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This is a list of primary and secondary schools in the Asian country of Syria. Tertiary schools are presented separately in the list of universities in Syria.


Schools in the city of Aleppo include:

Private schools[edit]

  • AGBU Armenian Central High School
  • Al-Awdeh High School
  • Al-Kalimah High School
  • Al-Marefa High School
  • Al-Mumayazoon High School
  • Al-Shahbaa High School
  • Aleppo College
  • Cilician Armenian High School
  • Collège des Freres Maristes
  • Collège Janne d'Arc
  • École Amal
  • George & Matilde Salem High School
  • Grtasirats Armenian High School
  • Ibn Hayan High School
  • International School of Aleppo
  • Karen Jeppe Armenian College
  • Lycée Farah Privé
  • Lycée Franciscaines Missionnaires de Marie
  • Lycée Français d'Alep
  • Lycée Immaculée Conception d'Alep
  • Mechitarian School of Aleppo
  • National School of Aleppo
  • Shams al-Assil School

State-owned schools[edit]

  • Abd al-Rahman al-Kawakibi High School
  • Al-Amin School
  • Al-Hikmeh School
  • Al-Kindi High School
  • Al-Maʿarri High School
  • Al-Ma'mun High School
  • Al-Mutanabbi High School
  • Al-Quds High School
  • Basil al-Assad High School
  • Dimashq School
  • Djamila Bouhired School
  • Huda Shaarawi High School
  • Ibn al-Baitar High School
  • Ibn Sina High School
  • Ibn Zaydún High School
  • Ibrahim Hananu High School
  • Martyrs' High School
  • Mazen Dabbagh High School
  • Michael Kashour School
  • Nablus High School
  • Orouba High School
  • Zaki al-Arsuzi High School


Schools in the village of Al-Hamah include:


Schools in the city of Damascus include:


Schools in the city of Homs include:


Schools in the city of Latakia include:

  • Al Sham Oasis Private School (Arabic: واحة الشام)
  • Al-Waraniyah (Al-Kulliyah) High School
  • Jules Jammal High School (Arabic: جول جمال)

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