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List of serial killers by number of victims

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A serial killer is typically a person who murders three or more people, in two or more separate events over a period of time, for primarily psychological reasons.[1][2] There are gaps of time between the killings, which may range from a few days to months, or many years.[2] This list shows serial killers from the 20th century to present day by number of victims. In many cases, the exact number of victims assigned to a serial killer is not known, and even if that person is convicted of a few, there can be the possibility that they killed many more.

Organization and ranking of serial killings is made difficult by the complex nature of serial killers, and incomplete knowledge of the full extent of many killers' crimes. To address this, multiple categories have been provided in order to more accurately describe the nature of certain serial murders. This is not a reflection of an individual's overall rank, which may or may not vary depending on personal opinion concerning the nature and circumstances of their crimes. The fourth column in the table states the number of victims definitely assigned to that particular serial killer, and thus the table is in order of that figure. The fifth column states the number of possible victims the killer could have murdered. Some of these crimes are unsolved, but were included because they are the work of a serial killer, despite nobody being caught.

This list does not necessarily include war criminals or members of democidal governments, such as Adolf Hitler, Hideki Tojo, Mao Zedong, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, or Pol Pot.

Serial killers with the highest known victim count

The most prolific modern serial killer is Harold Shipman, with 218 proven kills and possibly as many as 250 (see "Medical professionals", below). Excluding these "Medical professionals and pseudo-medical professionals", with their ability to kill simply and in plain sight, and Serial killer groups and couples (below), this list is a compilation of modern serial killers currently with the highest verifiable murder count.

Name Country Years active Proven victims Possible victims Notes
Luis Garavito  Colombia
1992 to 1999[3] 138 172–300+ Child-murderer, torture-killer, and rapist known as "La Bestia" ("The Beast"). Confessed to killing 140 boys between 8 and 16 years old over a seven-year period in Colombia and neighboring countries.[3] He is suspected of murdering over 300 victims, mostly street children.[4][5]
Pedro López  Colombia
1969 to 1979 110 300+ Child-murderer and rapist, known as "The Monster of the Andes". Targeted young girls, between the ages of 8 and 12. Arrested in 1980 and convicted in 1983 of killing 3 young girls, but claimed to have killed hundreds. Despite being believed to be one of the most prolific serial killers of the 20th century, he was released in 1998. Current whereabouts unknown.[6]
Ansis Kaupēns  Latvia 1920 to 1926 90 90 Army deserter who committed 30 robberies and killed 90 people; the most infamous Latvian criminal; executed 1927.[7]
Daniel Camargo Barbosa  Colombia
 Brazil (alleged)[8]
1974 to 1986 72 180[8]
Child and woman murderer, believed to have possibly raped and killed over 150 victims, primarily targeting female children as they were more likely to be virgins. Confessed to killing 72 victims. He strangled young girls in Colombia and was arrested, but he escaped from prison and he started killing in Ecuador; rearrested in 1986, he was incarcerated in the same Ecuadorian prison as 300+ serial killer Pedro López. Camargo was killed in jail by the nephew of one of his victims.[8][9]
Pedro Rodrigues Filho  Brazil 1967 to 2003 71 100+ He has claimed to have killed over 100 victims, 47 of them inmates. He also killed his father and ate a piece of his heart. He killed his first two victims at the age of 14; he was first arrested in 1973. Convicted and sentenced to 128 years, but the maximum one can serve in Brazil is 30 years.[10]
Yang Xinhai  China 2000 to 2003 67 67 Known as the "Monster Killer". Would enter victims' homes at night and kill everyone with axes, meat cleavers, hammers, and shovels. Executed in February 2004.[11]
Andrei Chikatilo  Soviet Union 1978 to 1990 53 56 Known as "The Butcher of Rostov", "The Red Ripper" or "The Rostov Ripper". Convicted of the murder of 53 women and children between 1978 and 1990. One man was previously convicted and executed for his first murder. Executed in 1994.[12]
Anatoly Onoprienko  Soviet Union
1989 to 1996 52 52+ Known as "The Beast of Ukraine", "The Terminator" and "Citizen O". Convicted of the murders of 9 people in 1989 and 43 people in 1995–1996. Traveled through Europe illegally from 1990 to 1995; whether he killed during this time is unknown. Sentenced to death, later commuted to life.[12]
Gary Ridgway  United States 1982 to 2000 49 71–90+ Truck painter who confessed to killing 71 women. Also known as The Green River Killer. He almost exclusively targeted sex workers from Seattle. Suspected of killing over 90 victims, confessed to 71, convicted of 49.[13] Sentenced to life without parole.
Alexander Pichushkin  Russia 1992 to 2006 48 60 Known as the Chessboard Killer. Convicted of murdering 48 victims and suspected of killing 60. Claimed to have murdered 62 people, because he did not know that two of his victims had survived; stated goal of becoming Russia's most prolific serial killer.[14] Sentenced to life.
Wang Qiang  China 1995 to 2003 45 60+ Killed 45 and raped ten from 1995 to 2003.[15] Executed in 2005.
Yves Trudeau  Canada 1973 to 1985 43 43 Former Hells Angels biker who killed 43 people. Died of bone-marrow cancer in 2008.[16]
Ahmad Suradji  Indonesia 1986 to 1997 42 70–80+ Convicted of strangling at least 42 women and girls in a series of ritual slayings he believed would give him magical powers. Executed by firing squad on 11 July 2008.[17]
Thiago Gomes da Rocha  Brazil 2011 to 2014 39 ~39 Brazilian security guard who confessed to the murders of 39 people. Attempted suicide in prison. Sentenced to 25 years.[18]
Moses Sithole  South Africa 1994 to 1995 38 38+ Known as South Africa's Ted Bundy. Preyed on unemployed women, posing as a businessman and luring his victims with the prospects of a job, before leading them to an isolated place, where he raped, tortured, and murdered them. Sentenced to 2410 years imprisonment with a non-parole period of 930 years.[19]
Serhiy Tkach  Soviet Union
1984 to 2005 36 80–100 A former Ukrainian police criminal investigator, suffocated girls aged between 8 and 18 and performed sexual acts on their bodies after they were dead. Claims to have killed 100. Sentenced to life.[20]
Gennady Mikhasevich  Soviet Union 1971 to 1985 36 43–55 Strangled females. Besides killing, he robbed his victims of money and valuable items (that he would sometimes give to his wife as a gift). Executed in 1987.[21]
Ted Bundy  United States 1974 to 1978 35 36+ American serial killer known for his charisma and good looks. Bundy officially confessed to 30 homicides, but has confessed to killing 35–36 women in the past, and some estimates run upwards of 100 or more. Infamous for escaping from prison twice and murdering multiple victims in one day; sometimes abducting women from the same location within hours of one another.[22] He was executed by electric chair in 1989.[23][24]
John Wayne Gacy  United States 1972 to 1978 33 34+ Known to have murdered a minimum of 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978, 26 of whom he buried in the crawl space of his Chicago home. Gacy was known as the "Killer Clown" due to the fact he often entertained children at social events dressed in a self devised clown costume. Gacy was executed in 1994.[25]
Ali Asghar Borujerdi  Ottoman Empire
Flag of Iraq (1921–1959).svg Iraq
Flag of Iran (1933-1964).svg Persia
1907 to 1934 33 33 Known as "Asghar the Murderer". Killed 33 young adults in Iraq and Iran. Executed on June 26, 1934.[26]
Vasili Komaroff  Russian SFSR
 Soviet Union
1921 to 1923 33 33 Known as "The Wolf of Moscow"; horse trader who killed 33 men. Executed on June 18, 1923.
Ramadan Abdel Rehim Mansour  Egypt 1999 to 2006 32 32+ Gang leader known as al-Tourbini ("The Express Train"). Raped and tortured homeless children, mostly boys aged 10 to 14 years old, aboard the trains between Cairo, Alexandria, Qalyoubeya and Beni Sueif. The victims were usually thrown off the moving train when they were dead or in agony; other times they were thrown into the Nile or buried alive. Executed in 2010.[27]

Serial killers with 30 victims or fewer

This part of the list contains all serial killers with 15 to 30 proven victims who acted alone and were neither medical professionals nor contract killers.

Name Country Years active Proven victims Possible victims Notes
Karl Denke  German Empire
Germany Weimar Germany
1900 to 1924 30 42+ Killed and cannibalized poor travelers and homeless vagrants. Kept a ledger recording his murders with at least 31 names in it (including Vincenz Olivier, his only surviving victim), thus confirming at least 30 victims. But due to the massive amount of human remains found in his apartment, his kill count is suspected by many to exceed 42 victims.[28]
Luis Gregorio Ramírez Maestre  Colombia 2010 to 2013 30 30 Killed motorists in various municipalities before his 2012 capture.[29]
David Thabo Simelane  Swaziland 2000 to 2001 28 45 Sexually assaulted women he befriended in forests, stabbing or strangling them afterwards; sentenced to death.[30]
Dean Corll  United States 1968? to 1973 28 29+ Corll was responsible for the Houston Mass Murders, the torture and murder of young boys in Pasadena, Texas and elsewhere in southeast Texas. Murdered by accomplice Elmer Wayne Henley when Corll turned on him.[31][32]
Zhang Jun  China 1993 to 2000 28 28 Robbed 22 stores in several Chinese provinces, killing 28 people in the process.[33]
Maoupa Cedric Maake  South Africa 1996 to 1997 27 35+ Known as the "Wemmer Pan Killer" and "Hammer Killer". He killed his victims with different instruments such as guns, rocks, a knife, and a hammer. Authorities attributed the murders to two serial killers because of the inconsistent modus operandi. In some cases he killed his victims with a rock, in others he shot them, and in others he murdered tailors with a hammer. Maake was arrested after Moses Sithole was found guilty of 38 killings and sentenced to 1,340 years in prison.[34]
Bruce George Peter Lee  United Kingdom 1973 to 1979 26 26 Epileptic arsonist who killed people in the town of Hull; sentenced to life imprisonment.[35]
Juan Vallejo Corona  United States 1971 25 25+ Corona was convicted of murdering ranch laborers and burying them in orchards. He was sentenced to 25 terms of life imprisonment.[36]
Mikhail Popkov  Russia 1992 to 2010 22 81 Serial rapist-killer nicknamed "The Werewolf", who was active for two decades in Angarsk, Irkutsk and Vladivostok. After being convicted of 22 murders, he confessed to 59 murders more. If true, he might be the deadliest serial killer in the recent history of Russia.[37]
Fritz Haarmann Germany Germany 1918 to 1924 24 27+ Also known as the Butcher of Hannover and the Vampire of Hannover, because of his preferred method of killing by biting through his victim's throat, sometimes while sodomizing them. He would then dump the bodies in the nearby river Leine. Is believed to have been responsible for the murder of 27 boys and young men. He was convicted, found guilty of 24 murders and executed.[38]
Béla Kiss Flag of Hungary (1915-1918, 1919-1946; 3-2 aspect ratio).svg Hungary 1912 to 1916 24 24+ Evaded arrest and conviction after the discovery of 24 bodies hidden in large metal drums in his property in 1916. At that time he was serving in the Austro-Hungarian Army, and deserted when the military was notified of the murders by civilian authorities. His final whereabouts and fate are unknown, as is his final victim count.[39]
Majid Salek Mohammadi  Iran 1981 to 1985 24 24 Killed mainly women he considered unfaithful to their husbands, sometimes the children accompanying them too; committed suicide before he could be sentenced.[40]
Ronald Dominique  United States 1997 to 2006 23 23+ Louisianan serial killer, known locally as the Bayou Strangler and murdered victims in the Terrebonne Parish, Lafourche Parish, Iberville Parish and Jefferson Parish. Sentenced to 8 life terms.[41]
Earle Nelson  United States
1926 to 1927 22 25 Necrophiliac who primarily targeted boarding house landladies on the U.S. West Coast during 1926; he was also known as "Gorilla Killer" or "the Dark Strangler". Captured after two murders in a small (now ghost) town in southern Manitoba. Found guilty, hanged by Canadian authorities in January 1928.[42]
Mikhail Novosyolov  Soviet Union
1977 to 1995 22 22 Known as the "Necrophile Rebel"; killed his victims with blows from heavy objects, then had sexual intercourse with their corpses; sentenced to civil commitment.[43]
Manuel Octavio Bermúdez  Colombia 1999 to 2003 21 50+ Colombian pedophile and serial killer. Known as "El Monstruo de los Cañaduzales" (The Monster of the Cane Fields). He confessed to killing 21 children in remote areas of Colombia.[44]
Patrick Kearney  United States 1965 to 1977 21 43+ Would pick up young male hitch-hikers or young men from gay bars near Redondo Beach, California, and kill them.[45] Sentenced to life.
William Bonin  United States 1979 to 1980 21 36+ Bonin and three accomplices are known to have murdered a minimum of 21 youths aged between 12 and 19 in and around Los Angeles. As the majority of his victims were discarded alongside various southern California freeways, Bonin became known as the Freeway Killer. Bonin was convicted of 14 of the freeway murders and was executed in 1996.[46]
Vasile Tcaciuc Romania Romania 1917 to 1935 21 26+ Romanian man who lured victims and then murdered them with an axe; he was arrested after a dog found a dead body in his house on 7 September 1935. He confessed to have committed at least 26 murders. He was shot dead by a policeman while trying to escape from prison.[47]
Yoo Young-chul  South Korea 2003 to 2004 21 26 Used a hammer to murder mostly older victims, until his focus shifted to the decapitation and mutilation of escorts after being dumped by a girlfriend who worked in that profession.[48]
Abdullah Shah  Afghanistan 1990s 20 20+ Killed travelers on the road from Kabul to Jalalabad serving under Zardad Khan. Also killed his wife. Executed on April 20, 2004.[49]
Bulelani Mabhayi  South Africa 2007 to 2012 20 20 Known as the "Monster of Tholeni"; killed women and children in the village of Tholeni; sentenced from 25 years to life imprisonment.[50]
Mohan Kumar  India 2005 to 2009 20 20 Lured female victims with promises of marriage and gave them cyanide, claiming they were contraceptive pills, Sentenced to death in 2013.[51]
Alexander Nikolayevich Spesivtsev  Russia 1991 to 1996 19 82+ Cannibal known as "The Novokuznetsk Monster"; admitted to 19 murders, but 82 bloody sets of clothes were found in his home, along with jewels and photographs of possibly unidentified victims. Found insane and interned in a mental hospital. His mother was sentenced to 16 years in prison for luring Spesivtsev's victims to their home.[52]
Larry Eyler  United States 1982 to 1984 19 23+ Known as "The Interstate Killer"; sentenced to death for the 1984 murder and dismemberment of 15-year-old Daniel Bridges. He confessed to other homicides of young men and boys in five separate states. Died of AIDS complications in 1994.[53]
Georgia Tann  United States 1924 to 1950 19 19+ Child trafficker who sold chidren to the black market; multiple children due to the harsh abuse caused by Tann; died of uterine cancer before she could be arrested.[54]
El Psicópata  Costa Rica 1986 to 1996 19 19+ Alleged serial killer who killed 19 people with an M3 submachine gun in three Costa Rican towns, always south of the Florencio del Castillo Highway.[55]
Sergei Ryakhovsky  Soviet Union
1988 to 1993 19 19+ Known as the Balashikha Ripper.[56]
M. Jaishankar  India 2008 to 2011 19 19+ Accused of killing at least 19 women. Charged with 13 murders, he escaped during a trial transport. Killed 8 more people in two months before he was recaptured. Sentenced to 27 years. Committed suicide in prison on 27 February 2018.[57]
Vadim Ershov  Russia 1992 to 1995 19 19 Known as the "Krasnoyarsk Beast"; committed 70 crimes around the Krasnoyarsk area, including 19 murders and 8 attempted murders; sentenced to death, commutted to life imprisonment.[58]
Yavuz Yapıcıoğlu  Turkey 1994 to 2002 18+ 40+ Killed in various cities of Turkey. 18 murders proven and accused of more than 40 by eyewitnesses and relatives.[59]
Paul John Knowles  United States 1974 18 35+ Killed 18 people in various states in 1974. Claimed 35 murders. Known as the "Casanova Killer"; shot dead by FBI agents.[60]
Thierry Paulin  France 1984 to 1987 18 21 Known as "The monster of Montmartre". Killed and robbed old women. Died of AIDS before trial in prison on April 16, 1989.[61]
Randall Woodfield  United States 1979 to 1981 18 44 Known as "The I-5 Killer" and "The I-5 Bandit." Suspected of as many as 44 murders.[62] Sentenced to life.
Umesh Reddy  India 1996 to 2002 18 18+ Confessed to 18 rapes and murders. Sentenced to death.[63]
Christopher Mhlengwa Zikode  South Africa 1994 to 1995 18 18+ Known as "Donnybrook Serial Killer" murdered 18 people in Donnybrook KwaZulu Natal from 1994–1995.[64]
Asande Baninzi  South Africa 2001 18 18 Killed 18 people in three months, including a family of four; given 19 life sentences and 189 years of imprisonment.[65]
Huang Yong  China 2001 to 2003 17 25 Lured and murdered 17 teenage boys, although he is suspected of 25 murders between September 2001 and 2003.[66]
Pedro Pablo Nakada Ludeña  Peru 2005 to 2006 17 25 Known as "El Apóstol de la Muerte" ("The Apostle of Death"). convicted of 17 murders and claimed 25. Sentenced to 35 years in prison.[67]
Sergei Dovzhenko  Ukraine 1992 to 2002 17 19 Killed people because they were "mocking" him; sentenced to life imprisonment.[68]
Donato Bilancia  Italy 1997 to 1998 17 17 Burglar who murdered 17 people, mainly prostitutes, between 1997 and 1998, during six months. Known as the "Prostitutes Killer" and the "Liguria Monster". Sentenced to life.[69]
Yevgeny Chuplinsky  Russia 1998 to 2006 17 17 Known as the "Novosibirsk Maniac"; former policeman who killed prostitutes; sentenced to life imprisonment.[70]
Irina Gaidamachuk  Russia 2002 to 2010 17 17 Known as "Satan in a skirt". Killed 17 elderly women between 2002 and 2010. Sentenced to 20 years in prison.
Randy Steven Kraft  United States 1971 to 1983 16 65–67 Convicted of 16 counts of murder but left a cryptic "score card" referring to at least 65 victims. May have had an accomplice.[71] Sentenced to death.
Mohammed Bijeh  Iran 2004 16 20 Raped and killed at least 16 boys and teenagers. Nicknamed the "Tehran Desert Vampire". Was convicted and executed after being lashed in front of a crowd in 2005.[72]
Michel Fourniret  France
1987 to 2001 16 19 Known as the Ogre or Beast of Ardennes. He was caught after a failed kidnapping in 2003.[73]
Sipho Agmatir Thwala  South Africa 1996 to 1997 16 19 Nicknamed the Phoenix Strangler after the area in which he committed his crimes; he raped and strangled 19 females; arrested, he was found guilty of 16 murders.[74]
Saeed Hanaei  Iran 2000 to 2001 16 19 Confessed to luring 16 prostitutes to his home and killing them in an attempt to "cleanse" the city of Mashhad. His actions were dubbed "The Spider Murders". Hanged in 2002.[75]
Jeffrey Dahmer  United States 1978 to 1991 16 17 Dahmer ate some of his victims and kept their body parts in his freezer. Was sentenced to life imprisonment; murdered in prison in 1994.[76]
José Antonio Rodríguez Vega  Spain 1987 to 1988 16 16+ Nicknamed El Mataviejas (The Old Lady Killer), he raped and killed at least 16 elderly women, ranging in age from 61 to 93 years old, in and around Santander, Cantabria. He went unrecognized for over a year because he tugged his victims into their beds after they were killed; no autopsies were made and the deaths were attributed to natural causes. He also took trophies from his victims that he held in a particular room of his home; about 10% of these trophies remained unclaimed, implying the existence of other victims.[77]
Elias Xitavhudzi  South Africa 1950s 16 16 Nicknamed Panga man for his use of a machete (locally known as a "panga"). He stabbed and robbed his victims between 1953 and 1959; arrested, he was hanged on 14 November 1960.[78]
Jimmy Maketta  South Africa April–December 2005 16 16 Pleaded guilty to and convicted of 16 murders and 19 rapes committed over a nine-month period in 2005.[79]
Jack Mogale  South Africa 2008 to 2009 16 16 Raped and strangled females in the Donnybrook area. Convicted of 16 murders and 19 rapes, nine kidnappings, robbery and assault.[80]
Robert Lee Yates  United States 1975 to 1998 16 16 Killed prostitutes in the "Skid Row" area of E. Sprague Avenue in Spokane, Washington. Sentenced to 408 years in prison and two death sentences.[81]
Carroll Cole  United States 1948 to 1980 16 16 Killed 16 people in California, Nevada, Texas.[82] Executed by lethal injection in 1985.
Charles Ray Hatcher  United States 1969 to 1982 16 16 A habitual criminal, confessed to the rape and murder of over 20 young and adolescent males. Escaped from prison several times and was declared a "manipulative institutionalized sociopath" [83] Sentenced to life; committed suicide in prison.
Ravinder Kumar  India 2008 to 2015 15 30+ Serial rapist who killed children of poor families.[84]
Atlanta Ripper  United States 1911 15 21 Mystery murderer(s) of fifteen Atlanta women in 1911. May have had as many 21 victims.[85]
Robert Hansen  United States 1980 to 1983 15 21 Prostitutes he kidnapped were released into the Alaskan wilderness for him to hunt down like animals. Based on discovered remains, police suspect him of six murders in addition to the 15 for which he was convicted. Sentenced to 461 years plus life. Died in 2014; age 75.[86]
Ángel Maturino Reséndiz  United States
1986 to 1999 15 18 Known as the "Railroad Killer" because his killings were committed near the railroad tracks he used to traverse the country. He was charged with and/or confessed to 15 murders occurring from 1986 to 1999 in Texas, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, and Kentucky. He was also suspected in a 1997 California murder case and claimed two additional killings he refused to elaborate on. Executed by lethal injection.[87]
Chester Turner  United States 1987 to 1998 15 15+ Convicted of killing 15 people in Los Angeles, California in the 1980s and 1990s. Sentenced to death.[88]
Elifasi Msomi  South Africa 1950s to 1956 15 15 Killed his victims with an axe or a knife in the 1950s; hanged in 1956.[89]
Florencio Fernández  Argentina 1950s 15 15 Stalked his victims, then would beat and bite them while they were asleep. Died from natural causes a few years after his 1960 arrest.
Bai Baoshan  China 1983 to 1997 15 15 Robber who killed 15 people while robbing several police stations.
Maurizio Minghella  Italy 1978 to 2001 15 15 Killed 5 prostitutes; imprisoned and released, after which he killed 10 more; sentenced to life imprisonment.[90]

Serial killers with fewer than 15 proven victims

This part of the list contains all serial killers with less than 15 proven victims who acted alone and were neither medical professionals nor contract killers.

Name Country Years active Proven victims* Possible victims Miscellaneous information
Carl "Coral" Watts  United States 1974 to 1982 14 80+ Believed to have killed over 80 women in multiple states, in 1982 Watts accepted a plea bargain in Texas in which he would plead guilty to a lesser charge and be granted immunity from murder charges in exchange for providing information on his victims; as a result he confessed to 12 murders and was sentenced to 60 years in prison on the lesser charge. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in separate trials in Michigan in 2004 and 2007, and died of cancer a week after the 2007 sentence was handed down.[91]
Zdzisław Marchwicki  Poland 1964 to 1970 14 21+ Also known as Vampire of Zagłębie. Killed 14 women in 1964–1970 in Poland's region of Dąbrowa Basin. Zdzisław Marchwicki was most likely the man responsible for the killings; however, his guilt remains in dispute. Executed in 1977.[92]
Monster of Florence  Italy 1968 to 1985 14 16 Unidentified killer who shot couples in lovers lanes and mutilated the women, taking their sexual organs and in the last two cases, also their left breast. 69-year-old farmer Pietro Pacciani was controversially convicted of 14 crimes in 1994 and sentenced to life in prison, but he was released following allegations that the scant evidence had been planted in an attempt to close the case, which was by then the largest and most mediatic in Italy's criminal history. Pacciani was scheduled for retrial in 1998 when he died after taking medication contraindicated to his heart problems. Pacciani's two alleged accomplices, Mario Vanni and Giancarlo Lotti, were sentenced to life and 30 years in prison respectively. Some believe that none of the accused were guilty, and that Lotti incriminated himself and the other two because he was homeless and wanted to live in prison.[93][94]
Joachim Kroll  West Germany 1955 to 1976 14 Known as the "Ruhr Cannibal" and "The Duisburg Man-Eater"; died in prison in 1991.[95]
Arthur Shawcross  United States 1972 to 1989 14 Committed arson and burglary, served 2 years of a five-year sentence. Within a year of his release, he raped and murdered two children in 1972. Under a plea bargain, he was sentenced to 25 years. Released after serving 141/2 years, he began killing again a year later, targeting prostitutes. Known as the "Genesee River Killer", "Genesee River Strangler", "Rochester Strangler", and "Monster of the Rivers," he strangled and battered his victims. Sentenced to life without parole. Died age 63 in 2008.[96]
The Doodler  United States 1974 to 1975 14 Sketched then stabbed to death 14 gay men in San Francisco. Surviving victims did not wish to testify, so the killer was not identified.[97]
Marcelo Costa de Andrade  Brazil 1991 14 Known as The Vampire of Niterói. Raped and killed 14 children in Rio de Janeiro and Niterói. Drank the blood of his victims. Found not guilty by reason of insanity.
Julio Pérez Silva  Chile 1998 to 2001 14 Known as The Psychopath from Alto Hospicio; killed 14 women. Sentenced to life imprisonment on February 26, 2004.[98]
Abdufatto Zamanov  Russia 2002 to 2004 14 Killed people out of personal hostility; also raped two young girls; sentenced to life imprisonment.[99]
Jeong Nam-gyu  South Korea 2004 to 2006 14 Kidnapped, raped and murdered people; died in the hospital from injuries sustained during a failed suicide attempt.[100]
Amir Qayyum  Pakistan 2005 14 Known as "The brick killer". Killed 14 homeless men with rocks or bricks when they were asleep. Sentenced to death in May 2006.[101]
Jake Bird  United States 1930s to 1947 13 44 Sentenced to death for the murders of two people; confessed to 44 other murders; eleven were substantiated and he was suspected in the rest.[102] Hanged in 1949.
Belle Gunness  United States 1900? to 1908? 13 40+ Norwegian-born murder-for-profit killer who murdered her suitors and relatives in Indiana. High possibility of over 40 murders. Could have faked her own death in the fire that destroyed her home in 1908; her children had died of strychnine poisoning before the fire, and the woman's body found next to them was decapitated and, reportedly, smaller than Gunness' own.[103]
Cleveland Torso Murderer  United States 1934 to 1938 13 40+ Unidentified serial killer, also known as "The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run", who targeted drifters and derelicts, of whom only two were identified, between 1934 and 1938 in Cleveland, Ohio.[104]
Kaspars Petrovs  Latvia 2003 13 38+ Confessed to strangling 38 elderly residents of Riga, Latvia, in 2003. Convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the robbery and murder of 13.[105]
Richard Ramirez  United States 1984 to 1985 13[106] 20 Killed 13 people between June 28, 1984, and August 24, 1985, in Los Angeles. Known as the "Night Stalker".[106][107] Ramirez was sentenced to death in 1989, and died of natural causes in 2013 while still on death row.
Peter Sutcliffe  United Kingdom 1975 to 1980 13 15 Killed 13 women between October 30, 1975, and November 17, 1980. Most victims were killed by a combination of bludgeoning and stabbing, and all but two were killed in the county of Yorkshire. Owing to the modus operandi and location of the murders, Sutcliffe became known as the "Yorkshire Ripper."[108] Sentenced to 20 concurrent life sentences. After 3 years he was sent to a secure psychiatric facility, where he served 25 years before being found "fit to leave" in 2009. Government officials and courts ruled in 2010 that he will never be released. In 2015, he was declared "no longer mentally ill," and transferred to a maximum security prison.
Francisco Antonio Laureana  Argentina 1974 to 1975 13 13+ Raped 15 women in San Isidro, killing 13 of them. Shot and killed during a firefight with the police.[109]
Tamara Samsonova  Russia 1995 to 2015 13 13+ Known as the "Granny Ripper"; killed and allegedly cannibalized people in her apartment; committed to a psychiatric clinic.[110][111]
Herbert Mullin  United States 1972 to 1973 13 Despite detailed confessions, prosecutors decided not to try him for the first three crimes, instead focusing on crimes that conflicted with his insanity plea. Sentenced to life.[112]
Boston Strangler  United States 1962 to 1964 13 Although Albert DeSalvo was widely thought to be the Boston Strangler, police and others analysing the case have long doubted the truth of his confession.[113] Sentenced to life for a series of rapes, he was murdered in prison. DeSalvo's body was exhumed for DNA testing, and compared to a substance found on the exhumed body of the Boston Strangler's last victim. In 2001, it was declared not to match, but in 2013 officials announced that improvements in DNA extraction technology produced viable samples from the degraded evidence. DeSalvo's body was exhumed and found to match.
Lorenzo Gilyard  United States 1977 to 1993 13 Known as "The Kansas City Strangler". Killed up to 13 prostitutes in the Kansas City area from 1977 to 1993. Sentenced to life on April 14, 2007.[114]
Vasiliy Kulik  Soviet Union 1984 to 1986 13 Known as the Irkutsk Monster.[115]
Nikolay Shubin  Russia 2004 to 2006 13 Paranoid schizophrenic who killed people who beat him in chess games; sentenced to compulsory treatment.[116]
Johannes Mashiane  South Africa 1982 to 1989 13 Known as "The Beast of Atteridgeville" 13 counts of murder, 12 counts of sodomy from 1982–1989.[117]
Thozamile Taki  South Africa 2007 13 Known as the "Sugar cane serial killer".[118]
Rainbow Maniac  Brazil 2007 to 2008 13 Shot gay men in the head (except one, who was bludgeoned) in the Paturis Park of Carapicuiba.[119]
Naceur Damergi  Tunisia 1980s to 1988 13 Raped and killed minors in the Nabeul region; executed 1990.[120]
Adolf Seefeldt  German Empire
 Weimar Republic
 Nazi Germany
1908 to 1935 12 100 Known as the "Sandman"; sexually abused young boys in their sleep, then poisoned them; suspected of a 100 murders total.[121]
Donald Henry Gaskins  United States 1953 to 1982 12 31–80+ Known as "The Meanest Man in America", Gaskins was convicted of nine murders committed in South Carolina between 1973 and 1975. He was suspected of 31 murders. Two victims had been murdered while Gaskins had been incarcerated; one while Gaskins had been on death row. Later claimed on death row that he had murdered between 80 and 110 victims. Executed in September 1991.[122]
William Suff  United States 1986 to 1992 12 22 Previously served 10 years of a 70-year sentence for beating his baby daughter to death. Beginning two years after his release, this county store clerk raped, stabbed, strangled, and sometimes mutilated 12 or more prostitutes in Riverside County, California. Known as the "Riverside Prostitute Killer" and the "Lake Elsinore Killer." Sentenced to death.[123]
Maury Travis  United States 2000 to 2002 12 17 Killed prostitutes in the St. Louis area from 2000 to 2002. Caught when he mailed an map showing where to find a body to a St. Louis newspaper. Committed suicide in prison.[124]
Dennis Nilsen  United Kingdom 1978 to 1983 12 15–16[125] Picked up young men in London between 1978 and 1983 and dismembered them, keeping various body parts around his home.[126]
Kenneth Alessio Bianchi  United States 1977 to 1978 12 15 Convicted of strangling twelve females between ages 12 and 28 and suspected in another three cases. One of the "Hillside Stranglers".[127] Sentenced to life.
Charles Sobhraj  Thailand
1975 to 1976 12 13 French con man known as "The Bikini Killer" or "The Serpent" that targeted Western tourists in vacation spots of South-east Asia, often with the help of female accomplices. Imprisoned in India from 1976 to 1997, and from 2004 serving a life sentence in Nepal.[128]
Abdallah al-Hubal  Yemen 1990 to 1998 12 Killed 7 people after the Yemeni reunion; fled prison, then proceeded to kill a young couple and three more people; killed during a shootout with police.[129]
Anatoly Sedykh  Russia 1998 to 2003 12 Raped and killed women around Lipetsk, then robbed their corpses; sentenced to life imprisonment.[130]
Joseph Christopher  United States 1980 to 1981 12 Known as "The Midtown Slasher"; racist who killed 12 people, all but one of them African Americans, in 1980 and 1981, between upstate New York and Georgia, mutilating 2 of them. Sentenced to life, died in prison at the age of 33 of male breast cancer.[131]
"Paraquat murders" killer  Japan 1985 12 Series of indiscriminate poisonings carried out in Japan in 1985 where twelve people were killed.
Enriqueta Martí  Spain c.1900 to 1912 12 Unknown Self-proclaimed witch that abducted, prostituted, murdered and made potions with the bodies of small children that she sold in Barcelona. Remains of 12 different children were identified in her home, but she is believed to have murdered more. Murdered in prison by fellow immates while awaiting trial in 1913.[132]
Herb Baumeister  United States 1990 to 1996 11–16 25+ Strangled gay men and buried their bodies in his backyard in Indiana and Ohio; 11 men were found in the yard but only 5 were identified. Committed suicide when faced with arrest.[133]
John Justin Bunting  Australia 1992 to 1999 11 Ringleader in the Snowtown murders (aka Bodies in the Barrels Murders); sentenced to 11 consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.[134]
Sergey Golovkin  Soviet Union
1986 to 1992 11 40+ Killed at least 11 boys in the Moscow area between 1986 and 1992.[135] Last person executed in Russia before the death penalty was abolished.
Juana Barraza  Mexico late 1990s to 2006 11 29–49 Female wrestler who bludgeoned or strangled elderly women to rob them. Sentenced to 759 years.[136]
Zhang Yongming  China 2008 to 2012 11 17–20 Sold flesh of the victims as 'ostrich meat' and kept eyeballs in wine. Executed.[137]
Jack Unterweger  Austria
 United States
1974 to 1992 11 15 Served 14 years in Austrian prison because of a murder in 1974; killed at least 9 prostitutes after his release. Was a small media star in Austrian media in the early 1990s and was arrested in the United States, where he may have killed another 3 prostitutes, on behalf of Austrian police. Hanged himself in 1994 after being sentenced to life in prison.[138]
Vaughn Greenwood  United States 1964 to 1975 11 13 Known as the "Skid Row Slasher". Killed 11 people, suspected of 2 more. Cut victims' throats from ear to ear and may have drank their blood. Sentenced to life.[139]
Benjamin Atkins  United States 1991 to 1992 11 Known as "The Woodward Corridor Killer". Raped and strangled his victims before abandoning their bodies in vacant buildings. Died in prison in 1997, age 29, from AIDS.[140]
Nannie Doss  United States 1927 to 1954 11 Responsible for 11 deaths between 1927 and 1954. Known as the "Giggling Nanny", the "Giggling Granny", and the "Jolly Black Widow". Sentenced to life. Died in prison in 1965, age 59.[141]
Clifford Olson  Canada 1980 to 1981 11 Considered a dangerous offender, meaning that Olson could never have been released from prison. He had three parole applications rejected.[142] Died September 30, 2011
Henri Désiré Landru  France 1915 to 1919 11 Unknown Nicknamed "Bluebeard", he put notes in the lonely hearts section of newspapers under different aliases, presenting himself as a widower that wanted to marry a war widow. He killed at least ten women and the teenaged son of one of them, and burned their bodies after he had gained access to their assets. Guillotined.[143]
West Mesa Killer  United States 2003 to 2005 11 Remains of 11 women, who disappeared between 2003 and 2005, found buried in desert in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2009 and attributed to a bone collector.[144]
Anthony Sowell  United States 2007 to 2009 11 Unknown Known as The Cleveland Strangler, he was convicted of killing 11 women between 2007 and 2009, and is suspected in another series of murders in the 1980s, with the two sets of killings separated by a 15-year stint in prison. Sentenced to death.[145]
Andre Crawford  United States 1993 to 1999 11 Murdered 11 women between 1993 and 1999. Sentenced to life in prison.[146]
Francisco García Escalero  Spain 1987 to 1994 11 Known as "The Killer Beggar". A necrophilic, schizophrenic homeless man found insane and confined to a psychiatric hospital after killing 11 prostitutes and other homeless people between 1987 and 1994.[147]
Carlos Eduardo Robledo Puch  Argentina 1971 11 Convicted of 11 murders and multiple other crimes including attempted murder and sexual assault. Sentenced to life imprisonment in 1980.[148]
Adnan Çolak  Turkey 1992 to 1995 11 Killed eleven elderly women aged 68 to 95 and raped six others. Sentenced to death but changed to life in prison after Turkey abolished the death penalty in 2004.
Seisaku Nakamura  Japan 1938 to 1942 11 Teenager serial killer known as the "Hamamatsu Deaf Killer" for being born deaf. Murdered 11 people (including his brother) and attacked many others, among them his father, sister, brother-in-law and nephew. Tried as an adult and executed.[149]
Very Idham Henyansyah  Indonesia 2008 and earlier 11 Known as the "singing serial killer" and "Ryan", the artistic name he adopted while awaiting his execution in prison, where he recorded an album and wrote his autobiography. "Ryan" confessed to murdering 11 people including a toddler; 10 of his victims were buried in his parents' home backyard while the last one was butchered and hidden in a suitcase. Sentenced to death.[150]
Francisco de Assis Pereira  Brazil 1997 to 1998 11 Rapist and serial killer, known as "O Maníaco do Parque" (The Park Maniac). He was arrested for the torture, rape and death of 11 women and for assaulting nine in a park in São Paulo, Brazil during the 1990s. Pereira found his victims by posing as a talent scout for a modeling agency. Sentenced to 268 years.[151]
Roshu Kha  Bangladesh 2008 11 Raped and murdered garment workers after being rejected by his lover. Sentenced to death.[152]
Gao Chengyong  China 1998 to 2002 11 Known as "Chinese Jack the Ripper"; Killed women and then mutilated their corpses.[153]
Marie Alexandrine Becker  Belgium 1933 to 1936 11 Poisoned welthy clients while working as a seamstress.
Ruslan Khamarov  Ukraine 2000 to 2003 11 Seduced, raped and then killed women in his home; sentenced to life imprisonment.[154]
Rudolf Pleil  West Germany 1946 to 1947 10 25 Known as Der Totmacher (literally: "The Deadmaker"). Convicted of killing salesman and nine women. Claimed to have killed 25.[155]
Milton Johnson  United States 1983 10 17 Known as "The Weekend Murderer" killed up to 17 people.[156] Sentenced to life without parole.
Long Island serial killer  United States 1996 to 2011 10 14 Also known as "The Gilgo Beach Killer". Believed to have murdered 10 to 14 people associated with the sex trade over a period of 15 years.[157]
Daniel Lee Siebert  United States 1979 to 1986 10 13 Convicted of 1979 manslaughter; killed ten people across America in three months in mid-1980s including two children and a Southside Slayer victim.[158] Sentenced to death, died in prison in 2008, age 59.
Joseph James DeAngelo  United States 1979 to 1986 12 Known as the "Golden State Killer", "Original Night Stalker", and "East Area Rapist". Committed at least 12 murders, 50 rapes, and 120 burglaries across California in the 1970s and 1980s.[159]
Lonnie David Franklin Jr.  United States 1985 to 2007 10 25[160][161][162] Known as the "Grim Sleeper" for the alleged 14-year hiatus he took from murdering between 1988 and 2002. Shot and strangled his victims, mostly women, around South Los Angeles. Sentenced to death.[160][161][162]
Sergey Cherny  Russia 1999 10 11 Strangled women around Smolensk; suspected of the drowning death of another woman; died in 22001 from pneumonia while in a special psychiatric hospital.[163]
Bobby Joe Long  United States 1984 10 10+ Known as "The Classified Ad Rapist"; killed 10 women in Tampa Bay, Florida in 1984. Sentenced to death.[164]
Stewart Wilken  South Africa 1990 to 1997 10 10+ Known as "Boetie Boer"; raped, sodomised and murdered 10 victims from 1990–1997. Sentenced to 7 life terms.[165]
David Randitsheni  South Africa 2004 to 2008 10 10+ Kidnapped 19 people, raped 17, and murdered 10. Sentenced to 16 consecutive life sentences plus 220 years in prison; hanged himself three weeks after conviction.[166]
Edmund Kemper  United States 1964 to 1973 10 Called "The Co-ed Butcher." At age 15, he confessed to murdering his grandparents and served 6 years as a criminally insane juvenile. He was released in 1969. In 1972 and 1973, he murdered and dismembered 6 young women, then killed his mother and her friend. He was sentenced to 8 counts of 7 years to life.[167]
Dennis Rader  United States 1974 to 2004 10 Known as the BTK Killer. Murdered ten people in Sedgwick County (in and around Wichita), Kansas, between 1974 and 1991. Sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole for 175 years.[168]
Dorángel Vargas  Venezuela 1997 to 1999 10 12-13[169][170] Homeless cannibal known as "The People Eater" and "The Hannibal Lecter of the Andes".
Ali Kaya  Turkey 1997 to present 10 Known as "the baby faced killer"; responsible for 10 murders. Escaped from prison and later recaptured.[171]
Robert Joe Wagner  Australia 1992 to 1999 10 Secondary ringleader in the Snowtown murders and best friend of John Justin Bunting; sentenced to 10 consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.[134]
Jeanne Weber  France 1905 to 1908 10 Transient baby-sitter who strangled children in her care. Declared insane. Hanged herself in prison on July 5, 1918.[172]
Henry Louis Wallace  United States 1990 to 1994 10 Confessed to 10 murders in Charlotte, North Carolina. The victims were all women that he knew.[173] Sentenced to death.
Angelo Buono Jr.  United States 1977 to 1979 10 Convicted of strangling ten females. One of the "Hillside Stranglers". Died in prison in 2002.[174]
Hwaseong killer  South Korea 1986 to 1991 10 The victims, women aged 14 to 71, were bound, gagged, and strangled to death with their own clothes in most cases. The largest criminal case in South Korea with two million officers mobilized and over 21,000 suspects investigated, but went ultimately unsolved.[175]
Satish  India 1995 to 1998 10 Killed ten girls who were between the ages of 5 to 9 years old. He was arrested from Bahadurgargh, Haryana after a long chase by Haryana police.[176]
Zhou Kehua  China 2004 to 2012 10 A former soldier who targeted ATM users. He killed 10 people and evaded the law for 8 years, before being shot in a shootout with police after a year-long manhunt.[177]
Kang Ho-sun  South Korea 2006 to 2008 10 Sentenced to death in 2010 for killing 10 women, including his wife and mother-in-law.[178]
Oleg Kuznetsov  Soviet Union
1991 to 1992 10 Robbed, raped and killed people around Russia and Ukraine; sentenced to death but commutted to life imprisonment.[179]
Stanislavs Rogolevs  Soviet Union 1980 to 1982 10 Known as "Agent 000"; killed and raped women, managing to avoid capture through suspected knowledge of the investigation against him; executed 1984.[180]
Volker Eckert  West Germany
1974 to 2006 9–13 19 German trucker who confessed to have abducted, tortured and killed five prostitutes through his route in Western Europe, plus strangling a 14-year-old girl in his native West Germany in 1974, when he was 15. Police considered him perpetrator of nine murders (with four more being possible), but he hanged himself in prison before being convicted.
Louis van Schoor  South Africa 1986 to 1989 9 100 Former security guard who was convicted of seven murders and two assassinations, but confessed to a reported that he murdered a 100 people; sentenced to 20 years in prison and released on parole in 2004.[181]
Peter Kürten  German Empire
Germany German republic
1913 to 1930 9 79 Charged with nine murders and seven attempted murders. Dubbed "The Vampire of Düsseldorf" by the contemporary media. Executed by guillotine in 1931.[182]
Roger Dale Stafford  United States 1974 to 1978 9 34 Killed nine people in two states, including a family of three; his wife implicated him in 34 total murders in different states; executed 1995.[183]
Norman Afzal Simons  South Africa 1986 to 1994 9 22 Known as the "Station Strangler", convicted of only one of 22 cases of murder and sodomy of young children near Cape Town.[184] Sentenced to life.
Francis Heaulme  France 1984 to 1992 9 20 Convicted of killing 9 people, but suspected in the murder of dozens. He is known as the "Criminal Backpacker" due to his travels throughout France. He left a trail of bodies wherever he went.[185]
Joel Rifkin  United States 1989 to 1993 9 17 Known as "The Drifter",[186] killed prostitutes in New York City, most of them drug addicts. Convicted of nine murders but believed to have committed 17; also suspected of being the unidentified Long Island serial killer. Sentenced to 203 years to life.
Dagmar Overbye  Denmark 1913 to 1920 9 15 Murdered between 9 and 25 children – of which one was her own – during a seven-year period. On March 3, 1921, she was sentenced to death in one of the most talked about trials in Danish history, that changed legislation on childcare. The sentence was later commuted to life in prison. Overbye was working as a professional child caretaker, caring for babies born outside of marriage, murdering her own charges. She strangled them, drowned them or burned them to death in her masonry heater. The corpses were either cremated, buried or hidden in the loft.[187]
Kenneth McDuff  United States 1966 to 1992 9 14+ Known as "The Broomstick Killer"; death sentence for 1966 triple-murder commuted; killed three days after 1989 parole and ten further times in Waco, Texas until 1992. Executed by lethal injection by the state of Texas on November 17, 1998.[188]
Robert Joseph Silveria Jr.  United States 1981 to 1996 9 14+ Known as "The Boxcar Killer"; freight train rider convicted of beating to death fellow transients and confessed to dozens more.[189]
Richard Biegenwald  United States 1958 to 1983 9 11+ Known as "The Thrill Killer". Killed at least nine people in Monmouth County, New Jersey and is suspected in at least two other murders.[190]
Alexander Bychkov  Russia 2009 to 2012 9 11 Described in his personal diary how he killed 11 men who were alcoholics and tramps. Confessed to eating body parts of his victims. Found guilty of nine murders and sentenced to life imprisonment.[191]
New Bedford Highway Killer  United States 1988 to 1989 9 11 Murders of nine women and disappearance of two others between 1988 and 1989.[192]
Maryvale serial shooter  United States 2015 to 2016 9 11 Motorist who shot twelve people in separate events in Phoenix, Arizona, killing nine. Aaron Saucedo was charged with the shootings and two additional murders in 2017.[193]
Edgecombe County Serial Killer  United States 2000s 9 10 Murders of nine women and disappearance of another since 2005 around Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Antwan Pittman has been convicted in one case.[194]
Sergei Martynov  Russia 1992 to 2010 9 9+ Convicted of raping and murdering a woman in 1992. Sentenced to life imprisonment for killing eight more women during a violent crime spree between 2005 and 2010.[195]
Oleg Zaikin  Russia 2001 to 2006 9 9+ Known as the "Chernikov Maniac"; committed numerous rapes and at least 9 murders in several Russian regions; committed suicide in police custody.[196]
Alexander Berlizov  Soviet Union 1969 to 1972 9 Known as the "Night Demon"; sexual psychopath who raped and killed women; executed 1972.
Anatoly Utkin  Soviet Union 1968 to 1973 9 Known as "Ulyanovsky maniac"; killed 8 girls and 1 man from 1968 to 1973; executed 1975.[197]
Tamara Ivanyutina  Soviet Union 1976 to 1987 9 Known as the "Kiev Poisoner"; poisoned people out of personal spite; executed 1987.[198]
Ralph Brydges  Kingdom of Italy
 Weimar Republic
 South Africa
1923 to 1928 9 English pastor and pedophile who raped and murdered girls in countries he stayed in; never convicted, and died from natural causes in the US in 1946.[199]
Pierre Basson Red Ensign of South Africa (1910–1912).svg South Africa 1903 to 1906 9 First documented South African serial killer; killed people and then buried them in his backyard; committed suicide to avoid arrest.[200]
Ondrej Rigo  West Germany
1990 to 1992 9 Slovak serial killer and necrophile who committed his murders during the early 1990s in Munich, Amsterdam and Bratislava. He was arrested in 1992 and received a life sentence in 1994. He remains the murderer with the biggest number of victims in the modern history of Slovakia.[201]
Louise Vermilya  United States 1893 to 1911 9 Black widow who poisoned her family members and other people; charges against her were dismissed, due to her frail health.[202]
Alfred Leonard Cline  United States 1930 to 1945 9 Murdered his wives with poisoned buttermilk; died of a heart attack.[203][204]
Timothy Krajcir  United States 1977 to 1982 9 Confessed to killing nine women, five in Missouri and four others in Illinois and Pennsylvania.[205]
Gilberto Chamba  Ecuador
1988 to 2004 9 Taxi driver known as "The Monster of Machala", between 1988 and 1993 abducted 10 of his passengers (all lone female students) in this Ecuadorian city and killed 8, often raping them after with a stick. Although sentenced to 16 years in prison, he benefitted from an amnesty campaign in 2000 that also cleared his criminal record and moved to Spain, where he was arrested for the rape and murder of another student and the attempted rape and murder of a prostitute in 2004. Sentenced in 2005 to 45 years in prison.[206]
Mark Goudeau  United States 2005 to 2006 9 Known as "The Baseline Killer"; convicted of nine murders in Phoenix, Arizona.[207]
Gholamreza Khosroo Kurdieh  Iran 1997 9 Known as "The Night Bat"; robbed, raped and killed women, burning their bodies afterwards.[208]
Chong Du-yong  South Korea 1986 to 2000 9 Killed an officer in 1986; after release, killed 8 more people; sentenced to death.[209]
Paweł Tuchlin  Polish People's Republic 1975 to 1983 9 Killed women and attempted to kill 11 more to feel better; executed 1987.[210]
Joseph Paul Franklin  United States 1977 to 1980 8–15 20 White supremacist shooter who confessed to 20 murders and several attempted murders. Executed November 2013.[211]
Yoshio Kodaira  China
1928? to 1946 8–11+ Unknown A serial rapist, Kodaira killed his father-in-law in 1932 and 8 to 10 women in Japan between 1945 and 1946, engaging in necrophilia after the fifth murder. Previously (1920s) he had been deployed to Northern China as a sailor in the Imperial Japanese Navy, where he was free to target the locals. Hanged in 1949.[212]
Keith Hunter Jesperson  United States 1990 to 1995 8 160 Dubbed the "Happy Face Killer", Jesperson was convicted of killing 8 women by strangulation.[213]
Rodney Alcala  United States 1971 to 1979 8 8–100+ Known as the "Dating Game Killer" for appearing on the game show The Dating Game in the middle of his killing years. Was convicted of at least five murders, though his actual total is estimated to be much higher.
Kiyotaka Katsuta  Japan 1982 to 1983 8 22 Strangled or shot people to rob them, using a gun he had stolen from a policeman after running him over with his car. Hanged in 2000.[214]
Christopher Wilder  United States 1984 8 13+ Killed eight women during a spree before accidentally killing himself; suspected in the disappearance and murder of more than 5 more.[215]
Axeman of New Orleans  United States 1918 to 1919 8 12+ Killer of at least eight people in the New Orleans area from May 1918 to October 1919.[216]
Gilbert Paul Jordan  Canada 1965 to 1987 8 10 Known as the "Boozing Barber", typically would find alcoholic women in bars in Vancouver's destitute Downtown Eastside, buy them drinks or pay them for sex and encourage them to drink with him. When they passed out, he would pour more liquor down their throats, with the resulting deaths reported as alcohol poisoning and generally ignored by police as the intentional murders blended in with the common occurrence in that neighbourhood. Deceased (2006).[217]
Frankford Slasher  United States 1985 to 1990 8 9 Allegedly responsible for nine murders in the Frankford neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Leonard Christopher was convicted of one murder; another murder was committed in same style while he was incarcerated; believed to still be at large.[218]
Kendall Francois  United States 1996 to 1998 8 9 Admitted to killing eight prostitutes in Poughkeepsie, New York, but denied involvement with the disappearance of a ninth prostitute.[219]
Bible Belt Strangler  United States 1978 to 1992 8 8+ Murdered women with reddish hair in several states.[220]
John Edward Robinson  United States 1984 to 2000 8 8+ Known as "The Slavemaster"; lured victims through the internet.[221]
Eric Edgar Cooke  Australia 1959 to 1963 8 Nicknamed "The Night Caller", he terrorized the city of Perth assaulting 22 people at random with various means, killing eight of them. Hanged in 1964.[222]
Marie Noe  United States 1949 to 1968 8 Murdered eight of her children between 1949 and 1968.[223]
Colonial Parkway Killer  United States 1986 to 1989 8 Believed to have murdered at least eight people in Virginia between 1986 and 1989; left three couples dead and one couple missing and presumed dead.[224]
Michael Bruce Ross  United States 1981 to 1984 8 Ross confessed to all of the murders, and was convicted of four of them. He was executed by the state of Connecticut on May 13, 2005 by lethal injection, making it the first execution in Connecticut and the whole of New England since 1960."[225]
Marybeth Tinning  United States 1972 to 1983 8 Suffocated eight of her nine children during the 1970s. One daughter died of natural causes shortly after birth, the first of the Tinning children to die.[226]
Andrew Urdiales  United States 1986 to 1996 8 Raped and killed prostitutes in three states; sentenced to death, but commuted to life imprisonment without parole.[227]
Sean Vincent Gillis  United States 1994 to 2003 8 Kidnapped, raped, and mutilated the corpses of Louisiana women.[228][229][230]
John Christie  United Kingdom 1943 to 1953 8 Gassed, strangled and in some cases raped eight women (one of them his wife) in his flat of Notting Hill, London. Prior to Christie's arrest, one of his victims was attributed to the victim's father, who was hanged after a trial where Christie declared as a witness. The controversy generated led to the abolition of the death penalty in the United Kingdom.[231]
Genzo Kurita  Japan 1948 to 1952 8 Serial rapist and murderer, engaging in necrophilia in two of his murders. Two other victims were the children of the woman he targeted, who Kurita threw off a cliff (a third child survived). Hanged in 1959.[232]
Kiyoshi Ōkubo  Japan 1971 8 Raped and murdered eight women aged 17 to 21 upon his release from prison, where he had been for previous rapes. Hanged in 1976.
Paul Ogorzow Nazi Germany Germany 1940 to 1941 8 Known as the "S-Bahn murderer"; SA sergeant convicted of raping and murdering eight women by throwing them off trains in Berlin during blackouts in 1941 and 1942. Executed by guillotine at the Plötzensee Prison on July 26, 1941.[233]
Arthur Gatter  West Germany 1990 8 Killed homeless people and two homosexuals in parks; committed suicide before he could be sentenced.[234]
Vladimir Vinnychevsky  Soviet Union 1938 to 1939 8 Known as the "Urals Monster"; teenage pedophile who killed children aged between 2 and 4 years old; executed 1940.[235]
Vladimir Mukhankin  Russia 1995 to 1996 8 Known as "The pupil of Chikatilo"; he killed 8 women.
Viktor Sotnikov  Russia 2000 to 2011 8 Killed 8 people in the Lipetsk Oblast and Tambov Oblast; sentenced to life imprisonment.[236]
Ramiro Artieda  Bolivia 1920s to 1939 8 Killed his brother in the 1920s; emigrated to the US, then returned and killed 7 women in several states.[237]
Marcel Barbeault  France 1969 to 1976 8 Known as the "Shadow Killer"; killed 7 women and 1 man either during the evening or early morning.[238]
Dominique Cottrez  France 1989 to 2006 8 Murdered her newborn infants.[239]
Hilda Nilsson  Sweden 1917 8 Known as the "Angel Maker on Bruks Street"; baby farmer who killed 8 children; committed suicide while in prison custody.[240]
Hamdi Kayapınar  Turkey 1994 to 2018 8 Strangled his younger sibling; arrested, and after release killed six more people; again released in 2018, when he killed his final victim.[241]
William Devin Howell  United States 2003 7 Convicted of killing seven people in 2003. Believed to be the most prolific serial killer in Connecticut history.[242]
Nikolai Dzhumagaliev  Soviet Union 1980 and earlier 7 50–100 Lured women in a park at night and hacked them with an axe as part of a plan to rid the world of prostitution. Also cooked parts of his victims and ate them himself or served them to other people as part of ethnic dishes. Found innocent for reason of insanity and interned in a mental institution.[243]
Manuel Delgado Villegas  Spain
 France (claimed)
 Italy (claimed)
1964 to 1971 7 48 Wandering criminal known as El Arropiero ("The Arrope Trader") and El Estrangulador del Puerto ("The Strangler of Puerto"). Confessed to the impulsive murders of 48 people of different sex, age, wealth and sexual orientation in three countries (including his girlfriend, whom he strangled during sex), but police only investigated him for 22 murders in Spain and was considered proven author of 7. Some of his victims were killed with hand to hand combat techniques that he had learned in the Spanish Foreign Legion. Diagnosed with XYY syndrome and interned in a mental institution until his death in 1998.[244]
Harrison Graham  United States 1987 7 Convicted of killing seven women in Philadelphia and keeping their bodies in his apartment.[245]
Ivan Milat  Australia 1990s 7 23–37 Convicted of the Backpacker murders; sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences plus 18 years without the possibility of parole. May have had accomplices.[246]
Michael Wayne McGray  Canada
 United States
1980s to 2010s 7 18 Convicted of the murder of 6 people in the late 1990s, including a woman and her 11-year-old daughter. Claims to have killed 11 others, including murders committed while on parole and while on a three-day pass from prison. Finally imprisoned for life, killed a cellmate in 2010.[247]
Kenneth Erskine  United Kingdom 1986 7 11 Known as "The Stockwell Stranger", he was a burglar who raped and strangled at least 7 elderly women after breaking into their home.[248]
David Carpenter  United States 1979 to 1981 7 11 Known as "The Trailside Killer"; murdered women on San Francisco-area hiking trails between 1979 and 1981. Sentenced to death.[249]
Tommy Recco  France 1960 to 1980 7 10 Murdered his godfather in 1960; after release, killed six cashiers in two separate store rraids; also suspected of murdering a trio of German tourists.[250]
Ohio Prostitute Killer  United States 1981 to 2004 7 10 Supposedly murdered prostitutes and exotic dancers; his first victim was Marcia King, who was identified in 2018.[251][252]
Derrick Todd Lee  United States 2002 7 10 Known as the "Baton Rouge or South Louisiana Serial Killer" convicted of three murders. Believed to have murdered several other women in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Sentenced to death, died in 2016.[253]
Peter Manuel  United Kingdom 1956 to 1958 7 9 A US-born Scottish burglar and serial killer who was convicted of murdering seven people across Lanarkshire between 1956 and 1958, believed to have killed a further two. Manuel was the third-last prisoner to be hanged in Scotland, after a sensational trial in which he conducted his own defence.[254]
Terry Blair  United States 1982 to 2004 7 9 Kansas City serial killer and rapist; active 1982–2004. Sentenced to life.[255]
Stanisław Modzelewski  Poland 1952 to 1967 7 8 Known as "The Vampire of Gałkówek". Confessed to strangling eight women, but convicted of seven because one of the bodies was never found. Hanged.
Michael Hughes  United States 1986 to 1993 7 8 Killed six women and a schoolgirl in the South Los Angeles area between 1986 and 1993. Sentenced to death.[256]
Daniel Audiel López Martínez  Mexico 1998 to 2008 7 8 Killed five women and two men in Ciudad Juarez between 1998 and 2008. Sentenced to life imprisonment.[257]
Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Killer  United States 1972 to 1973 7 7+ "Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders": Series of at least seven unsolved homicides involving female hitchhikers that took place in Sonoma County and Santa Rosa of the North Bay area of California in 1972 and 1973.[258]
Carlton Gary  United States 1975 to 1978 7 7+ Known as "The Stocking Strangler". Convicted of the murders of seven elderly women in Georgia. Executed 2018.[259]
Roger Kibbe  United States 1977 to 1987 7 7+ Known as "The I-5 Strangler", killed 7 women between 1977 and 1987. 6 along I-5 near Sacramento, and one in Walnut Creek, California. He was tried for the Walnut Creek murder by the Grand Jury before the body was found but in exchange for helping to find the body Kibbe was spared the death penalty and received life in prison. It took 34 years to find the body of his first victim.[260]
Connecticut River Valley Killer  United States 1978 to 1987 7 7+ Believed responsible for a series of similar knife murders mostly in and around Claremont, New Hampshire, and the Connecticut River Valley, primarily in the 1980s.[261]
Darren Deon Vann  United States 2014 and earlier 7 7+ Confessed to the murders of at least seven women. Sentenced to life imprisonment.[262]
Russell Maurice Johnson  Canada 1973 to 1977 7 7+ Known as the "Bedroom Strangler". Initially convicted of raping and killing 3 women, but it was later revealed that he had other victims.
Motta Navas  India 1996 to 2012 7 Active in Kollam, Kerala, Navas was arrested and imprisoned for his first two murders in 1996 and 2007. During his final crime spree in 2012, he bludgeoned to death five elderly pavement dwellers in their sleep, always after midnight. He feigned a mental illness to avoid suspicion by the police in at least two occasions.[263]
Ripper Jayanandan  India 2003 to 2006 7 Killed seven people during robberies. Sentenced to death.[264]
Chandrakant Jha  India 1998 to 2007 7 Befriended and then killed male migrants over petty disputes.[265]
Satarō Fukiage  Japan 1906 to 1924 7 Killed seven girls aged 11 to 16 and raped between 93 and 100. Hanged in 1926.[266]
Václav Mrázek  Czechoslovakia 1951 to 1956 7 Killed 7 women in Chomutov. Executed in 1957.[267]
Paul Dennis Reid  United States 1997 7 Reid killed the employees of restaurants he targeted for a series of robberies. He was on parole after serving 7 years of a 20-year sentence for armed robbery. Sentenced to death. Died in 2013 at age 55.[268]
Joseph Taborsky  United States 1950 to 1957 7 Sentenced to death in 1950; released in 1955 after the sole witness (his brother) was found insane. A year later, he killed 6 people in a 2-month string of brutal robberies and murders. Last person to be executed on Connecticut's electric chair, in 1960.
Roberto Succo  Italy
1981 to 1988 7 In 1986, he escaped the mental hospital where he was recluded in for murdering his parents five years earlier and began a crime spree in Europe that included burglary, hijacking, kidnapping, rape and murder and earned him the Public Enemy Number One spot in Italy, France and Switzerland. Committed suicide in prison after failing to escape a second time.[269]
Émile Louis  France 1975 to 1978 7 Bus driver that preyed on young handicapped women (seven murders) in the 1970s. Sentenced to life in prison on November 25, 2004.[270]
Guy Georges  France 1991 to 1997 7 Known as the "Beast of the Bastille"; serving a life sentence for seven murders between 1991 and 1997.[271]
Paul Steven Haigh  Australia 1978 to 1991 7 Sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for the murders of seven people in Victoria.[272]
Anatoly Slivko  Soviet Union 1961 to 1985 7 As a member of the Young Pioneers (Soviet Boy Scouts), Slivko gained the trust of 43 young boys over almost three decades, asphyxiated them until they fell unconscious, and then ritually molested, filmed, photographed and resuscitated them. The seven boys that did not wake up were dismembered and burned. Minutes before his execution in 1989, police asked Slivko for advice in the investigation of Andrei Chikatilo's crimes.[273]
Aleksey Sukletin  Soviet Union 1979 to 1985 7 Known as "The Alligator"; killed and cannibalized at least 7 girl and women from 1979 to 1985; executed 1987.[274]
Edward J. Adams  United States 1920 to 1921 7 Criminal who killed seven people, including three policemen, over 14 months; killed during a shootout with the police.[275]
Christopher Peterson  United States 1990 7 Known as "The Shotgun Killer", later changed name Obadyah Ben-Yisrayl, confessed to shooting seven people with a shotgun in a killing spree spanning from October 30, 1990 to December 18, 1990 in Indiana. Sentenced to death, commuted to life.[276]
Cincinnati Strangler  United States 1965 to 1966 7 Raped and strangled seven mostly elderly women in Cincinnati, Ohio between 1965 and 1966. Believed to be Posteal Laskey, who was convicted of one murder and died in prison on May 29, 2007.[277]
Paul Durousseau  United States 1997 to 2003 7 Murdered seven young women (including two who were pregnant) in the southeast United States. Sentenced to death.[278]
Samuel Sidyno  South Africa 1998 to 1999 7 Known as the "Capital Hill Serial Killer" murdered 7 people in Pretoria from 1998–1999.[279]
Sibusiso Duma  South Africa 2007 7 Murdered 7 people in the Pietermaritzburg area of KwaZulu Natal in 2007.[280]
Walter E. Ellis  United States 1986 to 2007 7 Known as "The Milwaukee North Side Strangler"; convicted of killing 7 prostitutes in Wisconsin between 1986 and 2007. Died in prison on December 1, 2013.[281]
Todd Kohlhepp  United States 2003 to 2016 7 Real estate broker who murdered four employees in a superbike shop after they refused to take back a vehicle that he had recently acquired there, and who in 2015-2016 lured two couples to his property, killing the man and keeping the woman chained in a shipping container and raping her. One female victim could be rescued before she was murdered. Kohlhepp had previously been convicted of kidnapping and raping a fourteen-year-old girl in 1987, for which he was imprisoned until 2001.[282]
Li Yijiang  China 2000s 7 Homosexual man who cut off his victims' sexual organs.[283]
Sewage Plant Killer  East Germany 1976 to 1989 7 Responsible for the murders of several young boys and adolescents, whose bodies were discovered in sewage treatment plants.[284]
Klaus Gossmann  West Germany 1960 to 1965 7 Known as the "Midday Murderer", due to killing his victims during the afternoon. Released in 2015, after 50 years imprisonment.[285]
Thomas Rung  West Germany
1983 to 1995 7 Raped and murdered 6 women, and also murdered his stepbrother; another man was falsely accused of his first murder.[286]
Tadeusz Ensztajn  Second Polish Republic 1933 7 Known as the "Vampire of Łowicz"; raped and killed women, mutilating their faces afterwards; sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and then released, fate unknown.[287]
Henryk Moruś  Polish People's Republic
1986 to 1992 7 Killed 7 people in the Piotrków Voivodeship; last Polish prisoner sentenced to death in the country; died of heart failure in 2013.[288][289]
Łódź Gay Murderer  Polish People's Republic
1988 to 1993 7 Murdered homosexual men in the city of Łódź.[290]
Bruce McArthur  Canada 2008 to 2017 7 10-100 Serial murderer and rapist who would target homosexual men, and hide their bodies in garden planters.[291]
Tommy Lynn Sells  United States 1980 to 1999 6 70? Drifter active throughout the United States who specialized in killing children and multiple victims after breaking into their homes. Caught when a 10-year-old girl survived his attack and provided a description of him. Executed in Texas on April 3, 2014.[292]
Władysław Mazurkiewicz  Poland 1950s 6 30 Known as "The Gentleman Killer". Indicted of, and confessed to having committed 30 murders; convicted of 6 and hanged in 1957.[293]
Robert Pickton  Canada 1995 to 2001 6 26–49 Found guilty of six counts of second-degree murder. Accused of murdering 20 other women, most of them prostitutes and drug dealers. Like Clifford Olson and Gilbert Paul Jordan, many of his killings were in the Greater Vancouver area. Comments by Pickton suggest that the total may be 49.[294]
Gong Runbo  China 2005 to 2006 6 20+ Found guilty of the murders of six children and teenagers aged between nine and 16 from 2005 to 2006; executed 2007.[295]
András Pándy  Belgium 1986 to 1990 6 14+ Former clergyman nicknamed "Father Bluebeard", killed his two wives and four of his children with the help of a fifth he was having an incestuous affair with, and whom denounced him to the authorities seven years later. Sentenced to life imprisonment in 2002.[296]
John Wayne Glover  Australia 1989 to 1990 6 13 British ex-pat living in Australia. Known by the media as "The Granny Killer" as he targeted elderly women; committed suicide while in prison in 2005.[297]
Alexander Sergeychik  Belarus 2000 to 2006 6 12 Killed between 6 and 12 people under the influence of alcohol. Executed 2007.[298]
Joseph Naso  United States 1977 to 1994 6 10 A freelance photographers who raped and strangled to death women in California. Arrested in 2011 and sentenced to death two years later. Known as "The Double Initial Killer" since first four victims to be identified bore double initials.[299]
John George Haigh  United Kingdom 1944 to 1949 6 9 Called the "Acid Bath Murderer" for dissolving his victims in sulphuric acid under the belief that he could not be prosecuted for murder if no body was found. He would then forge papers to sell the victims possessions. Confessed nine murders, convicted of six and hanged.[300]
Bruce Mendenhall  United States 2007 6 9 Long-haul trucker who killed prostitutes at truck stops; sentenced to life imprisonment.[301]
I-70 Killer  United States 1992 to 1994? 6 8+ Killed store clerks in robberies around the Midwestern United States.[302]
Aileen Carol Wuornos  United States 1989 to 1990 6 8+ Killed strangers, all men, along Florida highways over 13 months while working as a prostitute. Executed by lethal injection in 2002.[303]
Jack the Stripper  United Kingdom 1964 to 1965 6 8 Murdered at least six prostitutes in London and may have been responsible for the deaths of two others before that. Remains unidentified.[304]
Morris Solomon Jr.  United States 1986 to 1987 6 7 Handyman who killed six young women between 1986 and 1987 in Sacramento, California. Sentenced to death.[305]
Anatoly Nagiyev  Soviet Union 1979 to 1980 6 6+ Murdered women aboard train cars; suspected of more murders; executed 1981.[306]
Robert Berdella  United States 1984 to 1987 6 6+ Berdella abducted, raped, tortured, and murdered at least six men. Sentenced to life. Died of a heart attack in 1992, age 43.[307]
Mack Ray Edwards  United States 1953 to 1970 6 6+ Molester. Murdered 2 young girls and 4 young boys. Claimed at one point to have killed as many as 18. Sentenced to death. Hanged himself in prison in 1971.[308]
Eugen Weidmann  France 1937 6 German who strangled and robbed American dancer Jean de Koven, shot a former accomplice, and shot dead and robbed four other people around Paris in 1937.[309]
Celine Lesage  France 2000 to 2007 6 Killed seven of her newborn babies and sentenced to 15 years in prison.[310]
Filiberto Hernández Martínez  Mexico 2010 to 2013 6 Killed six people from 2010 to 2013 in Tamuín.[311]
César Armando Librado Legorreta  Mexico 2011 to 2012 6 Known as "El Coqueto"; raped and murdered women in Greater Mexico City; sentenced to 240 years in prison.[312]
Richard Trenton Chase  United States 1977 6 Schizophrenic known as "The "Vampire of Sacramento", he was convicted of six murders performed in the span of a month after being released of a psychiatric hospital where he had been committed for killing and eating the raw meat of several animals. In addition to killing his victims, he often raped the women's bodies and drank their blood, or took their organs home and ate them. Sentenced to death. Committed suicide in prison in 1980.[313]
David Berkowitz  United States 1976 to 1977 6 The "Son of Sam", he would shoot couples in their cars, killing six and wounding seven. Received 6 life sentences.[314]
Samuel Bongani Mfeka  South Africa 1993 to 1996 6 Strangled women around KwaZulu-Natal.[315]
Nicholas Lungisa Ncama  South Africa 1997 6 Murdered 6 people in the Eastern Cape, 1997.[316]
Leslie Irvin  United States 1954 to 1955 6 Known as "The Mad Dog Killer"; Killed six people in robberies in the mid-1950s; his Supreme Court case set a precedent for fair trials of highly publicized defendants.[317]
Aleksandr Rubel  Estonia 1997 to 1998 6 He was intoxicated on gasoline vapour during his murders. Sentenced as a minor to the maximum punishment allowed by law — eight years imprisonment — he was released in 2006.
Dayton Leroy Rogers  United States 1983 to 1987 6 Killed street women, usually addicts, prostitutes and runaways. He would tie, rape, and kill them in a forest.[318]
Rory Enrique Conde  United States 1994 to 1995 6 Known as "The Tamiami Trail Strangler". Killed 6 prostitutes in Florida. Sentenced to death on March 7, 2000.[319]
Rhonda Belle Martin  United States 1937 to 1951 6 Alabama poisoner who murdered six family members; executed in 1957.
Nathaniel White  United States 1991 to 1992 6 Convicted of stabbing to death six women in the Hudson Valley, New York area from 1991 to 1992.[320]
Lemuel Smith  United States 1958 to 1981 6 Confessed to the murders of five people, including an on-duty female prison guard. Sentenced to death on June 10, 1983. Commuted to life in 1984.
Freeway Phantom  United States 1971 to 1972 6 Raped and strangled six young women and girls in Washington, D.C. in the early 1970s, dumping their bodies by freeways.[321]
Christine Falling  United States 1980 to 1982 6 Epileptic who strangled children because of voices in her head; sentenced to life imprisonment.[322]
David Mason  United States 1980 to 1982 6 Strangled four elderly neighbors, his cellmate when imprisoned on lesser charges; shot his boyfriend.[323]
Cleophus Prince Jr.  United States 1990 6 Known as "The Clairemont Killer"; raped and killed six women in San Diego in 1990.[324]
Gary Ray Bowles  United States 1994 6 Beat and strangled six men to death to steal their credit cards in 1994.[325]
Friedrich Schumann Germany Germany 1918 to 1920 6 Killed six people and executed in 1921.[326]
Norbert Poehlke  West Germany 1984 to 1985 6 Known as "The Hammer-Killer", German police officer who was found, after his suicide in 1985, to have committed several bank robberies and murders.
Kurt-Friedhelm Steinwegs  East Germany 1974 to 1983 6 Juvenile delinquent who brutally murdered six people; committed to a psychiatric clinic.[327]
Beate Schmidt  East Germany
1989 to 1991 6 Known as the "Beast of Beelitz". Killed five women and a 3 month old baby from 1989 to 1991. Currently in a psychiatric hospital.[328]
Alfredo Galán  Spain 2003 6 Airport security guard who shot random people with a Russian TT pistol, killing six and injuring three. Nicknamed "the Deck of Cards Killer" by the press while he was still at large, after it was reported that an ace of cups had been found near his second victim. Galán had not intended to leave a signature but the reports made him decide to leave progressing cups cards in his following crime scenes. He surrendered himself at a police station after six months and was sentenced to 142 years in prison.[329]
Harald Sassak  Austria 1970 to 1972 6 Gasworks employee who robbed and killed six people.[330]
Igor Mirenkov  Soviet Union
1990 to 1993 6 Killed six young boys. Executed 1996.[331]
Vyacheslav Yaikov  Russia 2002 to 2003 6 Known as the "Kopeysk Strangler"; mentally ill rapist who killed raped and strangled women; sentenced to compulsory treatment.[332]
KD Kempamma  India 1999 to 2007 6 Poisoned women with cyanide; India's first convicted female serial killer; sentenced to death, but commuted to life imprisonment.[333]
Ferdinand Gamper  Italy 1996 6 Known as the "Monster of Merano"; extremist who killed Italians out of hatred; committed suicide during a police shootout.[334]
Richard Cottingham  United States 1977 to 1980 5 85–100 Killer operating in New York and New Jersey who often targeted prostitutes and utilized mutilation as well as dismemberment in his killings. Known as the "Torso Killer", convicted of five murders. He made claims of victim count as up to a hundred, however, there was no evidence to support this and is considered unsubstantiated.[335]
Zodiac Killer  United States 1962 to 1977 5 37 Targeted young couples. Remains unsolved but open in the California jurisdictions the 5 certain Zodiac murders occurred. Potentially 37 total victims claimed but unverified.[336]
John Floyd Thomas Jr.  United States 1957 to 2009 5 17–25 Serial murderer and rapist with one of the longest criminal careers in the US.[337]
Carl Panzram  United States
Portugal Portuguese Angola
1915 to 1929 5 22 From 1920 to 1928, he claimed in a posthumous autobiography to have committed over 22 killings, and sodomy of more than 1,000 young men. Hanged on September 5, 1930.[338]
Steve Wright  United Kingdom 2006 5 5–22 Referred to as "Suffolk murders", "Ipswich murders", "Ipswich Ripper", "Suffolk Ripper", "Suffolk Strangler", "East Anglia Ripper", "Red Light Ripper" and "the Suffolkator". Murdered five prostitutes, all of whom worked in Ipswich in 2006. There are possible links to previous Suffolk prostitute killings.[339]
Hubert Pilčík  Czechoslovakia 1948 to 1951 5 10+[340] Made money smuggling people across the Czechoslovakia-Germany border, but killed most of his customers. Total number of his victims is unknown.
Joseph Roy Metheny  United States 1976 to 1996 5 10 Butchered his victims, then served them at BBQs at his roadside stand; died in prison.[341]
William Patrick Fyfe  Canada 1979 to 1999 5 9 Convicted of killing five women in the Montreal area of Quebec, although he claims to have killed four others. Serving a life sentence in West Canada.
Melvin Rees  United States 1957 to 1959 5 9 Known as "The Sex Beast"; shot and defiled a woman in 1957, torture-murdered a family of four in 1959 and suspected in four other killings.[342]
David Edward Maust  West Germany
 United States
1974 to 2003 5 9 Killed teenage boys; caught when bodies of three boys were found in the concrete floor of his basement in Hammond, Indiana. Committed suicide in prison in 2006.[343]
Manfred Seel  West Germany
1971 to 2004 5 9 Known as the "Hesse Ripper"; killed and mutilated women's bodies, supposedly due to his sadistic nature.[344]
Danny Rolling  United States 1989 to 1990 5 8 Known as the "Gainesville Ripper"; murdered five students in August 1990. Executed on October 6, 2006. Shortly before his execution, he gave a handwritten confession to authorities for a triple homicide of an elderly man, his adult daughter, and young grandson that occurred years earlier in Rolling's hometown of Shreveport, LA. Although Rolling was never officially charged or extradicted to LA to stand trial for the "Grissom Murders", Shreveport Police had confirmed even before the confession that Rolling had long been considered the lone suspect and the case was closed.[345]
Ivan Roubal  Czechoslovakia 1991 to 1994 5 8 Occultist who murdered people and then stole their possessions. Died in 2015.[346]
Allan Joseph Legere  Canada 1989 5 7+ Convicted of killing five people in the Miramichi area, New Brunswick. Legere is now serving a life sentence Canada's only super maximum prison (Special Handling Unit).[347]
Joseph E. Duncan III  United States 1996 to 2005 5 7 Convicted of killing a California boy in 1997 and 4 members of an Idaho family in 2005. Confessed to two 1996 murders in Washington state, but has not been formally charged. Currently on United States federal death row.[348]
Stephen Akinmurele  United Kingdom 1995 to 1998 5 7 Known as "The Cul-de-sac Killer". Considered mentally ill, Akinmurele had a "pathological hatred" of old people and had committed crimes against them since he was 11. Killed himself in prison.[349]
Vincent Johnson  United States 1999 to 2000 5 6 "The Brooklyn Strangler".[350]
Harvey Carignan  United States 1949 to 1973 5 5+ Known as "The Want-Ad Killer"; raped and beat 4 young women to death in 1972 and 1973; escaped hanging for a 1949 killing on a technicality.[351]
Marion Albert Pruett  United States 1981 5 5+ Killed people while under the United States Federal Witness Protection Program; executed 1999.[352]
Edward Edwards  United States 1977 to 1996 5 5+ Shot a young couple in 1977 and stabbed and strangled another in 1980; died months prior to execution on April 7, 2011 for shooting his foster son in 1996 insurance murder.[353]
Vinko Pintarić  Yugoslavia 1973 to 1990 5 5+ Murdered five people, including his wife, between 1973 and 1990. Escaped from custody three times, killed in a 1991 shootout with the police.[354]
William Dathan Holbert  Panama 2010 and earlier 5 5+ Known as "Wild Bill"; American expatriate who had the bodies of five other Americans buried on his property. He would kill people to get their money and properties. His wife, Laura Michelle Reese, was also arrested.[355]
Patrice Alègre  France 1988 to 1997 5 5+ Predator who raped and killed five women; suspected of more murders.[356]
Ion Prodan  Russia 1998 to 1999 5 5+ Guest worker who killed people near railways; sentenced to 25 years of penal labour.[357]
Elisabeth Wiese German Empire Germany 1902 to 1903 5 Known as the "Angel Maker of St. Pauli"; baby farmer who poisoned her grandchild and four others with morphine and burned their bodies in a stove in 1902 and 1903.[358]
Johann Mayer  German Empire
 Weimar Republic
1918 to 1919 5 Known as "Stumpfarm"; killed former friends and lovers with a carbine.[359]
Egidius Schiffer  West Germany 1983 to 1990 5 Known as the "Strangler of Aachen"; killed women, sexually abusing 3 of them.[360]
Phantom Killer  United States 1946 5 Believed to have committed the Texarkana Moonlight Murders in Texas between February 23 and May 4, 1946.[361]
William MacDonald  Australia 1961 to 1962 5 Murdered derelicts in Sydney and Brisbane between 1960 and 1962; sentenced to five consecutive life sentences.[362]
Thomas Dillon  United States 1973 to 1990 5 Shot five men in southeastern Ohio: one while jogging, two deer hunting and two fishing.[363]
San Mateo Slasher  United States 1976 5 Known as the "Gypsy Hill killings"; five unsolved killings, of young women in San Mateo County, California during early 1976.[364]
Honolulu Strangler  United States 1985 to 1986 5 Raped and strangled five young women in Hawaii in 1985 and 1986.[365]
Anthony Kirkland  United States 1987 to 2009 5 Kirkland murdered four females between 2006 and 2009, three of them children, following a 16-year prison term for the murder of another woman.[366]
Marc Dutroux  Belgium 1995 to 1996 5 Serial killer convicted of having kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused six girls ranging in age from 8 to 19, four of whom he murdered; also tortured and murdered his accomplice, Bernard Weinstein.[367]
Butcher of Mons  Belgium 1996 to 1997 5 Murdered and mutilated five women, placing their body pieces in bags and disposing of them near the town of Mons.[368]
Joaquín Ferrándiz Ventura  Spain 1995 to 1996 5 Murdered three prostitutes and two party girls during his weekend escapades in Castellón province. Arrested in 1998 and sentenced to 69 years in prison in 2000.[369]
Harry Powers  United States 1931 5 "Lonely Hearts" swindler and conman. Killed two women and three children in Quiet Dell, West Virginia. Arrested after the bodies were found buried near his garage in 1931 and hanged in 1932.[370]
Anna Marie Hahn  United States 1933 to 1937 5 German-born murder-for-profit killer who poisoned five elderly men; executed in 1938.[371]
Robert Nixon  United States 1936 to 1938 5 Killed 5 women in the 1930s with bricks. Executed by electrocution in Illinois on June 15, 1939.[372]
Waneta Hoyt  United States 1965 to 1971 5 New York woman who murdered her five children.[373]
Janie Lou Gibbs  United States 1966 to 1967 5 Georgia poisoner who killed five family members. Sentenced to life. Died in prison on February 7, 2010.[374]
South Dade Killer  United States 1975 5 Known as the "Flat-Tire murders". Killed 5 women in 1975.[375]
Montie Rissell  United States 1976 to 1977 5 Rapist who killed five women in his hometown of Alexandria, Virginia; sentenced to life imprisonment.[376]
Gerald Parker  United States 1978 to 1979 5 Known as "The Bedroom Basher" raped and murdered five women and killed the unborn baby of a sixth woman in Orange County, California.[377]
Phillip Carl Jablonski  United States 1978 to 1991 5 Convicted of killing five women in California and Utah between 1978 and 1991. Sentenced to death in 1994.[378]
Arthur Gary Bishop  United States 1979 to 1983 5 Utah man who murdered five young boys; executed in 1988.[379]
Faryion Wardrip  United States 1984 to 1986 5 Killed five young women around Wichita Falls, Texas between 1984 and 1986.[380]
Timothy Wilson Spencer  United States 1984 to 1987 5 Known as "The Southside Strangler"; raped and killed five women in Virginia. Executed in the electric chair on April 27, 1994.[381]
Gary Evans  United States 1985 to 1997 5 Antique thief who shot to death two shop owners and three accomplices who he suspected of stealing from him between 1985 and 1997.[382]
Andrew Cunanan  United States 1997 5 Fugitive who killed five people during a three-month period, including fashion designer Gianni Versace and Chicago real estate developer Lee Miglin.[383]
Robert Shulman  United States 1991 to 1996 5 Convicted of murdering five prostitutes between 1991 and 1996.[384]
Elias Abuelazam  United States 2009 to 2010 5 Known as "The Serial Slasher". Israeli-Arab immigrant that stabbed victims to death. Sentenced to life on June 25, 2012.[385]
Krzysztof Gawlik  Poland 2001 5 Known as "Scorpio"; killed people with a silenced submachine gun; sentenced to life imprisonment.[386]
Joachim Knychała  Poland 1975 to 1982 5 Known as "The Vampire of Bytom" or "Frankenstein", who murdered five women between 1975 and 1982.[387]
Archibald Hall  United Kingdom 1977 5 Called "The Monster Butler". Died in prison in 2002.[388]
Colin Ireland  United Kingdom 1993 5 Called "The Gay Slayer". A highly organized serial killer, Ireland picked passive masochist gay men in the Coleherne public house, accompanied them home, and murdered them after they were voluntarily restrained. He then cleaned the house of forensic evidence and left when he was sure of not appearing suspicious.[389]
Claude Lastennet  France 1993 to 1994 5 Convicted of murdering 5 old women between August 1993 and January 1994.[390]
Metod Trobec  Yugoslavia 1976 to 1978 5 Raped, killed and cremated five women in his home. Also tried to murder two other immates while in prison before committing suicide in his cell in 2006.[391]
Romulus Vereș  Romania 1970s 5 Known as "The Hammer Man". Institutionalized.[392]
Willem van Eijk  Netherlands 1971 to 2001 5 Known as "The Beast of Harkstede".
Akira Nishiguchi  Japan 1963 5 Fraudster, murdered two people while engaging in confidence scams and killed three others while on the run from justice. Hanged in 1970.[393]
Boris Gusakov  Soviet Union 1964 to 1968 5 Known as "Student Hunter"; committed 15 sexual assaults, including 5 murders, on girls and young women from 1964 to 1968.
Anatoly Biryukov  Soviet Union 1977 5 Known as "The Hunter of Babies": responsible for the kidnappings and subsequent murders of five infants from Moscow in the fall of 1977.[394]
Süleyman Aktaş  Turkey 1986 to 1994 5 Known as "The Nailing Killer": responsible for the murders of five people in 1986 and 1994.[395]
B1 Butcher  Namibia 2005 to 2007 5 Murdered at least five women between 2005 and 2007, with all murders related to the National Road B1.[396]
James Dale Ritchie  United States 2016 5 Known as the "Anchorage Serial Killer"; murdered upwards of five people during early hours throughout 2016. Was shot dead while engaged in a firefight with police.[397]
Ismo Junni  Finland 1980 to 1988 5 Killed his wife in 1980, then killed 4 more in an allotment garden by burning down cottages; committed suicide while in custody.[398]
Dimitris Vakrinos  Greece 1987 to 1995 5 Taxi driver who killed people for minor quarrels; committed suicide while in custody.[399]
Werner Ferrari   Switzerland 1971 to 1980 5 Child killer who lured his victims away from popular festivals, strangling them afterwards; sentenced to life imprisonment.[400]
Giorgio Vizzardelli  Kingdom of Italy 1937 to 1939 5 Shot and killed people around Sarzana; arrested and released in 1968; committed suicide in 1973.[401]
Gilberto Ventura Ceballos  Panama 2010 to 2011 5 Dominican national who abducted and murdered five Asian youths.[402]

Serial killers with fewer than five proven victims

This part of the list contains all serial killers with fewer than five proven victims who acted alone and were neither medical professionals nor contract killers.

Name Country Years active Proven victims* Possible victims Miscellaneous information
Seminole Heights serial killer  United States 2017 4 Shot and killed four people, seemingly at random, in the Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa, Florida. Suspect arrested.[403]
Charlie Brandt  United States 1971 to 2004 4 29 Committed suicide by hanging after murdering his wife and niece. The latter was also decapitated and eviscerated in a manner strongly similar to 26 unsolved murders of women in Florida, starting in 1973, the year Brandt moved to the state. Brandt was later considered the culprit in one of these murders, due to his strong resemblance to a suspect who was filmed by a traffic camera near the place where one body was found. He could not be officially tied to the other crimes due to lack of evidence. Previously, when he was 13 years old in 1971, he attempted to murder his whole family with a gun, for no apparent reason. His mother (who was pregnant) died in this attack, but his father survived, and his sister escaped.[404]
Robert Black  United Kingdom
 Ireland (suspected)
 Germany (suspected)
 Netherlands (suspected)
 France (suspected)
1981 to 1986 4 18+ Convicted of kidnapping, raping and murdering four girls aged between 5 and 11. Suspect in other earlier child murders in the UK and other European countries. Died weeks before he was to be charged with a fifth child murder.[405]
Max Gufler  Austria 1946 to 1958 4 18 Poisoned and drowned 4 women, but suspected of killing 18 in total.
Ernesto Picchioni  Kingdom of Italy
1949 and earlier 4 16 Murdered people who approached his home; died of cardiac arrest in 1967.[406]
Baekuni  Indonesia 1993 to 2010 4 14 Pedophile who raped and killed young boys; initially sentenced to life, but changed to the death sentence.[407]
Ricky Lee Green  United States 1985 to 1986 4 12 Bisexual drifter who killed people he met in bars; his wife assisted in two of the murders; executed 1997.[408]
Angus Sinclair  United Kingdom 1961 to 1978 4 8 Convicted of the murders of four females; believed to have murdered eight.[409]
Tony Costa  United States 1968 to 1969 4 8 Dismembered and mutilated four women in Cape Cod in the late 1960s; linked to at least 4 other deaths and disappearances.[410]
Juan Segundo  United States 1986 to 1995 4 7+ Rapist and murderer linked to the deaths of three other women; sentenced to death.[411]
Robert Rozier  United States 1981 to 1986 4 7 Former NFL player that was convicted of four murders but confessed to seven as a member of the Nation of Yahweh.[412]
Leonard Fraser  Australia 1998 to 1999 4 7 Serial rapist and pedophile who murdered four women in Rockhampton. Sentenced to five consecutive life sentences plus 25 years without the possibility of parole; died in prison of a heart attack in 2007.[413]
Ricardo Caputo  United States
1971 to 1983 4 6 Was #1 of the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives during his time as a fugitive in the 1980s. Surrendered himself to justice in 1994 and died of cardiac arrest in prison three years later.[414]
Tube Sock Killer  United States 1985 4 6 Murdered couples in the remote community of Mineral, Washington.[415]
Anthony Allen Shore  United States 1986 to 1995 4 5 Known as "The Tourniquet Killer"; convicted of strangling a woman with an unusual ligature in 1992 and confessed to killing three girls including two with same MO.[416]
Daytona Beach killer  United States 2005 to 2007 4 5 Murdered four, possibly five, women in Daytona Beach, Florida between 2005 and 2007.[417]
Jozef Slovák  Czechoslovakia 1978 to 1991 4 4+ Suspected by investigators of more murders, but only four could be proven.[418]
Monster of Udine  Italy 1980 to 1989 4 4+ Killed at least four victims in the Province of Udine, Italy.[419]
John Martin Crawford  Canada 1981 to 1992 4 4+ Convicted in 1996 for the murders of three native women.[420]
Oakland County Child Killer  United States 1976 to 1977 4 4+ Also known as "The Babysitter". Responsible for the murders of four or more children in Oakland County, Michigan in 1976 and 1977.[421]
Cesar Barone  United States 1991 to 1993 4 4+ Killed women around the Portland area; died in prison before he could be executed.[422]
Dallen Bounds  United States 1999 4 4+ Killed 4 people in South Carolina. After killing two acquaintances, he barricaded himself with two women and committed suicide on December 23, 1999.[423]
Wayne Adam Ford  United States 1997-1998 4 4+ Confessed to murdering four women; believed to have killed others.[424]
Heinrich Pommerenke  Germany 1959 4 4+ Killed four women.[425]
Caroline Grills  Australia 1947 to 1953 4 Poisoned four people (most of them relatives) with thallium hidden in tea and scones she had given them in Sydney. Sentenced to five consecutive life sentences (including one for attempting to poison another family member); died from peritonitis in 1960.[426]
Arnold Sodeman  Australia 1930 to 1935 4 Also called the "Schoolgirl Strangler", because he preyed on girls between the ages of 8-12. He lured at least two of his victims by offering to buy them ice cream and offered another victim a ride on his bicycle. Convicted and hanged in 1936.[427]
Martin Lecián  Czechoslovakia 1927 4 Killed 3 policemen and 1 prison officer and attempted to kill 7 other policemen. Executed in 1927.[428]
James Vlassakis  Australia 1997 to 1999 4 Snowtown murderer and stepson of John Justin Bunting; sentenced to four consecutive life sentences with a non-parole period of 26 years.[134]
Peter Woodcock  Canada 1956 to 1991 4 Sexual sadist and child rapist. Killed three young children in Toronto in the 1950s. Sentenced to a psychiatric facility, where he murdered a fellow inmate in 1991.[429]
Léopold Dion  Canada 1963 4 Known as the "Monster of Port-Rouge". Canadian sex offender and serial killer who was active in Quebec. Sentenced to hang but stabbed to death on November 17, 1972 by fellow inmate named Normand "Lawrence d'Arabie" Champagne, who was found not guilty by reason of insanity.[430]
Lam Kor-wan  Hong Kong 1980s 4 Taxi driver and one of Hong Kong's only two known serial killers. Famous for keeping body parts in his parents' home.[431]
Kathleen Folbigg  Australia 1991 to 1999 4 Mother convicted of murdering her three infant children and the manslaughter of a fourth child. Sentenced to 30 years imprisonment with a non-parole period of 25 years.[432]
David Meirhofer  United States 1967 to 1974 4 Killed three children and an ex-girlfriend between 1967 and 1974; first serial killer apprehended by offender profiling.[433]
Jerry Brudos  United States 1968 to 1969 4 Electronics technician who bludgeoned and strangled four young women while dressed up in women's clothing. Known as the "Lust Killer" and "Shoe Fetish Slayer".[434]
Erno Soto  United States 1972 to 1973 4 Stabbed young boys and cut off their genitals in attempt to transform them into girls in East Harlem and on the Upper West Side of New York. Known as "Charlie Chop-Off".[435]
William Henry Hance  United States 1977 to 1978 4 Known as "The Forces of Evil"; soldier who killed four women around military bases in 1977 and 1978.[436]
Thor Nis Christiansen  United States 1977 to 1979 4 Shot dead and committed necrophilia on four young women in Isla Vista, California in the late 1970s. Stabbed to death in prison on March 30, 1981; killer unknown.[437]
Danny Barber  United States 1978 to 1980 4 Killed women during break-ins; executed 1999.[438]
Ronald Gray  United States 1986 to 1987 4 Soldier who raped and killed women near the base where he was stationed; sentenced to death.[439]
Craig Price  United States 1987 to 1989 4 Known as "The Warwick Slasher"; teenager who stabbed two women and two children in Rhode Island in the late 1980s.[440]
James Swann  United States 1993 4 Known as The Shotgun Stalker; killed four and injured five in Washington, D.C. in 1993.[441]
Cary Stayner  United States 1999 4 Known as "The Yosemite Killer". Killed four women in Yosemite, California. Sentenced to death. Brother of kidnapping victim Steven Stayner.[442]
Scott Lee Kimball  United States 2003 to 2004 4 Known as "Joe Snitch"; FBI informant who pleaded guilty to two of at least four murders in Colorado including those of his uncle and three female acquaintances.[443]
Eastbound Strangler  United States 2006 4 Killed four women in Atlantic City, New Jersey.[444]
Tsutomu Miyazaki  Japan 1988 to 1989 4 Mutilated and killed four girls, aged between four and seven, and sexually molested their corpses. He drank the blood of one victim and ate her hands.[445]
Gregorio Cárdenas Hernández  Mexico 1942 4 Known as the "Strangler of Tacuba"; strangled women in the Tacuba neighborhood; became a national celebrity after his case became infamous; moved to the US, where he died of natural causes in 1999.[446]
Raúl Osiel Marroquín  Mexico 2005 4 Called "The Sadist". Lured men in gay bars and strangled them, abandoning their bodies inside suitcases all over Mexico City. Two other victims were released after demanding a ransom from their families.[447]
Frank Gust  Germany 1994 to 1998 4 Kill four women from 1994 to 1998. Sentenced to life imprisonment.[448]
Ludwig Tessnow  German Empire 1898 to 1901 4 Killed and mutilated children; first criminal on whom a blood type test was applied.
Karl Hopf  German Empire 1902 to 1906 4 Poisoned family members to claim life insurance; also ttried poisoning other people around Frankfurt.[449]
Fritz Honka  West Germany 1971 to 1974 4 Murdered four women in Hamburg and kept the bodies in his apartment. Sentenced to life in prison in 1975, released in 1993, and died on October 19, 1998.[450]
Göhrde Murderer  West Germany 1989 4 Responsible for two double murders in the Göhrde State Forest.
Jürgen Bartsch  West Germany 1962 to 1966 4 Killed four, one escaped; died by wrongful overdose during castration surgery.[451]
Cayetano Santos Godino  Argentina 1912 4 Known as Petiso Orejudo ("the Big-eared Midget"). Teenage arsonist, animal killer and child murderer with congenital syphilis. Arrested at age 16 in 1912 for killing four children, although he tried to kill seven more, the first one when he was seven himself. Interned in 1913 in a reformatory, where he tried to kill other immates, and from 1915 in prison. Died in jail in 1948.[452]
Peter Moore  United Kingdom 1995 4 Stabbed and mutilated four men. Imprisoned for life since 1996.[453]
John Cooper  United Kingdom 1985 to 1989 4 Armed robber and rapist. Murdered two couples.[454]
Steven Grieveson  United Kingdom 1993 to 1994 4 Murdered four boys in an attempt to conceal his homosexuality.[455]
Michael Lupo  United Kingdom 1986 4 Called himself "The Wolf Man". Murdered four men after being diagnosed with HIV, died in prison in 1995.[456]
Robert Maudsley  United Kingdom 1973 to 1978 4 Killed three fellow inmates while being held in a mental institution for his first murder. In solitary confinement since 1983.[457]
Donald Neilson  United Kingdom 1971 to 1975 4 Armed robber and murderer known as the "Black Panther". Died in prison in 2011.[458]
Colin Norris  United Kingdom 2001 to 2002 4 Nurse convicted of killing four patients in Leeds hospitals.[459]
Dale Cregan  United Kingdom 2012 4 Sentenced to a whole life order in prison for four counts of homicide involving the use of firearms—including killing two police officers—and three separate counts of attempted murder.
Wayne Boden  Canada 1968 to 1971 4 Known as "the Vampire Rapist" killed 4 women between 1968–1971; died in prison 2006.[460]
Cody Legebokoff  Canada 2009 to 2010 4 Committed four murders from 2009 to 2010.[461]
Ion Rîmaru  Romania 1970 to 1971 4 Known as "The Vampire of Bucharest". Attacked 15 lone waitresses as they returned from work with a hammer, hatchet, knife or iron bar, always after midnight and under unusual weather (snowstorms, fog, hard rain, etc.). Four were killed.[462]
Peter Lundin  Denmark 1991 to 2000 4 Killed his mother in the United States in 1991, then killed his mistress and her two children in Denmark 9 years later; Sentenced to life imprisonment.[463]
Hiroaki Hidaka  Japan 1996 4 Killed and robbed four women. Hanged in 2006.[464]
Nicolai Bonner  Israel 2005 4 Born in Moldova, Bonner beat to death four fellow immigrants from the former Soviet Union, three of whom were homeless, and then tried to set them on fire. Sentenced to life imprisonment in 2007.[465]
Margarita Sánchez Gutiérrez  Spain 1992 4 Black widow who poisoned her family and relatives with spiked food and drinks; acquitted of the murders, but sentenced to 34 years imprisonment for other crimes.[466]
Ramón Laso  Spain 1988 to 2009 4 Killed his first wife in 1988, son in 1989, and second wife and brother in law in 2009. Laso had adulterous affairs at the time of the murders which are believed to be the motive.[467]
John Ingvar Lövgren  Sweden 1958 to 1963 4 Confessed to four murders committed between 1958 and 1963 in the Stockholm region.[468]
Stephen Port  United Kingdom 2014 to 2015 4 Raped and murdered at least four men in Barking, London.[469]
Martha Marek  Austria 1932 to 1937 4 Poisoned three family members and a lodger in her house with thallium.[470]
Jukka Lindholm  Finland 1985 to 2018 4 Murdered women, including his mother; Also has kidnapped and raped victims; Currently appealing his 2018 conviction.[471]
Louis Poirson  France 1995 to 1999 4 Malagasy-born stonemason who raped and killed women, mainly hitchhikers.[472]
Yoni Palmier  France 2011 to 2012 4 Killed people during motorcycle drive-bys.[473]
Nikifor Maruszeczko  Second Polish Republic 1937 4 Ruthless criminal who killed people for robbery and while intoxicated; executed 1938.[474]
Bogdan Arnold  Polish People's Republic 1966 to 1967 4 Murdered women and kept the corpses in his apartment; also attempted to poison his wife; executed 1968.[475]
Mieczysław Zub  Polish People's Republic 1981 to 1983 4 Known as "Fantomas"; policeman who killed women around Ruda Śląska; committed suicide while in police custody.[476]
Henryk Kukuła  Polish People's Republic
1980 to 1990 4 Murdered children after each time he was released; sentenced to 28 years imprisonment; expected to be released in 2020.[477]
Mariusz Sowiński  Poland 1994 to 1997 4 Rapist and zoophile who raped and killed four women; sentenced to 50 years in prison.[478]
Konstantin Cheryomukhin  Soviet Union 1986 to 1989 4 Known as the "Bataysk Maniac"; brutally murdered four girls; executed 1993.[479]
Sergey Zastynchanyu  Russia 2004 4 Known as the "Koptevsky Maniac"; robbed and killed elderly women; sentenced to life imprisonment.
Dmitry Voronenko  Russia 2006 to 2007 4 Rapist who killed young blonde women; sentenced to life imprisonment.[480]
Atalay Filiz  Turkey 2012 to 2016 4 Former fugitive who is suspected of four murders; captured in 2016.[481]
Richard Kuklinski  United States 1948 to 1986 3 100–250 Claimed mob hitman for hire.[482]
Samuel Little  United States 1982 to 1989 3 60 Transient who killed women in nine different states; sentenced to life imprisonment.[483]
Robert Ben Rhoades  United States 1989 to 1990 3 50+ Convicted of murdering three women in Texas and Illinois between 1989 and 1990. Sentenced to life imprisonment.[484]
Peter Tobin  United Kingdom 1991 to 2006 3 48 Scottish rapist and serial killer known to have killed at least three young women. Also a suspect in the Bible John murders, committed in Glasgow during the late 1960s.[485]
Pedro Padilla Flores  Mexico 1986 3 30 Killed three women in 1986; fled to the USA but recaptured and deported back to Mexico; main suspect in the Ciudad Juárez Murders.[486]
Billy Glaze  United States 1986 to 1987 3 20+ Known as "Butcher Knife Billy". Killer convicted of raping and murdering three Native American prostitutes in Minneapolis in 1986 and 1987.[487]
Bertha Gifford  United States 1909 to 1928 3 17 Found not guilty by reason on insanity of three arsenic poisonings by insanity and suspected of 14 other killings, mostly children, in Missouri.[488]
Bernhard Prigan  Allied-occupied Germany
 West Germany
1947 to 1952 3 16 Killed women near highways; confessed to a total of 16 murders.[489]
Stephen Griffiths  United Kingdom 2009 to 2010 3 14 Known to have killed three prostitutes, but claims to have killed 14 to beat "Yorkshire Ripper" Peter Sutcliffe. Dubbed himself the "Crossbow Cannibal" as he killed his victims with a hammer and crossbow and then later ate parts of them.[490]
Koos Hertogs  Netherlands 1979 to 1980 3 12 Dutch serial killer convicted of abducting, torturing, raping and killing three girls. Suspected of killing a further three to nine girls and young women in the 1970s.
Dorothea Montalvo Puente  United States 1982 to 1988 3 9–25 Ran a boarding house in Sacramento where she poisoned tenants and buried them in the yard in order to steal their social security checks.[491]
Albert Fish  United States 1924 to 1928 3 9 Convicted and executed for the kidnapping, rape, murder and cannibalization of three children in New York, suspected of the deaths of six more children and teenagers. Likely insane (though his insanity plea was denied to make possible his execution), Fish boasted that he "had children in every state" and at one point claimed 100 victims.[492]
Lisbon Ripper  Portugal 1992 to 1993 3 9 Unidentified serial killer of prostitutes in Lisbon. José Pedro Guedes confessed to the murders in 2011 but this has been determined to be a false confession. Suggested relation to the unapprehended New Bedford Highway Killer in Massachusetts, United States.[493]
Israel Keyes  United States 1990s to 2012 3 8+ Known to have planned killings years in advance and to have used planes and rented cars to kill all over the Lower 48 and Alaska without suspicion; his victims were completely random. Committed suicide after his arrest.[494]
Pierre Chanal  France 1980 to 1987 3 8 Convicted of killing three young men between 1980 and 1987. Committed suicide in 2003.[495]
Horst David  West Germany
1975 to 1993 3 7+ Killed his neighbor and multiple prostitutes, but is suspected of killing more due to the familiarity with the area in which the murders took place.[496]
Michael Lee Lockhart  United States 1987 to 1988 3 6+ Multi-state serial killer who received death sentences in three states (Florida, Indiana, and Texas). He was executed in 1997 in Texas.[497]
William Dale Archerd  United States 1947 to 1966 3 6 Poisoned family members; first person convicted of using insulin as a weapon; died in prison.[498]
Michael Gargiulo  United States 1993 to 2008 3 6 Dubbed the "Chiller Killer" and AKA the "Hollywood Ripper" whose alleged killing sprees spanned from 1993–2000 in Chicago and 2001–2008 in Santa Monica, CA and Los Angeles area. Notable for allegedly killing Ashton Kutcher's former girlfriend Ashley Ellerin.[499]
Peter Dupas  Australia 1997 to 1999 3 6 Sexual sadist from Melbourne, who murdered three women and is suspected of at least three further killings. Was convicted of 16 separate acts of sexual violence before his first murder charge. Serving three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.[500]
Michel Stockx  Netherlands 1991 3 6 Belgian truck driver who killed children around Assen; sentenced to 20 years imprisonment; died of severe burn injuries during an accident in 2001.[501]
Patrick Mackay  United Kingdom 1973 to 1975 3 5–13 Burglar suspect of 12 violent murders during robberies, charged with five and convicted of three. Bragged that he had killed 11 people. In prison for life.[502]
Judy Buenoano  United States 1971 to 1980 3 5 Poisoned her husband, boyfriend and son with arsenic; drowned the son in 1980 but caught in 1983 after poisoning and car bombing a fiance.[503]
Paul Kenneth Bernardo  Canada 1990 to 1992 3 5 The "Scarborough Rapist", later gained national infamy when he moved into torturing and killing teenage girls, assisted by his wife, Karla Homolka.[504]
Paul Denyer  Australia 1993 3 5 The "Frankston Killer", sentenced to three consecutive life sentences with a non-parole period of 30 years.[505]
Bandali Debs  Australia 1997 to 1998 3 5 Convicted of the murder of Kirsty Harty at Upper Beaconsfield in 1997, and of the Moorabbin Police murders 14 months later to avoid arrest for a string of armed robberies; sentenced to three consecutive life sentences plus 27 years without the possibility of parole.[506]
Maria Velten  West Germany 1963 to 1982 3 5 Poisoned family members by putting parathion in bilberry pudding; sentenced to life imprisonment, but released due to health reasons.[507]
Martin Ney  Germany 1992 to 2004 3 5 Wore a mask while killing three and sexually assaulting at least 40 children.[508]
Elfriede Blauensteiner  Austria 1981 to 1995 3 5 Known as "The Black Widow". Poisoned victims and inherited possessions. Died from a brain tumor on 18 November 2003 in a Vienna hospital.[509]
Gordon Stewart Northcott  United States 1928 3 4–20 Pedophile who abducted young boys throughout Southern California to bring them back to his isolated chicken ranch(located in modern-day Mira Loma) to rape and torture them. The torture quickly escalated into murder and three boys were killed and buried on the ranch by Northcott and his unwilling accomplince:his teenaged nephew Sanford Clark, whom Northcott repeatedly beat and sexually abused. Police considered Northcott a suspect in the disappearance of as many as 20 missing boys in the area that Northcott admitted to have molested, but not murdered. According to Clark, only three boys were held and murdered in Northcott's property; the three children whose remains were found and for whom Northcott was hanged, and an unidentified teenage Mexican boy that Northcott shot, beheaded, and disposed of near La Puente, California.[510]
Blanche Taylor Moore  United States 1968 to 1989 3 4+ Murdered her husbands by poisoning them with arsenic; suspected in other murders as well; sentenced to death.[511]
Vlado Taneski  Macedonia 2005 to 2008 3 4 A crime journalist, Taneski came under suspicion when his articles on the rape and murder of three elderly women included information that had not been disclosed by the police. All the victims were poor, uneducated cleaners and knew Taneski's mother. Taneski killed himself in prison before he could be interrogated for the murder of a fourth woman.[512]
Peter Kudzinowski  United States 1924 to 1928 3 4 Convicted and executed for the murder of an adult in Scranton, Pennsylvania and two children in New Jersey. Also suspect in the death of two other children in New York City, although Albert Fish later confessed to have murdered one of them himself.
Harvey Glatman  United States 1957 to 1958 3 4 Known as "The Lonely Hearts Killer"; Californian rapist and killer; lured women to pose for "bondage photographs"; executed in the gas chamber on September 18, 1959.[513]
Martha Ann Johnson  United States 1977 to 1982 3 4 Convicted of smothering three of her children in Atlanta between 1977 and 1982. Sentenced to life in prison on May 5, 1990.
Diane O'Dell  United States 1982 to 1985 3 4 Murdered her illegitimate children; sentenced to life imprisonment.[514]
Louise Peete  United States 1912 to 1942 3 3+ Convicted of murdering a man and woman decades apart, four other acquaintances died suspiciously and four husbands committed suicide.[515]
Stephen Morin  United States 1981 3 3+ Killed three women and executed by Texas on March 13, 1985. Was also suspected in over 30 unsolved crimes.[516]
Westley Allan Dodd  United States 1989 3 3+ Dodd had an extensive arrest record for molesting children by the time his behavior escalated to include murder. Refusing to appeal his death sentence, he stated that he "should be punished to the full extent of the law, as should all sex offenders and murderers", and that if he ever escaped, he would immediately return to "killing and raping kids". Executed in 1993; his hanging was the first in the United States in 28 years.[517]
Scott Erskine  United States 1989 to 1993 3 3+ Convicted of raping and murdering a woman in 1989 and the torture-murders of two boys in 1993. May be linked to other murders.[518]
Donald Leroy Evans  United States 1985 to 1991 3 3+ Murdered a young girl and two women. Suspected of another dozen murders but recanted confessions to over 70 more. Stabbed to death by another death row inmate on January 5, 1999.[519]
Richard Evonitz  United States 1996 to 1997 3 3+ Abducted and killed three girls in Spotsylvania County, Virginia in 1996 and 1997.[520]
Akku Yadav  India 2004 and earlier 3 3+ Murdered at least three people and dumped their bodies on the railroad tracks; lynched by a mob of around 200 women.[521]
Levi Bellfield  United Kingdom 2002 to 2004 3 3+ Known as the "Bus Stop Stalker"; convicted of the 2002 Murder of Amanda Dowler and two fatal hammer attacks on young women in South West London in 2003 and 2004. Sentenced to life.[522]
Ronald Janssen  Belgium 2007 to 2010 3 3+ Killed 3 people and raped 5 women in 1993; Suspected of more murders and 20 total rapes.[523]
Daisy de Melker  South Africa 1923 to 1932 3 Poisoner; killed two husbands and one son from 1923 to 1932.[524]
Robert Napper  United Kingdom 1992 to 1993 3 Rapist and murderer who mutilated one of his victims so badly that the policeman who found her was put into therapy for two years. Suspected of up to 70 violent sexual attacks in South East London attributed to the unidentified "Green Chain Rapist".[525]
Martha Wise  United States 1924 to 1925 3 Poisoned 17 members of her family, killing three of them; died in prison.[526]
Daniel Lee Corwin  United States 1987 3 Abducted and killed three women around Texas; executed 1998.[527]
Charles Albright  United States 1991 3 The trophies this seemingly well-adjusted former teacher took from his victims led the press to dub him the "Texas Eyeball Killer".[528]
Bible John  United Kingdom 1968 to 1969 3 Unidentified strangler and rapist of young women active in Glasgow.[529]
Leonarda Cianciulli  Italy 1940 3 Killed three women and turned them into soap and biscuits; known as "The Soapmaker of Correggio".[530]
William Heirens  United States 1945 to 1946 3 Burglar who stabbed three females between 1945 and 1946. Known as "The Lipstick Killer".[531]
Richard Laurence Marquette  United States 1961 to 1975 3 First 11th name on FBI 10 Most Wanted for killing, mutilating and dismembering a woman in 1961; killed two more with same MO upon 1973 release.[532]
Lee Roy Martin  United States 1967 to 1968 3 Known as "The Gaffney Strangler"; killed two women and two girls in South Carolina in 1967 and 1968.[533]
John Joubert  United States 1982 to 1983 3 "The Nebraska Boy Snatcher", Joubert was enlisted in US Air Force when he was arrested for the murders of two children. Later linked to another killing previous to his military service, of an 11-year-old boy in Maine. Joubert's criminal behavior began at the age of 13, with a series of random attacks on strangers that went unsolved until his arrest in Nebraska.[534]
Altemio Sanchez  United States 1981 to 2006 3 Known as "The Bike Path Rapist" for murdering three women and raping at least 14 others in and around the Buffalo, New York area. Sentenced to 75 years in prison without the possibility of parole.[535]
Sharon Kinne  United States
1962 to 1964 3 Fugitive who killed three people; her arrest warrant is one of the longest outstanding in USA history.[536]
Charles Schmid  United States 1964 to 1965 3 Known as "The Pied Piper of Tucson"; murdered three teenage girls in 1964 and 1965 and buried them in the desert.[537]
Karl F. Werner  United States 1969 to 1971 3 Convicted of murdering three teenage girls, in two separate incidents, in the San Francisco Bay Area communities of San Jose and Saratoga, he was briefly suspected of being the notorious Zodiac Killer, but was soon ruled out as a suspect in that case.[538]
Howard Arthur Allen  United States 1974 to 1987 3 Killed three elderly people, as well as assault, burglary, and arson. Sentenced to death June 11, 1988.[539]
Steven David Catlin  United States 1976 to 1984 3 Poisoned three people from 1976 to 1984. Sentenced to death in 1990.[540]
Paul Michael Stephani  United States 1980 to 1982 3 Known as "The Weepy-Voiced Killer"; would call police and ask for help after murders. Killed three women in the cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota.[541]
Brian Dugan  United States 1983 to 1985 3 Convicted of murdering two girls and a woman between 1983 and 1985.[542]
Sean Sellers  United States 1985 to 1986 3 One of the few minors in USA history who were executed; executed 1999.[543]
Heriberto Seda  United States 1990 to 1993 3 New York City copycat killer of the Zodiac Killer active from 1990 to 1993; convicted of shooting eight individuals, killing three; sentenced to life imprisonment in 1998.[544]
Harvey Miguel Robinson  United States 1992 to 1993 3 Teenager who stalked, raped and killed three women in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1992 and 1993.[545]
Dana Sue Gray  United States 1994 3 Convicted of murder of three elderly women and attempted murder of a fourth in California.[546]
Jack Owen Spillman  United States 1994 to 1995 3 Known as "The Werewolf Butcher"; killed two girls and the mother of one of them in Washington State in 1994 and 1995.[547]
Scott Williams  United States 1997 to 2006 3 Killed and mutilated three women between 1997 and 2006. Sentenced to life.[548]
Juan Covington  United States 1998 to 2005 3 Shot and killed three people.[549]
William Clyde Gibson  United States 2002 to 2012 3 Sexually assaulted and then killed women, burying them in his backyard; sentenced to death.[550]
Michael Madison  United States 2012 to 2013 3 American serial killer from East Cleveland, Ohio who committed at least three murders. Sentenced to death.[551]
Gabriel Garza Hoth  Mexico 1991 to 1998 3 Known as "The Black Widower", killed three women between 1991 and 1998, his victims were wives and lovers.[552]
Mario Alberto Sulú Canché  Mexico 2007 to 2008 3 Killed three women from 2007 to 2008; later committing suicide by hanging in prison.[553]
Martha Rendell  Australia 1907 to 1908 3 Killed three stepchildren with hydrochloric acid in the 20th century; last woman to be hanged in Western Australia.[554]
Eddie Leonski  Australia 1942 3 Confessed to three murders after being picked out of a line of American servicemen by witnesses. Sentenced to death and hanged.[555]
Gregory Brazel  Australia 1982 to 1990 3 Shot dead a woman in 1982 armed robbery and murdered two prostitutes in 1990.[556]
Claremont Killer  Australia 1996 to 1997 3 Murders of two young women and the disappearance of a third in 1996 and 1997.[557]
Matthew James Harris  Australia 1998 3 Strangled a friend's brother, a female friend and a male neighbour to death over five weeks in 1998 in Wagga Wagga.[558]
John Leslie Coombes  Australia 1984 to 2009 3 Killed two men in 1984 and a woman in 2009 in the Victoria area.[559]
Francisca Ballesteros  Spain 1990 to 2004 3 "The Black Widow of Valencia". Poisoned her husband and three children, one of whom survived. Sentenced to 85 years in prison in 2005.[560]
Dámaso Rodríguez Martín  Spain 1981 to 1991 3 Serial rapist and voyeur known as "The Warlock". After being sentenced to 55 years for murdering a man and raping his girlfriend in 1981, he escaped from prison in 1991 and fled to the Anaga mountains in Tenerife, where he killed a couple of German hikers (the woman was also raped). Cornered in an abandoned house, Martín shot himself unsuccessfully and was then shot dead by law enforcement.[561]
Gustavo Romero Tercero  Spain 1993 to 1998 3 "The Valdepeñas Killer". Voyeur who abducted a couple from Valdepeñas's public park in 1993 and murdered them in order to rape the woman; five years later he rammed a female cyclist in a lonely country road, raped and strangled her. The crimes were solved when Romero's wife denounced him for domestic violence in 2003. Sentenced to 103 years in prison in 2005.[562]
Lam Kwok-wai  Hong Kong 1993 3 Convicted of 10 rapes and three murders that he committed with his bare hands. One of two only known serial killers in Hong Kong.
George Chapman  United Kingdom 1897 to 1902 3 Poisoned three consecutive mistresses with tartar emetic. Considered the possible identity of Jack the Ripper at the time of his execution (1903).
George Joseph Smith  United Kingdom 1912 to 1914 3 Known as "The Brides in the Bath Murders"; killer of three women. Executed by hanging on August 13, 1915.[563]
Peter Bryan  United Kingdom 1993 to 2004 3 A paranoid schizophrenic, Bryan was recluded in a mental institution after killing a shop assistant with a hammer in 1993. Released 11 years later after psychiatrists noted his "continued improvement", Bryan immediately killed a friend and was apprehended when he was frying his brains on a pan. Months later, Bryan killed a fellow mental patient, declaring that he did not eat him solely because he was caught first. Currently imprisoned for life.[564]
Anthony Hardy  United Kingdom 2002 3 Killed and dismembered three prostitutes. Diagnosed with personality disorder and recluded in a mental institution for life.[565]
Trevor Hardy  United Kingdom 1974 to 1976 3 Called "The Monster of Manchester". Died in prison in 2012.[566]
Robin Ligus  United Kingdom 1994 3 Died in a mental institution in 2012.[567]
John Straffen  United Kingdom 1951 to 1952 3 Killed his third victim after escaping from the mental hospital where he was recluded for the first two murders. Longest-held prisoner in modern British history at the time of his death in 2007.[568]
Graham Young  United Kingdom 1962 to 1971 3 Called the "Teacup Poisoner". Poisoned over 70 people, three of whom died.[569]
Valery Asratyan  Soviet Union 1988 to 1990 3 Raped dozens of women in Moscow, murdering three. Executed.[570]
Johannes-Andreas Hanni  Soviet Union 1982 3 Estonian rapist and cannibal who killed with the aid of his wife. Committed suicide while in police custody.[571]
Dmitry Gridin  Russia 1999 3 Known as "The Lifter"; killed three young girls in Magnitogorsk; sentenced to death, commutted tto life imprisonment.[572]
Silvo Plut  Yugoslavia
 Serbia and Montenegro
1990 to 2006 3 After serving 13 years in prison in Slovenia for a rape and murder, Plut murdered a second woman in Serbia in 2004 and fled back to Slovenia, where a Serbian petition of extradition was turned down by the government. Plut was then arrested for attacking a couple (wife died, husband survived) and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Committed suicide in 2007.[573]
Juraj Lupták  Czechoslovakia 1978 to 1982 3 Shepherd who raped and strangled women; executed 1987.[574]
António Luís Costa  Portugal 2005 to 2006 3 Ex-soldier, suffocated three women (and mutilated the first one) in Santa Comba Dao.[575]
Yukio Yamaji  Japan 2000 to 2005 3 Murdered his own mother in 2000, and then murdered a 27-year-old woman and her 19-year-old sister in 2005.[576]
Hiroshi Maeue  Japan 2005 3 Called the "Suicide Website Murderer" for finding his victims in an online suicide community. Maeue offered to painlessly kill themselves together by charcoal burning in a car, but once together he strangled them with his bare hands instead, as this excited him sexually. Hanged in 2009.[577]
Antonis Daglis  Greece 1992 to 1995 3 "The Athens Ripper". A serial rapist with antecedents for violence, Daglis upgraded to raping, strangling and dismembering three prostitutes with a hacksaw in 1992, and tried to kill six more women. In his trial he claimed to hate all prostitutes. Killed himself in prison in 1997.[578]
Joanna Dennehy  United Kingdom 2013 3 Carried out the Peterborough ditch murders. Over a period of two weeks, murdered her landlord and two of her housemates by stabbing them. With the help of accomplices she dumped the bodies in ditches, then attempted to kill two strangers in broad daylight by stabbing them. Given whole life tariff on 28 February 2014.[579]
Özgür Dengiz  Turkey 2007 3 Known as "The Cannibal of Ankara" for eating one of his victims; a third victim survived. Interned in a mental institution after his conviction to two life sentences was overturned.[580]
Marco Metzler  Germany 2003 to 2006 3 Truck driver who raped and killed prostitutes.[581]
Jacques Plumain  Germany
1999 to 2000 3 Known as the "Ghost of Kehl"; Guadeloupean man who killed women, then llowered their panties to simulate a rape.[582]
Thomas Lemke  Germany 1995 to 1996 3 Political extremist who killed people with opposing views.[583]
Erwin Hagedorn  East Germany 1969 to 1971 3 Killed three boys ages 9 to 12. Was convicted and executed in 1972.[584]
Thomas Holst  East Germany 1987 to 1989 3 Tortured and killed three women in south Hamburg.[585]
Ernst-Dieter Beck  West Germany 1961 to 1968 3 Killed three women; First German criminal on whom a chromosome test was applied.[586]
Christa Lehmann  West Germany 1952 to 1954 3 Poisoned her family members and their dog; sentenced to life imprisonment, but released after 23 years in prison.
Sid Ahmed Rezala  France 1999 3 Killed three women near, or aboard long distance trains. Committed suicide in Lisbon before he could be extradited to France.[587]
Vincenzo Aiutino  France 1991 to 1992 3 Swiss man who strangled three women in the Longwy commune.[588]
Véronique Courjault  France
 South Korea
1999 to 2003 3 Killed her babies and then stuffed them in freezers; released 2010.[589]
Jacquy Haddouche  France 1992 to 2002 3 Attacked 6 women, killing 3 of them. Died from intracranial hemorrhage.[590]
Patrick Tissier  France 1971 to 1993 3 Recividistic rapist who killed 3 women.[591]
Denis Waxin  France 1985 to 1992 3 Pedophile who raped 6 children, killing 3 of them.[592]
Jan Caubergh  Belgium 1979 3 Killed his pregnant neighbor, girlfriend and small child.[593]
Staf Van Eyken  Belgium 1971 to 1972 3 Known as the "Vampire of Muizen". Strangled three women, biting them afterwards.[594]
Gerald Thomas Archer  Canada 1969 to 1971 3 Known as the "London Chambermaid Slayer". Killed female hotel employees.[595]
Esmail Jafarzadeh  Iran 1991 to 2017 3 Murdered a young girl in 2017; after his arrest, confessed to two other murders of young women in 1991 and 1993; executed 2017.[596]
Ensio Koivunen  Finland 1971 3 Known as "Häkä-Enskä". Killed female hitchhikers during the summer of 1971. Released from a prison in 1981, and died in 2003.[597]
Kyriakos Papachronis  Greece 1981 to 1982 3 Known as the "Ogre of Drama"; raped and killed prostitutes, in addition to committing other violent crimes; released in 2004 after 22 years in prison.[598]
Kazimierz Polus  Polish People's Republic 1971 to 1975 3 Pedophile who killed two boys and one man; executed 1985.[599]
Kim Hae-sun  South Korea 2000 3 Violent drunkard who raped and killed children; executed 2001.[600]
Erich Hauert   Switzerland 1982 to 1983 3 Sex offender who committed eleven rapes and three murders; his case impacted the treatment of dangerous sex offenders in Switzerland significantly; sentenced to life imprisonment.[601]
Seyit Ahmet Demirci  Turkey 1998 to 1999 3 Murdered furniture dealers because he was sexually abused by one as a child; sentenced to death.[602]
Pablo Goncálvez  Uruguay 1992 3 Spanish-born murderer who killed three women; released in 2016 but detained in Paraguay since 2017 on drug charges.[603]
Alejandro Máynez  Mexico 1980s to 1990s 2 50+ Killed at least two women in Ciudad Juárez, but believed to be 50. Supposedly, along with Ana Benavides and Melchor Máynez.[604]
Robert Charles Browne  United States
 South Vietnam (confessed)
1970 to 1995 2 48 Missionary who was convicted of two murders, but confessed to more murders; sentenced to life imprisonment.[605]
Billy Gohl  United States 1901 to 1913 2 40–140+ Alleged to have killed from 40 to 140 seamen in Aberdeen, Washington.[606]
Gerard John Schaefer  United States 1969 to 1973 2 30+ Florida police officer who killed up to 34 women and girls. Stabbed to death by fellow inmate Vincent Faustino Rivera on December 3, 1995.[607]
William Richard Bradford  United States 1984 2 28+ Lured victims with the promise of a modelling career, then murdered them; photos found in his apartment suggested that he might have killed over 28 women; died in prison awaiting execution.[608]
Raman Raghav  India 1966 to 1968 2 23+ Psychopathic serial killer who killed slum dwellers by bludgeoning them when they were asleep. Was charged with two murders and sentenced to death, which was later reduced to life in prison.[609]
Francisco Guerrero  Mexico 1880 to 1908 2 21 Called El Chalequero ("The Vests Man"). Believed to have raped and murdered 20 women between 1880 and 1888 that were found in the Consulado River after having been beaten, strangled, gutted or decapitated, but convicted of only one and another attempt to 20 years in prison in 1888. Indulted in 1904, he was arrested for raping and killing another woman in 1908 and sentenced to death, but died of natural causes in prison before he could be executed, in 1910.[610]
Allan Grimson  United Kingdom
 Gibraltar (suspected)
 New Zealand (suspected)
1997 to 1998 2 20 Royal Navy officer who killed two men on the same date a year apart; suspected of more murders; sentenced to life imprisonment.[611]
Darbara Singh  India 2004 2 17+ Convicted for two murders. Suspected of killing 15 girls and two boys from April to October 2004.[612]
Macario Alcala Canchola  Mexico 1960 to 1962 2 12+ Known as "Mexican Jack"; convicted of the murders of two prostitutes but suspected of at least twelve more murders.[613]
Robert Zarinsky  United States 1958 to 1974 2 10 Killed people between 1958 and 1974.[614]
Ed Gein  United States [615] 1954 to 1957 2 8 Famous for his necrophiliac behaviours, as well as using/storing body parts of his victims to make household furniture, clothing and other miscellaneous household items.
Scott William Cox  United States
 Canada (alleged)
1988 to 1991 2 20+ Stabbed one prostitute and strangled another to death in Portland, Oregon. Plead no contest to the murders in 1993. He served 20 years of a 25-year sentence, and was released on parole in 2013. As a former long-haul truck driver, he has been a prime suspect for murders in at least 20 cases all across the U.S. and Canada.[616][617]
José Luis Calva  Mexico 2007 2 8 Killed and cannibalized women. Hanged himself in prison after being convicted to 84 years for two murders.[618]
Shirley Winters  United States 1979 to 2007 2 7 Confessed in 2008 to killing two children (including her 5-month old son), 27 years apart. Plea agreement for those murders included clause stopping investigation of her role in a fire that killed two previous children in 1979. Is also a suspect in a separate fire that killed three children of a friend in 1979.[619]
Glen Rogers  United States 1995 to 1999 2 5 His capture in Kentucky ended a nationwide manhunt that began with the "Cross-Country Killer's" crime spree that stretched from coast to coast and left four women and one man from five different states dead. Rogers was convicted and sentenced to death by electric chair in Florida in 1997 for the stabbing death of Tina Marie Cribbs. He was later convicted and given a second death penalty in California for the September 1995 murder of Sandra Gallagher. Also known as the "Casanova Killer", Rogers is the lone suspect in the stabbing deaths of two other women (Linda Price in Jackson, Mississippi and Andy Jiles Sutton in Bossier City, Louisiana), both of whom—like Cribbs and Gallagher—he had met and befriended in bars. The earliest homicide Rogers is suspected of is that of an elderly Ohio man, Mark Peters, with whom Rogers had lived for a short time. In 1994, Peters' remains were discovered in a Rogers "family cabin" in Kentucky.[620]
Steven Brian Pennell  United States 1987 to 1988 2 5 Known as "The Corridor Killer" and "The Route 40 Killer"; convicted of torture-murdering two women, pleaded no contest to two more and suspected of a fifth in Delaware in 1987 and 1988. Executed by lethal injection March 14, 1992.[621]
Shawn Grate  United States 2005 to 2016 2 5 Sexually assaulted and murdered women; most of his victim' identities are still unknown; sentenced to death.[622][623]
Patrick Soultana  Netherlands 2010 to 2011 2 5 Stragled two women, but is suspected of three more murders; sentenced to life imprisonment plus 25 years provision.[624]
John Bittrolff  United States 1993 to 1994 2 4+ Murdered sex workers; suspected in the Long Island Serial Killer case.[625]
Mary Elizabeth Wilson  United Kingdom 1955 to 1957 2 4 "The Merry Widow of Windy Nook". Believed to have poisoned her four husbands in a period of only two years. Sentenced to death for two murders but changed to life in prison, where she died in 1963.[626]
Sheila LaBarre  United States 2004 to 2006 2 4 Claimed she was an angel sent by God to punish pedophiles; lured men into her farm and then killed them; sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.[627]
Russell Williams  Canada 2009 to 2010 2 3 Former colonel who killed two women; suspected of killing a third.[628]
Jorge Humberto Martínez Córtez  Mexico 2011 to 2014 2 3 Known as "El Matanovias"; killed his romantic partners; currently awaiting sentencing.[629]
Daniel Cooper  New Zealand 1922 2 3 Baby farmer who killed two infants in Newlands; also suspected of killing his first wife; hanged 1923.[630]
Hadden Clark  United States 1986 to 1992 2 2+ Killed and cannibalized a six-year-old victim and a 23-year-old victim, and confessed to the murder of an unidentified woman nicknamed Lady of the Dunes.[631]
Adam Leroy Lane  United States 2007 2 2+ Trucker who killed women near highways.[632]
Tony Alexander King  United Kingdom
1986 to 2003 2 2+ Known as "The Holloway Strangler" and "The Costa Killer". Beat and strangled women with a cord until they were unconscious, then he would molest them (but never penetrate them). At least two died.[633]
James Ryan O'Neill  Australia 1960s to 1975 2 2+ Abducted and killed two children around Tasmania; suspected of other murders in several states.[634]
Wolfgang Ott  Austria 1995 to 1996 2 2+ Sex offender who kidnapped women, killing at least two of them.[330]
Marc Hoffmann  Germany
 East Germany (suspected)
2004 2 2+ Sex offender who kidnapped and killed two children; suspected of other murders, including the disappearance of a woman in his home village.[635][636]
Vladimir Krishtopa  Russia
 Ukraine (suspected)
1995 2 2+ Murdered women while intoxicated; suspected of murdering in his native Ukraine; sentenced to death, commutted to life imprisonment.[637]
Gary M. Heidnik  United States 1986 to 1987 2 Kidnapped, tortured, raped and imprisoned six women in his Philadelphia, Pennsylvania basement, killing two.[638]
Jonathan Preston Haynes  United States 1987 to 1993 2 Known as the "Aryan Beauty Killer"; killed people in racially-motivated attacks; sentenced to life imprisonment.[639]
Ronny Rieken  Germany 1996 to 1998 2 Raped and killed two girls ages 11 and 13. He was caught as a result of mass DNA screening and sentenced to life imprisonment.[640]
Lutz Reinstrom  East Germany 1986 to 1988 2 Known as the "Acid Killer"; tortured and killed women in a dungeon underneath his home.[641]
Alfred Engleder  Austria 1955 to 1957 2 Raped and injured 6 women, killing 2 of them. Died from his injuries after being stabbed bby his girlfriend in 1993.[642]
Luigi Chiatti  Italy 1992 to 1993 2 Kidnapped and killed two children; sentenced to two life sentences, but was found unfit to sstand trial and committed to 30 years in a mental hospital.[643]
Karol Kot  Polish People's Republic 1964 to 1966 2 Killed two people in his native Kraków, attempted to kill many more; executed 1968.[644]
Vladimir Sarenpya  Soviet Union 1975 to 1976 2 American-born bus driver who killed two women and attempted to kill nine more; executed 1976.[645]
Johann Otto Hoch  United States
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg Austria (alleged)
 France (alleged)
 United Kingdom (alleged)
1888 to 1905 1 50+ Swindler who married several women under different aliases, most of whom died after a few months; others disappeared without a trace. Convicted of one murder by poisoning and hanged.[646]
Carl Großmann Germany Germany 1918 to 1921 1 50+ Known as "The Berlin Butcher". Killed women and sold their flesh on the black market. Only one body found. Hanged himself in his cell after being sentenced to death.[647]
Józef Cyppek  Polish People's Republic 1952 and earlier 1 30 Known as the "Buther of Niebuszewo"; dismembered his neighbor in 1952, and was executed that same year; suspected of numerous murders of children.[648]
Agustín Salas del Valle  Mexico 1989 to 1993 1 20 Known as "Jack the Strangler"; killed women in Mexico City's Central Zone; sentenced to 50 years in prison.[649]
Bobby Jack Fowler  United States
1969 to 1996 1 20 One murder proven, suspected of up to 20 more. Suspect in the Highway of Tears murders.[650]
Leszek Pękalski  Poland 1984 to 1992 1 17 Called "The Vampire of Bytów". Charged with 17 murders but convicted of only one (to 25 years in prison) for faulty collection of evidence. During the investigation he admitted to killing 80 people but later retracted his confession.[651]
Daniel Conahan  United States 1994 to 1996 1 12+ Convicted of one murder and has been linked to over a dozen murders.[652]
Smail Tulja  United States
 Albania (suspected)
 Belgium (suspected)
1990 to 2006? 1 8 Montenegrin murderer who killed his wife in America; sentenced to 12 years imprisonment in his home country, where he died in 2012; considered a main suspect in the Butcher of Mons case.[653]
Tillie Klimek  United States 1914 to 1921 1 6+ Chicago woman who poisoned her husbands; only convicted of the murder of her third husband. Sentenced to life imprisonment.[654]
Lyda Southard  United States 1915 to 1920 1 6 Suspected of killing her brother-in-law, four husbands and a daughter, but was only convicted of killing her fourth husband, Edward Meyer.[655]
John Norman Collins  United States 1969 1 6 Convicted of the murder of Karen Sue Beineman, suspected in the murder of at least five other young women in the vicinity of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, Michigan.[656]
Velma Barfield  United States 1971 to 1978 1 5-6 Confessed to five poisonings with arsenic but was only tried and convicted for one. First woman to be executed in the United States after the 1976 resumption of capital punishment, receiving lethal injection in 1984.[657]
Mary Frances Creighton  United States 1920 to 1935 1 4 Poisoned her lover's wife; suspected of also poisoning her mother-in-law, father-in-law and younger brother; executed 1936.[658]
Audrey Marie Hilley  United States 1975 to 1980 1 4 Poisoned her husband; suspected of also killing her mother, mother-in-law and a child she was looking after.[659]
Raymond Morris  United Kingdom 1962 to 1971 1 3 Known as the "A34 Killer"; convicted of one murder, considered to have committed at least two more.[660]
Robert Anthony Buell  United States 1981 to 1983 1 3 Sentenced to death for the murder of a young girl and chief suspect in the murders of two others. Executed by lethal injection in 2002.[661]
Eric Beishline  United States 1992 to 1993 1 3 Killed an elderly woman for her insurance; suspected of killing two more elderly people; sentenced to life imprisonment.[662]
Kimberly McCarthy  United States 1997 to 1998 1 3 Crack addict who murdered her neighbor; suspected in two similar murders; executed 2013.[663]
Järvenpää Serial Killer  Finland 1991 to 1993? 1 2+ Alleged serial killer who murdered a woman in a gravel pit and is suspected in the disappearance of another; possibly responsible for more murders and abductions.[664]

Medical professionals and pseudo-medical professionals

Name Country Years active Proven victims* Possible victims Miscellaneous information
Harold Shipman  United Kingdom 1975 to 1998 218 250[665] Convicted of 15 murders and responsible for the deaths of 218 patients identified by inquiry but is believed to have killed up to 250 people.[666][667] He injected diamorphine into his patients and then falsified the medical records, reporting that his patient had been in poor health. Hanged himself in prison.
Miyuki Ishikawa  Japan 1940s 103+ 169 Killed more than 103 newborn children. As a maternity nurse she killed infants born to parents unwilling to care for them during the prohibition of abortion in Japan. Arrested in 1948 and sentenced to 4 years in prison.[668]
Steven Massof  United States 2003 to 2008 100+
Massof, who worked at Kermit Gosnell's abortion clinic, testified that he snipped the spines of more than 100 babies after seeing them show signs of life.[669][670]
Louay Omar Mohammed al-Taei  Iraq 2005 to 2006 43 Medical doctor found to have killed 43 wounded policemen, soldiers and officials in Kirkuk; was a member of an insurgent cell.[671]
Donald Harvey  United States 1970 to 1987 37 57–87 Self-professed Angel of Death. Worked as an orderly in Cincinnati-area hospitals and preyed on his patients. Claimed to have killed 87 patients starting at age 18. Active 1970–1987. Sentenced to 28 life sentences in Ohio.[672]
Jane Toppan  United States 1885 to 1901 31 Nurse that confessed to poisoning 31 patients for her own sexual gratification. After overdosing them she would get in bed and lie with them as they died. Found not guilty by reason of insanity and interned in a mental institution until her death in 1938.[673]
Stephan Letter  Germany 2003 to 2004 29 29+ Nurse who killed 29 patients; Sentenced to life on November 20, 2006.[674]
Anders Hansson  Sweden 1978 to 1979 27 A Nurse Aide who poisoned victims with gevisol and ivisol. His actions were called "The Hospital Murders" (Swedish: Sjukhusmorden).[675]
Marcel Petiot  France 1926 to 1944 26 63 Active 1926 and from 1942 to 1944. Petiot is suspected of having killed up to 63 in total. Executed in 1946.[676]
Arnfinn Nesset  Norway 1983 and earlier 22 27–138+ Norwegian nurse and most prolific known serial killer in Scandinavian history, convicted on 18 March 1983 of poisoning at least 22 patients with Curacit; however he initially confessed to 27 murders; after he retracted his confessions and he told he had killed 138 patients. Was released from prison in 2004 after serving 21 years, the maximum punishment possible by Norwegian law.[677]
Roger Andermatt   Switzerland 1995 to 2001 22 22 Known as the "Death-Keeper of Lucerne"; nurse who killed 22 patients; most prolific Swiss serial killer in history; sentenced to life imprisonment.[678]
Charles Cullen  United States 1988 to 2003 18–29 35–400+ Nurse in New Jersey and Pennsylvania who murdered at least 29 patients between 1988 and 2003, but experts believe the number could be as high as 400. Cullen has admitted to more murders, which authorities believe are likely, but the murders cannot be verified due to lack of records.[679]
Maxim Petrov  Russia 2000 to 2002 12 19 Doctor who killed his patients in St. Petersburg. Suspected of 19 murders.[680]
David Richard Diaz  United States 1981 12 27 Nurse, used lidocaine, sentenced to death.[681]
Ann Arbor Hospital Killer  United States 1975 10 Poisonings of ten patients at the Veteran's Administration Hospital in 1975. Filipino nurses Filipina Narciso and Leonora Perez were tried for the crimes.[682]
Vickie Dawn Jackson  United States 10 23 Vocational nurse, used mivacurium.[681]
Frederick Mors  United States 1914 to 1915 8 8+ Born Carl Menarik, Austrian who killed 8 elderly patients by poisoning in New York. Sent to an asylum and escaped. Never caught.[683]
Elizabeth Wettlaufer  Canada 2007 to 2016 8 Nurse who confessed to killing eight, and injuring six, elderly patients by insulin overdose in Ontario; sentenced to life imprisonment, with no possibility of parole for 25 years, in 2017.[684]
Marianne Nölle  Germany 1984 to 1992 7 17 Nurse who was convicted of killing seven patients between 1984 and 1992; suspected of killing 17; sentenced to life imprisonment in 1993.[685]
Petr Zelenka  Czech Republic 2006 7 21[686] Killed his victims with a lethal injection of heparin from May to September 2006. Ten people survived his murder attempt. Suspected of up to 14 additional murders.
Niels Högel  Germany 1999 to 2005 6 106 Sentenced to life in prison for killing six patients by lethal injection and confessed to killing at least 30. A police investigation attributed at least 90 deaths to Högel with 41 others still under investigation.[687][688]
Orville Lynn Majors  United States 1993 to 1995 6 130 LPN in Vermillion County Ind., Preyed on elderly patients—thought to have killed many of them with injections of potassium chloride. Sentenced to 360 years in Indiana.[689]
Efren Saldivar  United States 1989 to 1997 6 50+ Respiratory therapist who killed six patients, possibly as many as 120.[690]
Christine Malèvre  France 1998 and earlier 6 30 Nurse who killed terminally ill patients claiming that they had asked her to help them die, something denied by their families. Sentenced to 12 years in prison for 6 murders and suspect of 30.[691]
Antoinette Scieri  France 1924 to 1925 6 12+ Nurse who poisoned her elderly patients. Death sentence was commuted to life and she died in prison.[692]
Terri Rachals  United States 1980 to 1986 6 9 Former nurse who killed patients because she suffered from depression; sentenced to 17 years imprisonment, and released in 2003.[693]
Santosh Pol  India 2003 to 2015 6 Known as "Dr. Death"; quack doctor who killed people with succinylcholine.[694]
Gwendolyn Gail Graham and Catherine May Wood  United States 1986 to 1988 6 6 Aides, used suffocation.[681]
Jeffrey Feltner  United States 1990 6 6 Aide, used suffocation.[681]
Kristen Gilbert  United States 1990 to 1996 5 70+ Nurse at a Massachusetts Veterans Medical Center who injected male patients with epinephrine, causing heart attacks. Sentenced to life without parole.[695]
Amy Archer-Gilligan  United States 1910 to 1917 5 48+ A nursing home proprietor believed to have poisoned as many as 60 patients from her homes and her second husband. Charged with 5 murders originally, this was lowered to just one following her admission of guilt, and was found guilty of second degree murder. Died in a mental hospital in 1962.[696]
Aino Nykopp-Koski  Finland 2004 to 2009 5 5+ Nurse who killed five elderly patients using sedatives and opiates in Finland.[697]
Kimberly Clark Saenz  United States 2008 5 Killed five patients by using syringes to inject bleach into their dialysis lines.[698]
Marcos Antunes Trigueiro  Brazil 2009 to 2010 5 Known as the "Industrial Maniac". Former taxi driver who raped and murdered women.
Michael Swango  United States
1981 to 1997 4 35–60+ Murderer and serial killer suspect.[699]
Bobbie Sue Terrell  United States 1984 to 1985 4 12 Nurse, used insulin or suffocation.[681]
Aleata Beach  United States 1994 4 4 Nurse.[681]
Otha Harrison Hart  United States 1984 4 4 Nurse, used insulin.[681]
Kermit Gosnell  United States 1989? to 2011 4 100+ Gosnell, who ran an abortion clinic, was charged with 8 and convicted of 4 murders. Three babies were born alive, then killed by cutting the infant's spine with scissors. One mother died due to complications. Testimony indicated hundreds of similar procedures carried out by Gosnell and his staff.
Edson Izidoro Guimaraes  Brazil 1999 and earlier 4 5-131 Nurse who injected patients with potassium chloride or took their oxygen masks off. Confessed to 5 murders which he claimed to be mercy kills and was convicted of 4 in 2000, sentenced to 76 years in prison. Some believe that he might have killed as many as 131 patients for money, as he was paid $60 for informing local funeral homes of a patient's death so that they could contact the deceased's relatives first.[700]
Richard Angelo  United States 1987 4 25 Known as "The Angel of Death". New York nurse convicted of four murders, linked to 6 other deaths. Suspected of killing up to 25 people.[701]
Beverley Allitt  United Kingdom 1991 4 A nurse, Allitt attacked 11 children in her care during a period of 59 days, killing four of them. Some of the victims were overdosed with insulin, others were injected with air bubbles. Imprisoned for life since 1993.[702]
Abraão José Bueno  Brazil 2005 4 Nurse who injected young children with sedatives until they stopped breathing. He would then alert doctors in an attempt to earn the respect of his colleagues for being the first one to notice that something was wrong. Convicted of 4 deaths and 4 more murder attempts to 110 years in prison.[703]
Christina Aistrup Hansen  Denmark 2016 3 Nurse who killed 3 of her patients; her charges were later changed to 4 attempted manslaughter charges, and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.[704]
Brian Kevin Rosenfeld  United States 1991 to 1992 3 23 Aide, used Mellaril.[681]
Marie Fikáčková  Czechoslovakia 1957 to 1960 2 10+ Nurse who was executed by hanging in 1961 for murdering babies.
Ronald E. Clark  United States 1967 2 9 Doctor suspected of killing 9 patients; died in prison.[705]
Felícitas Sánchez Aguillón  Mexico 1930 to 1941 1 50+ Known as "The Ogress of Roma neighborhood"; Nurse, midwife and baby farmer responsible for an unknown number of murders number during the 1930s, maybe 50 victims, in Mexico City.[706]
Genene Jones  United States 1971 to 1984 1 50+ Pediatric nurse who poisoned infants in her care; convicted of only one murder but suspected many more.[707]
Linda Hazzard  United States 1908 to 1911? 1 13–40+ Self-declared doctor and fasting specialist, which she advertised as a panacea for every medical ailment. Up to 40 patients could have died of starvation in her "sanitarium" of Olalla, Washington. Imprisoned for one death in 1912, was paroled in 1915 and continued to practice medicine without a license in New Zealand (1915–1920) and Washington (1920–1935). Died in 1938 while attempting a fasting to cure herself.[708]
Randy Powers  United States 1984 1 12 Aide, used lidocaine.[681]
Joseph Dewey Akin  United States 1992 to 1997 1 100 Nurse, used epinephrine or potassium chloride.[681]
Robert George Clements  United Kingdom 1920 to 1947 1 4 Believed to have murdered his four wives, all of whom died young and had their death certificates signed by Clements himself. Clements committed suicide with a morphine overdose when police came to arrest him for the murder of his fourth wife, who had died of the same cause.[709]

Serial killer groups and couples

Name Country Years active Proven victims* Possible victims Miscellaneous information
Philadelphia poison ring  United States 1938 and earlier 114 Gang of 16 that poisoned Italian immigrants with arsenic in order to collect their life insurance. The leaders, cousins Herman and Paul Petrillo, were executed on the electric chair in 1941 while the rest were given life sentences.[710]
Delfina and María de Jesús González  Mexico 1955 to 1964 91+ Two sisters who ran a brothel in Mexico, hired numerous prostitutes and murdered at least 80 of them after they were deemed useless during the span of ten years. They also killed 11 men. Probably the work of four of the sisters, sentenced to 40 years in prison. Body count varies due to the combined work of the sisters being impossible to assign to them individually.[12]
Peng Miaoji, Ding Yunjia and Su Xiaoping  China 1998 to 1999 77 84 Fleeing to Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Anhui, and Henan provinces and 21 provinces and cities 33 administrative villages, burglary 38 times, causing 77 people died on the spot, three seriously injured. Robbed cash 4 million yuan and gold necklaces and other property.[711][712]
David Avendaño Ballina and his followers  Mexico 1997 to 2007 70 70 Leader of a sex servant gang who robbed and then poisoned their clients; arrested in 2008.[713]
Angel Makers of Nagyrév Flag of Hungary (1915-1918, 1919-1946; 3-2 aspect ratio).svg Hungary 1911 to 1929 50 300+ 26 women who poisoned their husbands (sometimes also their parents, lovers and children) with arsenic under the guidance of midwife Júlia Fazekas and her accomplice, Susi Oláh.[714]
Long Zhimin and Yan Shuxia  China 1983 to 1985 48 48+ Shaanxi Province Wang Shou villagers Long Zhimin and Yan Shuxia in the home has killed 48 people.[715]
Bian kuang, Fu Xinyuan and Luo Lianshun  China 2001 to 2002 41 Manufacturing 51 cases of murder, robbery, rape, killing 41 people. Bian Kuang personally killed 39 people.[716]
Ryno-Skachevsky gang  Russia 2006 to 2007 37 Racist skinhead gang, led by Artur Ryno and Pavel Skachevsky, who killed people from non-European ethnicities or backgrounds; both sentenced to 10 years of penal labour.[717]
Gang of Amazons  Russia 2003 to 2013 30 Family of robbers and serial killers, led by the parents Inessa Tarverdiyeva and Roman Podkopaev.[718]
Dean Corll, David Owen Brooks and Elmer Wayne Henley  United States 1970 to 1973 28 29+ Corll, known as "The Candy Man", killed at least 28 teenage boys and young men in Houston between 1970 and 1973. Corll was then shot and killed by one of the two teenage accomplices he recruited to assist him in the abductions of the victims on August 8, 1973. This accomplice, Elmer Wayne Henley, informed the police of the trio's murders the same day Corll was murdered.[31]
Brabant killers  Belgium
1982 to 1985 28 Gang made by at least three extremely violent robbers, none of whom were ever identified or apprehended. Their bloodlust increased dramatically in their last year of activity, when they began shooting passerbies before a robbery, including children, for no seeming reason. Some have theorized links to Operation Gladio.[719]
Adolfo Constanzo and Sara Aldrete  Mexico 1987? to 1989 25+ "The Godparents of Matamoros". Leader and second in command of a drug-smuggling cult that abducted men to perform human sacrifices.[720]
Shankill Butchers  United Kingdom 1975 to 1982 23 23+ Ulster Royalist gang led by Lenny Murphy, who killed people in sectarian attacks.[721]
Surinder Koli and Moninder Singh Pandher[disputed ]  India 2005 to 2006 19 30+ Between 2005 and 2006, businessman Moninder Singh Pandher and his domestic servant, Surender Koli, kidnapped, raped, murdered, and dismembered 19 people (mostly children). Convicted.[722]
Wang Zongfang and Wang Zongwei  China 1983 19 Killed soldiers using various arms in three provinces. Executed 1983.[723]
Anísio Ferreira de Sousa and followers  Brazil 1989 to 1992 19 Satanic ring that abducted, mutilated and sacrificed children in Altamira, Brazil. The leader, Ferreira de Sousa, was convicted for four murders and two more attempts to 77 years in prison.[724]
Ripper Crew  United States 1981 to 1982 18 Abducted women, mostly prostitutes, then raped, tortured and killed them in Chicago, Illinois.[725]
John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo  United States 2002 17 Killed seven people from February to September 2002 and ten in the Beltway sniper attacks of October 2002. Muhammad was executed in 2009, while Malvo received life imprisonment.
Vladyslav Volkovich and Volodymyr Kondratenko  Ukraine 1991 to 1997 16 20+ "The Nighttime Killers". Murdered homeless men and lone drivers with a variety of weapons.[726]
Death Angels  United States 1973 to 1974 16 Four African-Americans who killed 16 white people and injured between eight and 10 in San Francisco (Zebra murders).[727]
Lainz Angels of Death  Austria 1983 to 1989 15 49–200+ Known as the "Lainz Angels of Death"; Waltraud Wagner, Irene Leidolf, Stephanija Mayer, and Maria Gruber were nurses at the Lainz General Hospital in Vienna who admitted to murdering 49 patients.[728]
Fred West and Rosemary West  United Kingdom 1967 to 1987 12 20 Mainly targeted young females but were also found guilty of the murder of their own daughter. Also found guilty of raping another daughter. Buried the victims around their house and local area. Shortly before he committed suicide on New Year's Day, 1995, Fred West said there were more victims.[729]
Briley Brothers  United States 1971 to 1979 12 Three brothers and an accomplice responsible for 12 murders in the 1970s in Richmond, Virginia.[730]
Mailoni Brothers  Zambia 2007 to 2013 12 Three brothers who killed at least 12 people from 2007 to 2013. Killed by Zambia Army Commandos in 2013.[731]
Leonard Lake and Charles Ng  United States 1982 to 1985 11 25 Abducted women, used them as sex slaves, and then murdered them, together with any men, women, and children who got in their way. Lake committed suicide upon arrest, but Ng was later convicted of killing 11 people. Between 1982 and 1985, Lake and Ng were believed to have abducted and killed as many as 25 victims, as evidenced by human remains found on Lake's California ranch.[732]
Shen Changyin and Shen Changping  China 1999 to 2004 11 Found guilty of the murders of 11 prostitutes.[733]
Wolfgang Abel and Marco Furlan  Italy 1977 to 1984 10 27 The victims, seemingly chosen at random and killed by different methods, were found next to letters written in Italian, signed "Ludwig" and containing Nazi imagery, that gave a reason for why the murder had been committed. Abel and Furlan were arrested in Castiglione delle Stiviere while dousing a crowded discothèque with gasoline and sentenced in 1987 to 30 years in prison for all crimes (later reduced to 27).[734]
Joshi-Abhyankar serial murderers  India 1976 to 1977 10 Four Pune commercial art students (Rajendra Jakkal, Dilip Sutar, Shantaram Kanhoji Jagtap and Munawar Harun Shah) that broke into random people's homes and businesses and strangled them with a nylon rope. Hanged in 1983.[735]
Gerald and Charlene Gallego  United States 1978 to 1980 10 Killed ten victims in Sacramento, California. Gerald Gallego died of cancer before his death sentence could be carried out. Charlene Gallego was released July 1997.[736]
Viña del Mar psychopaths  Chile 1980 to 1981 10 Jorge Sagredo and Carlos Topp committed ten murders and four rapes from 5 August 1980 to November 1, 1981 in the city of Viña del Mar. Executed by firing squad on January 29, 1985, they became the last people executed in Chile.[737]
National Socialist Underground  Germany 2000 to 2007 10 Neo-Nazi group who killed ten ethnic Turks in the Bosphorus serial murders from 2000 to 2007. Most victims were small business owners killed in broad daylight with a gunshot to the face. Two of the suspects committed suicide and a third, Beate Zschäpe, was apprehended in November 2011.[738]
Anthony and Nathaniel Cook  United States 1973 to 1981 9 Brothers who murdered people based on racial motives; both sentenced to life imprisonment.[739]
The Ciudad Juárez Rebels  Mexico 1995 to 1996 8 10-14 Gang of serial killers, led by Sergio Armendáriz Diaz and Juan Contreras Jurado, who killed women in Ciudad Juárez; claimed to work for Abdul Latif Sharif.[740]
The Hernández Brothers Sect  Mexico 1963 8 Originally a scam intended to extort money and sexual favors from the poor, illiterate inhabitants of the small village of Yerba Buena, who were promised favors from "Inca gods" in the mountains, the cult came to include Aztec-inspired human sacrifices after prostitute Magdalena Solís took over as high priestess. Fifteen people were sentenced to 30 years in prison for their participation in the ritual murders of seven villagers and one police officer.[741]
Rudolfo Infante and Anna Villeda  Mexico 1991 8 Responsible for eight murders.[742]
Alton Coleman and Debra Denise Brown  United States 1984 8 Killed people across several states, with Coleman raping a young girl.[743]
Dale Hausner and Samuel Dieteman  United States 2006 8 Known as the "Serial Shooter". Responsible for eight murders in random drive-by shootings in 2006 in Phoenix, Arizona.[744]
Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata  Japan 1993 to 2002 7 9 Under Matsunaga's leadership, who had a long history of conning (and possibly murdering) women, the couple abducted, tortured and disposed of the bodies of six relatives of Ogata and one neighbor in their condominium of Kitakyushu. Matsunaga was sentenced to death and Ogata to life in prison in 2007.[745]
Doug Clark and Carol M. Bundy  United States 1980 7 Known as the "Sunset Strip Killers"; lured young teenagers, then Clark would kill and then rape their corpses; Bundy died in prison, while Clark is still behind bars.[746]
Christopher Worrell and James Miller  Australia 1976 to 1977 7 Known as the "Truro Murderers"; convicted of killing seven victims in South Australia.[747]
Auto Shankar's Gang  India 1988 to 1989 6 9 Nine men who collaborated to abduct and murder at least 6 teenage girls in Chennai; their bodies were cremated and thrown into the sea or buried under residential homes. Leader Auto Shankar and two accomplices were sentenced to death by hanging in 1991, his brother Auto Mohan to three consecutive life sentences in prison and five other collaborators to six months in prison.[748]
Gert van Rooyen and Joey Haarhof South Africa South Africa 1988 to 1989 6 8 Their victims were never found; the pair shot dead a police officer and then committed suicide when faced with arrest after the escape of their last kidnap victim.[749]
Hermann Duft and Hans Wilhelm Bassenauer  Greece 1969 6 German serial killers who murdered six persons in Greece, within a short period in 1969, were captured, tried, sentenced to death and executed.
David Alan Gore and Fred Waterfield  United States 1981 to 1983 6 Cousins connected to the murders of six females. Gore was executed in 2012 and Waterfield was sentenced to life imprisonment.[750]
Artyom Alexandrovich Anoufriev and Nikita Vakhtangovich Lytkin  Russia 2010 to 2011 6 Teenaged thrill-killers of random people.
Ray and Faye Copeland  United States 1986 to 1989 5 12 Oldest couple ever sentenced to death in the United States at the ages of 75 and 69; convicted of killing 5 men; modus operandi was to hire unskilled drifters as farm hands and later kill them.[751]
Ian Brady and Myra Hindley  United Kingdom 1963 to 1965 5 5+ The "Moors Murderers" abducted children in Manchester, England. They were found guilty of two and three murders respectively.[752]
The Skin Hunters  Poland 2002 and earlier 5 Unknown Hospital crew that killed patients in order to get bribes from nearby funeral homes. Two doctors and two paramedics were convicted for the murder of five patients, but the investigation is still going on with over 40 remaining suspects.[753]
Gwendolyn Graham and Catherine May Wood  United States 1987 5 Nurses who killed five elderly women in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris  United States 1979 5 Known as "The Tool Box Killers". Kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered five girls in 1979.[754]
James Gregory Marlow and Cynthia Coffman  United States 1986 5 Killed four women and one man in 1986.[755]
Chijon family  South Korea 1993 5 South Korean gang of cannibals that was sentenced to death for killing five people.[756]
Yuri Ustimenko and Dmitry Medvedev  Estonia 2002 5 Russian duo who committed robberies and killed 5 people; Medvedev was killed in a shootout with the police, while Ustimenko was captured in Poland, extradited back to Estonia and sentenced to life imprisonment.[757]
Seema Gavit and Renuka Shinde  India 1990 to 1996 5 Sisters who kidnapped and killed children; initially accused of killing six children, but acquitted in one case; both sentenced to death.[758]
Loren Herzog and Wesley Shermantine  United States 1984 to 1999 4 19+ Known as the "Speed Freak Killers"; California duo initially convicted of four murders from 1984 to 1999.[759]
David and Catherine Birnie  Australia 1986 4 4–8 Australian couple who raped and murdered four women in their home and attempted to murder a fifth in Perth in 1986. Both were sentenced to four consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole; David Birnie hanged himself in prison on October 7, 2005.[760]
Bodenfelde Black Widows  West Germany
1983 to 2000 4 4 Two killers, Lydia L. and Siggi S., who killed men for monetary purposes.[761]
Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck  United States 1947 to 1949 3 20 Known as the "Lonely Hearts Killers", Fernandez and Beck extorted women Fernandez met through lonely hearts advertisements. Both were arrested in Michigan in 1949 for the murders of a woman and her two-year-old daughter, but Michigan authorities waived prosecution and extradited the pair to New York to face trial for a murder that occurred there because New York had the death penalty while Michigan did not. They were convicted of that murder and executed on March 8, 1951.[762]
Michelle and David Knotek  United States 1994 to 2003 3 4 Tortured and abused boarders in their home, killing three of them; Michelle was sentenced to 22 years in prison, while David was sentenced to 15 years.[763]
Michael Bear Carson and Suzan Carson  United States 1981 to 1983 3 3+ Nomadic hippie killers involved in the counter-culture movement; sentenced to life imprisonment for three San Francisco Bay Area murders in 1983.[764]
Joseph and Michael Kallinger  United States 1974 to 1975 3 Joseph Kallinger murdered three people and tortured four families with his 13-year-old son Michael in New Jersey.[765]
John Duffy and David Mulcahy  United Kingdom 1985 to 1986 3 Raped dozens of women in train stations (beginning in 1982) before switching to murder.[766]
Beasts of Satan  Italy 1998 to 2004 3 The members of this group committed three notorious ritual murders over six years.[767]
Silvia Merez Cult  Mexico 2009 to 2012 3 Ritually murdered three people in sacrifices to Santa Muerte.[768]
Raya and Sakina and their husbands Egypt Egypt 1919[769]–1920 2 Unknown Gang of four that rented a house for women and killed them to rob their money and jewellery. Raya and Sakina were the first women executed in the modern state of Egypt, in 1921.
Sante and Kenneth Kimes Jr.  United States
 Bahamas (suspected)
1996 to 1998 2 3 Mother-son duo who were responsible for numerous crimes, including two murders; suspected for a third murder in the Bahamas, but never charged; Sante died in prison, while Kenneth is still incarcerated.[770]
Theresa, William and Robert Knorr Jr.  United States 1984 to 1985 2 3 Tortured and abused her children with the help of her sons William and Robert Jr., killing two of her daughters; Theresa was sentenced to two life sentences, while William was given probation and charges were dropped against Robert Jr. in exchange for his testimony.[771]
Geoffrey Evans and John Shaw  Ireland 1976 2 2 Englishmen who vowed to kill a woman once a week; both sentenced to life imprisonment; Evans died in 2012 from pneumonia, and Shaw is still imprisoned.[772]
Alvin and Judith Neelley  United States 1982 2 2 Married couple who kidnapped, raped and killed two female teenagers.[773]
Helen Golay and Olga Rutterschmidt  United States 1999 to 2005 2 2 Black widows who killed vagrants; both sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.[774]
Werner Boost and Franz Lorbach  East Germany 1953 to 1956 1 5 Convicted of one murder, but suspected of killing two pairs of couples. Both were released from prison.[775]

Disputed cases

Name Country Years active Proven victims* Possible victims Miscellaneous information
Thug Behram (original name: Buhram Jemedar)  India 1790 to 1840 125 125+ Thug Behram was a thug (thag in Hindi), who belonged to the Thuggee cult. Thugs used to rob people in travelling caravans by deceitfully joining them as fellow travelers. During the night, the thugs would kill them by strangling them with a rumal (hankerchief). Behram wore his sturdy rumal as a kamarbandh(belt). A large medallion was sewn inside. Exerting pressure on the adam's apple it would give a slow, painful but effective death. His victims included women, elderly, children etc. He was hanged by the British in 1840 with 125 cases recorded (and 65 with the medallion).
Javed Iqbal  Pakistan 1996 to 1999 74+ 100+ He raped, strangled and put acid in several children. Arrested, he claimed 100 victims. He was found guilty of 100 killings but 26 children were found alive after he hanged himself in prison.[776]
Bruno Lüdke  German Reich
 Nazi Germany
1928 to 1943 51 86 Mentally disabled, Lüdke was arrested after being discovered with a corpse. Police declared him insane and imprisoned him in a psychiatric hospital, where he died when he was experimented on. The only evidence tying him to the crimes was a confession that may have been physically coerced. He was never given a trial and he is generally[by whom?] considered innocent.[777]
Fernando Hernández Leyva  Mexico 1982? to 1999 33 100–137 Confessed to 100 murders and six kidnappings at the time of his arrest in 1999 (he had been arrested previously in 1982 and 1986, the second time for murder, but escaped from prison), but later retracted and claimed that he had been beaten by the police and his family threatened in order to force him to confess. Accused of as many as 137 murders in five southern Mexican states, convicted of 33 to 50 years in prison. Tried to kill himself in prison unsuccessfully.[778]
Vera Renczi Romania Romania 1920 to 1930 32 35 Convicted of killing 35 men through arsenic poisoning but confessed to only killing 32 victims.[779]
Gerald Stano  United States 1969 to 1980 22+ 41 Confessed to killing 41 women in mostly Florida and New Jersey areas. Some controversy surrounds the case as he is believed by some to have been a serial confessor.[780]
"Highway of Tears" Killer  Canada 1969 to 2011 18 43 All the victims were young women and were last seen on Highway 16 in British Columbia between Prince George and Prince Rupert. If they were all victims of the same person, it would be one of the most proficient serial killers in Canada and one with the longest careers in the world. Some of the murders have been linked to American criminal Bobby Jack Fowler, although he was in prison at the time others were committed.[781]
The Stoneman  India 1985 to 1989 12–25 12 homeless people were murdered in their sleep in Bombay between 1985 and 1987, and 13 in Calcutta in 1989; in all cases, by dropping a large rock over their head (an additional victim escaped, but could not identify the attacker). It is ignored if all were committed by the same person(s) or some were copycat crimes, and no one was ever charged with any of the murders.[782]
David Parker Ray  United States 1950 to 1999 0 60 Torture-murderer possibly aided by numerous accomplices, including his girlfriend. Targeted victims in the Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, area, convicted of attempted killing of three victims and is suspected of 60 murders, even though no bodies where ever found. Known as the "Toybox Killer" for the self-built mobile home he used as a house to rape, torture, and kill women.[783]
Henry Lee Lucas  United States 1960 to 1983 3 3,000+ Confessed to killing at least 600 people but later recanted and is suspected of lying about a majority of his murders. He originally offered a list of 77 women from 19 different states, as he confessed to more and more murders, the details became increasingly more bizarre. Some included dismemberment, necrophilia, even cannibalism. Lawmen linked the Lucas and Otis Toole to 81 murders alone. Convicted of 11 murders.[784] The true number of murders committed by Lucas is unknown, but it is likely Lucas was not nearly as prolific a serial killer as he initially claimed to be, as most of his murder confessions were thoroughly discredited, and he himself claimed only one murder—that of his mother.[785][786][787] Probably responsible for the deaths of 40 people.[788]
Charles Quansah  Ghana 1993 to 2001 8 34 Quansah, who had been in prison for rape twice, was held as a suspect in the deaths of 34 women across the country, including his girlfriend who was strangled in 2000, and eventually confessed to eight murders. He later denied the killings, claiming that the confessions had been extracted under torture, and that the police had also tried unsuccessfully to force him to implicate a number of politicians including former president Jerry Rawlings, his wife Nana Konadu Agyeman and an unidentified member of president John Kufuor's administration.[789][790]
Redhead murders  United States 1978 to 1992 8+ Series of unsolved homicides believed to have been committed by an unidentified serial killer in Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi and Pennsylvania.[791]
Jeff Davis 8  United States 2005 to 2009 8 The bodies of eight women, all of whom had an involvement with drugs or prostitution, were found in swamps and canals surrounding Jennings, Louisiana. Originally thought to be a serial killer, but multiple suspects may be involved.[792]
Ottis Toole  United States 1980 to 1983 7 8–125 Initially convicted of three counts of murder, later pleading guilty to four more murders before dying in prison. A sometime accomplice of convicted serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, Toole admitted to—and retracted multiple times—over a hundred counts of murder, rape, arson and cannibalism, and was the suspect in several other unsolved murders. On December 16, 2008, police announced that they had identified Toole as the likely murderer of Adam Walsh, and would be closing the case as a result.[793]
The Beer Man  India 2006 to 2007 7 Purported unidentified serial killer that operated in Mumbai and left a beer bottle next to each body as his signature, hence the nickname. A suspect was charged with three of the murders and convicted of one in 2008, but the sentence was overturned by the High Court in 2009 because the evidence presented was deemed inadmissible.[794]
John Martin Scripps  Singapore
 Mexico (suspected)
 Belize (suspected)
1995 3 5 British spree killer who murdered three tourists in Singapore and Thailand. Suspected of two earlier murders of tourists in Mexico and Belize, which would make him a serial killer. Also investigated, but cleared, for an additional murder in the United States. First British national hanged in Singapore since independence.[795]
"Bowraville Murders" Killer  Australia 1990 to 1991 3 Proposed serial killer responsible of the murders of three Aboriginal children in the same area, all bludgeoned to death. Thomas Jay Hart was tried for one of the murders and acquitted, and held as a suspect in another for which he did not face prosecution.[796]
Aristidis Pagratidis  Greece 1958 to 1959 3 A voyeur and habitual criminal, Pagratidis was arrested for being the "Ogre of Seikh Sou", an alleged serial killer who preyed on couples in the forest area of Seikh Sou near Panorama. He initially confessed, but recanted his confession shortly after, claiming he had been beaten by the authorities. He was executed 1959, and since then his guilt has been questioned. The true culprit is believed to be the schizophrenic son of a university professor named Aiada Sklavounos.[797]
Wayne Williams  United States 1979 to 1981 2 24-31 Believed to have perpetrated the Atlanta murders of 1979–1981. After being convicted of two murders and sentenced to life imprisonment, authorities closed 22 other unsolved murders, declaring Williams to have been the perpetrator. Williams has maintained his innocence and the case was reopened as recently as 2005.[798]
Joe Ball  United States 1937 to 1938 2 20 Bootlegger and barman known as the "Butcher of Elmendorf", the "Bluebeard of South Texas", and "the Alligator Man" because of the alligator pit he had in the back of his bar and where he entertained clients by throwing live animals to the reptiles. Ball killed for sure two barmaids whose bodies were dug and later discovered at the beach, but he shot himself fatally in the chest when police came to question him and was never arrested or interrogated. Yellow press and pulp magazines later exaggerated his exploits, claiming that he had killed up to 20 women and fed them to the alligators, but this was never proven and caused some of Ball's relatives to sue such publications. Police investigated about a dozen women that had worked at Ball's place and were missing at the time of his suicide; some were found alive in San Antonio, but others could not be accounted for.[799]
Abdul Latif Sharif  Mexico 1995 1 18–20 Egyptian chemist known as "The Jackal of Ciudad Juárez". After migrating to the United States in the 1970s, Sharif served 14 years in prison for several rapes but fled to Mexico when he was about to be deported to his home country. There, he was accused of up to 20 of the female homicides in Ciudad Juárez but was convicted of only one, to 30 years in prison, where he died of natural causes in 2006. As the high rate of female murders has continued to this day in Ciudad Juárez, it has been claimed that Sharif was used as a scapegoat by the Mexican police.[800]
Daisuke Mori  Japan 2000 and earlier 1 11+ Nurse that was sentenced to life imprisonment for one murder but suspected of killing at least ten others. He might have confessed to some of the murders in order to protect others.[801]
Lowell Amos  United States 1979? to 1994 1 4 Detroit businessman sentenced to life imprisonment in 1996 for the murder of his third wife. Suspected of, but never charged with the deaths of two previous wives and his mother, all of whom died under suspicious circumstances and left life insurance policies to Amos that, at least in one case, Amos himself had bought against the will of the insured.[802]
Bevan Spencer von Einem  Australia 1979? to 1983 1 3–10 Arrested for three and convicted of one of "The Family Murders", where four teenagers and one young adult, all male, were drugged, kidnapped, raped and mutilated for weeks before their bodies were abandoned in the country near Adelaide. Police believed that von Einem had several accomplices, none of whom were publicly identified or detained, and at the time of his trial it was widely reported that the murders had been committed by a group of 4 to 12 high-profile Australian men; von Einem himself claimed to be the victim of a conspiracy. He has also been considered a suspect in the disappearance of two girls near the Adelaide Oval in 1973 and the high-profile Beaumont children disappearance in 1966.[803]
John Bodkin Adams  United Kingdom 1946 to 1956 0 163 Acquitted in a highly unusual trial in 1957 of murder but later found guilty of fraud. Archive evidence shows that he was almost certainly a killer but that his prosecution was botched for political reasons.[804]
The Man from the Train  United States 1898-1912 0 40-100+ Murdered entire families in their sleep, arriving and departing by train. Existence (and probable but not proven identity) discovered over 100 years after the murders, by analysis of contemporary records, showing a markedly common modus operandi for many previously unconnected murders.[805]
Smiley Face Killer  United States 1990s to 2000s 0 40+ Theoretical serial killer(s) thought by some sources to have drowned college-aged young men across the northern part of the country since 1997; most experts suggest that the deaths were accidental.[806]
Marie Besnard  France 1927 to 1949 0 13 Charged with the murders of 13 relatives with arsenic, all of whom had Besnard as their sole designated heir, but acquitted of all charges after three high-profile trials that lasted a decade.[807]
Dr. X killings  United States 1966 0 9+ Suspicious deaths of nine people at Riverdell Hospital in Oradell, New Jersey. Mario Enrique Jascalevich was acquitted in 1978.[808]
Neal Falls  United States 2015 and earlier? 0 8+ Shot while attempting to strangle a prostitute in West Virginia. Several items presumably used to abduct, kill and dispose of bodies were found in his body and car, causing an investigation on the possible relation of Falls to unsolved murders in eight states where he had resided or visited.[809]
Mike DeBardeleben  United States 1965 to 1983 0 8 Convicted rapist and counterfeiter suspected of torturing and killed women in several states; died from pneumonia in 2011.[810]
Wayne Nance  United States 1974 to 1986 0 5+ Alleged serial killer who raped and murdered women; killed by an intended victim.[811][812]
Andre Rand  United States 1972 to 1987 0 5 Convicted kidnapper suspected of killing five children; sentenced to 25 years to life imprisonment.[813]
I-45 Killer  United States 1980 0 4+ Suspected serial killer who killed women.[814]
Nathaniel Bar-Jonah  United States 1964-1999 0 3-5+ Pedophile with a lifelong fetish for strangulation, dissection and cannibalism. Bar-Jonah abducted, raped, strangled and/or smothered over ten children in New England starting in 1964, when he was only seven years old. However, all of his proven victims there were rescued before he could kill them, and he was recluded in a mental hospital from 1977 to 1991. Released to his mother in Montana, he was later suspected of killing a child and serving his flesh to his unwitting family and neighbors. Although human remains belonging to two different people were found in a meat grinder in his kitchen and buried under one of his former residences, no murders could be conclusively proven and these charges were dropped. Instead, Bar-Jonah was tried for unrelated molestation and torture of three children and convicted to 130 years in prison without parole. He died in prison in 2008.[815]

* Proven victims being victims the serial killer was tried for, explained by the killer in a detailed confession, or victims most scholars of the subject agree upon.

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