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This is a list of the 60 largest towns and cities on the island of Ireland by population. It therefore includes towns and cities in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The population figures listed are for the urban area around each settlement excluding areas that fall within the boundary of another town or city. The figures for Northern Ireland towns are based on the 2011 Northern Ireland Census,[1] while the figures for towns in the Republic are based on the 2006 Census of Ireland, and cities in the Republic of Ireland are based on the 2016 Census of Ireland.[2]

Rank Settlement Population Province County Jurisdiction Description
1 Dublin 1,173,179 Leinster County Dublin Republic Capital city of the Republic of Ireland. Since the Middle Ages it has usually been the island's largest settlement. The Greater Dublin Area has a population of almost two million.
2 Belfast 483,418 Ulster County Antrim, County Down Northern Capital of Northern Ireland and largest city in all of Ulster. The city is home to Northern Ireland's devolved government and power-sharing assembly. Belfast received city status in 1888. It was briefly Ireland's most populous city in the very late nineteenth century and early twentieth century.
3 Cork 208,669 Munster County Cork Republic Largest city in the province of Munster in the south of Ireland. Cork is one of Ireland's oldest cities, having received city status in the 900s.
4 Limerick 94,192 Munster County Limerick, County Clare Republic Principal city of Ireland's Mid-West Region and second-largest city in Munster
5 Derry 93,512 Ulster County Londonderry Northern Second-largest city in all of Ulster
6 Galway 79,934 Connacht County Galway Republic Largest city in the province of Connacht and the sparsely-populated West of Ireland
7 Newtownabbey 65,646 Ulster County Antrim Northern Largest town in all of Ireland. Part of the Belfast Metropolitan Area.
8 Bangor 61,011 Ulster County Down Northern The town is part of the Belfast Metropolitan Area
9 Waterford 53,504 Munster County Waterford, County Kilkenny Republic Third-largest in the province of Munster. It is the island of Ireland’s oldest surviving city founded by Vikings in the 9th century AD.
10 Lisburn 45,370 Ulster County Antrim, County Down Northern Granted city status in 2002. The city lies on the border between County Antrim and County Down, Northern Ireland's two most populated counties. Though a city in its own right, it is also part of the wider Belfast Metropolitan Area.
11 Drogheda 40,956[3] Leinster County Louth, County Meath Republic Largest town in the Republic of Ireland, located in County Louth with its southern environs located in County Meath
12 Dundalk[3] 39,904[4] Leinster County Louth Republic County town of County Louth
13 Swords[3] 39,248 Leinster County Dublin,


Republic North Dublin suburban town and second-largest settlement in County Dublin after the city itself. Forms part of the Greater Dublin Area. Lies both in the traditional County Dublin and since 1994, Fingal County.
14 Bray[3] 32,600 Leinster County Wicklow, County Dublin[5] Republic Most populous town in County Wicklow. An extremely small portion of the town is in County Dublin. Bray is considered part of the Greater Dublin Area.
15 Navan[3] 30,173 Leinster County Meath Republic Largest settlement in County Meath
16 Ballymena 29,551 Ulster County Antrim Northern
17 Newtownards 28,050 Ulster County Down Northern
19 Carrickfergus 27,998 Ulster County Antrim Northern
19 Newry 26,967 Ulster County Down, County Armagh Northern Granted city status in 2000, it is Northern Ireland's fourth-largest city
20 Kilkenny[3] 26,512 Leinster County Kilkenny Republic County town of County Kilkenny, granted city status in 1609
21 Ennis[3] 25,276 Munster County Clare Republic County town and largest settlement in County Clare. Largest town in Munster.
22 Coleraine 24,634 Ulster County Londonderry Northern
23 Carlow[3] 24,272 Leinster County Carlow Republic
24 Tralee[3] 23,691 Munster County Kerry Republic County town and largest settlement in County Kerry
25 Antrim 23,375 Ulster County Antrim Northern
26 Newbridge 22,742 Leinster County Kildare Republic
27 Portadown 22,100 Ulster County Armagh Northern
28 Portlaoise 22,050 Leinster County Laois Republic County town and largest settlement in County Laois
29 Balbriggan 21,722 Leinster County Dublin Republic
30 Naas 21,393 Leinster County Kildare Republic
31 Athlone 21,349 Leinster County Westmeath Republic
32 Mullingar 20,928 Leinster County Westmeath Republic County town of County Westmeath
33 Celbridge 20,288 Leinster County Kildare Republic
34 Wexford 20,188 Leinster County Wexford Republic County town of County Wexford
35 Omagh 19,659 Ulster County Tyrone Northern County town of County Tyrone
36 Letterkenny 19,274 Ulster County Donegal Republic Largest settlement in County Donegal
37 Sligo 19,199 Connacht County Sligo Republic County town of County Sligo, second largest settlement in Connacht and largest town in Connacht
38 Larne 18,755 Ulster County Antrim Northern
39 Greystones 18,140 Leinster County Wicklow Republic
40 Clonmel 17,140 Munster County Tipperary Republic Largest settlement in County Tipperary
41 Banbridge 16,637 Ulster County Down Northern
42 Malahide 16,550 Leinster County Dublin,


Republic Households in Malahide have the highest median incomes in Ireland.[6]
43 Carrigaline 15,770 Munster County Cork Republic
44 Leixlip 15,504 Leinster County Kildare Republic
45 Armagh 14,777 Ulster County Armagh Northern City in County Armagh
46 Tullamore 14,607 Leinster County Offaly Republic County town and largest settlement in County Offaly
47 Maynooth 14,585 Leinster County Kildare Republic
48 Killarney 14,504 Munster County Kerry Republic
49 Dungannon 14,340 Ulster County Tyrone Northern
50 Enniskillen 13,823 Ulster County Fermanagh Northern County town and largest settlement in County Fermanagh
51 Strabane 13,172 Ulster County Tyrone Northern
52 Arklow 13,163 Leinster County Wicklow Republic
53 Cobh 12,800 Munster County Cork Republic
54 Ashbourne 12,679 Leinster County Meath Republic
55 Midleton 12,496 Munster County Cork Republic
56 Mallow 12,459 Munster County Cork Republic
57 Castlebar 12,068 Connacht County Mayo Republic County town and largest settlement in County Mayo
58 Limavady 12,032 Ulster County Londonderry Northern
59 Laytown-Bettystown-Mornington 11,872 Leinster County Meath Republic
60 Cookstown 11,599 Ulster County Tyrone Northern

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