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Below is a list of ships responsible for bombarding targets at Utah Beach as part of the Normandy landings on June 6, 1944, the opening day of Operation Overlord This force, code-named "Bombardment Group A", and commanded by Rear Admiral Morton Deyo, was a group of eighteen warships assigned to support the ambhibious landings on Utah Beach on June 6, 1944 ("D-Day"); this was the opening day of Operation Overlord, the Allied operation that launched the successful invasion of German-occupied western Europe during World War II.

It was part of US Navy Force U, which consisted of 865 ships under Rear Admiral Don P. Moon.[1] This was in turn part of the Western Naval Task Force, under Admiral Alan G Kirk.[2]

US Navy Force U Bombardment Group
Name Type National service Captain
Nevada Battleship US Navy Captain P. M. Rhea[3]
Erebus Monitor Royal Navy Captain J. S. Colquhoun[3]
Hawkins Heavy cruiser Royal Navy Captain J. W. Josselyn[3]
Tuscaloosa Heavy cruiser US Navy Captain J. B. Waller; flagship of Rear Admiral Morton Deyo[3]
Black Prince Light cruiser Royal Navy Captain D. M. Lees[3]
Enterprise Light cruiser Royal Navy Captain H. T. Grant[3]
Soemba Gunboat Netherlands Lt. Cmdr. H. H. Propper[3]
Butler Destroyer US Navy Cmdr. M. Matthews[4]
Corry Destroyer US Navy Lt. Cmdr. G. Hoffman[3]
Fitch Destroyer US Navy Cmdr. K. Walpole[3]
Forrest Destroyer US Navy Cmdr. Letts[3]
Gherardi Destroyer US Navy Cmdr. M. Curtin[4]
Herndon Destroyer US Navy Cmdr. G. Moore[3]
Hobson Destroyer US Navy Lieutenant K. Loveland[3]
Shubrick Destroyer US Navy Lt. Cmdr. W. Blenman[3]
Bates Destroyer escort US Navy Lt. Cmdr. H. Wilmerding[4]
Rich Destroyer escort US Navy Lt. Cmdr. E. Michel[4]
Hotham Frigate Royal Navy A/Lt.Cdr. Sydney Ayles[5]
Tyler Frigate Royal Navy Lt. Christopher H. Rankin[6]


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