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Below is a list of primary schools and secondary schools in the Asian country of Kuwait. Tertiary schools are listed at the list of universities in Kuwait.

Most schools in Kuwait are public schools which educate in the Arabic language. There are, however, a few schools which run under Indian Central Board of Secondary Education, British, American and French systems, or a combination of languages.

International schools[edit]

American schools[edit]

Bangladeshi schools[edit]

Bilingual schools[edit]

British schools[edit]

Egyptian schools[edit]

  • Kuwait Egyptian Embassy School – Jabriya

French school[edit]

Indian schools[edit]

Iranian schools[edit]

  • Iranian School of Kuwait

Pakistani schools[edit]

Private schools[edit]

Public schools[edit]

Elementary schools[edit]



Middle schools[edit]



Secondary schools[edit]



Special-needs schools[edit]

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