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The city of Kobe, Japan, is home to a number of schools, both public and private. The following is a list of some of the more prominent academic institutions in Kobe:


Public universities[edit]

Private universities[edit]

Primary and secondary schools[edit]

Public schools[edit]

Elementary and junior high schools are operated by the city of Kobe, while high schools are operated by the Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education [18].

A list of Hyogo Prefectural high schools in Japanese is here [19].

Private schools[edit]

Lists of private schools in Hyogo Prefecture at [20] [21] [22] in Japanese.

International schools[edit]

  • Marist Brothers International School (Montessori-12), located in Suma-ku [23]*Canadian Academy (K-12), located on the man-made Rokko Island [24]
  • St. Michael's International School (PreK-6), a small British elementary school located in Kitano-cho, near Sannomiya and Motomachi stations [25]
  • Deutsche Schule Kobe - European School, located in Nada-ku [26]

Japanese Language Schools[edit]

  • Lexis Japan 「レクシス語学学院」[27]