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This is a list of Kansas City (Missouri) and Kansas) area universities, colleges, seminaries, and schools (and their school districts). School districts included: Independence, North Kansas City, Park Hill, Kansas City, Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri, Belton, Oak Grove, and Liberty.

Universities and colleges[edit]


High schools[edit]

Middle schools[edit]

  • Afrikan Centered Education Collegium Campus (KCMO)
  • Antioch Middle (NKCSD)
  • Argentine Middle (KCKS)
  • Arrowhead Middle (KCKS)
  • Bingham Middle (Independence)
  • Bridger Middle (Independence)
  • Center Middle School (C58)
  • Central Middle (KCKS)
  • Congress Middle (Park Hill)
  • Coronado Middle (KCKS)
  • Eisenhower Middle (KCKS)
  • Eastgate Middle (NKCSD)
  • Kansas City Academy (MO)
  • Kansas City Middle School of the Arts (KCMO)
  • Lakeview Middle (Park Hill)
  • Liberty Middle (Liberty)
  • Lincoln College Preparatory Academy (KCMO)
  • Maple Park Middle (NKCSD)
  • New Mark Middle (NKCSD)
  • Northgate Middle (NKCSD)
  • Northland Christian (KCMO)
  • Northwest Magnet Middle (KCKS)
  • Nowlin Middle (Independence)
  • Oak Grove Middle (Oak Grove)

Raytown school district

  • The Pembroke Hill School (KCMO)
  • Pioneer Ridge Middle (Independence)
  • Plaza Middle (Park Hill)
  • Rosedale Middle (KCKS)
  • South Valley Middle School (Liberty)
  • Southwest Early College Campus (KCMO)
  • University Academy Charter School (Kansas City, MO)
  • West Middle (KCKS)
  • Whitefield Academy
  • Yeokum Middle (Belton)

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Afrikan Centered Education Collegium Campus (KCMO)
  • Alexander Doniphan Elementary School (Liberty)
  • Boone Elementary School (C58)
  • Benton Elementary (Independence)
  • Center Elementary School (C58)
  • Chinn Elementary (Park Hill)
  • Chouteau Elementary (NKCSD)
  • Christian Ott Elementary (Independence)
  • Emerson Elementary (KCKS)

Douglass elementary

  • English Landing Elementary (Park Hill)
  • Fox Hill Elementary (NKCSD)
  • Fairmount Elementary (Independence)
  • Franklin Elementary School (Liberty)
  • Gashland Elementary (NKCSD)
  • Gladden Elementary (Belton)
  • Gracemor Elementary]] (NKCSD)
  • Graden Elementary (Park Hill)
  • Hazel Grove Elementary]] (KCKS)
  • Hawthorn Elementary (Park Hill)
  • Hillcrest Elementary (Belton)
  • Indian Creek Elementary School (C58)
  • Kellybrook Elementary School (Liberty)
  • Lewis and Clark Elementary School (Liberty)
  • Liberty Oaks Elementary School (Liberty)
  • Lillian Schumacher Elementary School (Liberty)
  • Linden West Elementary (NKCSD)
  • Line Creek Elementary (Park Hill)
  • Manor Hill Elementary School (Liberty)
  • Maple Elementary (Oak Grove)
  • Maplewood Elementary (NKCSD)
  • Nashua Elementary School
  • New Stanley Elementary (KCKS)
  • Northland Christian (KCMO)
  • The Pembroke Hill School (KCMO)
  • Prairie Point Elementary (Park Hill)
  • Ravenwood Elementary (NKCSD)
  • Red Bridge Academy
  • Red Bridge Elementary School (C58)
  • Renner Elementary (Park Hill)
  • Ridgeview Elementary School (Liberty)
  • Sante Fe Trail Elementary (Independence)
  • Scott Elementary (Belton)
  • Shoal Creek Elementary School (Liberty)
  • St. Patrick School (Kansas City, MO)
  • Southeast Elementary (Park Hill)
  • Sugar Creek Elementary (Independence)
  • Three Trails Elementary (Independence)
  • Tiffany Ridge Elementary (Park Hill)
  • Topping Elementary (NKCSD)
  • University Academy Charter School (Kansas City, MO)
  • Union Chapel Elementary (Park Hill)
  • Warren Hills Elementary School (Liberty)
  • Whitefield Academy
  • Whittier Elementary (KCKS)