  • Chokaa Primary
  • Zululu Primary School
  • Kitagwa Primary School
  • Gamalenga Primary School


  • Amariba Primary School
  • Chamakowa Primary School
  • Gatunyu Primary School
  • Bulla Mpya Primary school (Mandera)
  • Getembe Primary School
  • Iyego Primary School, Murang'a
  • Kiabonyoru Primary School, Nyamira
  • Kimaren Primary School, Kobujoi
  • Kalulini Primary School, Kibwezi
  • Katilamuni primary school
  • Kevanda primary school
  • Kirindo Primary School
  • Kisii Primary School
  • Kisima primary school{laikipia,hillary}
  • Kwatombe Primary School, Tala, Machakos
  • Kyanginywa Primary school
  • Kyevaluki primary school,kakuyuni(kangundo)
  • Lanet Lighthouse Academy, Lanet, Nakuru
  • Legacy Schools, Kitale, Kenya
  • Mary Immaculate Girls Primary
  • Masogo Primary School, Ahero, Nyando
  • Matunwa Primary School
  • Masalani Primary school
  • Mbale Shalom Academy, Mbale
  • Mbita Primary School
  • Muhoroni Furaha Primary School, Muhoroni
  • Mumias Central Primary School, Mumias
  • Nguluni Primary School, Tala, Machakos
  • Nyagiki Primary School, Gucha
  • Nyakegogi Primary School, Gucha
  • Nyanchwa Primary School
  • Rabuor Primary School, Rabuor, Nyando
  • Roseve Educational Centre, Namgoi
  • Samitui Primary School, Kobujoi
  • St. Peters Elite Boarding School
  • Star Rays Education Centre Nangili
  • Tetu Girls Primary School
  • Kiriita primary school, Kitale
  • Kambaa primary school, kimende
  • Sony complex primary school,Awendo.
  • Mbita Point International school


  • Mbururu Primary school, Mabusi
  • Matisi Primary school, Mabusi
  • Musemwa Primary school, Nzoia
  • Ludodo Primary school, Moi's Bridge
  • Bondeni primary school, Nzoia
  • Mwiba Primary school,Nzoia
  • Patrice Primary school, Binyenya
  • Matunda Primary School, Matunda
  • Mtoni Primary School, Matunda
  • Kongoni Primary School, Kongoni
  • Seregeya primary School,Likuyani
  • Mugunga Primary School, Mautuma
  • St. Mary's Primary School, Mautuma
  • Lugari Secondary School, Lugari
  • Mlele Academy, Matunda
  • Lumakanda Primary, Lumakanda
  • Angayu prinary school
  • Mbajo primary school
  • Musembe Primary school
  • Chekalini Primary school
  • Koromaiti primary school
  • Edmos primary school

Likuyani Primary school, Likuyani Sango primary school, Likuyani


  • Barbra Junior Academy, Chwele
  • Wabukhonyi Primary School
  • Sikusi Primary School
  • Busakala Primary School
  • Namaondo Primary School
  • Toloso Primary School
  • Sibumba Primary School
  • Nalondo Primary School
  • Makhonge Primary School
  • Nakitumba primary School
  • chwele boys primary
  • sanandiki primary
  • mana academy
  • kings junior academy
  • chwele academy
  • teremi ersf primary
  • kimalewa primary
  • chebukaka boys primary
  • chebukaka girls primary
  • lukhome primary
  • chepsitati primary
  • kibichori primary
  • makhonge primary
  • sichei primary
  • madisi primary
  • chenjeni primary
  • sikulu primary
  • baraki primary


  • Isegeretoto School
  • Asige Primary School
  • Ataba Ebur Primary School
  • Akites Primary School
  • Amase Primary School
  • Amagoro ACK Primary School
  • Amoni Primary School
  • Machakusi ACK Primary School
  • Malaba RC Township Primary School
  • Toto ka Kile ACK Primary School
  • Kamolo Primary School
  • Kawalun Primary School
  • Kocholia RC Primary School
  • Ojamoong Primari School
  • Ojamii Primary School
  • Obekai Primary School
  • Tamlega Primary School
  • ST.Teressa RC Chakol Girls Primary School
  • Kotur primary
  • Kajei primary
  • Katelenyang primary
  • Kaedomoru primary
  • Kamuriai primary
  • Koruruma primary
  • Kaukotoit primary
  • Katimong primary
  • Katelenyang primary
  • Koteko primary

Secondary/ High Schools[edit]

school city county
Kahawa Garrison School Kahawa Nairobi County
Adiedo Secondary School Kanyaluo Homa Bay County Nyanza
Oriwo boys high school Kandiege Homa Bay County Nyanza
Agoro Sare High School Oyugis Homa Bay County Nyanza
Abwao Secondary School
Andrew Murimi Secondary School Nairobi Nairobi County Outer-ring High school
Anesta boys secondary school Nakuru Nakuru County
Abrar High School Eldoret Uasin Gishu County
Ading'o Opanga Secondary School Kisumu County Nyanza
Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa Mombasa Mombasa County
Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi Parklands Nairobi County
Ahero Girls Secondary School Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Akoko Secondary school Bondo Siaya County Nyanza
Aldai Girls High School
Alendu Secondary School Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Alliance High School (est 1926) Kikuyu Kiambu County
Alliance Girls High School Kikuyu Kiambu County
Alungo Secondary School Kombewa Kisumu County Nyanza
Alwala Secondary School Kombewa Kisumu County Nyanza
Amasege Secondary School
Amasago School
Ambira Boys Siaya County Nyanza
Andingo-Opanga Secondary Nyando Kisumu County Nyanza
Apuoyo Secondary School Siaya County Nyanza
Arap Moi Girls High School Vihiga Vihiga County
Arch-bishop Okoth Ojolla Girls Secondary School
Arch-bishop Njenga Girls High School
Asol Secondary School Kombewa Kisumu County Nyanza
Asumbi Girls High School Kisii Kisii County Nyanza
Aquinas boys high school
Butere Boys' High School Butere Kakamega County
Bar Union Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls High School Nyeri Nyeri County
Balambla Secondary School Balambala Garissa County
Bishop Ndingi High School Machakos Machakos County
Bishop Okumu Obuora
Bonde Secondary School Kombewa Kisumu County Nyanza
Boro Secondary School Siaya County Nyanza
Bucheya Girls Secondary School Butere Kakamega County
Bunyore Girls Secondary Vihiga Vihiga County
Butere Girls high School Butere Kakamega County
Butula Boys High School Busia Busia County
Bright Light Girls' High School Njoro Nakuru County
Brookeshine Secondary School Nairobi/Kangundo
Cardinal Otunga High School Mosocho Kisii County
Cardinal Otunda Girls High School Bungoma County
Carmel Girls High School Mbiuni Machakos County
City High School, Nairobi (Est 1952 Closed 1995) Nairobi Nairobi County
Chanagande Secondary School Kaloleni Kilifi County
Chania High School Thika Kiambu County
Chavakali High School Vihiga Vihiga County
Chebisaas Girls High School
Chebukwa Secondary school Bungoma Bungoma County
Chesamisi High School Kimilili Bungoma County
Cheptenye High School Kericho Kericho County
Chianda Boys Siaya County Nyanza
Chulaimbo Boys' Nyanza
Chuka Boys' High School Chuka, Kenya Tharaka-Nithi County
Chuka Girls' High School Chuka, Kenya Tharaka-Nithi County
Chogoria Boys' High School Chogoria Meru County
Chogoria Girls High School Chogoria Meru County
Consolata secondary School Westlands Nairobi County
D.H.T Secondary Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Dagoretti High School Nairobi Nairobi County
Daraja Academy Nanyuki Laikipia County
Darajani High school Kibwezi Makueni County
Closed 2003)
Diemo Secondary School Kombewa Kisumu County Nyanza
Divine Word High School Katani Nairobi County
Dr. Aloo Gumbi Secondary Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Dudi Girls High School Oyugis Homa Bay County Nyanza
Dzitsoni High School (est 1979) Kilifi Kilifi County
Dr. Krapf Secondary School Kaloleni Kilifi County
Eastleigh High School
Ebusakami Secondary Vihiga Vihiga County
Embakasi Secondary Embakasi Nairobi County
Emusire High School Vihiga Vihiga County
Eronge Secondary School Nyamira Nyamira County Nyanza
Endarasha Boys High School
Ebusiratsi Mixed Secondary School
Ematsuli Secondary school
Enkinda Mixed Secondary School Nyamira Nyamira County Nyanza
Eshitari Secondary School Butere Kakamega County
Flamingo Nakuru Nakuru County Rift Valley
Friends School Kamusinga Western Kenya
Gakurwe Secondary School Murang'a Muranga County
Garissa Boys' High School Garissa Garissa County
Ganze Secondary School Kilifi Kilifi County
Gatanga Girls' School Thika Kiambu County
Gatura Girls' School Thika Kiambu County
Gekano High School Nyamira Nyamira County Nyanza
Getarwet Secondary Litein Kericho County
Giakanja Boys High School Central Province
Gituru Secondary School Thika Kiambu County
Gongo Warom Secondary School Yala Siaya County Nyanza
Gulab Lochab Academy Eldoret Uasin Gishu County
Hamisi High School Mombasa Mombasa County
Hekima Girls High School
 Huruma Girls High School
 Nairobi County
Highway Secondary School Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
The Highway Secondary School South B Nairobi County
Homa Bay High School Homa Bay Homa Bay County Nyanza
Gisambai high school Vihiga Vihiga County
Gitwe Mixed Secondary School Kirinyaga County
Gaicahnjiru High school Maragua Muranga County
Ikuu Boys' High School Chuka, Kenya Tharaka-Nithi County
Ikuu Girls' High School Chuka, Kenya Tharaka-Nithi County
Ilbissil girls secondary school
Imani School Thika Kiambu County
Irigithathi Secondary School Ndaragwa Nyandarua County
Iyego Secondary School Murang'a Muranga County
Jaffery Academy Mombasa Mombasa County
Jamhuri High School Nairobi Nairobi County
Jera Mixed Secondary school Ugenya Siaya County Nyanza
Jomo Kenyatta High School Nakuru County
Kagonya High school Sega Siaya County Nyanza
Kabaa Boys high school
Kabare Girls High School Kirinyaga Kirinyaga County
Kabianga Boys High School Kericho Kericho County
Kagumo High School Kagumo Nyeri County
Kagwe Girls High School
Kahuhia Girls' High School Murang'a Muranga County Central Province
Kakamega School Kakamega Kakamega County
Kegoye High School Kakamega Kakamega County
Kaheti High School Mukurweini Nyeri County
Kalou Secondary School Ol Kalou Nyandarua County
Kalulini boys High School Kibwezi Makueni County
Kakamwe Secondary School Bungoma Bungoma County
Kamagambo High School Rongo Migori County Nyanza
Kambaa Girls High School Central Province
Kamahuha Girls High School Central Province
Kambe Secondary School Kaloleni Kilifi County
Kanga High School Rongo Migori County Nyanza
Kangema Boys High School Muranga Muranga County
Kangaru High School
Kanguburi Girls High School Nyeri Nyeri County
Kanjuri Secondary School
Kanunga High School
Kanyamfwa Mixed Secondary School Got Oyaro Homa Bay County Nyanza
A.C.K Kapkolei Girls High School Kobujoi Nandi County
Kapsabet Boys High School Nandi North Nandi County
Kapsabet Girls High School Nandi North Nandi County
Meteitei secondary schools Nandi South Nandi County
Kaptumo Boys
Kaimosi Girls High School
Kapsoya Secondary School Eldoret Uasin Gishu County
Katana Ngala Secondary School Kilifi Kilifi County
Kariguini secondary school
Karura Church School Kiambu Kiambu County
Kawethei Secondary School Machakos County
Kegonge Boys High School Embu, Kenya Embu County
Kathiani High School Machakos County
Kenton College Preparatory School
Kenya High School Nairobi Nairobi County
Kenyatta High School Mahiga
Kenyatta High School Mwatate Taita-Taveta County
Keng'uso salvation army secondary school Nyamira County Nyanza
Keveye girls high school
Khasoko Boys High School Bungoma County
Kiaguthu Boys High school Murang'a Muranga County
Kiambu High School Kiambu Kiambu County
Kiambu Township Secondary School Kiambu Kiambu County
Kiamutugu High School Kirinyaga Kirinyaga County
Kianda School (est 1977) Nairobi Nairobi County
Kianyaga High School Kirinyaga Kirinyaga County
Kiaoni High School Kibwezi Makueni County
Kibabii Boys High School Bungoma County
Kibiko Secondary school Kajiado County
Kiereni Secondary School Chuka Tharaka Nithi County
Kigama Secondary School Maragoli Vihiga County
Kihara Secondary School Nyahururu Nyandarua County
Kijabe Boys High School Kijabe Kiambu County
Kijabe Girls High School Kijabe Kiambu County
Kikima Secondary School Makueni County
Kilifi Township Secondary School Kilifi Town Kilifi County
Kilimo High School Njoro Nakuru County
Kilingili Secondary School
Kimana Secondary school Kajiado South Kajiado County
Kimaren Secondary School Nandi Hills Nandi County
Kinyui High School
Kiongwani Secondary School Makueni County
Kipsigis Girls High school Kericho Kericho County
Kirangari High School Kiambu Kiambu County
Kiriaini Mixed Secondary School Murang'a Muranga County
Kirimara High School Karatina Nyeri County
Kirwara Boys High School Thika Kiambu County
Kisayani High School Kibwezi Makueni County
Kisii School Kisii Kisii County Nyanza
Kisumu Boys' High Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Kisumu Day Secondary School Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Kisumu Girls High Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Kitui School Kitui Kitui County
Kit-Mikayi Secondary School Kombewa Kisumu County Nyanza
Kitondo Secondary School Mbumbuni Makueni County
Kizurini Secondary School Kaloleni Town Kilifi County
Koelel High School Gilgil Nakuru County
Koimbi secondary school Murang'a Muranga County
Kolal Mixed Secondary School Kadibo Kisumu County Nyanza
Komothai Girls High School Ruiru Kiambu County
Komothai High School
Kyanginywa High School
Kivaywa boys high school Matete-webuye Bungoma County
Kaaga Girls High School Meru Meru County
Kyeni Girls High School Embu, Kenya Embu County
Kagonya Secondary School Sega Siaya County Nyanza
Laiser Hill Academy Rongai Nairobi County
Lang'ata High School
Lema Girls secondary school Machakos Machakos County
Lenana School Nairobi Nairobi County
Leshau high school Nyahururu Nyandarua county Lighthouse Girls Academy Lanet Nakuru County
Lilly Academy Githurai Nairobi Nairobi County
Limuru Girls High School Limuru Kiambu County
Lions Secondary Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Loreto Convent Msongari Nairobi Nairobi County
Loreto Convent Valley Road Nairobi Nairobi County
Loreto High School Limuru Kiambu County
Loreto Convent Kiambu Kiambu Kiambu County
Loreto Girls High School Moi's Bridge (Matunda) Uasin Gishu County
Lubinu High School Shianda Kakamega County
Lugulu Girls High School Webuye Bungoma County
Lulu High School (Mekaela Academies) Ukunda Kwale County
Lwak Girls' High School Bondo Siaya County Nyanza
Madira Girls High School Vihiga Vihiga County
Maai Mahiu Secondary school
Maina Wanjigi Secondary School Eastleigh Nairobi County
Miathene boys secondary school
Machakos Boys High School Machakos Machakos County
Mang'u High School (est 1925) Thika Kiambu County
Michinda Secondary School Elburgon-Molo
Makueni Boys High School Wote Makueni County
Malindi High School
Manga Girls High School Nyamira Nyamira County Nyanza
Maraba Secondary School Nandi County Rift valley
Maranda High School Bondo Siaya County Nyanza
Marindi Secondary School Nyamira Nyamira County Nyanza
Marsabit Boys Secondary School Marsabit Marsabit County
Mary Leakey High School Kiambu Kiambu County
Mary Mother of Grace Boys Secondary School Rumuruti Laikipia County
Maryhill Girls High School
Masana Secondary School
Maseno School (est 1906) Maseno Kisumu County Nyanza
Masogo Mixed Secondary School Ahero (Nyando) Kisumu County Nyanza
Matiliku Boys High school
Mau-Narok secondary
Mbale High School
Mbita High School Mbita Homa Bay County Nyanza
Mbooni Boys Kikima Makueni County
Mbooni Girls Kikima Makueni County
Menengai High School Nakuru Nakuru County
Menyenya High School Nyamira Nyamira County Nyanza
Meridian Girls Secondary School Langata Nairobi County
Meru School Eastern province
Matende girls secondary school Kakamega Kakamega County
Metkei Girls School
Migingo Girls Secondary School Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Mithui Mixed Secondary School Oyugis Homa Bay County
Mkumulima Girls Secondary School Bukura Kakamega County
Moi Equator Girls' School
Moi Forces Academy Lanet Nakuru County
Moi Forces Academy Nairobi Nairobi County
Moi Girls' High School Eldoret Uasin Gishu County
Moi Girls School Kamusinga
Moi Girls School Nairobi Nairobi County
Moi Girls School Isinya Kajiado County
Moi High School Kabarak
Moi Sindo Girls Mbita Homa Bay County Nyanza
Mombasa Light Academy Secondary School Nyali Mombasa County
Mua Hills girls high school
Mugoiri Boys Secondary School
Mukurwe-ini Boys High School (Formerly Kiangoma Boys)
Mumbuni High School Machakos Machakos County
Murang'a High School Muranga County
Musingu High School Kakamega Kakamega County
Muslim Academy Nairobi Nairobi County
Muslim Secondary Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Musoli Girls High School Kakamega Kakamega County
Mwala Girls High school
Mukaa Boys High school Makueni County
Mukaa Girls High school Makueni County
Mukumu Girls High School Kakamega Kakamega County
Mutara Secondary School Laikipia Laikipia County
Mwer Boys High School Siaya County Nyanza
Naitiri Boys High School Bungoma County
Nairobi Light Academy Secondary School Karen Nairobi County
Nairobi Mixed Secondary School Nairobi Nairobi County
Nairobi School (est 1929) Nairobi Nairobi County
Naivasha High School
Naki Mixed Nyando Kisumu County Nyanza
Nakuru Boys High School Nakuru Nakuru County
Namachanja High School Bungoma County
Nanyuki boys high school Nanyuki Laikipia County
Nembu High School Nairobi Nairobi County
Ndaragwa Girls High School Ndaragwa Nyandarua County
Ndiru Secondary School Kombewa Kisumu County Nyanza
Ndururumo High School Nyahururu Laikipia County
Ndururi Secondary School Nyahururu Laikipia County
Ngara Girls' High School Nairobi Nairobi County
Ngecho Secondary School Gilgil Nakuru County
Ngere High School Kombewa Kisumu County Nyanza
Ngiriambu Girls High School Kirinyaga Kirinyaga County
Ngomo(Muhotetu) secondary school Nyahururu Laikipia County
Ngoto secondary school Makueni County
Nguluni secondary school Makueni Makueni County
Nguviu Boys High School
Ng'iya Girls High School Ngiya Siaya County Nyanza
Njabini High School Njabini Nyandarua County
Njiiris High School
Njiru-ini Secondary School
Njonjo Girls High School
Njoro Boys Nakuru Nakuru County
Njoro Girls Secondary School
Nyabondo Boys Secondary School Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Nyabururu Girls High School
Nyamninia Secondary School Nyamninia Siaya County Nyanza
Nyamwaga Secondary school Homa Bay County Nyanza
Nyang'ori High School
Nyakach Girls Secondary School Nyando Kisumu County Nyanza
Nyambaria High School Nyamira Nyamira County Nyanza
Nyandarua High School Ol Kalou Nyandarua County
Nyansabakwa High School Nyamira Nyamira County Nyanza
Nyeri High Nyeri Nyeri Nyeri County
Nyahururu High School Nyahururu Laikipia County
Nyaduong Secondary School Suna Migori County Nyanza
Nyagondo secondary School Siaya County Nyanza
Ndagoni Secondary School Magumoni, Chuka Meru County
Obambo Secondary School Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Ofafa Jericho High Jericho Estate Nairobi County
Ogada Secondary School Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Ogande Girls High School Homa Bay Homa Bay County Nyanza
Ogona Sunrise Secondary School Kombewa Kisumu County Nyanza
Oloo laiser High School Ngong Kajiado County
Ongalo Secondary Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Onjiko Boys Secondary School Nyando Kisumu County Nyanza
Orando Mixed Secondary School Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Orero Boys Secondary School Homa Bay Homa Bay County Nyanza
Oshwal Academy Mombasa Mombasa County
Oshwal High School Nairobi Nairobi County
Othaya Boys Secondary School Nyeri Nyeri County
Otieno Oyoo Secondary School Rabuor (Nyando) Kisumu County Nyanza
Olembo boys high school Nyando Kisumu County Nyanza
Othoro Mixed secondary school Homa Bay County Nyanza
Pangani Girls High School Nairobi Nairobi County
Parklands High School Nairobi Nairobi County
Pan African Girls High School Karatina Nyeri County
PCEA Silanga High School Kibera Nairobi County
PJ Mwangola Secondary School
Precious Blood Girls High School Riruta Nairobi County
Pumwani Secondary school
Ramba High School Rarieda Siaya County
Rata Secondary School Maseno Kisumu County Nyanza
Riokindo High School Kisii Kisii County Nyanza
Riondong'a Secondary School Kisii Kisii County Nyanza
Ruiru High School Ruiru Kiambu County
Ribe Boys High School Kaloleni Kilifi County
Rift Valley Academy
Rongai Girls Secondary School Nakuru Nakuru County
Rosterman Secondary School Kakamega Kakamega County
Sabatia Secondary School Baringo County
Sabugo Secondary School Mirangine Nyandarua County
Sacho High School
Sameta High School Kisii Kisii County Nyanza
Sawagongo High School Siaya County Nyanza
SDA School Watamu Kilifi County
Serare School Nairobi Nairobi County
Senior Chief Koinange High School Kiambaa Kiambu County
Serem Secondary School
Shikunga Secondary School Kakamega-Bukura Kakamega County
Shimo-la-Tewa Secondary School Mombasa Mombasa County
Shiners Girls High School Nakuru Nakuru County
Shiners Boys High School Nakuru Nakuru County
Sidindi secondary school
Simotwo Boys High school
Singore Girls school
South Tetu Girls High School Mukurweini Nyeri County
Sironga Girls High School Nyamira Nyamira County
Star of the Sea Secondary School Mombasa Mombasa County
St. Anne's Girls High school
St. Anthonys Boys High School Trans-Nzoia County
St. Barnabas Girls Secondary School Kombewa Kisumu County Nyanza
St. Basil`s Academy Matunda
St. Cecilia Girls Aluor
St. Christophers Secondary School Magumu Kiambu County
St. Charles Lwanga Kitui school Kitui Kitui County
St. Charles Lwanga Secondary Mombasa Mombasa County
St. Georges's High school Kaloleni-Giriama Kilifi County
St. Georges Secondary School Nairobi Nairobi County
St. Ignatius Mukumu Boys' High School Khayega Kakamega County
St. Joseph Girls' School Kibwezi Makueni County
St. Joseph’s Mbita Homa Bay County Nyanza
St. Joseph's Rapogi Secondary School Migori Migori County Nyanza
St. Joseph The Worker Secondary School Mang'u
ST. Lucie Kiriri Girls Secondary School Nairobi Nairobi County
St. Luke Boys High School Kimlili Bungoma County
St. Mary's School Nairobi Nairobi County
St. Mary's Boys' Secondary School Nyeri Nyeri County
St. Mary's Girls' High School Mumias Kakamega County
St. Marys Girls School Thange Makueni County
St. Matthews A.C.K Webuye Webuye Bungoma County
St. Monicah Lubao Kakamega County
St. Mukasa Secondary School Chimoi Kakamega County
St. Pauls Amukura High School
St. Pauls Boys Marsabit Eastern
St. Pauls Miluki Secondary School Bungoma County
St. Pauls Shikunga Secondary School Butere Kakamega County
St. Paul Seminary Nyeri Nyeri County
St. Patrick High School Iten Elgeyo-Marakwet County
St. Peter Claver's Kithuki Makueni County
St. Peters Mumias Boys High School
St. Pius Uriri High School Nyanza
St. Sinclair Secondary School Nairobi Nairobi County
St. Teresa Girls Secondary Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
St. Teresas Nyangusu Girls' High School
Starehe Boys' Centre and School Nairobi Nairobi County
Strathmore School Lavington Nairobi County
State House Girls High School Nairobi Nairobi County
Sunshine Secondary School Nairobi Nairobi County
Tabagon Girls Nandi County
Temple Road High School Nairobi Nairobi County
Terige High School Lesos
Thika High School Thika Kiambu County
Thomeandu Boys Secondary School Nunguni Makueni County
Thurdibuoro Secondary School Nyakach Kisumu County
Titsu Secondary School Nairobi Nairobi County
Tiengre Secondary School Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Tigoi Girls
Timbila High School Taveta Taita-Taveta County
Tom Mboya High School Rusinga Mbita Homa Bay County Nyanza
Tumutumu Girls High School Nyeri Nyeri County
Ukwala Boys Siaya County Nyanza
Upper Hill School Nairobi Nairobi County
Uruku Secondary School Ndaragwa Nyandarua County
Usenge Boys High Bondo Siaya County Nyanza
Vihiga High School Vihiga Vihiga County
Vyulya High School Vyulya Machakos County
Wamutitu Secondary School
Wang'apala Boys High School Kadongo Homa Bay County
Warazo Jet Secondary School Kiganjo Nyeri County
Webzz Educational Centre Bungoma-Kanduyi Bungoma County
Withur Secondary School Kisumu Kisumu County Nyanza
Yaang'a Secondary School Njabini Nyandarua County

International schools[edit]


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