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This is a list of active ships of the Brazilian Navy, complete and correct as of 2014.

The Navy has approximately 112 ships in commission, including 39 auxiliary vessels. 9 of the commissioned vessels are frigates of British origin, 1 is an aircraft carrier of French origin, being one of the 14 in the world to operate this type of ship, and 5 are conventional attack submarines of German origin. Recently the Brazilian Navy has sought modernization through the acquisition of 4 submarines of French manufacture, class Scorpéne, and of the own construction of a nuclear submarine, besides 4 corvettes class Tamandaré and 4 patrol ship of 500 ton.

Current ships[edit]

Class Image Type No. Ships Origin Note
Submarines (5)
Type 209 submarine S Tikuna (S-34).jpg Diesel-electric attack submarine S30
S Tupi
S Tamoio
S Timbira
S Tapajó
S Tikuna
1,810 tonnes
Aircraft carrier (1)
Clemenceau class Sao Paulo at sea (11522051596).jpg Aircraft carrier A12 NAe São Paulo. On 14 February 2017, the navy announced that the ship will be demobilised and subsequently decommissioned.  France 32,800 tonnes
Frigates (9)
Brasil class NE Brasil (U-27) 2.jpg Training frigate U27 NE Brasil  United Kingdom
3,355 tonnes
Niterói class F Niteroi (F-40).jpg Multipurpose frigate F40
F Niterói
F Defensora
F Constituição
F Liberal
F Independência
F União
 United Kingdom
3,355 tonnes
Type 22 frigate BNS Rademaker F49.jpg Anti-submarine warfare frigate F46
F Greenhalgh
F Rademaker
 United Kingdom 4,400 tonnes
  • 4× Exocet MM40 anti-ship missiles launchers
  • Sea Wolf launchers
  • 2× triple Magazine launched anti-submarine torpedo tubes
  • 2× 20 mm GAM-BO1 guns
Corvettes (3)
Inhaúma class Cv Frotin (V-33).jpg Corvette
Escort vessels
Cv Inhaúma
Cv Jaceguai
Cv Júlio de Noronha
 Brazil 1,670 tonnes
Barroso class Vertente soberania.jpg Corvette
Escort vessels
V34 Cv Barroso  Brazil 1,785 tonnes
Mine warfare (6)
Aratù class NV Anhatomirim (M-16).jpg Minesweeper ship M15
NV Aratù
NV Anhatomirim
NV Atalaia
NV Araçatuba
NV Abrolhos (In reserve)
NV Albardão
 Germany 245 tonnes
Amphibious Ship (4)
Round Table class NDCC Garcia D'Avila (G-29)2.jpg Tank landing ship G25
NDCC Almirante Sabóia
NDCC Garcia D'Avila
 United Kingdom 6,700 tonnes
Mattoso Maia class NDCC Mattoso Maia (G-28).jpg Tank landing ship G28 NDCC Mattoso Maia  United States 8,757 tonnes
  • 6× 76mm cannon
  • Phalanx CIWS close-in weapon system(disabled)
Foudre class Siroco.jpg Amphibious transport dock G40 NDM Bahia  France
12,000 tonnes
Monitor ship (1)
Parnaíba class M Parnaíba (U-17).jpg Monitor/Gunboat
U17 M Parnaíba  Brazil 700 tonnes
Patrol vessels (34)
Amazonas class BNS Araguari-3.jpg Offshore patrol vessel/Light corvette P120
NPaOc Amazonas
NPaOc Apa
NPaOc Araguari[1]
 United Kingdom 1,700 tonnes
Imperial Marinheiro class Cv Caboclo (V19).jpg Offshore patrol vessel/Light corvette V19 Cv Caboclo  Netherlands 911 tonnes
Macaé class NPa Macaé (P-70).jpg Offshore patrol vessel P70
NPa Macaé
NPa Macau

500 tonnes
Grajaú class NPa Guanabara - P 48.JPG Offshore patrol vessel P40
NPa Grajaú
NPa Guaíba
NPa Graúna
NPa Goiana
NPa Guajará
NPa Guaporé
NPa Gurupá
NPa Gurupi
NPa Guanabara
NPa Guarujá
NPa Guaratuba
NPa Gravataí
 Brazil 200 tonnes
Bracuí class NPa Bracuí (P-60).jpg Patrol boat
River minesweeper
NPa Bracuí
NPa Benevente
NPa Bocaína
NPa Babitonga
 United Kingdom 850 tonnes
Roraima class NPaFlu Rondônia - P 31.jpg River patrol vessel P30
NPaFlu Roraima
NPaFlu Rondônia
NPaFlu Amapá
 Brazil 340 tonnes
Pedro Teixeira class NPaFlu Pedro Teixeira (P-20).jpg River patrol vessel P20
NPaFlu Pedro Teixeira
NPaFlu Raposo Tavares
 Brazil 690 tonnes
Piratini class NPa Parati - P 13.jpg River patrol vessel P10
NPa Piratini
NPa Pirajá
NPa Pampeiro
NPa Paratí
NPa Penedo
NPa Potí
 United States
105 tonnes
Speedboat (8)
Marlin class AviPa Barracuda (LP-02).jpg Fast patrol boat LP01
AviPa Marlim
AviPa Barracuda
AviPa Dourado
AviPa Albacora
AviPa Anequim
AviPa Pargo
  • 2× 7.62 mm L7 GPMGs
Patrol River LPR-40 Operação Amazônia 2014 (15560750766).jpg Fast patrol boat river LPR01
 Colombia Armament:
Tanker (2)
Almirante Gastão Motta class Alte Gastão Motta2009.jpg Tanker G23 NT Almirante Gastão Motta  Brazil 6,000 tonnes
Potengi class NApLogFlu Potengi (G- 17).jpg River tanker G17 NApLogFlu Potengi  Netherlands 594 tonnes
Auxiliaries ships (40)
Paraguassú class NTrFlu Paraguassú (G-15).jpg River troop transport ship G15 NTrFlu Paraguassú  Netherlands Armament:
  • 4× .50 Caliber Machine Gun
Pará class NA Pará (U-15) 1.jpg River troop transport ship U15 NA Pará  Brazil Armament:
  • 4× .50 Caliber Machine Gun
Almirante Leverger class River troop transport ship G16 NTrFlu Almirante Leverger  Brazil Armament:
  • 4× .50 Caliber Machine Gun
Piraim class AvTrFlu Piraim (U-29).jpg River troop transport ship U29 AvTrFlu Piraim  Brazil Armament:
  • 2× .50 Caliber Machine Gun
  • 2× 7.62 mm L7 GPMGs
Comandante Varella class NB Comandante Varella - H 18.jpg Lightvessel H18
NB Comandante Varella
NB Tenente Castelo
NB Comandante Manhães
NB Tenente Boanerges
Sirius class NHi Sirius - H 21.jpg Research vessel H21 NHi Sirius  Japan
Faroleiro Mário Seixas class NB Faroleiro Mário Seixas - H 26.jpg Lightvessel H26 NB Faroleiro Mário Seixas  Spain
Almirante Graça Aranha class NF Almirante Graça Aranha (H-34).jpg Lightvessel H34 NF Almirante Graça Aranha  Brazil
Amorim do Valle class NHoc Guarnier Sampaio (H-37).jpg Oceanographic research vessel H35
NHoc Amorim do Valle
NHoc Taurus
NHoc Garnier Sampaio
 United Kingdom
Cruzeiro do Sul class NHOc Cruzeiro do Sul (H-38).jpg Oceanographic research vessel H38 NHoc Cruzeiro do Sul  Norway
Vital de Oliveira class Ministro Jaques Wagner participa de cerimonial de recepção e visita ao Navio Hidroceanográfico Vital de Oliveira (NPqHo). (19328221853).jpg Oceanographic research vessel H39 NPqHo Vital de Oliveira  China
Antares class Antares g.jpg Oceanographic research vessel H40 NOc Antares  Norway
Almirante Maximiano class NApOc Almirante Maximiano (H-41).jpg Icebreaker H41 NPo Almirante Maximiano  Norway 3,865 tonnes
Ary Rongel class Partida do Ary Rongel para a Antártica (15439584356).jpg Icebreaker H44 NApOc Ary Rongel  Norway 1,982 tonnes
Felinto Perry class Felinto Perry in Arraial do Cabo 4.JPG Submarine rescue ship K11 NSS Felinto Perry  Norway
Triunfo class RbAM Triunfo (R-23).jpg Salvage tug R21
RbAM Tritão
RbAM Tridente
RbAM Triunfo
 Brazil 1,350 tonnesArmament:
Almirante Guilhem class RbAM Almirante Guilhem (R-24).jpg Salvage tug R24
RbAM Almirante Guilhem
RbAM Almirante Guillobel
 Brazil 2,393 tonnes
Aspirante Nascimento class AvIn Guarda-Marinha Jansen (U-11).JPG Auxiliary ship U10
AvIn Aspirante Nascimento
AvIn Guarda-Marinha Jansen
AvIn Guarda-Marinha Brito
 Brazil Armament:
Aspirante Moura class AvPq Aspirante Moura (U-14).jpg Auxiliary ship U14 AvPq Aspirante Moura  Soviet Union Former paint-ship of the USSR Navy (built in Split in 1987), after 1992-Estonia "Nesko", in 1994 renamed "EVA315", in 2003 transferred to Spain as "E Eva", in 2007 transferred to Norway FAR - Find and Recover Ltd under Malta flag as "Finder", in 2010 transferred to Brasil.
Doutor Montenegro class ASSHOP montenegro.jpg River hospital ship U16 NAsH Doutor Montenegro  Brazil
Oswaldo Cruz class NAsH Oswaldo Cruz (U-18).jpg River hospital ship U18
NAsH Oswaldo Cruz
NAsH Carlos Chagas
Cisne Branco class Cisne-2g.jpg Sailing frigate U20 NVe Cisne Branco  Netherlands 1,038 tonnes
Tenente Maximiano class NAsH Tenente Maximiano (U-28)2.jpg River hospital ship U28 NAsH Tenente Maximiano  Brazil
Caravelas class Research vessel H17 AvHoFlu Caravelas  Brazil
Rio Branco class River Oceanographic research vessel H10 NHoFlu Rio Branco  Brazil
Rio Tocatins class River Oceanographic research vessel H12
NHoFlu Rio Tocantins
NHoFlu Rio Xingu
NHoFlu Rio Solimões
NHoFlu Rio Negro
Almirante Hess class Auxiliary ship U30 AvApCo Almirante Hess  Brazil 90 tonnes

Future ships[edit]

Brazilian Navy
Naval Jack of Brazil.svg
Coat of arms of the Brazilian Navy.svg
History and traditions
Navy Day:10 November
Patron:Marquês de Tamandaré
Independence of Brazil
Cisplatine War
Ragamuffin War
Paraguayan War
World War I
World War II
Ships of the Brazilian Navy
Aircraft of the Brazilian Navy
Corps of Naval Fusiliers
Naval Aviation
Admiral Júlio Soares de Moura Neto
Vessel Origin Type Class In service Notes
Riachuelo (S40)  France
Based on Scorpène class S-BR No Delivery in 2020
Humaitá (S41)  France
Based on Scorpène class S-BR No Delivery in 2021
Tonelero (S42)  France
Based on Scorpène class S-BR No Delivery in 2022
Angostura (S43)  France
Based on Scorpène class S-BR No Delivery in 2023
Álvaro Alberto (SN10)  Brazil Brazilian Nuclear Submarine Nuclear submarine No Delivery in 2025
Tamandaré (V35)  Brazil Based on Barroso class Tamandaré Class No Stealth design. Delivery in 2021
Jerônimo de Albuquerque (V36)  Brazil Based on Barroso class Tamandaré Class No Stealth design. Delivery in 2022
Cunha Moreira (V37)  Brazil Based on Barroso class Tamandaré Class No Stealth design. Delivery in 2023
Mariz e Barros (V38)  Brazil Based on Barroso class Tamandaré Class No Stealth design. Delivery in 2024
Patrol ship of 500 tons
Maracanã (P72)
Offshore patrol vessel Macaé class No Requested
Mangaratiba (P73)
Offshore patrol vessel Macaé class No Requested
Miramar (P74)
Offshore patrol vessel Macaé class No Requested
Maragogipe (P75)
Offshore patrol vessel Macaé class No Requested
Mostardas (P76)
Offshore patrol vessel Macaé class No Requested

The Brazilian Navy as part of the prosuper plan to acquire 5 oceanic patrol vessels and 5 6,000 ton frigates in addition to a support vessel

Torpedoes and missiles[edit]

Type Product Comment Origin Image
Torpedo MK 48 MOD 6AT ADCAP Used on the Type 209 submarines.  United States Mk 48 torpedo on hoist 1982.JPEG
Torpedo Black Shark torpedo Possible purchase for the new S-BR (Scorpène class submarines).  Italy
Torpedo Esporão torpedo Under development for the new S-BR (Scorpène class submarines).  Brazil
Torpedo Mark 46 torpedo Used by both surface ships and helicopters.  United States DD-729 Mk 32 ex torpedo launch 1969.jpg
Anti-ship missile Exocet MM-40 in upgrading by Avibras, SM-39 was bought for new S-BR (Scorpène class submarines), AM-39 was bought for use by helicopters UH-15B (EC 725 Caracal).  France Exocet AM39 P1220892-detoured.jpg
Anti-ship missile MAN-1-SUP
Under development. An anti-ship missile with about 80km range, will come in both surface ship and submarine launched versions. Based on Exocet missile  Brazil
Surface-to-air missile Aspide Used on the Niterói class frigates  Italy Lanciatore Albatros e radar.jpg
Surface-to-air missile Sea Wolf Used on the Type 22 frigates.  United Kingdom Defence Imagery - Missiles 07.jpg
Surface-to-air missile Simbad Used on the aircraft carrier São Paulo and NDM Bahia.  France Simbad missile.jpg

Historic ships[edit]

Imperial Navy[edit]

Class Type Origin In Service Per unit (Name) Photo Note
Bertioga Schooner Empire of Brazil 1825–1827 Bertioga.png Captured by the Argentines in the Battle of Juncal.
Abaeté Schooner Empire of Brazil 1839–1841 Belém by Spix & Martius excerto.jpg Was part of the naval force which operated against Cabanagem.
Dom Afonso Frigate  United Kingdom 1848–1853 Steamship dom Afonso.jpg Was fleet flagship during Battle of The Tonelero Pass in Platine War
Sank in 1853.
Recife Corvette Empire of Brazil 1850–1880 Brazilian Steam Frigate LOC 04253u.jpg Was flagship of a fleet during Battle of The Tonelero Pass in Platine War.
Frigate Amazonas Frigate  United Kingdom 1852–1897 Fragata a Vapor Amazonas.jpg Relevant participation in Paraguayan War
Was seriously damaged during Naval Revolt in 1897.
Corvette Parnahyba Corvette  France 1858–1868 Parnahyba-1858-1865.jpg Participation in Uruguayan War and Paraguayan War. Special participation in Siege of Paysandú.
Ironclad Brasil Ironclad warship Empire of Brazil 1865–1890 Brazilian ironclad Brasil.jpg Participation in Paraguayan War. Was damaged in Battle of Curuzu.
Ironclad Tamandaré Ironclad warship Empire of Brazil 1865–1879 Brazilian ironclad tamandare.jpg Participation in Paraguayan War. Was damaged in Battle of Curupayty.
Ironclad Barroso Ironclad warship Empire of Brazil 1866–1882 Buque Barroso (1865).jpg Participation in Paraguayan War.
Ironclad Rio de Janeiro Ironclad warship Empire of Brazil 1865–1866 Naval Warfare in Paraguay. Destruction of a Brazilian Gunboat by a torpedo.jpg Participation in Paraguayan War. Sank after hitting two mines in Battle of Curupayty.
Ironclad Colombo Ironclad warship  United Kingdom 1865–1880 Colombo1865.jpg Participation in Paraguayan War. Bombarded Fort Humaitá in Siege of Humaitá.
Ironclad Lima Barros Ironclad warship Empire of Brazil 1866–1905 Lima Barros (1865).jpg Participation in Paraguayan War.
Ironclad Silvado Ironclad warship Empire of Brazil 1866–1880 Participation in Paraguayan War.
Monitor Bahia Monitor (warship)  United Kingdom 1866–1882 Br Bahia (1865).JPG Participation in Paraguayan War.
Pará-class monitor Monitor (warship) Empire of Brazil 1866–1884
2-Rio Grande
6-Santa Catharina
Para monitor-Color.jpg Participation in Paraguayan War.
Battleship Riachuelo Battleship  United Kingdom 1883–1910 Riachuelo LOC det.4a15955.jpg Participation in Naval Revolt.
Battleship Aquidabã Battleship  United Kingdom 1885–1906 Aquidaba LOC det 4a04853.jpg Participation in Naval Revolt. Was damaged by torpedoes in naval battle of Anhatomirim, Santa Catarina
Sank in 1906.
Cruiser Almirante Barroso Cruiser Empire of Brazil 1884–1893 Cruzador Almirante Barroso 2.jpg Sank in 1893 during circumnavigation voyage.
Battleship Sete de Setembro Battleship Empire of Brazil 1874–1893 Encouraçado Sete de Setembro Marinha do Brasil.jpg Participation in Naval Revolt. Sunk in combat in 1893.

Republic Navy[edit]

Class Type Origin In Service Per unit (Name) Photo Note
Tamandaré class Protected Cruiser  Brazil 1890–1915 Tamandaré Cruzador Protegido Tamandaré (SDM).jpg Participation in Naval Revolt.
Republic class Protected Cruiser  United Kingdom 1892–1922 Republica Republica, Brazil (15054983395).jpg Participation in Naval Revolt. During the conflict sank the gunboat Cananéia.
Gustavo Sampaio class Destroyer  United Kingdom 1894-1912 Gustavo Sampaio Caça-Torpedeiro Gustavo Sampaio.png Participation in Naval Revolt. During the Naval Battle Anhatomirim fired four torpedoes, one of which put out of action the Battleship Aquidabã.
Itas-class Cargo Ship  United Kingdom 1898-1915 Comandante Freitas Vapor de Guerra Comandante Freitas.jpg
Barroso-class Protected Cruiser  United Kingdom 1896-1931 C1 Barroso Barroso 1896.jpg
Deodoro-class Coastal Defence Battleship  France 1898-1924
Deodoro (1898).jpg
Tupy-class Torpedo boat German Empire 1897-1915
Acre-class Gunboat  United Kingdom 1906-1921 1-Acre
Canhoneira fluvial amapa.jpg
Pará class Destroyer  Brazil 1908-1944 CT-2 Pará
CT-3 Piaui
CT-1 Amazonas
CT-10 Mato Grosso
CT-4 Rio Grande do Norte
CT-5 Paraiba
CT-6 Alagoas
CT-9 Santa Catarina
CT-8 Parana
CT-7 Sergipe
Rio Grande do Norte (CT-4).jpg Participation in World War I and World War II.
Bahia class Scout cruiser  United Kingdom 1909-1945 C 12 Bahia Brazilian cruiser Bahia 2.JPG Participation in World War I and World War II. Sunk in 1945.
Bahia class Scout cruiser  United Kingdom 1909-1948 C 11 Rio Grande do Sul Brazilian cruiser Rio Grande do Sul 1.jpg Participation in World War I and World War II.
Battleship Minas Geraes Battleship  United Kingdom 1910-1952 Minas Gerais E Minas Geraes 1910 altered.jpg Participation in World War I and World War II.
Battleship São Paulo Battleship  United Kingdom 1910-1947 São Paulo Brazilian battleship São Paulo trials.jpg Participation in World War I and World War II.
Laurindo Pitta class Tugboat  United Kingdom 1910-1998 Laurindo Pitta RbAM Laurindo Pitta.jpg Participation in World War I and World War II.
Tupy class Submarine  Italy 1927-1951 S11 Tupy
S12 Tymbira
S13 Tamoyo
Italian Submarine Domenico Millelire.jpg Participation in World War II.
Vital de Oliveira Auxiliary ship  Brazil 1931-1944 Vital de Oliveira NHi Vital de Oliveira.jpg Participation in World War II. Sunk in 1944, torpedoed by a German submarine.
Barreto de Menezes Class Light corvette  Brazil 1942-1959 F1 Fernandes Vieira
F2 Felipe Camarão
F3 Henrique Dias
F4 Matias e Albuquerque
F5 Barreto de Menezes
F6 Vidal de Negreiros
Participation in World War II.
Orizaba class Auxiliary ship  United States 1945-1959 U11 Duque de Caxias USS Orizaba (AP-24).jpg Participation in World War II.
Carioca-class corvette Corvette  Brazil 1938-1990
C1 Carioca
C2 Cananéia
C3 Camocim
C4 Cabedelo
C5 Caravelas
C6 Camaquã
NM Cabedelo (C-4).jpg Participation in World War II. Camaquã sunk in 1944.
Mettawee-class gasoline tanker Tank ship  United States 1944-1970
G18 Rijo
G19 Raza
USS Mettawee;09201701.jpg Participation in World War II.
Monitor Paraguassú River monitor  Brazil 1940–1971 P1 Paraguassú
P2 Pernanbuco
Monitor Fluvial Paraguassú (P-2).jpg Participation in World War II. During the 2nd World War, static harbour defense at anchor at the port of Salvador-BA.
PC-461-class Submarine chaser  United States 1942–1958 G1 Guaporé
G2 Gurupi
G3 Guaíba
G4 Guarupá
G5 Guajará
G6 Goiânia
G7 Grajaú
G8 Graúna
Uss pc-815 1.jpg Participation in World War II.
Bertioga-class destroyer Destroyer  United States 1944-1972 D16 Babitonga
D17 Baependi
D18 Bauru
D19 Beberibe
D20 Benevente
D21 Bertioga
D22 Bocaina
D23 Bracuí
CTE Bocaina (D-22).JPG Participation in World War II.
Gato class Submarine  United States 1957-1968 S14 Humaitá
S15 Riachuelo
USS Gato;0821201.jpg
Acre class Destroyer  Brazil 1949-1974 D10 Acre
D11 Ajuricaba
D12 Amazonas
D13 Apa
D14 Araguarí
D15 Araguaya
CT Acre (D-10).jpg
Aircraft carrier Minas Gerais Aircraft carrier  United Kingdom 1960-2001 A11 Minas Gerais Minas Gerais DN-SN-97-01755.jpg Fleet flaship during the Lobster War.
YMS-1-class minesweeper Minesweepers  United States 1960-1982 M11 Javarí
M12 Jutaí
M13 Juruá
M14 Jurena
Aristaeus class Auxiliary ship  United States 1962-1997 G24 Belmonte Helios ARB-12.jpg
Mato Grosso-class destroyers Destroyer  United States 1973-1996 D36 Alagoas
D35 Sergipe
D34 Mato Grosso
D37 Rio Grande do Norte
D38 Espirito Santo
Allen m sumner-2.jpg
Guppy II class Submarine  United States 1973-1993 S10 Guanabara
S11 Rio Grande do Sul
S12 Bahia
S13 Rio de Janeiro
S14 Ceará
S15 Goiás
S16 Amazonas
USS Greenfish;0835105.jpg
Cruiser Barroso Light cruiser  United States 1951–1973 C11 Barroso C Barroso (C-11).jpg Participation in Lobster War.
Cruiser Tamandare Light cruiser  United States 1951–1976 C12 Tamandaré CRUZADOR LIGERO CLASSE BROOKLYN BARROSO.jpg Participation in Lobster War.
Marcílio Dias-class destroyers Destroyer  United States 1973-1997 D25 Marcílio Dias
D26 Mariz e Barros
Oberon class Submarine  United Kingdom 1973-1996 S20 Humaitá
S22 Riachuelo
S21 Tonelero
S Riachuelo (S-22).jpg
Penguin class Auxiliary ship  United States 1973-1996 K10 Gastão Moutinho USS Skylark (ASR-20) underway c1950.jpg
De Soto County class Auxiliary ship  United States 1973-2000 G26 Duque de Caxias USS Suffolk County (LST-1173) underway c1965.jpg
Garcia class Destroyer  United States 1989-2004 D27 Pará
D28 Paraiba
D29 Parana
D30 Pernambuco
CT Paraíba - D 28 manobra.jpg
Imperial Marinheiro class Corvette  Netherlands 1955-2005 V15 Imperial Marinheiro
V16 Iguatemi
V17 Ipiranga
V18 Forte Coimbra
V20 Angostura
V21 Bahiana
V22 Mearim
V23 Purus
V24 Solimões
Cv Solimões (V-24).jpg
Custódio de Mello class Auxiliary ship  Brazil/ Japan 1957-2009 G15 Custódio de Mello
G16 Barroso Pereira
G21 Ary Parreiras
G22 Soares Dutra
NTrT Ary Parreira (G-21).jpg
Type 22 frigate Frigate  United Kingdom 1996-2004
F47 Dodsworth
F48 Bosísio
F Dodsworth - F 47.jpg
Ceará class Auxiliary ship  United States 1990-2012
BNS G31 Rio de Janeiro
BNS G30 Ceará
Navio de Desembarque-Doca Rio de Janeiro.jpg
Inhaúma class Corvette  Brazil 2016 V33 Frontin Cv Frotin (V-33).jpg
Marajó class Tanker  Brazil G27 NT ''Marajó'' NT Marajó (G-27).jpg

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