List of settlements in Ogle County, Illinois

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This list of settlements in Ogle County, Illinois, United States, contains the names of incorporated cities in villages in the county, as well as unincorporated communities.

Current communities[edit]

Image   Name   Type   Township   Area in miles (km²)   Date
Adeline, IL Sign 02.JPG Adeline Village Maryland Township 0.7 mi² (1.81 km²) 139
Baileyville, IL Sign.JPG Baileyville Unincorporated Forreston Township
Brooks Isle Unincorporated Oregon-Nashua Township
Buffalo Grove, IL Sign 01.JPG Buffalo Grove Unincorporated Oregon-Nashua Township NA 1830 NA
Byron, IL Post Office 03.JPG Byron City Byron Township 6.4 mi² (16.58 km²) 2,917
Chana, IL Sign 03.jpg Chana Unincorporated Pine Rock Township 1871
Creston Village Dement Township 1.1 mi² (2.85 km²) 543
Davis Junction, IL Sign 03.JPG Davis Junction Village Scott Township 9.8 mi² (25.38 km²) 491
Daysville Unincorporated Oregon-Nashua Township
Egan Unincorporated Leaf River Township
Flagg Center, IL Fire Dept 01.JPG Flagg Center Unincorporated Flagg Township
Forreston, IL Sign 02.JPG Forreston Village Forreston Township 2.1 mi² (5.44 km²) 1854[1] 1,469
Rock River Grand Detour1.jpg Grand Detour Unincorporated Grand Detour Township
Haldane, IL Feed Store 01.JPG Haldane Unincorporated Lincoln Township
Harper Unincorporated Forreston Township
Hazelhurst Unincorporated Eagle Point Township
Hillcrest2.jpg Hillcrest Village Flagg Township 0.6 mi² (1.55 km²) 1,158
Holcomb Unincorporated White Rock Township
Kings, IL Sign 01.JPG Kings Unincorporated White Rock Township
Leaf River, IL Sign 01.JPG Leaf River Village Leaf River Township 2.2 mi² (5.7 km²) 555
Lindenwood, IL Sign 01.JPG Lindenwood Unincorporated Lynnville Township
Monroe Center, IL Post Office 01.JPG Monroe Center Village Monroe Township 504
Mt. Morris, IL Sign 01.JPG Mount Morris Village Mt. Morris Township 3.0 mi² (7.77 km²) 3,013
Ogle County Oregon Il 300 Washington View2.jpg Oregon City Oregon-Nashua Township 2.1 mi² (5.44 km²) 4,060
Paynes Point, IL Store 02.JPG Paynes Point Unincorporated Pine Rock Township
Ogle County Downtown Polo IL2.JPG Polo City Buffalo Township 3.4 mi² (8.81 km²) 2,477
Rochelle Il Sign1.jpg Rochelle City Flagg Township and Dement Township 19.4 mi² (50.25 km²) 9,424
Stillman Valley, IL Sign 03.jpg Stillman Valley Village Marion Township 1.4 mi² (3.63 km²) 1875 1,048
Stratford Unincorporated Pine Creek Township
Woosung Unincorporated Woosung Township June, 1855[2]

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