List of schools in South Australia

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Anangu and Aboriginal Government schools[edit]

Aboriginal Preschools and Kindergartens[edit]

Anangu schools[edit]

Located in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara

Aboriginal schools[edit]

Government Primary Schools (R-7)[edit]

A-E (GP)[edit]

F-J (GP)[edit]

Hawthorndene Primary School

K-O (GP)[edit]

P-T (GP)[edit]

U-Z (GP)[edit]

Other Government Schools[edit]

A-E (G)[edit]

F-J (G)[edit]

K-O (G)[edit]

P-T (G)[edit]

U-Z (G)[edit]

Non-Government Schools[edit]

Anglican schools[edit]

Baptist Schools[edit]

Catholic schools[edit]

A-J (C)[edit]

K-R (C)[edit]

S-Z (C)[edit]

Christadelphian Schools[edit]

Greek Orthodox[edit]

Inter Denominational (Christian)[edit]

Islamic Schools[edit]

Lutheran schools[edit]

A-J (L)[edit]

K-R (L)[edit]

S-Z (L)[edit]

Montessori Schools[edit]

Multi-denominational Schools[edit]

Non-denominational Schools[edit]

Pentecostal Schools[edit]

Preschools, Kindergartens & Family Day Care[edit]

Serbian Orthodox Schools[edit]

Seventh-day Adventist Schools[edit]

Steiner/Waldorf Schools[edit]

Other Christian schools[edit]

Uniting Church in Australia schools[edit]

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