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This is an alphabetical list of the names of all ships that have been in service with the Royal Navy, or with predecessor fleets formally in the service of the Kingdom of England or the Commonwealth of England. The list also includes fictional vessels which have prominently featured in literature about the Royal Navy. Names are traditionally re-used over the years, and have been carried by more than one ship.

Altogether over 13,000 ships have been in service with the Royal Navy.[1]

Unlike many other naval services, the Royal Navy designates certain types of shore establishment (e.g. barracks, naval air stations and training establishments) as "ships" and names them accordingly. These establishments are often referred to in service slang as stone frigates.

Lists of ship names[edit]

Due to the large number of names the list has been split into smaller lists:


By types of ship[edit]

By Person[edit]

Fictional RN ship names[edit]

Many novels and films about the Royal Navy feature fictional ships, but most use real names. This is a list of fictional names of note. Where real ship names are used fictionally, there is a link to the actual ships using that name.

Fictional wooden RN ships[edit]

In novels[edit]

In films and television and radio[edit]

HMS Travail from the Poldark Series 1970 and 2014 to 2019 Tv series

Fictional metal RN ships[edit]


In WWII novels[edit]

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Post-war novels[edit]

Post-war film and media[edit]

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