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List of schools in the Marlborough Region is located in New Zealand Marlborough
Rai Valley
Rai Valley
Localities offering secondary education in Marlborough

There are 30 schools in the Marlborough Region, a region of the South Island of New Zealand. The region contains rural and small-town primary schools, a combined primary/secondary school in Rai Valley, a small secondary school in Picton, and several primary schools, an intermediate school, and two large secondary schools in Blenheim. All schools are coeducational except for the two secondary schools in Blenheim: Marlborough Girls' and Boys' Colleges.

In New Zealand schools, students begin formal education in Year 1 at the age of five.[1] Year 13 is the final year of secondary education. Years 14 and 15 refer to adult education facilities.

Most of the schools in Marlborough are state schools, which are fully funded by the government. State schools cannot charge tuition fees to New Zealand citizens and those non-citizens who are entitled to live in New Zealand indefinitely (e.g. permanent residents, residence visa holders, Australian citizens and permanent residents, refugees and protected persons), although a donation is commonly requested.[2] The only schools in the region that are not state schools are three state-integrated schools, which are former private schools with a special character based on a religious or philosophical belief that have been integrated into the state system. State-integrated schools charge "attendance dues" to cover the building and maintenance of school buildings, which are not owned by the government, but otherwise they, like state schools, cannot charge fees for tuition of domestic students but may request a donation. Two of the state-integrated schools are Catholic, while the other is an evangelical Christian school. Both state and state-integrated schools can charge fees for tuition of international students.[3] There are no private schools in Marlborough. A primary school in Koromiko closed voluntarily in December 2012 due to declining roll numbers.


A black-and-white photograph of a large group of people wearing hats standing in front of two flagpoles flying flags, one with the letter "W" on it
The laying of the foundation stone of Marlborough Boys' College, one of only two single-sex schools in the Marlborough Region, the other being Marlborough Girls' College

The decile indicates the school community's level of socioeconomic deprivation, and is used mainly for funding purposes. A decile of 1 indicates the school's community is largely poor, while a decile of 10 indicates the school's community is largely well-off.[4] The decile ratings used here come from the Ministry of Education Te Kete Ipurangi website and from the decile change spreadsheet listed in the references. The deciles were last revised using information from the 2006 Census.[5] The roll of each school changes frequently as students start school for the first time, move between schools, and graduate. The rolls given here are those provided by the Ministry of Education, based on figures from February 2017.[6] The Ministry of Education institution number, given in the last column, links to the Te Kete Ipurangi page for each school.

Name Years Area Authority Decile Roll MOE
Blenheim School 1–6 Blenheim State 3 68 2811
Bohally Intermediate 7–8 Blenheim State 6 469 2812
Canvastown School 1–8 Canvastown State 5 34 3186
Fairhall School 1–8 Fairhall State 10 189 2839
Grovetown School 1–6 Grovetown State 7 65 2851
Havelock School 1–8 Havelock State 7 68 2855
Linkwater School 1–8 Linkwater State 8 35 2891
Marlborough Boys' College 9–15 Blenheim State 7 988 288
Marlborough Girls' College 9–15 Blenheim State 7 960 289
Mayfield School 1–6 Mayfield State 2 113 2912
Picton School 1–6 Picton State 3 118 2956
Queen Charlotte College 7–15 Picton State 4 346 287
Rai Valley Area School 1–15 Rai Valley State 6 97 291
Rapaura School 1–8 Rapaura State 10 140 2971
Redwoodtown School 1–8 Redwoodtown State 6 294 2977
Renwick School 1–8 Renwick State 8 523 2978
Richmond View School 1–8 Redwoodtown State-integrated 6 131 421
Riverlands School 1–8 Riverlands State 5 233 2981
Seddon School 1–8 Seddon State 5 126 2988
Spring Creek School 1–6 Spring Creek State 4 44 2995
Springlands School 1–6 Springlands State 7 405 2996
St Joseph's School 1–6 Picton State-integrated 5 10 3009
St Mary's School 1–8 Blenheim State-integrated 8 180 3012
Tua Marina School 1–8 Tuamarina State 7 128 3050
Waikawa Bay School 1–6 Waikawa State 5 123 3057
Wairau Valley School 1–8 Wairau Valley State 8 41 3062
Waitaria Bay School 1–8 Waitaria Bay State 10 8 3064
Ward School 1–8 Ward State 6 43 3067
Whitney Street School 1–6 Blenheim State 5 304 3071
Witherlea School 1–6 Witherlea State 9 383 3075

Closed schools[edit]

Name Years Area Authority Closure date Reason for closure
Koromiko School 1–8 Koromiko State December 2012 Closed voluntarily due to declining roll numbers[7]


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