List of schools in Stoke-on-Trent

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This is a list of schools in Stoke-on-Trent in the English county of Staffordshire.

State-funded schools[edit]

Primary schools[edit]

  • Abbey Hulton Primary School
  • Alexandra Junior School
  • Ash Green Primary School
  • Ball Green Primary School
  • Belgrave CE Primary School
  • Bishop Stamer CE Primary School
  • Blurton Primary School
  • Burnwood Community Primary School, Chell Heath
  • Carmountside Primary School
  • Christ Church CE Primary School
  • Clarice Cliff Primary Academy
  • Crescent Primary School
  • Eaton Park Primary School
  • Etruscan Primary School
  • Forest Park Primary School, Hanley
  • Gladstone Primary
  • Glebe Primary School, Stoke
  • Goldenhill Primary Academy
  • Grange Primary School
  • Greenways Primary School
  • Grove Academy
  • Harpfield Primary School
  • Heron Cross Primary School
  • Hillside Primary School
  • Holden Lane Primary School
  • Kingsland CE Primary School
  • Maple Court Academy
  • Mill Hill Primary Academy, Tunstall
  • Milton Primary Academy, Milton
  • Moorpark Junior School Burslem
  • New Ford Primary School
  • Newstead Primary Academy
  • Norton-le-Moors Primary Academy, Norton-le-Moors
  • Oakhill Primary School
  • Our Lady and St Benedict RC Academy
  • Our Lady's RC Primary School
  • Packmoor Primary School, Packmoor
  • Park Hall Primary School
  • Parkside Primary School
  • Priory CE Primary School
  • Sandon Primary school
  • Sandford Hill Primary School
  • Smallthorne Primary School
  • Sneyd Green Primary School
  • St Augustine's RC Primary School
  • St Chad's CE Primary School
  • St George and St Martin's RC Academy
  • St Gregory's RC Primary School
  • St John's CE Primary School, Trent Vale
  • St Joseph's RC Academy, Goldenhill
  • St Luke's CE Primary School, Hanley
  • St Maria Goretti RC Primary School
  • St Mark's CE Primary School
  • St Mary's CE Primary School, Tunstall
  • St Mary's RC Academy, Norton-Le-Moors
  • St Matthew's CE Primary School
  • St Nathaniel's Academy, Burslem
  • St Paul's Edensor CE Primary School
  • St Peter's RC Academy
  • St Teresa's RC Primary School
  • St Thomas Aquinas RC Primary School
  • St Wilfrid's RC Academy, Tunstall
  • Star Academy, Sandyford
  • Stoke Minster CEA Primary School/Academy, Stoke
  • Summerbank Primary Academy, Tunstall
  • Sutherland Primary Academy, Blurton
  • Waterside Primary School, Hanley
  • The Willows Primary School
  • Weston Coyney Junior School
  • Whitfield Valley Primary Academy, Fegg Hayes

Non-selective secondary schools[edit]

Selective grammar secondary schools[edit]

Grammar schools[edit]

Special and alternative schools[edit]

Further education[edit]

Independent schools[edit]

Primary and preparatory schools[edit]

  • St Joseph's Preparatory School, Trent Vale

Senior and all-through schools[edit]

  • North Road Academy, Cobridge
  • Park Avenue Girls High School, Shelton
  • Unity School, Hanley

Special and alternative schools[edit]

  • Groundwork West Midlands, Burslen
  • Options College Stoke, Longton
  • Kinetic Academy, Meir
  • Phoenix U16, Hanley
  • Sporting Stars Academy, Baddeley Green