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This is a list of ships of the Philippine Navy, including present and future ones. For the list of retired naval ships see List of decommissioned ships of the Philippine Navy.

Current Ships[edit]

Class Photo Type Ships Origin Note
Frigates (4 in service)
Gregorio del Pilar class BRP Gregorio del Pilar Frigate BRP Gregorio del Pilar
BRP Ramon Alcaraz
BRP Andres Bonifacio
 United States Ex-US Coast Guard Hamilton-class cutters.
Datu Kalantiaw class BRP Rajah Humabon Frigate BRP Rajah Humabon  United States ex-USN Cannon-class destroyer escort
Corvettes (11 in service)
Emilio Jacinto class BRP Apolinario Mabini Corvette BRP Emilio Jacinto
BRP Apolinario Mabini
BRP Artemio Ricarte
 United Kingdom ex-Royal Navy Peacock-class corvettes
Rizal class BRP Rizal Corvette BRP Quezon
BRP Rizal
 United States ex-USN Auk-class minesweepers
Miguel Malvar class BRP Cebu Corvette BRP Miguel Malvar
BRP Magat Salamat
BRP Sultan Kudarat
BRP Cebu
BRP Pangasinan
BRP Iloilo
 United States ex-USN Admirable-class minesweeper, and PCE-842-class patrol craft and PCE(R)-848-class patrol craft.
Patrol craft (36 in service)
Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo class Inshore patrol vessel BRP Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo
General Mariano Alvarez class BRP General Mariano Alvarez Inshore patrol vessel BRP General Mariano Alvarez  United States ex-USN Cyclone-class patrol ship
Jose Andrada class BRP Juan Magluyan Coastal patrol craft BRP Jose Andrada
BRP Enrique Jurado
BRP Alfredo Peckson
BRP Simeon Castro
BRP Carlos Albert
BRP Heracleo Alano
BRP Liberato Picar
BRP Hilario Ruiz
BRP Rafael Pargas
BRP Nestor Reinoso
BRP Dioscoro Papa
BRP Ismael Lomibao
BRP Leovigildo Gantioqui (PG-384)
BRP Federico Martir (PG-385)
BRP Filipino Flojo
BRP Anastacio Cacayorin (PG-387)
BRP Manuel Gomez
BRP Teotimo Figoracion (PG-389)
BRP Jose Loor Sr.
BRP Juan Magluyan
BRP Florencio Inigo (PG-393)
BRP Felix Apolinario
 United States &
Kagitingan class BRP Bagong Silang (PG-104) Coastal patrol craft BRP Bagong Lakas (PG-102)
BRP Bagong Silang (PG-104)
Tomas Batillo class BRP Salvador Abcede (PG-114) Fast attack craft BRP Boni Serrano
BRP Bienvenido Salting
BRP Salvador Abcede
BRP Nicolas Mahusay
BRP Dionisio Ojeda
BRP Emilio Liwanag
 South Korea ex-ROKN Chamsuri-class patrol boats. BRP Tomas Batillo was decommissioned in 2003 while BRP Ramon Aguirre never entered service.
Conrado Yap class BRP Leopoldo Regis(PG-847) Fast attack craft BRP Teodorico Dominado Jr (PG-842)[1]
BRP Leopoldo Regis (PG-847)
 South Korea ex-ROKN Haksaeng class patrol boats
Alberto Navarette class BRP Abraham Campo (PG-396) Coastal patrol craft BRP Alberto Navarette
BRP Abraham Campo (PG-396)
 United States ex-US Coast Guard Point-class cutters
Amphibious landing ship (15 in service)
Tarlac class BRP Tarlac Landing platform dock BRP Tarlac  Indonesia 2 ships ordered from PT PAL, based on Makassar/Banjarmasin-class LPD.[2] BRP Tarlac commissioned, LD-602 under construction.[3]
Bacolod City class BRP Dagupan City Logistics support vessel BRP Bacolod City
BRP Dagupan City
 United States These ships were based on a helicopter capable variant General Frank S. Besson-class Logistics Support Vessel of the United States Army.
LST-1/542 class RPS Cagayan Landing ship, tank BRP Laguna (LT-501)
BRP Benguet (LT-507)
 United States ex-USN LST-1 class and LST-542 class-tank landing ships. The last 2 LST-1/542 of Philippine Navy.
Tagbanua class BRP TAGBANUA (AT-296).jpg Large landing craft utility BRP Tagbanua  Philippines BRP Tagbanua is the largest Philippine-made naval vessel launched to date. Size is similar to the Landing Craft Heavy although it was classified as an LCU.
Manobo class BRP Manobo (AT-297) new.jpg Landing craft utility BRP Manobo (AT-297)  Philippines BRP Manobo is a new ship, replacing an original Mk. 6 LCU with the same hull number and name although the design is different.
Ivatan class BRP Batak and BRP Ivatan.jpg Landing craft heavy BRP Ivatan
BRP Batak
BRP Waray
BRP Iwak
BRP Agta
 Australia Former RAN Balikpapan-class ships.[4][5]
LCU Mk.6 class BRP TAUSUG.jpg Landing craft utility BRP Subanon (AT-291)
BRP Bagobo (AT-293)
BRP Tausug (AT-295)
 United States Former US Mk. 6 LCU.
Auxiliary ships (10 in service)
Ang Pangulo class BRP Ang Pangulo Presidential yacht BRP Ang Pangulo  Japan
Lake Mainit class Fuel tanker BRP Lake Buhi (AF-78)  United States
Lake Buluan class Water tanker BRP Lake Buluan (AW-33)  United States similar to Lake Mainit class
Design 381 class BRP Mangyan (AS-71) Coastal freighter BRP Mangyan  United States ex-US Army and ex-USN FS-524
BRP Lake Caliraya Replenishment tanker BRP Lake Caliraya  China ex-MT Lapu-Lapu, MT Jose Rizal, and MT Emilio Jacinto, respectively were former oil tankers from the Philippine National Oil Corporation.[6] 2 more undergoing refurbishing prior to commissioning.
R/V Melville Research vessel BRP Gregorio Velasquez (AGR-702)  United States former R/V Melville, promised by US Pres. Barack Obama to the Philippine Navy in November 2015. Arriving in mid-2016.
BRP Fort Abad.jpg Survey vessel BRP Fort San Antonio (AM-700)
BRP Fort Abad (AM-701)
YTL-442 class Small harbor tug BRP Igorot (YQ-222)
BRP Tasaday (YQ-226)
 United States ex-US YTL-572 small harbor tug
ex-US YTL-425 small harbor tug[8]
Minor Surface Assets
Multi-Purpose Attack Craft Mk. 2 Navy-drill-3-660x440.jpg Assault crafts BA-485
Multi-Purpose Attack Craft Mk. 1 Philippine Navy Multi-Purpose Attack Craft.jpg Assault crafts BA-482
US Swift class Patrol boats 29  United States [9]
De Havilland 9209-class patrol craft DF-323 Side View.JPG Patrol boats DF-323  Australia [10]
Riverine utility craft Utility craft VU-102
Unknown [11]
Small Landing Craft Utility LC-601-1
 Indonesia Integral LCU of the BRP Tarlac (LD-601).
Rigid-hulled inflatable boats Patrol boats unknown Numerous numbers from different sources and in different sizes
Miscellaneous Surface Assets
Floating Crane (ex-US 60-ton capacity) YU-207.jpg Crane vessel YU-207  United States Built by Todd Shipyards in Seattle Washington, 140 feet 1,407 t derrick barge built for US Navy in 1952 as YD-191 and sold 1980 to PN[12][13]

Future Ships[edit]

Class Photo Type Ships Origin Note
Modified HDF-3000 design Frigate Unnamed
 South Korea New frigate project, awarded to Hyundai Heavy Industries on October 24, 2016, scheduled for delivery starting 2019.[14]
Pohang class 2007년12월3일-함정기동 (7193822678).jpg Corvette Unnamed  South Korea The former ROKS Mokpo (PCC-759), still pending transfer to the Philippine Navy[15]
Tarlac class LD-602 commissioning.jpg Landing platform dock BRP Davao del Sur  Indonesia BRP Davao del Sur launched, scheduled for delivery by 2017.[2][3]
Mulgae class Landing craft utility Unnamed  South Korea Former ROKN LCU-78, delivered in June 2015. Will undergo refurbishing and repair before commissioned to the Philippine Navy.[16]
Replenishment tanker BRP Lake Danao (AT-82)
BRP "Tanker 3"
 China ex-MT Jose Rizal and ex-MT Emilio Jacinto, respectively were former oil tankers from the Philippine National Oil Corporation.[6][17] Tanker 2 is to become BRP Lake Danao (AT-82), Tanker 3 still unnamed, both undergoing refurbishing prior to formal commissioning.
Multi-Purpose Attack Craft Mk. 3 Missile assault crafts Unnamed
 Philippines 3 awarded to Propmech Corporation to build the boats and are currently under construction, while Rafael Advanced Systems was awarded to supply weapons systems.[18]
Small Landing Craft Utility LC-602-1
 Indonesia Integral LCU of BRP Davao del Sur (LD-602). To be delivered and commissioned together with LD-602

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