List of science fiction television programs, 0–9

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List of science fiction television programs, 0–9
SF TV        List of science fiction television programs, 0–9        SF Film
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This is an inclusive list of science fiction television programs whose names begin with the numbers 0 through 9.


Title Year Country Format/Type Genre Notes
009-1 2006 Japan animated children/young-adult, cyborgs/robots
100, The 2014–present USA post-apocalyptic
12 Monkeys 2015–2018 USA time travel
1990 1977–1978 UK life in the future
2030 CE 2002 Canada children/young-adult, life in the future
3% 2016–present Brazil
3rd Rock from the Sun 1996–2001 US aliens on earth, satire/comedy
4400, The 2004–2007 US superbeings
5ive Days to Midnight (a.k.a. Five Days to Midnight) 2004 US miniseries time travel