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This is a list of schools in Northumberland, England.

State-funded schools[edit]

First schools (4-9)[edit]

  • Abbeyfields First School, Morpeth
  • Acklington CE Controlled First School
  • Acomb First School
  • Amble First School
  • Amble Links First School
  • Beaufront First School, Acomb
  • Bedlington West End First School
  • Bedlington Whitley Memorial CE First School
  • Belford First School
  • Bellingham First School
  • Belsay First School
  • Berwick St Mary's CE First School
  • Branton Community First School
  • Broomhaugh CE First School
  • Broomhill First School
  • Broomley First School, Stocksfield
  • Cambo First School
  • Chollerton CE Voluntary Aided First School
  • Corbridge CE Aided First School
  • Darras Hall First School
  • Ellingham CE Aided First School
  • Embleton Vincent Edwards CE First School
  • Felton CE First School
  • Grange View CE Voluntary Controlled First School, Widdrington Station
  • Greenhaugh First School
  • Haltwhistle Community Campus Lower School Academy
  • Harbottle CE Voluntary Aided First School
  • Heddon on the Wall St Andrew's CE First School
  • Hexham East First School
  • Hipsburn First School
  • Holy Island CE First School
  • Holy Trinity CE First School, Berwick
  • Holywell Village First School
  • Hugh Joicey CE Aided First School, Ford
  • Humshaugh CE First School
  • Kielder Community First School
  • Longhorsley St Helen's CE First School
  • Longhoughton CE First School
  • Lowick CE Voluntary Controlled First School
  • Mickley First School
  • Morpeth All Saints CE Aided First School
  • Morpeth First School
  • Morpeth Stobhillgate First School
  • Netherton Northside First School (Closed 2018)
  • New Hartley First School
  • Norham St Ceolwulfs CE Controlled First School
  • Otterburn First School
  • Ovingham CE First School
  • Ponteland First School
  • Prudhoe Adderlane First School
  • Prudhoe Castle First School
  • Prudhoe West First School
  • Red Row First School
  • Rothbury First School
  • Scremerston First School
  • Seahouses First School
  • Seaton Delaval First School
  • Seaton Sluice First School
  • Seghill First School
  • The Sele First School, Hexham
  • Shilbottle First School
  • Slaley First School
  • Spittal Community First School
  • St Aidan's RC Voluntary Aided First School, Ashington
  • St Cuthbert's RC Voluntary Aided First School, Berwick
  • St Mary's RC Voluntary Aided First School, Hexham
  • St Michael's CE First School, Alnwick
  • St Paul's Catholic Academy, Cramlington
  • St Paul's RC Voluntary Aided First School, Alnwick
  • St Robert's RC Voluntary Aided First School, Morpeth
  • Stamfordham First School
  • Stannington First School
  • Swansfield Park First School, Alnwick
  • Swarland First School
  • Thropton Village First School
  • Tritlington CE First School
  • Tweedmouth Prior Park First School
  • Tweedmouth West First School
  • Wark CE First School
  • Warkworth CE First School
  • West Woodburn First School
  • Whalton CE Aided First School
  • Whitley Chapel CE First School
  • Whittingham CE First School
  • Whittonstall First School
  • Wylam First School

Primary schools (4-11)[edit]

  • Allendale Primary School
  • Beaconhill Community Primary School, Cramlington
  • Bedlington Station Primary School
  • Bedlington Stead Lane Primary School
  • Bothal Primary School, Ashington
  • Burnside Primary School, Cramlington
  • Cambois Primary School
  • Central Hirst Park Primary School, Ashington
  • Choppington Primary School
  • Cragside CE Controlled Primary School, Cramlington
  • Cramlington Shanklea Primary School
  • Cramlington Village Primary School
  • Croftway Primary Academy, Blyth
  • Eastlea Primary School, Cramlington
  • Ellington Primary
  • Greenhead CE Primary School
  • Guide Post Ringway Primary School
  • Hareside Primary School, Cramlington
  • Haydon Bridge Shaftoe Trust Primary School
  • Henshaw CE Primary School, Hexham
  • Herdley Bank CE Voluntary Aided Primary School, Coanwood
  • Horton Grange Primary School, Blyth
  • Linton Primary School
  • Malvin's Close Primary Academy, Blyth
  • Morpeth Road Primary Academy, Blyth
  • Mowbray Primary School, Guide Post
  • New Delaval Primary School
  • Newbrough CE Primary School
  • Newsham Primary School, Blyth
  • Northburn Primary School, Cramlington
  • Pegswood Primary School
  • St Bede's RC Voluntary Aided Primary School, Bedlington
  • St Matthew's RC Primary School, Prudhoe
  • St Wilfrid's RC Voluntary Aided Primary School, Blyth
  • Stakeford Primary School
  • Whitfield CE Voluntary Aided Primary School

Middle schools (9-13)[edit]

  • Alnwick Lindisfarne Middle School
  • Alnwick The Dukes Middle School
  • Bellingham Middle School & Sports College
  • Berwick Middle School
  • Corbridge Middle School
  • Dr Thomlinson CE Middle School, Rothbury
  • Glendale Middle School, Wooler
  • Haltwhistle Community Campus Upper School Academy
  • Hexham Middle School
  • Highfield Middle School, Prudhoe
  • James Calvert Spence College - South Avenue, Amble
  • Meadowdale Academy, Bedlington
  • Morpeth Chantry Middle School
  • Morpeth Newminster Middle School
  • Ovingham Middle School
  • Ponteland Middle School
  • Richard Coates CE Middle School, Ponteland
  • Seahouses Middle School
  • Seaton Sluice Middle School
  • St Benedict's RC Voluntary Aided Middle School, Ashington
  • St Joseph's RC Voluntary Aided Middle School, Hexham
  • St Mary's CE Middle School, Belford
  • St Paul's RC Voluntary Aided Middle School, Alnwick
  • St Peter's Catholic Academy, Cramlington
  • Tweedmouth Community Middle School
  • Whytrig Middle School, Seaton Delaval

Secondary schools (11-18)[edit]

High schools (13-18)[edit]

All-through schools (4-18)[edit]

Special and alternative schools[edit]

  • Ashbrooke School
  • Atkinson House School
  • Barndale House School
  • Cleaswell Hill School
  • Collingwood School
  • Cramlington Hillcrest School
  • The Dales School
  • The Grove Special School
  • Hexham Priory School

Further education[edit]

Independent schools[edit]

Primary and preparatory schools[edit]

Senior and all-through schools[edit]

Special and alternative schools[edit]

  • Get U Started Training, Ashington
  • Howard House, Bedlington
  • Nunnykirk Hall

Further education[edit]

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