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Secretary of State of Minnesota
Steve Simon

since 2015
TypeSecretary of State
Member ofMinnesota Executive Council
First holderCharles K. Smith
WebsiteMinnesota Secretary of State website
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The Minnesota Secretary of State is the state secretary of state of the state of Minnesota.

The Secretary of State is the keeper of the Great Seal of the State of Minnesota and files and certifies the authenticity of a wide variety of official documents. The Secretary of State registers a variety of business associations, including corporations, assumed business names, banks, insurance companies, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, and limited partnerships. A statewide computerized network with county recorders is maintained so that the public may search Uniform Commercial Code records throughout the state from any filing office.

The Secretary of State is also the chief election official in Minnesota and is responsible for administration of the Minnesota election law. The secretary of state administers the open appointments process and publishes the Minnesota Legislative Manual, a compendium of federal, state and county government information.

The Secretary of State serves as a member on the Minnesota Executive Council, Minnesota Board of Investment, and the Minnesota Historical Society executive board.


Name Took Office Left Office Party
Charles K. Smith 1849 1851 Whig
Alexander Wilkin 1851 1853 Whig
Joseph Rosser 1853 1857 Democrat
Charles L. Chase 1857 1858 Democrat


In 1886, elections were moved from odd years to even years. Beginning with the 1962 election, the term of the office increased from two to four years.

No. Name Took Office Left Office Party
1 Francis Baasen 1858 1860 Democrat
2 James H. Baker 1860 1862 Republican
3 David Blakeley 1862 1868 Republican
4 Henry C. Rogers 1868 1870 Republican
5 Hans Mattson 1870 1872 Republican
6 Samuel P. Jennison 1872 1876 Republican
7 John S. Irgens 1876 1880 Republican
8 Frederick Von Baumbach 1880 1887 Republican
9 Hans Mattson 1887 1891 Republican
10 Frederick P. Brown 1891 1895 Republican
11 Albert Berg 1895 1901 Republican
12 Peter E. Hanson 1901 1907 Republican
13 Julius A. Schmahl 1907 1921 Republican
14 Mike Holm 1921 1952 Republican
15 H. H. Chesterman 1952 1952
16 Virginia Paul Holm 1952 1955 Republican
17 Joseph L. Donovan 1955 1971 DFL
18 Arlen Erdahl 1971 1975 Republican
19 Joan Growe 1975 1999 DFL
20 Mary Kiffmeyer 1999 2007 Republican
21 Mark Ritchie 2007 2015 DFL
22 Steve Simon 2015 DFL
  • Chesterman served as Assistant Secretary of State under Mike Holm, and was appointed to the position upon Holm's death. He left office later that same year, and never stood for election.

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