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The list of shipwrecks in 1993 includes all ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during 1993.

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5 January[edit]

List of shipwrecks: 5 January 1993
Ship Country Description
Braer  Liberia The tanker ran aground off the Shetland Islands and sank. All 34 crew were rescued by helicopter.

14 January[edit]

List of shipwrecks: 14 January 1993
Ship Country Description
Jan Heweliusz  Poland The ferry sank in the Baltic Sea off Cape Arcona, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany with the loss of 55 of the 64 people on board.

21 January[edit]

List of shipwrecks: 21 January 1993
Ship Country Description
Maersk Navigator  Singapore The tanker collided with Sanko Honour ( Singapore) in the Strait of Malacca 60 nautical miles (110 km) off Sumatra, Indonesia. She caught fire and was abandoned by her 24 crew. who were rescued by DSR Atlantic ( Germany). Sanko Honour also caught fire, but that fire was quickly extinguished.[1]


12 February[edit]

List of shipwrecks: 12 February 1993
Ship Country Description
Jimmy  Malta The tanker ran aground at Bandar Abbas, Iran. Refloated 20 February and returned to service.[2]

18 February[edit]

List of shipwrecks: 18 February 1993
Ship Country Description
Neptune  Haiti The ferry sank in the Canal du Sun on a voyage from Port au Prince to Jérémie. There were 285 survivors of the 1,500 on board.[3][4]

28 February[edit]

List of shipwrecks: 28 February 1993
Ship Country Description
Freja Svea  Bahamas The tanker ran aground at Redcar, Cleveland, United Kingdom. All 21 crew were rescued by a Royal Air Force Sea King helicopter and The Scout (Flag of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.svg Royal National Lifeboat Institution).[5]


14 March[edit]

List of shipwrecks: 14 March 1993
Ship Country Description
Gold Bond Conveyor  Liberia 1993 Storm of the Century: The cargo ship foundered in the Atlantic Ocean 60 nautical miles (110 km) off Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia, Canada with the loss of all 33 crew.[6]


12 April[edit]

List of shipwrecks: 12 April 1993
Ship Country Description
Vishva Mohini  India The cargo ship sank in the Bay of Biscay off the northern coast of Spain with the loss of 31 of the 47 people on board[7][8]


3 June[edit]

List of shipwrecks: 3 June 1993
Ship Country Description
British Trent  Bermuda The tanker collided with Western Winner ( Panama) and caught fire with the loss of nine of her 34 crew. The fire was extinguished but British Trent was declared a constructive total loss and consequently scrapped.[9]

5 June[edit]

List of shipwrecks: 5 June 1993
Ship Country Description
USS Salmon  United States Navy The decommissioned Sailfish-class submarine was sunk in the Atlantic Ocean off Long Island, New York, near Hudson Canyon for use as a bottom sonar target.

11 June[edit]

List of shipwrecks: 11 June 1993
Ship Country Description
HMS Charybdis  Royal Navy The Leander-class frigate was sunk as a target.
Saratoga  United States The 51-foot (16 m) longline halibut-fishing vessel sank near Yakutat, Alaska, after her load shifted, causing her to flood. Her crew of five survived.[10]


27 July[edit]

List of shipwrecks: 27 July 1993
Ship Country Description
West Wind  United States The 152-foot (46 m) tender flooded and sank in Orca Bay off the coast of Alaska. All four people on board survived.[11]



List of shipwrecks: Unknown August 1993
Ship Country Description
Unknown Sri Lankan patrol boat  Sri Lanka Navy Sri Lankan Civil War: The Super Dvora-class patrol boat was sunk by LTTE on 18 or 29 August.[12]


9 September[edit]

List of shipwrecks: 9 September 1993
Ship Country Description
Cape Strait Ensign of the United States Coast Guard United States Coast Guard The Cape-class cutter was sunk as an artificial reef off Cape May, New Jersey.


10 October[edit]

List of shipwrecks: 10 October 1993
Ship Country Description
Seohae  South Korea The ferry sank in the Yellow Sea near Wido, Buan County, North Jeolla Province, South Korea, killing 292 of her 362 passengers and crew.

20 October[edit]

List of shipwrecks: 20 October 1993
Ship Country Description
OMI Charger  United States The tanker suffered an onboard fire at Galveston, Texas following a welding operation. She exploded and sank. Three crew were killed and the ship was consequently declared a constructive total loss.


18 November[edit]

List of shipwrecks: 18 November 1993
Ship Country Description
Borodinskoje Polye  Russia The factory ship ran aground north of Lerwick, Shetland Islands. All 73 crew were rescued.[13]


9 December[edit]

List of shipwrecks: 9 December 1993
Ship Country Description
Grape One  Malta The chemical tanker sank in the English Channel off Start Point, Devon, United Kingdom. All fifteen crew were rescued by a Royal Navy helicopter.[14]


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