List of shipwrecks in 1941

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The list of shipwrecks in 1941 includes all ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during 1941.

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Unknown date[edit]

List of shipwrecks: Unknown date 1941
Ship Country Description
A 6  Royal Hellenic Navy The A 1-class contraband chaser was lost sometime in May or June.[citation needed]
Atlas  Germany World War II: The cargo ship was sunk at Emden in a Royal Air Force air raid. She was subsequently refloated.[1]
Consul Hintz  Germany The cargo ship was crushed against the quayside at Wilhelmshaven. She was consequently scrapped.[2]
Corvan or
Flag unknown The cargo ship ran aground on Sow and Pigs Reef in Buzzards Bay off the coast of Massachusetts, United States. She drifted off the reef and sank in 100 feet (30 m) of water 12 nautical mile (1,000 yd) west north west of the flashing bell buoy northwest of Penikese Island at either 41°28′12″N 070°58′03″W / 41.47000°N 70.96750°W / 41.47000; -70.96750 (Corvan or Corvin) or 41°28′00″N 070°57′20″W / 41.46667°N 70.95556°W / 41.46667; -70.95556 (Corvan or Corvin) on an unknown date sometime before the American entry into World War II.[3][4][5]
Frode  Norway The cargo ship aught fire and was beached at Loshnell Bay, Oban, Argyllshire, United Kingdom. She was refloated in July 1941, repaired and returned to service.[6]
Guglielmo Marconi  Regia Marina World War II: The submarine failed to return from a patrol. She was lost between 28 October and 4 December.[7][8]
Kalev  Soviet Navy World War II: The Kalev-class submarine was listed as missing after 29 October 1941. One source claims she struck a mine and sank in the Baltic Sea off Hanko, Finland, on 1 November 1941.[9]
HMS LCM 82, and
 Royal Navy The Landing Craft, Mechanized were lost sometime in August or September.[citation needed]
HMS LCP(L) 24,
HMS LCP(L) 25,
HMS LCP(L) 26,
HMS LCP(L) 27,
HMS LCP(L) 38, and
 Royal Navy The Landing Craft Personnel (Large) were lost sometime in 1941.
HMS LCT 1  Royal Navy World War II: The LCT-1-class Landing Craft, Tank was bombed and sunk off Piraeus, Greece sometime in April or May.[10][11]
HMS LCT 6  Royal Navy World War II: The LCT-1-class Landing Craft, Tank was scuttled off the south coast of Crete, Greece sometime in April or May.[12]
HMS LCT 19  Royal Navy World War II: The LCT-1-class Landing Craft, Tank was lost in the Aegean Sea sometime in April or May.[13]
HMS LCT 20  Royal Navy World War II: The LCT-1-class Landing Craft, Tank was bombed and sunk off Crete sometime in April or May.[14]
Lina B  United States The purse seiner collided with Charles L. Wheeler Jr. ( United States) in fog in the Pacific Ocean near the Farallon Islands off the coast of California. The collision ripped a hole in Lina B.'s bow and disabled her steering gear.[15]
Santiago  United States The fuel oil storage barge – a converted barque – began leaking and was beached in Monashka Bay (57°50′N 152°25′W / 57.833°N 152.417°W / 57.833; -152.417 (Monashka Bay)) on the coast of Kodiak Island near Kodiak, Territory of Alaska.[16]
Shch-319  Soviet Navy World War II: The Shchuka-class submarine was lost after 29 September.[9][17]
Templar  United States The motorboat was wrecked in Kuskokwim Bay in the Territory of Alaska.[18]
HMS Triumph  Royal Navy World War II: The T-class submarine disappeared sometime between 30 December 1941 and 9 January 1942 with the loss of all 59 crew. She possibly struck a mine and sank in the Mediterranean Sea.[19]


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