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This is a partial list of fictional characters in the medical drama ER.

Haleh Adams[edit]

Haleh Adams
First appearanceSeptember 19, 1994 (Pilot: 24 Hours)
Last appearanceApril 2, 2009 (Episode: And In the End...)
Portrayed byYvette Freeman
TitleActing Nurse Manager (1997),
Nurse Manager (2000–2002), (2007–2009)
OccupationER Nurse
ChildrenFour and a "stepson" named Mookie

Haleh Adams, portrayed by Yvette Freeman, is a nurse in the ER of County General Hospital. She is one of only six characters to appear in every season. Her appearances were less frequent in the 1997–1998 and 1998–1999 seasons, as Freeman was appearing in the sitcom Working. In the 2002 season she returned with a new appearance after losing 120 pounds, but subsequently gained some of the weight back.

Haleh is a confident and skilled nurse who at times displays a motherly disposition to the staff. When Ray Barnett protests angrily at Haleh being allowed to evaluate him to Susan Lewis, Lewis sharply tells him, "Haleh has been here longer than anyone- she knows what she's talking about." Not one to be taken for granted or put upon, Haleh stands up for herself; often making her point with a sharp sardonic wit. She has been Nurse manager two times over her 35 years at County;[1] in 1997 when Carol Hathaway was home following her suspension from the ER and between 2000 and 2002, doing a terrible job in her first time there but a competent one the second time around. She has sung at both Christmas and Halloween parties in the ER and has a truly fantastic voice. Haleh has been fired for short periods twice: during one episode in season 9 ("Finders Keepers"), she was fired for a few hours by chief of the Emergency Room Robert Romano, but returned when Romano learned that nurses had lots of syndicates to protect them. In season 12, the new chief nurse Eve Peyton, Samantha Taggart fired her but she was later rehired when an airplane exploded over the city shortly after takeoff and County was seriously short on nurses. Sam called her in while Eve was away. Eve told Sam that it was a good move. Though Haleh and Abby were the only two nurses who were given "screen time" during Mark Greene's funeral, part of Lydia can also be seen, standing next to Frank.

Lily Jarvik[edit]

Lily Jarvik
Lily Jarvik.gif
First appearanceNovember 10, 1994 (Episode: 9½ Hours)
Last appearanceApril 2, 2009 (Episode: And In the End...)
Portrayed byLily Mariye
OccupationER Nurse

Lily Jarvik is one of only six characters to appear in every season of the show, having made her first appearance in episode 1.08 "9½ Hours". Since then she has proved to be a valuable resource in the County General Emergency Department. She is generally seen in the trauma rooms and keeping the floor running during major incidents. Not much is really known about Lily as she's never been given much of a storyline to truly develop her character.

Lily Jarvik is portrayed by Lily Mariye.

Chuny Márquez[edit]

Chuny Márquez
First appearanceMay 11, 1995 (Episode: Motherhood)
Last appearanceApril 2, 2009 (Episode: And In the End...)
Portrayed byLaura Cerón
TitleNurse Supervisor
OccupationER Nurse
FamilyMother, Father, Brother Julio and four more brothers

Ethel "Chuny" Márquez is one of six characters who has been in all seasons of ER. She has often assisted in translating for Spanish-speaking patients. Chuny has had a relationship with Mark Greene in season 3 and with Luka Kovač in season 9. After her relationship with Luka became problematic, she complained to Kerry Weaver who almost fired Luka. Later, when Chuny comments on how good Carter looks in a black suit, he reminds her about the "sexual harassment" complaints against Luka. She proved to be good friends with many of the nursing staff and attempted to set Samantha up with their self-defense trainer (who Sam had accidentally assaulted in the previous episode)

It is revealed in season 14 that Chuny's real name is Ethel.

Laura Cerón has appeared in more episodes than any other recurring guest star, and is the only recurring guest star to have appeared in more than 200 episodes. Only main cast members Noah Wyle and Laura Innes appeared in more episodes.

Dawn Archer[edit]

Dawn Archer
First appearanceNovember 2, 2006 (Episode: Heart of the Matter)
Last appearanceApril 2, 2009 (Episode: And In the End...)
Portrayed byAngela Laketa Moore
OccupationER Nurse

Dawn Archer appeared as an ER nurse beginning in season 13. Not much is known about her other than she is originally from New Orleans and was displaced in Hurricane Katrina. During her time on the job, she has developed friendships with fellow nurses Chuny Marquez and Haleh Adams, and to a lesser degree, Sam Taggart.

Wendy Goldman[edit]

Wendy Goldman
First appearanceSeptember 19, 1994 (Pilot: 24 Hours)
Last appearanceApril 24, 1997 (Episode: Calling Dr Hathaway)
Portrayed byVanessa Marquez
OccupationER Nurse

Wendy Goldman was one of the regular nurses from the first three seasons of ER. Her character had a sweet and innocent demeanour, and frequently featured in comical subplots. Her first episode was in the pilot, "24 Hours", in 1994. Her absence from the show was explained by Kerry Weaver in season 4 when she says that two nurses left and Yosh Takata was hired to replace them. Goldman's name was never mentioned again after she stopped appearing.

Wendy was portrayed by Vanessa Marquez.

Malik McGrath[edit]

Malik McGrath
First appearanceSeptember 19, 1994 (Pilot: 24 Hours)
Last appearanceApril 2, 2009 (And In the End...)
Portrayed byDeezer D
OccupationER Nurse
SpouseIn a Relationship

Malik McGrath, along with nurses Haleh, Chuny and Lily, and paramedics Dwight Zadro and Doris Pickman, has appeared in every season since the pilot. He has given the ER some comic relief and appears to be good friends with desk clerks Frank Martin and Jerry Markovic, to whom Malik once played a joke on, during his birthday surprise party. It's also revealed that he gets very little pay despite his experience and for this does not protest his hours getting cut. He is an LPN- licensed practical nurse (also known as LVN- licensed vocational nurse in California and Texas) instead of an RN- registered nurse like most of the other ER nurses. In the episode where all the nurses strike Malik continues to work and states that he doesn't have to worry because it doesn't get much cheaper than an LPN, so he was safe. He was good friends with Abby Lockhart, having worked with her during her years as an ER nurse.

Malik was portrayed by Deezer D.

Chuck Martin[edit]

Chuck Martin
First appearanceApril 3, 2003 (Episode: Finders Keepers)
Last appearanceMay 5, 2005 (Episode: You Are Here)
Portrayed byDonal Logue
OccupationFlight Nurse
SpouseSusan Lewis (girlfriend)
ChildrenCosmo (son)

Chuck Martin was a flight nurse and (later) ex-husband of Dr. Susan Lewis. They met during a trip to Las Vegas, in which they got drunk and later married. After they return to Chicago, they have the marriage annulled, but this did not stop Chuck and Susan from further dating. Chuck was injured in the helicopter crash on the roof of the hospital and had emergency surgery to remove his spleen. In this same crash, Dr. Romano was killed as the helicopter fell off the roof and landed on Dr. Romano on the ground. Susan later had a baby boy named Cosmo, whom Chuck looked after when Susan was promoted to Chief of Emergency Medicine after Dr. Romano's death. When Susan accepted a tenured position at the beginning of season 12, Chuck and his family move to Iowa. In Sherry Stringfield's return appearance in the series finale, however, Susan mentioned that she was dating again, suggesting that she and Chuck were no longer together.

Chuck was portrayed by Donal Logue.

Conni Oligario[edit]

Conni Oligario
First appearanceSeptember 19, 1994 (Pilot: 24 Hours)
Last appearanceOctober 9, 2003 (Episode: Dear Abby)
Portrayed byConni Marie Brazelton
OccupationER Nurse
Spousea husband
Children3 kids

Conni Oligario was a nurse in the ER since the first season in 1994 until 2003 when she was fired during the reign of terror by ER chief Robert Romano in season 10. Conni and fellow nurses Lydia and Yosh protest their treatment and ask chief nurse Abby Lockhart to talk to Romano about it. When Abby is unable to address Romano, the three nurses are replaced and each given a 90-days suspension. Conni was never seen again in the ER after the suspension, although in Season 12's episode "Blame It On The Rain", Haleh mentions she's covering for Conni.

Conni Oligario was portrayed by Conni Marie Brazelton.

Eve Peyton[edit]

Eve Peyton, Ph.D.
First appearanceOctober 6, 2005 (Episode: Man with No Name)
Last appearanceDecember 8, 2005 (Episode: All About Christmas Eve)
Portrayed byKristen Johnston
TitleNurse Manager, Ph.D.
OccupationER Nurse Manager

Eve Peyton, Ph.D., served briefly as chief nurse in the ER and worked closely with Dr. Victor Clemente. Her abrasive and unpleasant personality became especially clear when she forced Samantha Taggart to fire Haleh. Eventually, Eve herself was fired on Christmas Eve for punching a drunk patient who mocked some blind children and pouring urine on him. She has the skills of a doctor in medicine but does not hold a license to practice as one. An example of this is when she shows to have more knowledge of drugs, procedures, and emergency medical care than most residents and students. She has also been better at performing emergency procedures than most residents and medical students. She also enforces most physicians and senior nurses to teach inexperienced hospital doctors, students, and nurses, and is a staunch defender of nurses' rights. But she also had a hostile attitude towards most if not all of her working ER nurse staff; nearly all the doctors apart from Weaver instantly disliked her, and many of the nurses eventually began to turn against her. Sam Taggart was the only one who became friends with Eve, yet Eve made sure to label Sam "Judas" after her dismissal, leading Sam to simply watch Eve leave the ER forever in silent sadness.

Eve was portrayed by Kristen Johnston.


First appearanceJanuary 5, 1995 (Episode:Happy New Year)
Last appearanceFebruary 19, 2009 (Episode: The Beginning of the End)
Portrayed byDinah Lenney
TitleOR Charge Nurse
OccupationSurgical Nurse

Shirley is a female surgery nurse usually seen either in the theatre or just outside, informing the surgeons about matters that are needed (for instance Romano or Corday receiving phone calls). She is also often seen at the surgical level front desk, informing people of whatever information she has received from the hospital's doctors. Being a surgery nurse she is rarely seen down in the ER or Trauma rooms, but more in the OR, so she is usually seen working with doctors such as Elizabeth Corday or Peter Benton rather than doctors such as John Carter or Kerry Weaver and other staff nurses such as Chuny or Haleh.

Yosh Takata[edit]

Yosh Takata
First appearanceNovember 20, 1997 (Episode: Freak Show)
Last appearanceOctober 9, 2003 (Episode: Dear Abby)
Portrayed byGedde Watanabe
OccupationER Nurse

Portrayed by Gedde Watanabe, Yosh Takata was the second male nurse introduced in ER, after Malik McGrath. Takata's character is Japanese, gay, and a convert to Judaism. He was hired in the episode "Freak Show," the same day that Jeanie Boulet was to be fired by Kerry Weaver due to budgeting. Takata's hiring, however, cast doubt in Boulet's mind about whether budget issues had really caused her layoff. Along with fellow nurses Conni and Lydia, Yosh was laid off in the tenth season episode "Dear Abby" by character Dr. Romano during hospital staffing cuts and did not return to the show.

Lydia Wright[edit]

Lydia Wright-Grabarsky
First appearanceSeptember 19, 1994 (Pilot: 24 Hours)
Last appearanceApril 2, 2009 (Episode: And In the End...)
Portrayed byEllen Crawford
TitleSenior ER Nurse
OccupationER Nurse
SpouseAl Grabarsky (husband)
Earl (ex-husband)

Lydia Wright-Grabarsky was the second character to be introduced in the pilot episode of the ER. She is seen waking up Mark Greene. She was a very experienced nurse and had developed some remarkable skills, including the ability to very accurately diagnose a patient's blood alcohol level simply from smelling their breath.

She gets married to police officer Alfred Grabarsky in season 3. They get married in the Emergency departments waiting area. Lydia appears for the next-to-last time in 2003 when Dr Romano decides to cut senior nurses for cheaper labor. Lydia, along with Conni and Yosh were fired after protesting their reduced schedules.

Lydia returned in the 2009 series finale. She is again working at County and wakes Archie Morris as she did Mark Greene in the pilot episode. She explains that she has been working nights so she can babysit her grandchildren.

Lydia was portrayed by Ellen Crawford.

Other nurses[edit]

This is a partial list of other nurses and the actors that have portrayed them as well as the year(s) in which they participated in the series.

  • Kit (ICU nurse), portrayed by Bellina Logan (1996–2003, 2008)
  • Jacy (Surgery nurse), portrayed by Nadia Shazana (1996–2003,2008)
  • Rhonda Sterling (Temporary ER nurse), portrayed by Jenny O'Hara (1996). Rhonda was a veteran floor nurse nearing her maximum pension, who was deliberately "floated" to the ER because she had no experience there and would (the hospital hoped) either quit from stress or make an error so grievous they could fire her. But her attitude was bad and put her on Carol Hathaway's shit list, and Carol did write her up after a gruesome error, and Rhonda did quit. Carol was shocked, though, to learn Rhonda's last-ditch claims of being forced into ER duty were accurate when the administration tried to do the same thing to Lydia (Carol then stood up to them and got the ER nurses exempted).
  • Dori (ER nurse), portrayed by Kyle Richards (1998–2006)
  • Severa (ER nurse), portrayed by Liza Del Mundo (2003–2004)
  • Inez (ER nurse), portrayed by April L. Hernandez (2005–2006)
  • Ben Parker (ER nurse), portrayed by Kip Pardue (2006–2007)
  • Suri (ER nurse), portrayed by Nasim Pedrad (2007–2009)
  • Marisol (Surgery nurse), portrayed by Mónica Guzmán (2008–2009)
  • Robert Stephen (Home nurse)


  1. ^ Stated in episode 14 of season 1, that Haleh has been at County for at that time, 20 years.