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This is a list of Serving Generals of the Indian Army.

Chief of Defence Staff[edit]

Post Rank Name Photo Decorations Reference
Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat
Bipin Rawat (CDS).jpg

Chief of the Army Staff[edit]

Post Rank Name Photo Decorations Reference
Chief of the Army Staff General Manoj Mukund Naravane
General Manoj Mukund Naravane PVSM AVSM SM VSM ADC (1).jpg

Vice Chief of the Army Staff[edit]

Post Rank Name Photo Decorations Reference
Vice Chief of the Army Staff Lieutenant General Chandi Prasad Mohanty
Lt. General Chandi Prasad Mohanty.jpg

Army Commanders (Commander-in-Chief Grade)[edit]

Post Rank Name Photo Decorations Reference
General Officer Commanding-in-Chief
Northern Command
Lieutenant General Yogesh Kumar Joshi Lieutenant General Yogesh Kumar Joshi UYSM AVSM VrC SM, General Officer-Commanding-in-Chief Northern Command, Indian Army.jpg UYSM, AVSM, VrC, SM, ADC [4]
General Officer Commanding-in-Chief
Eastern Command
Anil Chauhan PVSM ,UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM [5]
General Officer Commanding-in-Chief
Western Command
Ravendra Pal Singh PVSM,AVSM,VSM [6][7]
General Officer Commanding-in-Chief
Central Command
Iqroop Singh Ghuman
General Officer Commanding-in-Chief
Southern Command
Jai Singh Nain AVSM, SM [9]
General Officer Commanding-in-Chief
South Western Command
Alok Singh Kler
Lieutenant General Alok Kler, VSM, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, South Western Command.jpg
PVSM, VSM [10]
General Officer Commanding-in-Chief
Training Command
Raj Shukla
Andaman and Nicobar Command**
Manoj Pande AVSM, VSM [12]

**Rotational Command

Principal Staff Officers (PSO)[edit]

Post Rank Name Photo Decorations Reference
Adjutant General Lieutenant General Harsha Gupta UYSM, AVSM, YSM, VSM
Military Secretary Lieutenant General Rajeev Sirohi AVSM, VSM [13]
Quartermaster General Lieutenant General S.S. Mishra AVSM, VSM
Engineer-In-Chief Lieutenant General Harpal Singh Director General Border Roads, Lt. Gen. Harpal Singh, at the International Seminar on ‘Planning (cropped).JPG PVSM, AVSM,VSM [14]
Deputy Chief of Army Staff
Lieutenant General Paramjit Singh Sangha UYSM, AVSM, SM [15]
Deputy Chief of Army Staff
(Information Systems and Coordination)
Lieutenant General A.S. Bhinder AVSM, VSM [16]
Deputy Chief of Army Staff
(Capability Development and Sustenance)
Lieutenant General Shantanu Dayal
Gajraj 4 Corps.jpg

General Officers of Armed Forces Commands[edit]

Post Rank Name Photo Decorations Reference
Director General of Assam Rifles*** Lieutenant General Sukhdeep Sangwan AVSM, SM ** [18][19]
Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff
Lieutenant General Anil Puri AVSM, SM, VSM [20]
Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff
(Medical Branch)
Lieutenant General Madhuri Kanitkar AVSM, VSM [21]
Director General DIA &
Deputy Chief of Integrated Defence Staff
Lieutenant General Kanwal Jeet Singh Dhillon UYSM, YSM, VSM [22]

Chiefs of Staff of Army Commands[edit]

Post Rank Name Photo Decorations Reference
Chief of Staff Northern Command Lieutenant General S H Iyer AVSM
Chief of Staff Eastern Command KK Repswal [23]
Chief of Staff Western Command Yogendra Dimri [24]
Chief of Staff Central Command M Unnikrishnan Nair SM [25]
Chief of Staff Southern Command Depinder Singh Ahuja

DS Ahuja.jpg

AVSM [26]
Chief of Staff South Western Command [27]
Chief of Staff Training Command

Heads of Combat and Combat Support Arms[edit]

Post Rank Name Photo Decorations Reference
Director General Infantry Lieutenant General A K Samantara [28]
Director General Artillery K Ravi Prasad PVSM, VSM [29]
Director General Army Aviation
Director General Army Air Defence Anant Prasad Singh
Lt Gen AP Singh, AVSM.jpg
AVSM, PhD [30]
Director General Armoured Corps K S Brar
Officer-in-Chief Signals M M Bhurke AVSM, VSM [31]

Heads of Services and Directorates[edit]

Post Rank Name Photo Decorations Reference
Director General Military Operations Lieutenant General B.S. Raju
Director General Military Intelligence Lieutenant General Sanjeev Sharma AVSM, YSM
Director General Ordnance Services Lieutenant General R K S Kushwaha AVSM [32]
Director General Armed Forces Medical Services Presently tenanted by a Naval Officer
Director General Medical Services (Army) Lieutenant General A K Hooda
Director General Hospital Services Presently tenanted by an Air Force Officer
Director General Organisation and Personnel (in O/o DGAFMS) Lieutenant General S D Behera AVSM, VSM [33]
Director General Dental Services Lieutenant General N K Sahoo [34]
Director General Supplies and Transport Lieutenant General M K S Yadav SM [35]
Director General National Cadet Corps Lieutenant General Tarun Kumar Aich AVSM
Director General Border Roads Organisation Lieutenant General Rajeev Chaudhary [36][37]
Director General Electronics and Mechanical Engineers Lieutenant General Tumul verma
Director General Military Training Lieutenant General Ajai Singh
Director General Perspective Planning Lieutenant General
Director General Remount Veterinary Services Lieutenant General P R Venkatesh PVSM, SM
Director General Staff Duties Lieutenant General M K Katiyar AVSM
Director General Information Systems Lieutenant General S T Upasani PVSM, AVSM, SM, VSM [38]
Director General Operational Logistics Lieutenant General
Director General Weapons and Equipment Lieutenant General [39]
Director General Administration and Coordination
Director General Rashtriya Rifles Lieutenant General AVSM, SM
Director General Discipline, Ceremonials and Welfare Lieutenant General
Director General Manpower Planning and Personnel Services Lieutenant General R P Kalita
Director General Financial Planning Lieutenant General T K Chawla AVSM [40]
Director General Recruiting Lieutenant General Pradeep Nair AVSM, YSM [41]
Director General Quality Assurance Lieutenant General R K Malhotra [42]
Director General Land, Works and Environment Lieutenant General R K Anand AVSM, SM, VSM [43]
Director General Information Warfare [44]
Director General Capability Development Lieutenant General H S Kahlon [45]
Additional Director General Army Education Corps Major General Devesh Gaur
Judge Advocate General Major General Praveen Kumar
Additional Director General Military Nursing Service Major General Sonali Ghoshal
Additional Director General Public Information Major General RR Patil
Director General Territorial Army Lieutenant General D P Pandey[46] AVSM, VSM
Provost Marshal Corps of Military Police Major General M J S Tiwana [47]
Additional Director General Army Postal Service Corps Major General Damodar Vasant Mahesh
Additional Director General Human Rights Major General Gautam Chauhan

Commandants of Training Institutions[edit]

Post Rank Name Photo Decorations Reference
Commandant Indian Military Academy Lieutenant General Harinder Singh PVSM, AVSM,YSM,SM,VSM [48]
Commandant National Defence Academy Lieutenant General Asit Mistry PVSM, AVSM, SM, VSM [49]
Commandant Armed Forces Medical College Lieutenant General Nardeep Naithani PVSM
Commandant Officers Training Academy, Chennai Lieutenant General M K Das SM**, VSM [50]
Commandant Officers Training Academy, Gaya Lieutenant General G A V Reddy SC, VSM [51]
Commandant Defence Services Staff College Lieutenant General M J S Kahlon AVSM [52]
Commandant Army War College Lieutenant General V S Sreenivas PVSM, VSM**
Commandant School of Infantry Lieutenant General P N Anantha Narayanan SM
Commandant School of Artillery Lieutenant General R K Sharma [53]
Commandant Armoured Corps Centre and School Major General S Jha VSM [54]
Commandant Army Air Defence College Lieutenant General Satinder Singh AVSM
Commandant College of Military Engineering Lieutenant General P P Malhotra PVSM, VSM** [55]
Commandant Military College of Telecommunication Engineering Lieutenant General [56]
Commandant Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Lieutenant General T S A Narayanan [57]
Commandant Army Service Corps Centre and School Lieutenant General Basant Kumar Repswal VSM [58]
Commandant College of Materials Management Lieutenant General
Commandant Military Intelligence Training School and Depot Lieutenant General R K Bansiwal
Commandant Army Hospital Research and Referral Lieutenant General
Commandant Army Medical Corps Centre and College Lieutenant General M V Singh [33]
Commandant Indian Military Training Team Major General

General Officers Commanding Corps[edit]

Post Rank Name Photo Decorations Reference
General Officer Commanding I Corps

Strike Corps

Lieutenant General C. P. Cariappa AVSM,SM,VSM [59]
General Officer Commanding II Corps

Kharga Corps (Strike Corps)

NS Raja Subramani AVSM,SM,VSM
General Officer Commanding III Corps

Spear Corps

J.P. Mathew
General Officer Commanding IV Corps

Gajraj Corps

Ravin Khosla
Gajraj Corps CO.jpg
General Officer Commanding IX Corps

Rising Star Corps

Upendra Dwivedi AVSM
General Officer Commanding X Corps

Chetak Corps

Manoj Kumar Mago YSM, SM*
General Officer Commanding XI Corps

Vajra Corps

C B Ponappa AVSM, VSM [61]
General Officer Commanding XII Corps

Konark Corps (Desert Corps)

P S Minhas SM, VSM [62]
General Officer Commanding XIV Corps

Fire & Fury Corps

P G K Menon AVSM [63][64]
General Officer Commanding XV Corps

Chinar Corps

General Officer Commanding XVI Corps

White Knight Corps

M V Suchindra Kumar YSM*, VSM [65]
General Officer Commanding XVII Corps

Brahmastra Corps (Mountain Strike Corps)

Savneet Singh VSM [66]
General Officer Commanding XXI Corps

Sudarshan Chakra Corps

Atulya Solankey AVSM, SM [67]
General Officer Commanding XXXIII Corps

Trishakti Corps

A K Singh VSM [68]

General Officers Commanding Areas[edit]

Post Rank Name Photo Decorations Reference
General Officer Commanding Uttar Bharat Area Lieutenant General SS Mahal VSM
General Officer Commanding Madhya Bharat Area
General Officer Commanding 101 Area SM, VSM [69]
General Officer Commanding Bengal Area
General Officer Commanding Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa Area S.K. Prashar [70]
General Officer Commanding Dakshin Bharat Area A Arun YSM, SM, VSM [71]
General Officer Commanding Delhi Area V K Mishra AVSM [72]

Other Generals[edit]

Post Rank Name Photo Decorations Reference
Force Commander of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan Lieutenant General Shailesh Tinaikar SM,VSM [73]
Military Secretary to the President Sanjiv Rai AVSM,SM,VSM [74]

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