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This is a list of music notation programs (excluding discontinued products) which have articles on Wikipedia.

For programs specifically for writing guitar tablature, see the list of guitar tablature software. For discontinued products, see list of discontinued scorewriters.

Free software[edit]

  • Denemo, a scorewriter primarily providing a front-end for LilyPond
  • Frescobaldi, a GUI front-end for LilyPond. [Linux, FreeBSD, OS X and Microsoft Windows]
  • Impro-Visor, a GUI- and text-based scorewriter for constructing lead sheets and jazz solos on Linux, OS X, and Windows
  • LilyPond, a text-based scorewriter with several backends including PS, PDF and SVG
  • MuseScore, a WYSIWYG scorewriter for Linux, Windows, and OS X
  • MusiXTeX, a set of macros and fonts that allow music typesetting in TeX
  • NoteEdit, a KDE scorewriter
  • Rosegarden, a scorewriter for Linux
  • Philip's Music Writer, a text-based scorewriter originally written for Acorn RISC OS (released as a commercial program[1] in the 1990s), later ported to POSIX and licensed under the GNU GPL


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