List of active Royal Danish Navy ships

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Iver Huitfeldt class frigate Air defence Frigate

This is a list of the active vessels of the Royal Danish Navy.


Class Type Number
of ships
Builder Origin Displacement
Notes Photo
Iver Huitfeldt-class frigate Air defence frigate 3 Odense Staalskibsværft  Denmark 6,645 28 IVER 001.jpg
Absalon-class command and support ship Combat support ship, frigate-type 2 Odense Staalskibsværft  Denmark 6,600 24 L16 HDMS Absalon - 20070902.jpg
Thetis class Frigate[1] 4 Svendborg Skibsværft  Denmark 3,500 22 RDN F357 Thetis.jpg
Knud Rasmussen-class ocean patrol crafts Patrol vessel 2 (3 planned) Karstensens Skibsværft  Denmark 1,720 17 P570 Knud Rasmussen.jpg
Sea Supply class environmental protection vessel Environmental recovery vessels 2 Ørskov Christensen Stålskibsværft A/S  Denmark 1,660 12 HDMS Gunnar Thorson A560.jpg
Diana-class patrol vessel Patrol vessel 6 Faaborg Værft A/S Karlskrona Varvet  Denmark 246 25 DIANA P520 01.jpg

1st Squadron[edit]

Division 11[edit]

Division 13[edit]

Freja (P521)

Division 14[edit]

  • Svanen-class sail training ships
    • HDMS Svanen (Y101)
    • HDMS Thyra (Y102)
  • Holm class vessels:
    • HDMS Ertholm (A543)
    • HDMS Alholm (A544)

Division 15[edit]

Danbjørn (A551), Thorbjørn (A553) and Isbjørn (A552)

Division 16[edit]

Gunnar Thorson (A560)
Gunnar Thorson-class

Division 17[edit]

Division 19[edit]

Knud Rasmussen (P570)
Knud Ramussen-class

Has replaced two of the three Agdlek class cutters.

Outside divisions[edit]

Birkholm (A541)
Royal yacht Dannebrog

2nd Squadron[edit]

Division 21[edit]

Division 22[edit]

MCM Denmark[edit]

MCM Denmark is a container based mine countermeasures concept, which can be deployed on Absalon-, Thetis-, Sea Supply-, Knud Rasmussen- class, HDMS Sleipner, chartered ships with container positions or ordinary trucks.[4][5]

  • Holm class multirole boats (fitted for remote controlled mine sweeping):
    • HDMS Hirsholm (MSD5)
    • HDMS Saltholm (MSD6)
  • MSF-class drone minehunters
    • HDMS MSF1
    • HDMS MSF2
    • HDMS MSF3
    • HDMS MSF4
  • MRD-class drone minehunters
    • HDMS MRD1 (Laid up at the Danish Navy's depot at Jerup)
    • HDMS MRD2 (Laid up at the Danish Navy's depot at Jerup)
    • HDMS MRD3 (Laid up at Naval Base Frederikshavn)
    • HDMS MRD4 (In service as a tender at Naval Base Korsør)
    • HDMS MRD5 (Laid up at the Danish Navy's depot at Jerup)
    • HDMS MRD6 (Laid up at the Danish Navy's depot at Jerup)[6][7]

Vessels not organised in the squadrons[edit]

LCP2 (SB90E) in its hoist on Absalon (L16)
  • Storebro SB90E:
    • 4 LCP, Landing Craft Personnel; 10 troops, 4 stretchers or 2 tonnes of cargo for the Absalon-class
    • 2 SAR, Search and Rescue vessels for the Knud Rasmussen-class
  • VTS-class fast response vessels:
    • HDMS VTS-1
    • HDMS VTS-4
  • MHV90 class patrol boats
    • HDMS Lunden (Y343)
  • Arvak class station tenders
    • HDMS Arvak (Y344),
    • HDMS Alsin (Y345)

Plus a variety of RHIBs, smaller vessels as well as several Ro/Ro-vessels on a permanent charter.

Naval Home Guard[edit]

Though not a part of the Royal Danish Navy, Naval Home Guard vessels support the Danish Navy in a number of tasks.

Fænø (MHV906)
  • MHV800 class patrol boats
    • Aldebaran (MHV801)
    • Carina (MHV802)
    • Aries (MHV803)
    • Andromeda (MHV804)
    • Gemini (MHV805)
    • Dubhe (MHV806)
    • Jupiter (MHV807)
    • Lyra (MHV808)
    • Antares (MHV809)
    • Luna (MHV810)
    • Apollo (MHV811)
    • Hercules (MHV812)
    • Baunen (MHV813)
    • Budstikken (MHV814)
    • Kureren (MHV815)
    • Patrioten (MHV816)
    • Partisan (MHV817)
    • Sabotøren (MHV851) (ex-MHV818, hull extended to the size of MHV900 class and the pennantnumber changed to reflect this)
  • MHV900 class patrol boats,
    • Enø (MHV901)
    • Manø (MHV902)
    • Hjortø (MHV903)
    • Lyø (MHV904)
    • Askø (MHV905)
    • Fænø (MHV906)
    • Hvidsteen (MHV907)
    • Brigaden (MHV908)
    • Speditøren (MHV909)
    • Ringen (MHV910)
    • Bopa (MHV911)
    • Holger Danske (MHV912)

Notable Historical Vessels[edit]

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