List of schools in the Cayman Islands

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This is a list of schools in the Cayman Islands.

Primary schools[edit]

Grand Cayman[edit]

  • Bodden Town Primary School
  • Sir John A. Cumber Primary School
  • Edna M. Moyle Primary School
  • George Town Primary School
  • East End Primary School
  • Prospect Primary School
  • Red Bay Primary School
  • Savannah Primary School

Cayman Brac[edit]

  • Creek and Spot Bay Infant School
  • Creek and Spot Bay Junior School
  • West End Primary School

Little Cayman[edit]

  • Little Cayman Education Service

Secondary schools[edit]

Grand Cayman[edit]

Cayman Brac[edit]

Special schools[edit]

Grand Cayman[edit]

  • Lighthouse School

Private schools[edit]

  • Cayman Academy
  • Grace Christian Academy [2]
  • St. Ignatius Catholic School
  • Cayman Prep and High School[3]
  • Cayman International School[4]
  • Triple C School
  • Truth For Youth School
  • First Baptist Christian School
  • Wesleyan Christian Academy
  • Hope Academy

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