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Note there is no single fixed definition of a scooter, but generally any smaller motorcycle with a step-through frame is considered a scooter. Other common scooter traits can include a floor for the rider's feet (as opposed to straddling the vehicle like a conventional motorcycle), bodywork (so the mechanicals are not exposed like a conventional motorcycle), motors combined with the suspension or wheel (rather than attached to the frame like a conventional motorcycle), leg shields, smaller wheels than a conventional motorcycle, and an alternative to a chain drive. Scooters share traits with mopeds and can often be considered subsets of each other (particularly in a legal sense, where in many areas most scooters are road registered in the same category originally designed for mopeds).[1][2]

Scooter brands in production[edit]

Manufacturer / brand Nationality Group / notes
Adly Taiwan Her Chee Industrial Co Ltd; previously US market brands included AMS, Jui Li, and Grycner (using German supplied Sachs 505 engines). Currently Taiwanese built range.
Aeon Taiwan Aeon Motor
AJS United Kingdom Manufactured in China (from 2002)[3][4]
Aprilia Italy Piaggio & C. SpA.
Avangan Iran Manufacturer of electric scooters
Bajaj India Bajaj Auto Ltd; 1960s licensed Vespa models, from 1971 unlicensed Vespa-like scooters
Baotian China Baotian Motorcycle Industrial Co. Ltd, or Jiangmen Sino-HongKong Baotian Motorcycle Industrial Co. Ltd.
Bashan China Bashan Motorcycle Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Beeline Austria Hans Leeb GmbH; brand selling Asian sourced scooters[5]
Benelli (1995 relaunch) Italy Qianjiang Motorcycle
Benzhou China Benzhou Vehicle Industry Group Co., Ltd.; brands are Yiying and Zunlong[6]
Beta Italy
BMW Germany BMW Motorrad
Boom Taiwan
Čezeta (2018 relaunch) Czech Republic Čezeta Motors S.R.O.
CPI Taiwan CPI Motor Company[7]
Chicago Scooter Company United States Genuine Scooter Company; US brand of Chinese manufactured scooters
Daelim South Korea Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd.
Dafra Brazil Itavema Group; assembler of various Asian manufactured scooters
Derbi Spain Piaggio & C. SpA.
Doohan China Dual-front-wheel electric scooters[8]
Explorer Germany? Brand selling Asian sourced scooters, including Qianjiang Motorcycle
Forza New Zealand Forza NZ; NZ brand of Asian manufactured scooters including Baotian models (not to be confused with the Honda Forza scooter)
Garelli (relaunched) Italy All electric; produced by Baotian[9]
Genuine United States Genuine Scooter Company; US brand selling Asian manufactured scooters, notably Taiwanese PGO Scooters.
Gilera Italy Piaggio & C. SpA.
Gogoro Taiwan Gogoro Inc.
Haojin China Guangzhou Haojin Motorcycle Co., Ltd.
Hero India Hero MotoCorp
Honda Japan Honda Motor Co., Ltd.; manufactured in various plants including in Japan and Thailand
Hyosung Korea KR Motors Co. Ltd.; a division of Hyosung Corporation
Jialing China Guangdong Jialing Motorcycle Co., Ltd. [10]
Jianshe China Shanghai Jianshe Motorcycle Co., Ltd.[11]
Jonway China Zhejiang Jonway Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; petrol and electric scooters[12]
Junak Poland
Kawasaki Japan Kawasaki Heavy Industries
Keeway China Export brand of Qianjiang Motorcycle
KSR Moto Austria KSR Group GmbH; Austrian brand selling Asian scooters; in 2012 they developed their own model
Kymco Taiwan Kwang Yang Motor Co, Ltd
Lambretta (2018 relaunch) Switzerland Lambretta GmbH (joint venture of the Swiss Lambretta Consortium/Innocenti SA. and the Austrian KSR Group); V models designed by Austrian firm Kiska, and produced in Asia based on SYM mechanicals.
Lifan China Lifan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.; production facilities in various countries
Linlong China Shanghai Jianshe Motorcycle Co., Ltd.[11]
Longjia China Ningbo Longjia Motorcycle Co., Ltd.
Lohia Machinery Limited (LML) India
Loncin China Manufactured by Longxin Motorcycle Industry Co., Ltd a subsidiary of Loncin Holdings; uses brand names Italika (Mexico), AKT (Colombia), Viper (Ukraine), Minsk (Russia & Belarus), and Zanella (Argentina)
Mahindra India Mahindra Two Wheelers, a division of Mahindra & Mahindra
Malaguti Italy KSR Group GmbH (Austria); relaunched 2018 after a 2011 bankruptcy
MBK (formerly Motobécane) France Yamaha
Modenas Malaysia
Motorini United Kingdom? Brand of Asian made scooters[13] (not to be confused with Moto Morini)
MZ Germany
NIU China All electric range
Peugeot France Joint venture between Mahindra and Mahindra and PSA
PGO Scooters Taiwan Motive Power Industry
Piaggio Italy Piaggio & C. SpA.; Production facilities in Italy and China
Rivero Germany Demharter GmbH; German brand of Asian sourced scooters[14]
Rieju Spain
Royal Alloy China Manufactured in China by Hanway Motor (the previous Scomadi manufacturers);[15] imported by MotoGB to the UK [16]
RUSI Philippines Philippine brand of Chinese sourced scooters[17]
Qianjiang China Qianjiang Motorcycle
Qingqi China Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle Co., Ltd
SFM (formerly Sachs) Germany
Scomadi United Kingdom Scomadi Worldwide Ltd; UK designed, assembled in Thailand with Asian components[18]
Shineray China Chongqing Shineray Motorcycle CO., Ltd
Sinnis China Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle Co., Ltd
Solifer Finland Solifer Oy; once a manufacturer (1950s-1980s), scooters are now all Chinese imports
SYM Taiwan
Suzuki Japan Suzuki Motor Corporation; manufactured in various plants including in Japan, China, and India[19]
Tell Switzerland Brand of supermarket chain Landi; scooters are Chinese sourced[20]
Taiwan Golden Bee (TGB) Taiwan
TNT China Brand used in France, Italy and New Zealand; manufactured by Ningbo Longjia Motorcycle Co., Ltd.
Tomos Slovenia
TVS India Sundaram - Clayton Limited
Unu Germany All electric range
Vespa Italy Piaggio & C. SpA.; engine plant in Italy;[21] bodies built in various locations including Italy and Vietnam
Xingyue China
Yamaha Japan Yamaha Corporation
Yiying China Manufactured by Benzhou Vehicle Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Taizhou Huangyan Yiying Motorcycle Co., Ltd.[22]
Zhongyu China Jiangmen Zhongyu Motor (Group) Co., Ltd.[23]
Zongshen China Chongqing Zongshen Power Machinery Company; has a relationship with Piaggio through Zongshen Piaggio Foshan Motorcycle Co.,Ltd[24]
Znen China Zhongneng Vehicle Group Co., Ltd.; petrol and electric scooters. Sold under numerous brands including Jinlun (worldwide), Lexmoto (UK), Tamoretti (UK, Netherlands), Dorton (Spain), Mondial (Turkey), and in the USA Paparazzi's, Flyscooters, Lance, and BMS. Owners of Moto Morini.
Zunlong China Manufactured by Benzhou Vehicle Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Taizhou Huangyan Yiying Motorcycle Co., Ltd.[25]
Z Electric Vehicle USA All electric range

Scooter brands and manufacturers no longer in scooter production[edit]

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