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A craton is an ancient part of the Earth's continental crust which has been more or less stable since Precambrian times. Cratons whose ancient rocks are widely exposed at the surface, often with relatively subdued relief, are known as shields. If the ancient rocks are largely overlain by a cover of younger rocks then the 'hidden' craton may be referred to as a platform.

List of shields[edit]

List of named cratons[edit]

Approximate location of Mesoproterozoic (older than 1.3 Ga) cratons in South America and Africa. The São Luís and Luís Alves cratonic fragments are shown.
Gondwana and the Kuungan orogen

Listed by modern continent and Gondwana, include:

West Gondwana[edit]

South America[edit]


Antarctic-East African Orogen[edit]

East Gondwana[edit]

Indian Subcontinent[edit]



North America[edit]

North American cratons and basement rocks.
North American Craton
  North American Craton
  Deformed craton
  Accretionary belt


Eastern Eurasia[edit]

Northern and Eastern Europe[edit]

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