List of semiregular variable stars

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This is a list of semiregular variable stars.

Designation (name) Constellation Discovery Apparent magnitude (Maximum)[1] Apparent magnitude (Minimum)[2] Range of magnitude Period Spectral Type Subtype Comment
Theta Apodis Apus   6m.4 (p) 8m.6 (p) 2.2 119 d M7 III Semiregular (SRB)  
Beta Andromedae Andromeda   2m.01 2m.10 0.09 119 d M0III Semiregular (SRB) suspected
Z Aquarii Aquarius   7m.4 (p) 10m.2 2.8 136.6 d M1e-M7III Semiregular (SRA)  
V Aquilae Aquila   6m.6 8m.4 1.8 353 d CII Semiregular (SRB)  
W Bootis Boötes   4m.73 5m.4 0.67 450 d M3III Semiregular (SRB:)  
VZ Camelopardalis Camelopardalis   4m.80 4m.96 0.16 23.7 d M4IIIa Semiregular (SR)  
La Superba Canes Venatici   4m.8 6m.3 1.5 160 d C54J, C-N5, C-J4.5 Semiregular (SR) one of the reddest stars visible to the unaided eye
WZ Cassiopeiae Cassiopeia   6m.3 8m.5 2.2 CII Semiregular (SRB) Visual double star, visible through binoculars
2 Centauri Centaurus   4m.16 4m.26 0.1 12 d M4.5III Semiregular (SRB)  
S Centauri Centaurus   9m.2 (p) 10m.7 (p) 1.5 65 d C4,5(Nbp) Semiregular (SR)  
T Centauri Centaurus   5m.5 9m.0 3.5 90.44 d K0:e-M4II:e Semiregular (SRA) classified as RV Tauri variable by some
Mu Cephei Cepheus William Herschel, 1782 3m.43 5m.1 1.67 730 d M1I Semiregular (SRC)  
SS Cephei Cepheus   8m.0 (p) 9m.1 (p) 1.1 90 d Semiregular (SRB)  
AR Cephei Cepheus   7m.0 7m.9 0.9 Semiregular (SRB)  
T Ceti Cetus   4m.96 6m.90 1.94 159 d M5-6Se Semiregular (SRC)  
T Cancri Cancer Hind, 1850 7m.6 10m.5 2.9 482 d Semiregular (SRB)  
X Cancri Cancer   5m.69 6m.94 1.25 180 d C5,4(N3) Semiregular (SRB)  
RR Coronae Borealis Corona Borealis   7m.3 8m.2 0.9 60.8 d M3-M6 Semiregular (SRB)  
W Cygni Cygnus   6m.80 (B) 8m.9 (B) 2.1 131 d M4e-M6e(Tc:)III Semiregular (SRB)  
AF Cygni Cygnus   6m.4 7m.7 1.3 92.5 d M4-M8 Semiregular (SRB)  
U Delphini Delphinus   7m.6 (p) 8m.9 (p) 1.3 110 d Semiregular (SRB)  
EU Delphini Delphinus   5m.79 6m.9 1.11 59.7 d Semiregular (SRB)  
Eta Geminorum Gemini   3m.15 3m.9 0.75 233 d M3IIIab Semiregular (SRA+EA)  
Alpha Herculis (Rasalgethi) Hercules William Herschel, 1759 2m.74 4m.0 1.26 M5II Semiregular (SRC)  
30 Herculis Hercules   4m.3 6m.3 2.0 89.2 d M6III Semiregular (SRB)  
X Herculis Hercules   7m.5 (p) 8m.6 (p) 1.1 95.0 d Semiregular (SRB)  
U Hydrae Hydra   7m.0 (B) 9m.4 (B) 2.4 ~450 d C Semiregular (SRB)  
RX Leporis Lepus   5m.0 7m.4 2.4 ~60 d M6.2III Semiregular (SRB)  
R Lyrae Lyra   3m.88 5m.0 1.12 ~46 d M5III Semiregular (SRB)  
Apha Orionis (Betelgeuse) Orion John Herschel, 1840 0m.0 1m.3 1.3 6.39 years M2Iab Semiregular (SRC)  
W Orionis Orion   8m.2 (p) 12m.4 (p) 4.2 212 d Semiregular (SRB)  
CK Orionis Orion   5m.9 7m.1 1.2 ~120 d Semiregular (SR:)  
S Pavonis Pavo   6m.6 10m.4 3.8 381 d Semiregular (SRA)  
Rho Persei Perseus   3m.30 4m.0 0.70 ~50 d M4II Semiregular (SRB)  
R Pictoris Pictor   6m.35 10m.1 3.75 171 d M1IIe-M4IIe Semiregular (SR)  
L2 Puppis Puppis   2m.6 6m.2 3.6 141 d M5IIIe Semiregular (SRB)  
VX Sagittarii Sagittarius   6m.52 14m.0 7.08 732 d M4eIa-M10eIa Semiregular (SRC) &one of the largest stars known
Eta Sculptoris Sculptor   4m.8 4m.9 0.1 M4III Semiregular (SRB)  
SW Sculptoris Sculptor   7m.3 9m.32 2.02 143.6 d   Semiregular (SRC)  
Tau4 Serpentis Serpens   5m.89 7m.07 1.18 100 d M5II-III Semiregular (SRB)  
SV Ursae Majoris Ursa Major   9m.1 10m.6 3.2 76 d G1Ibe-K3Iap Semiregular (SRD)
Z Ursae Majoris Ursa Major   6m.2 9m.4 3.2 196 d Semiregular (SRB)  
RR Ursae Minoris Ursa Minor   4m.44 4m.85 0.41 43.3 d M5III Semiregular (SRB)  

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  1. ^ (visual magnitude, unless marked (B) (= blue) or (p) (= photographic))
  2. ^ (visual magnitude, unless marked (B) (= blue) or (p) (= photographic))