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Schools in the Tasmanian public education system include 123 primary schools (Kindergarten to Grade 6), 54 high schools (Grade 7 to 12), and 8 colleges (Grade 11 and 12). The public education system is run by the Tasmanian Department of Education.

Of the high schools, 26 are district (or district high) schools, where in rural areas the primary and high schools are located on a single campus. There are also 6 support (or special) schools, 4 early learning centres, 1 infant school and distance education.

The largest public education institute in Tasmania is the University of Tasmania, with major campuses at Newnham (in Launceston) and Sandy Bay (in Hobart), along with a north-west centre in Burnie.

There are many non-government schools and colleges in Tasmania. Non-government schools generally have a religious affiliation, although the strength varies between schools. There are 70 registered non-government schools in Tasmania.

Government schools[edit]

Secondary schools[edit]

Name Suburb Opened Notes
Bayview Secondary College Rokeby 1980 Formerly Rokeby High School
Brooks High School Rocherlea 1948
Burnie High School Cooee 1916
Claremont College Claremont 1990
Clarence High School Bellerive 1959
Cosgrove High School Glenorchy 1951
Deloraine High School Deloraine 1952
Devonport High School Devonport 1916
Don College Devonport 1976
Elizabeth College North Hobart 1911
Exeter High School Exeter 1985
Hellyer College Burnie 1976
Hobart City High School New Town 2022 Amalgamation of New Town High School and Ogilvie High School
Hobart College Mount Nelson 1913
Huonville High School Huonville 1940
Jordan River Learning Federation – Senior School Bridgewater 2011
Kings Meadows High School Kings Meadows 1960
Kingston High School Kingston 1972
Latrobe High School Latrobe 1964
Launceston Big Picture School Invermay 2016
Launceston College Launceston 1913
Montrose Bay High School Rosetta and Goodwood 2010
New Norfolk High School New Norfolk 1954
Newstead College Launceston 1997
Parklands High School Romaine 1958
Prospect High School Prospect 1965
Queechy High School Norwood 1957
Reece High School Devonport 1955
Riverside High School Riverside 1962
Rose Bay High School Rose Bay 1961
Rosny College Rosny Park 1973
Scottsdale High School Scottsdale 1922
Smithton High School Smithton 1938
Taroona High School Taroona 1958
Ulverstone Secondary College Ulverstone 1953
Wynyard High School Wynyard 1960

District schools[edit]

Name Suburb Opened Notes
Bothwell District High School Bothwell 1833
Bruny Island District School Alonnah 1949
Campania District High School Campania 1886
Campbell Town District High School Campbell Town
Cape Barren Island School Cape Barren Island 1890
Cressy District High School Cressy 1840
Dover District High School Dover 1919
Flinders Island District High School Whitemark
Glenora District High School Glenora 1848
King Island District High School Currie
Lilydale District High School Lilydale 1875
Mountain Heights School Queenstown 1896
Oatlands District High School Oatlands 1833
Ouse District School Ouse 1847
Penguin District School Penguin 2013
Port Dalrymple School George Town 1999 Merger of George Town Primary School and George Town High School.
Rosebery District High School Rosebery 1899
Sheffield School Sheffield 1878
Sorell School Sorell 1821
St Helens District High School St Helens 1874
St Marys District High School St Marys 1857
Tasman District High School Nubeena
Triabunna District High School Triabunna 1863
Winnaleah District High School Winnaleah
Woodbridge School Woodbridge 1871
Yolla District School Yolla 1904

Primary and infant schools[edit]

Name Suburb Opened Notes
Albuera Street Primary School Hobart 1847
Andrews Creek Primary School Wesley Vale 2013 Merger of Moriarty and Wesley Vale Primary Schools
Austins Ferry Primary School Claremont 2011
Bagdad Primary School Bagdad 1867
Beaconsfield Primary School Beaconsfield 1883
Bellerive Primary School Bellerive 1842
Bicheno Primary School Bicheno
Blackmans Bay Primary School Blackmans Bay
Boat Harbour Primary School Boat Harbour 1888
Bowen Road Primary School Moonah 1929
Bracknell Primary School Bracknell 1866
Bridport Primary School Bridport
Brighton Primary School Brighton 1952
Burnie Primary School Park Grove 1852
Cambridge Primary School Cambridge 1864
Campbell Street Primary School North Hobart 1926
Clarendon Vale Primary School Clarendon Vale
Collinsvale Primary School Collinsvale 1848
Cooee Primary School Cooee 1915
Cygnet Primary School Cygnet
Deloraine Primary School Deloraine 1847
Devonport Primary School Devonport 1886
Dodges Ferry Primary School Dodges Ferry 1988
Dunalley Primary School Dunalley 1885
East Derwent Primary School Bridgewater 1891 Formerly Bridgewater Primary School. Part of The Jordan River Learning Federation (JRLF)
East Devonport Primary School East Devonport 1856
East Launceston Primary School East Launceston 1908
East Tamar Primary School Mayfield
East Ulverstone Primary School Ulverstone
Edith Creek Primary School Edith Creek 1954
Evandale Primary School Evandale 1834
Exeter Primary School Exeter 1909
Fairview Primary School New Norfolk
Forest Primary School Forest 1880
Forth Primary School Forth 1867
Franklin Primary School Franklin 1860
Gagebrook Primary School Gagebrook Part of The Jordan River Learning Federation (JRLF)
Geeveston Primary School Geeveston 1880
Glen Dhu Primary School South Launceston 1895
Glen Huon Primary School Glen Huon 1880
Glenorchy Primary School Glenorchy 1839
Goodwood Primary School Derwent Park 1954
Goulburn Street Primary School West Hobart 1887
Hagley Farm Primary School Hagley 1932
Havenview Primary School Havenview 1963
Herdsmans Cove Primary School Herdsmans Cove 1979 Part of The Jordan River Learning Federation (JRLF)
Hillcrest Primary School Devonport
Howrah Primary School Howrah 1961
Huonville Primary School Huonville
Illawarra Primary School Blackmans Bay
Invermay Primary School Invermay 1889
Kempton Primary School Kempton 1861
Kingston Primary School Kingston 1860
Lansdowne Crescent Primary School West Hobart 1916
Latrobe Primary School Latrobe 1870
Lauderdale Primary School Lauderdale 1965
Lenah Valley Primary School Lenah Valley
Lindisfarne North Primary School Geilston Bay 1895
Lindisfarne Primary School Lindisfarne 1895
Longford Primary School Longford 1830
Margate Primary School Margate 1919
Miandetta Primary School Miandetta 1970
Mole Creek Primary School Mole Creek 1878
Molesworth Primary School Molesworth 1881
Montagu Bay Primary School Montagu Bay 1935
Montello Primary School Montello
Moonah Primary School Derwent Park 1911
Mount Nelson Primary School Mount Nelson
Mount Stuart Primary School Mount Stuart 1957
Mowbray Heights Primary School Mowbray 1927
Natone Primary School Natone 1957
New Norfolk Primary School New Norfolk 1860s
New Town Primary School New Town 1860
Nixon Street Primary School Devonport 1959
Norwood Primary School Norwood
Orford Primary School Orford 1869
Perth Primary School Perth 1833
Port Sorell Primary School Port Sorell 2013
Princes Street Primary School Sandy Bay 1922
Punchbowl Primary School Newstead
Ravenswood Heights Primary School Ravenswood 1996
Redpa Primary School Redpa
Riana Primary School Riana 1954
Richmond Primary School Richmond 1834
Ridgley Primary School Ridgley 1905
Ringarooma Primary School Ringarooma 1880
Risdon Vale Primary School Risdon Vale 1961
Riverside Primary School Riverside
Rokeby Primary School Rokeby
Romaine Park Primary School Burnie 2011
Rosetta Primary School Rosetta 1960
Sandy Bay Infant School Sandy Bay 1888
Sassafras Primary School Sassafras 1871
Scottsdale Primary School Scottsdale 1868
Smithton Primary School Smithton 1874
Snug Primary School Snug
Somerset Primary School Somerset 1865
South Arm Primary School South Arm
South George Town Primary School George Town 1967
South Hobart Primary School South Hobart 1847
Sprent Primary School Sprent 1950
Spreyton Primary School Spreyton 1890
Springfield Gardens Primary School West Moonah 1960
St Leonards Primary School St Leonards 1862
Stanley Primary School Stanley 1854
Strahan Primary School Strahan 1890
Summerdale Primary School Summerhill 1913
Swansea Primary School Swansea 1860
Table Cape Primary School Wynyard 1856 Formerly Wynyard Primary School
Taroona Primary School Taroona 1915
Trevallyn Primary School Launceston 1916
Ulverstone Primary School Ulverstone 1870
Waimea Heights Primary School Sandy Bay 1953
Warrane Primary School Warrane
Waverley Primary School Waverley 1956
West Launceston Primary School West Launceston
West Ulverstone Primary School West Ulverstone 1959
Westbury Primary School Westbury 1839
Westerway Primary School Westerway 1920
Wilmot Primary School Wilmot
Windermere Primary School Claremont 2010
Youngtown Primary School Youngtown 1887
Zeehan Primary School Zeehan 1872

Support schools[edit]

Name Suburb Opened Notes
Ashley School Deloraine
Northern Support School – Newstead Heights campus Ravenswood
Northern Support School – St Georges campus Ravenswood
North-Western Support School – Burnie South Burnie
North-Western Support School – Devonport Devonport
Southern Support School Howrah 1969 Formerly Timsbury Road School

Early learning[edit]

  • Early Learning Tasmania Burnie
  • Early Learning Tasmania Devonport
  • Early Learning Tasmania Hobart
  • Early Learning Tasmania Launceston


Catholic schools[edit]

Name Suburb M/F/Co-ed Opened Notes
Corpus Christi School Bellerive Co-ed 1936
Dominic College Glenorchy Co-ed 1973
Guilford Young College Hobart and Glenorchy Co-ed 1995
Holy Rosary School Claremont Co-ed 1961
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School Lenah Valley Co-ed 1961
John Paul II School Rokeby Co-ed 1983
Larmenier Primary School St Leonards Co-ed 1961
MacKillop College Mornington Co-ed 1994
Marist Regional College Burnie Co-ed 1972
Mount Carmel College Sandy Bay F 1942
Our Lady of Lourdes School Devonport Co-ed 1891
Our Lady of Mercy School Deloraine Co-ed 1895
Sacred Heart College New Town Co-ed 1888
Sacred Heart School Geeveston Co-ed 1938
Sacred Heart School Launceston Co-ed 1872
Sacred Heart School Ulverstone Co-ed 1889
St Aloysius Catholic College Kingston Beach and Huntingfield Co-ed 1960
St Anthony's School Riverside Co-ed 1958
St Brendan-Shaw College Devonport Co-ed 1981
St Brigid's School New Norfolk Co-ed 1926
St Brigid's School Wynyard Co-ed 1923
St Cuthbert's School Lindisfarne Co-ed 1938
St Finn Barr's Catholic School Invermay Co-ed 1894
St Francis Flexible Learning Centre Chigwell Co-ed Alternative
St James' College Cygnet Co-ed 1962
St John's School Richmond Co-ed 1843
St Joseph's School Queenstown Co-ed 1899
St Joseph's School Rosebery Co-ed 1958
St Mary's College Hobart F 1868
St Patrick's College Prospect Co-ed 1918
St Patrick's School Latrobe Co-ed 1887
St Paul's School Bridgewater Co-ed 1984
St Peter Chanel Catholic School Smithton Co-ed 1979
St Therese's School Moonah Co-ed 1931
St Thomas More's School Newstead Co-ed 1938
St Virgil's College Hobart and Austins Ferry M 1911
Star of the Sea College George Town Co-ed 1957
Stella Maris School Burnie Co-ed 1862

Independent schools[edit]

Name Suburb M/F/Co-ed Category Opened Notes
Australian Christian College Burnie, Launceston and Hobart Co-ed Christian 1981 Formerly Seabrook Christian School
Calvin Christian School Kingston Co-ed Christian 1962
Channel Christian School Margate Co-ed Christian 1988
Circular Head Christian School Smithton Co-ed Christian 1985
The Cottage School Bellerive Co-ed Non-denominational 1975
Devonport Christian School Devonport Co-ed Christian 1992
Eastside Lutheran College Warrane Co-ed Lutheran 1982
Emmanuel Christian School Rokeby Co-ed Christian 1979
Fahan School Sandy Bay F Non-denominational 1935
The Friends’ School North Hobart Co-ed Quaker 1887
Geneva Christian College Latrobe Co-ed Christian 1967
Hilliard Christian School Moonah Co-ed Adventist 1900
The Hutchins School Sandy Bay M Anglican 1846
Indie School Glenorchy and Devonport Co-ed Alternative
John Calvin School Launceston Co-ed Christian 1965
Lambert School North Hobart Co-ed Non-denominational 1975
Launceston Christian School Riverside Co-ed Christian 1976
Launceston Church Grammar School Mowbray Co-ed Anglican 1846
The Launceston Preparatory School Launceston Co-ed Non-denominational
Leighland Christian School Ulverstone Co-ed Christian 1976
Newstead Christian School Newstead Co-ed Christian 1995
North West Christian School Penguin Co-ed Adventist 1975
Northern Christian School Bridgewater Co-ed Christian 1993
OneSchool Global Claremont and Kings Meadows Co-ed Exclusive Brethren 1993 Formerly Oakwood School
Peregrine School Nicholls Rivulet Co-ed Non-denominational 2000
Scotch Oakburn College Launceston Co-ed Uniting 1979
Southern Christian College Kingston Co-ed Christian 1986
St Michael's Collegiate School Hobart F Anglican 1892
Tamar Valley Steiner School Launceston Co-ed Steiner 2016
Tarremah Steiner School Huntingfield Co-ed Steiner 1988


Government schools[edit]

Name Suburb Type Opened Closed Notes
Abbotsfield Primary School Claremont Primary 1964 2009 Merged into Austins Ferry Primary School and Windermere Primary School
Acton Primary School Acton Primary 2020
Avoca Primary School Avoca Primary 1849 2010 Merged into Romaine Primary School
Branxholm Primary School Branxholm Primary 2011 Merged into Winnaleah District High School
Brent Street Primary School Glenorchy Primary 1980 2009 Merged with Glenorchy Primary School
Bridgewater High School Bridgewater High 1977 2011 merged into Jordan River Learning Federation
Bridgewater Primary School Bridgewater Primary 1891 2010 Merged into East Derwent Primary School and Greenpoint Primary School
Brooklyn Primary School Brooklyn Primary 2011 Merged into Romaine Primary School
Claremont High School Claremont High 1961 2010 Merged into Montrose Bay High School
Claremont Primary School Claremont Primary 1924 2009 Merged into Austins Ferry Primary School and Windermere Primary School
Elizabeth St School North Hobart Primary 1890 1968 Site became Elizabeth College
Fingal Primary School Fingal Primary 1856 Became a campus of Campus of St Marys District High School
Geilston Bay High School Geilston Bay High 1972 2013 Lindisfarne North Primary School moved on to site in 2015. [1]
Hazlewood School Moonah Special 1996 2010s
Inglis Primary School Wynyard Primary 1856 2009 Was renamed to Table Cape Primary School (Bowick Street Campus) in 1998
Levendale Primary School Levendale Primary 2018 Now used as Levendale Community Centre
Mayfield Primary School Mayfield Primary 2013 Merged into East Tamar Primary School
Meander Primary School Meander Primary 1891 2014
Mornington Primary School Mornington Primary 1992 Campus now Mackillop College
Mt Faulkener Primary School Chigwell Primary 1958 2010 Formerly Chigwell Primary School, Merged into Austins Ferry Primary School and Windermere Primary School
Ogilvie High School New Town High 1937 2022 Merged into Hobart City High School
Newtown High School New Town High 1919 2022 Merged into Hobart City High School
Penguin High School Penguin High 2013 Merged into Penguin District School
Penguin Primary School Penguin Primary 1869 2013 Merged into Penguin District School
Paloona State School Paloona 1929 Closed in 1929 due to poor attendance caused by extensive bad weather. From 1930 students attended Melrose State School[2]
Ravenswood High School Ravenswood High 1997
Rocherlea Primary School Rocherlea Primary 2013 Merged into East Tamar Primary School
Roseneath Primary School Claremont Primary 1970 2009 Merged into Austins Ferry Primary School and Windermere Primary School
Rosetta High School Rosetta High 1965 2010 Merged into Montrose Bay High School
Upper Burnie Primary School Upper Burnie Primary 2010 Merged into Romaine Primary School
Waratah Primary School Waratah Primary 2009 Merged with Ridgley Primary School
West Somerset Primary School Somerset Primary Merged with Somerset Primary School and remained in the same place, While Somerset Primary closed its other site in 2010.

Non-government schools[edit]

Name Suburb Category Opened Closed Notes
Broadland House, Church of England Girls' Grammar School Launceston Anglican Girls 1860 1982 now part of Launceston Church Grammar School
Clemes College New Town Quaker 1900 1946 Now part of The Friends' School
Capstone College Poatina 2016 2022 Alternative School
Herrick Presbyterian Covenant School Herrick Presbyterian 2015
Holy Name College Glenorchy Catholic Girls 1964 1973 Merged into Dominic College
Horton College Ross Methodist Boys 1852 1893 Demolished; parts used for The Hutchins School and Scotch Oakburn College
Launceston Steiner School Launceston Steiner 2000s
Lourdes Hill College Cygnet Catholic Boys 1944 1962 Now part of St James Catholic College
Marian College Launceston Catholic Girls 1978 1984 Merger of Sacred Heart and St Thomas More’s; now part of St Patrick's College
Marist College Burnie Catholic Boys 1959 1972 Merged into Marist Regional College
Methodist Ladies College/Oakburn College Launceston Methodist 1886 1979 Now part of Scotch Oakburn College
Our Lady Help of Christians School Launceston Catholic 1961 1988 Now part of St Finn Barr's Catholic Primary School
Sacred Heart College Launceston Catholic Girls 1872 1978 Merged into St Patrick's College and Sacred Heart School, Launceston
Savio College Glenorchy Catholic Boys 1946 1973 Merged into Dominic College
Scotch College Launceston Presbyterian Boys 1901 1979 Merged into Scotch Oakburn College
Shaw College Devonport Catholic Girls 1969 1981 Merged into St Brendan-Shaw College
St Brendan’s College Devonport Catholic Boys 1960 1981 Merged into St Brendan-Shaw College
St Francis Xavier’s School South Hobart Catholic 1965 1973
St John’s School Glenorchy Catholic 1959 1973 Merged into Dominic College
St Joseph's College Hobart Catholic Girls 1847 1964 Now part of Mount Carmel College
St Luke’s School South Hobart Catholic 1863 1949
St Mary’s School Cygnet Catholic Girls 1896 1962 Now part of St James Catholic College
St Peter's School Hobart Catholic Boys 1893 1996 Now part of St Virgil's College
St Thomas More's College Launceston Catholic Girls 1938 1978 Now part of St Patrick's College and St Thomas More's School
Stella Maris Girls College Burnie Catholic Girls 1966 1972 Merged into Marist Regional College
Tasmanian Christian Academy Geilston Bay Christian Now part of Australian Christian College
Trinity College Poatina Christian 2010s

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