List of ship commissionings in 1943

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The list of ship commissionings in 1943 includes a chronological list of all ships commissioned in 1943.

Operator Ship Class and type Pennant Other notes
9 January  Royal Navy Hunter Attacker-class escort carrier D80 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Block Island
13 January  Royal Navy Whimbrel Black Swan-class sloop U29
14 January  United States Navy Independence Independence-class aircraft carrier CV-22 Redesignated CVL-22 in July
31 January  Royal Navy Tracker Attacker-class escort carrier D24 Lend-Lease acquisition
17 February  United States Navy Lexington Essex-class aircraft carrier CV-16
20 February  United States Navy Barnes Bogue-class escort carrier CVE-20
25 February  United States Navy Princeton Independence-class aircraft carrier CV-23 Redesignated CVL-23 in July
27 February  Royal Navy Fencer Attacker-class escort carrier D64 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Croatan
1 March  Royal Navy Kite Modified Black Swan-class sloop U87
8 March  United States Navy Block Island Bogue-class escort carrier CVE-21
31 March  United States Navy Belleau Wood Independence-class aircraft carrier CV-24 Redesignated CVL-24 in July
1 April  Royal Navy Starling Modified Black Swan-class sloop U66
7 April  Royal Navy Searcher Attacker-class escort carrier D40 Lend-Lease acquisition
9 April  Royal Navy Chaser Attacker-class escort carrier D32 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Breton
9 April  United States Navy Prince William Bogue-class escort carrier CVE-31
10 April  United States Navy Edsall Edsall-class destroyer escort DE-129
12 April  United States Navy Breton Bogue-class escort carrier CVE-23
15 April  United States Navy Yorktown Essex-class aircraft carrier CV-10
25 April  Royal Navy Ravager Attacker-class escort carrier D70 Lend-Lease acquisition
28 April  United States Navy Croatan Bogue-class escort carrier CVE-25
28 April  Royal Navy Striker Attacker-class escort carrier D12 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Prince William
5 May  Royal Norwegian Navy MTB 345 Experimental motor torpedo boat Transfer from the Royal Navy
12 May  Royal Navy Pheasant Modified Black Swan-class sloop U49
13 May  United States Navy Bataan Independence-class aircraft carrier CV-29 Redesignated CVL-29 in July
24 May  United States Navy Bunker Hill Essex-class aircraft carrier CV-17
28 May  United States Navy Cowpens Independence-class aircraft carrier CV-25 Redesignated CVL-25 in July
31 May  United States Navy Pybus Bogue-class escort carrier CVE-34
8 June  Royal Navy Savage Modified S-class destroyer G20
9 June  United States Navy Daniel T. Griffin Buckley-class destroyer escort DE-54
11 June  Royal Navy Pursuer Attacker-class escort carrier D73 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS St. George
17 June  United States Navy Monterey Independence-class aircraft carrier CV-26 Redesignated CVL-26 in July
28 June  United States Navy Baffins Bogue-class escort carrier CVE-35
3 July  United States Navy Glacier Bogue-class escort carrier CVE-33
8 July  United States Navy Casablanca Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-55
19 July  Royal Navy Ameer Attacker-class escort carrier D01 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Baffins
22 July  United States Navy Bolinas Bogue-class escort carrier CVE-36
24 July  United States Navy Cabot Independence-class aircraft carrier CVL-28
1 August  Royal Navy Atheling Attacker-class escort carrier D51 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Glacier
4 August  Royal Navy Trumpeter Attacker-class escort carrier D09 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Bastian
6 August  Royal Navy Emperor Attacker-class escort carrier D98 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Pybus
7 August  United States Navy Liscome Bay Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-56
11 August  Royal Navy Slinger Attacker-class escort carrier D26 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Chatham
12 August  Royal Navy Begum Attacker-class escort carrier D38 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Bolinas
12 August  Royal Navy Empress Attacker-class escort carrier D42 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Carnegie
16 August  United States Navy Intrepid Essex-class aircraft carrier CV-11
17 August  United States Navy Wasp Essex-class aircraft carrier CV-18
25 August  Royal Navy Khedive Attacker-class escort carrier D62 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Cordova
27 August  United States Navy Coral Sea Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-57
30 August  Royal Navy Magpie Modified Black Swan-class sloop U82
31 August  United States Navy Corregidor Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-58
31 August  United States Navy Langley Independence-class aircraft carrier CVL-27
2 September  Kriegsmarine Schnelles Geleitboot 4 Sans Souci-class sloop SG 4
7 September  Royal Navy Nabob Bogue-class escort carrier D77 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Edisto
13 September  United States Navy Mission Bay Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-59
25 September  United States Navy Guadalcanal Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-60
27 September  Royal Navy Shah Attacker-class escort carrier D21 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Jamaica
5 October  United States Navy Manila Bay Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-61
14 October  United States Navy Natoma Bay Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-62
22 October  Royal Navy Patroller Attacker-class escort carrier D07 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Keweenaw
23 October  United States Navy Midway Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-63
31 October  United States Navy Tripoli Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-64
2 November  Royal Navy Amethyst Modified Black Swan-class sloop U16
3 November  Royal Navy Premier Attacker-class escort carrier D23 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Estero
7 November  United States Navy Wake Island Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-65
8 November  Royal Navy Ranee Attacker-class escort carrier D03 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Niantic
15 November  United States Navy White Plains Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-66
19 November  Royal Navy Thane Attacker-class escort carrier D48 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Sunset
20 November  Royal Navy Speaker Attacker-class escort carrier D90 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS Delgada
21 November  United States Navy Solomons Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-67 Former HMS Emperor
27 November  United States Navy Kalinin Bay Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-68
29 November  United States Navy Hornet Essex-class aircraft carrier CV-12
4 December  United States Navy Kasaan Bay Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-69
7 December  Royal Navy Queen Attacker-class escort carrier D19 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS St. Andrews
9 December  United States Navy Fanshaw Bay Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-55
15 December  United States Navy Kitkun Bay Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-71
15 December  United States Navy San Jacinto Independence-class aircraft carrier CVL-30
21 December  United States Navy Tulagi Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-72
22 December  Royal Navy Ruler Attacker-class escort carrier D72 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS St. Joseph
28 December  United States Navy Gambier Bay Casablanca-class escort carrier CVE-73
31 December  Royal Navy Arbiter Attacker-class escort carrier D31 Lend-Lease acquisition, former USS St. Simon

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