List of shipwrecks in 1942

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The list of shipwrecks in 1942 includes all ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during 1942.

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Unknown date[edit]

List of shipwrecks: Unknown date 1942
Ship Country Description
Boschdijk  Kriegsmarine World War II: The target ship was sunk.[1]
LAS 21  Spanish Navy The DAR 1-class anti-submarine motor launch was lost sometime in 1942.[citation needed]
Norman H. Davis  United States The dredger was destroyed by fire at Key West, Florida.[2]
HMT Senateur Duhamel  Royal Navy The naval trawler collided with USS Semmes ( United States Navy) in the Atlantic Ocean off Cape Lookout, North Carolina, United States and sank on 6 April or 6 May 1942. Survivors were rescued by USS Semmes.[3][4]
Shch-304  Soviet Navy World War II: The Shchuka-class submarine struck a mine and sank in the Baltic Sea sometime after 29 October.[5]
Sisunthon Nawa  United Kingdom The cargo ship was reported missing in early 1942. Presumed captured or sunk by the Japanese.[6]
Trabajador  United States Navy The tug was sunk, probably by Japanese artillery, off Corregidor, Philippines. She was salvaged post-war and served under the name Resolute into the late 1970s.
HMS Triumph  Royal Navy World War II: The T-class submarine disappeared sometime between 30 December 1941 and 9 January 1942 with the loss of all 59 crew. She possibly struck a mine and sank in the Mediterranean Sea.[7]
Unnamed  United States The barge foundered in the Gulf of Mexico (30°00′N 87°21′W / 30.000°N 87.350°W / 30.000; -87.350) southwest of Pensacola, Florida.[8]


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