List of schools in Saint Kitts and Nevis

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St. Kitts[edit]

  • Diligent Hands Child Care Center [1]

Primary schools[edit]

St. Kitts[edit]

Christ Church Nichola Town
  • Estridge Primary School
  • Joshua Obadiah Williams Primary School(Molineux Primary School)
Saint Anne Sandy Point
  • Sandy Point Primary School
Saint George Basseterre
  • Beach Allen Primary School
  • Cotton Thomas Comprehensive School
  • Dr. William Connor Primary School
  • George Moody Stuart School (Private)
  • Irishtown Primary School
  • Maurice Hillier Memorial Junior School (Private)-Methodist
  • St. Kitts International Academy (SKI Academy - Private School) Grades 1 - high school. (formerly - Montessori Academy (Private))
  • Immaculate Conception Catholic School(Private)-Catholic formerly Saint Theresa's Convent School (Private) & Saint Joseph's Primary School (Private)
  • St. Kitts Seventh-Day Adventist Primary School (Private)
  • Tucker Clarke Primary School
  • St. Christopher's Preparatory School (Private)
Saint John Capesterre
  • Dieppe Bay Primary School
  • Edgar T Morris Primary School
  • Saddlers Primary School
Saint Mary Cayon
  • Cayon Primary School
  • Violet Petty Primary School
Saint Paul Capisterre
  • Newton Ground Primary School
  • St. Pauls Primary School
Saint Peter Basseterre
  • Dean Glasford Primary School
Saint Thomas Middle Island
  • Tyrell Williams Primary School
Trinity Palmetto Point
  • Bronte Welsh Primary School


  • Nevis Academy (formerly Bellevue International Primary School)
  • Charlestown Primary School
  • Ivor Walters Primary School (formerly Prospect Primary School) - De Metropolis
  • Joycelyn Liburd Primary School(formerly Gingerland Primary School)
  • Maude Crosse Preparatory School (formerly Charlestown Preparatory School)(Private)
  • St. James Primary School
  • Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School (formerly St. Johns Primary School)
  • St. Thomas'/Lowlands Primary School
  • Violet O Jeffers-Nicholls Primary School (Combermere Primary School)
  • Montessori Academy Nevis(Private)

Secondary schools[edit]

St. Kitts[edit]

1st-5th form (Similar to British System of education)

  • Cayon High School
  • Washington Archibald High School
  • Verchilds High School
  • Charles E. Mills Secondary School formerly Sandy Point High School
  • Saddlers Secondary School
  • Basseterre High School
  • Immaculate Conception Catholic School (Private) formerly St. Theresa's Convent High School (Private)-Catholic
  • St. Kitts International Academy (Private)


  • Charlestown Secondary School
  • Gingerland Secondary School
  • Nevis International Secondary School (Private)

Higher education[edit]