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This is a list of shipwrecks of Oregon. The location is the nearest modern community or primary landmark.

North coast[edit]

Name Date Vessel Type Location Notes
Santo Cristo de Burgos 1693 galleon Nehalem The Spanish galleon Santo Cristo de Burgos wrecked on Nehalem Spit en route from Manila to Acapulco, loaded with a cargo of beeswax. The existence of the wreck was recorded in native oral history, with descendants of survivors including Chief Kilchis. It the earliest known shipwreck in the Pacific Northwest.[1][2][3]
SS General Warren 30 Jan 1852 steamship Tillamook Head Grounded on Clatsop Spit and wrecked in heavy seas
Detroit 25 Dec 1855 brig Tillamook Head Bumped ground putting out of the Columbia River. Crew abandoned ship after she took on 7 feet (210 cm) of water. Ship drifted south and ran aground at Tillamook Head.
Brant 00 Jan 1862 schooner Tillamook Refloated.
Millie Bond c. 13 Nov 1871 schooner Barview Wrecked on sand spit near Tillamook Bar. Refloated.[4]
Lupatia c. 3 Jan 1881 barque Tillamook Rock All 16 humans on board died; the only survivor was the ship's dog.[5][6]
Kate L. Heron 27 Apr 1881 schooner Barview Wrecked on Tillamook Bar. Parts washed up at Nehalem.
Pilots Bride 1 Aug 1881 sloop Pacific City Stranded on Nestucca Bar.
Carmarthen Castle 2 Dec 1886 barque Pacific City Ran aground in Nestucca Bay.
Queen of the Bay 11 Nov 1887 schooner Nehalem Wrecked at the mouth of the Nehalem River.
Garcia 12 Dec 1893 schooner Cape Meares Wrecked near Cape Meares Lighthouse.
Occident 12 Mar 1897 steam tug Nehalem Total loss
Lila and Mattie 9 Mar 1900 schooner Barview Wrecked on Tillamook Bar.[7]
Laguna 6 Apr 1900 steamship Barview Went ashore on north spit of Tillamook Bar.[8] Refloated and towed back to San Francisco for repairs, but during a gale abandoned at a point ten miles SWW of Crescent City.[9] Ran aground on July 17 at the Klamath River for a total loss.
Pioneer 17 Dec 1900 schooner Pacific City Remains can still be seen when erosion takes place.
Charles H. Merchant 11 Aug 1902 schooner Manzanita Stranded on Nehalem Spit, refloated and scrapped.
Gem 15 Feb 1904 schooner Barview Ran aground on the beach near the Tillamook Bay north jetty.
Peter Iredale 25 Oct 1906 barque Fort Stevens Remains can still be seen.
Gerald C. 10 May 1907 gas screw Pacific City Wrecked on the north spit at the entrance to Nestucca harbor.
Antelope 30 Sep 1907 schooner Nehalem built 1887 in Benicia, CA for salmon packer. Wrecked at Nehalem River.
Emily Reed 14 Feb 1908 barque Rockaway Loaded with 2,100 tons of coal, the ship ran ashore and broke apart. The captain, his wife and seven crewmen survived, but eight died. Remains are occasionally seen after storms.
Hill 17 Jun 1908 schooner Nehalem Wrecked at Nehalem Bar.
Ida Schnauer 17 Jun 1908 schooner Barview Wrecked on Tillamook Bar. While waiting for tug into harbor, wind shifted and she was pushed ashore for a total loss.
Argo #1 26 Nov 1909 steamship Barview Struck the bar off the entrance to Tillamook Bay and foundered. Two crew and two passengers were drowned. Sister ship, the Argo #2, a river steamer, went down at Dixon Entrance in Alaska.
Vida 28 Apr 1912 gas schooner Barview Lost rudder and broke to pieces on Tillamook Bar.
George R. Vosberg 3 May 1912 steam tug Nehalem Hole punched in hull by underwater rock. The crew attempted to plug the hole with a spare fuel tank. Though the effort was ultimately futile, the crew was rescued.
C.T. Hill 30 Jul 1912 schooner Nehalem Stranded on the south side of the Nehalem Bar. Salvaged.
Mimi 13 Feb 1913 barque Manzanita Ran aground in fog on Nehalem Spit, then capsized in salvage operation, killing 17.
Glenesslin 1 Oct 1913 square rig Neahkahnie Beach Sailed into the rocks at the base of Neahkahnie Mountain, on a clear day. All survived, but rocks penetrated the hull and little was salvaged. A naval court of inquiry ruled the cause was negligence.
Francis H. Leggett 18 Sep 1914 steam schooner Manzanita Lost in a gale due to being overloaded. Two survived, but the 60 who were lost make it the worst maritime disaster in Oregon history. The railroad ties that were its cargo were used for construction in Manzanita when they washed ashore. [10]
Oakland 22 Mar 1916 schooner Manzanita Abandoned at sea. After running ashore, it was refloated and renamed the Mary Hanlon. Ultimately lost off Mendocino, California.
Life-Line 26 May 1923 gas propeller Neahkahnie Beach Foundered off Neahkahnie, washed ashore and covered by sand. Uncovered by a bulldozer in 1949.[11][12]
Venus 4 Nov 1923 gas schooner Pacific City Capsized on Nestucca Bar. Captain Adolph Kangiser and his engineer made a swim for shore. The captain felt something tug him down. Kicking hard he managed to free himself. Upon reaching shore, he found part of his boot missing, though he himself was not injured.[13] The marks on the boots indicated a shark, making him the first shark attack victim in Oregon history.[citation needed]
Phoenix 5 Nov 1923 gas schooner Barview Capsized on Tillamook Bar. Four died.[14]
Sea Island 7 Feb 1932 Tillamook Rum-Runner.
Tyee 6 Dec 1940 tugboat Barview Foundered off Tillamook Bar. The engine was ripped out, saving the crew by lightening the ship.

Central coast[edit]

Name Date Wrecked Vessel Type Location Notes
Samuel Roberts 06 Aug 1850 schooner Reedsport
Bostonian 01 Oct 1850 Reedsport Owned by a man named Gardiner, much of the vessel was salvaged and used in the building of the town of Gardiner, Oregon.
Almira 09 Jan 1852 brig Reedsport
Juliet 00 Mar 1852 Newport
Nassau 22 Jul 1852 schooner Reedsport
Roanoke 02 Feb 1853 brig Reedsport
Joseph Warren 25 Nov 1853 barque Newport
Fawn 21 Nov 1856 brig Florence
Calumet 8 Dec 1856 schooner Siletz Estuary (Nechesne) Wrecked at Siletz River while offloading supplies for Indian Affairs. Captain B. Jennings. [15]
Blanco 00 Jan 1864 brig Lincoln City
Cornelia Terry 13 Oct 1864 schooner Newport Oyster pirate vessel. Sank while being pursued by Annie G. Doyle.
Ork 24 Nov 1864 barque Reedsport
Annie G. Doyle 11 Mar 1865 schooner Newport Ran aground at nearly the same location as the pirate vessel Cornelia Terry, which it had pursued half a year prior.
Enterprise 20 Feb 1873 sternwheeler Reedsport Engines salvaged and installed on the vessel Beaver
John Hunter 00 Jan 1873 Newport No further information.
Meldon 16 Mar 1873 schooner Reedsport
Bobolink 00 Oct 1873 schooner Reedsport Salvaged, but later lost at Mendocino, California.
Sparrow 04 Dec 1875 schooner Reedsport
Lizzie 16 Feb 1876 schooner Newport
Caroline Medeau 05 Apr 1876 schooner Newport
Phil Sheridan 15 Sep 1878 schooner Reedsport Run into by the steamer Ancon.
Olivia Schultze 28 Apr 1880 schooner Florence
Tacoma 29 Jan 1883 steamship Reedsport
Phoebe Fay 16 Apr 1883 schooner Newport
Ona 26 Sep 1883 steam schooner Newport
Beda 17 Mar 1886 steam schooner Yachats
Emma Utter 00 Dec 1886 Florence
Yaquina City 04 Dec 1887 steamship Newport Predecessor of the Yaquina Bay. Lost a year later at the same spot, effectively ruining the vessel owners, the Oregon Development Co.
Yaquina Bay 09 Dec 1888 steamship Newport Originally named Caracas. She was the sister ship of the SS Valencia and successor of the Yaquina Bay. Ran aground near the wreckage of the Yaquina City and was declared a total loss.
Alaskan 13 May 1889 Sidewheeler Depoe Bay While sailing to San Francisco from the Columbia River, the Alaskan ran into bad weather and the river going vessel began to fall apart from the stress off Cape Foulweather.
Fearless 20 Nov 1889 tugboat Reedsport Formerly a brig named the Star of China. Ran aground in 1873, refloated, and converted into a tugboat. Loss not discovered until the next day when debris and one survivor washed ashore. However, he perished before he could reveal the final fate of the Fearless.
Struan 25 Dec 1890 schooner Tillamook Constructed in John Fraser's shipyard on Courtney Bay in Saint John, New Brunswick, in 1877[16][17]
Maggie Ross 08 Dec 1891 steamship Newport
St. Charles 17 May 1892 Depoe Bay
Mary Gilbert 17 Dec 1894 schooner Waldport
Bandorville 21 Nov 1895 steamship Reedsport
Volante 07 Mar 1896 steamship Newport Burned in Yaquina Bay in Newport.
Truckee 18 Nov 1897 steamship Reedsport
Atalanta 17 Nov 1898 clipper Seal Rock Ran into a reef while coasting along the shore.
Nettie Sundberg 28 Dec 1902 schooner Florence
Charles Nelson 00 Nov 1903 steam schooner Florence
Ocean Spray 20 Nov 1903 schooner Florence
Alice Kimball 12 Oct 1904 schooner Florence
Quickstep 24 Nov 1904 barquentine Newport
Bella 25 Nov 1905 schooner
Alpha 03 Feb 1907 schooner Reedsport
Berwick 13 Mar 1908 schooner Florence
J. Marhoffer 22 Apr 1910 steam schooner Depoe Bay Caught fire off Newport, and drifted north, eventually grounding at what is now Boiler Bay. Boiler Bay was named after the discarded boiler from the J. Marhoffer
Wilhelmina 22 Jan 1911 gas schooner Reedsport
Pilgram 00 Jan 1912 sloop Newport
Condor 17 Nov 1912 cargo ship Waldport
Frederick 14 Apr 1914 barge Florence
Hugh Hogan 28 Apr 1914 schooner Florence Refloated and renamed as the Ozmo.
Graywood 02 Oct 1915 steam schooner Reedsport
Anvil 11 Apr 1917 Florence
Washtucna 17 Aug 1922 barge Reedsport
Admiral Nicholson 16 May 1924 steam schooner Reedsport Ran aground while towing the disabled G.C. Lindauer.
G.C. Lindauer 16 May 1924 steam schooner Reedsport Had a history of wrecks prior to final loss at Reedsport. Came loose and lost soon after the towing Admiral Nicholson wrecked.
Yaquina 20 Feb 1935 patrol boat Newport Coast guard patrol boat. Lost while attempting to aid the crew of a barge caught on the Yaquina Bar.
Parker #2 26 Feb 1935 dredge Newport
Dorothy Joan 13 Sep 1945 Newport
Etta Kay 11 Dec 1946 schooner Newport
John Aspin 22 Apr 1948 cargo ship Newport As of 1986, portions of her hull were still visible at low tide.
Helori 21 Dec 1949 oil screw Reedsport
L.H. Coolidge 20 Aug 1951 tugboat Yachats Ran aground at Bandon. While under tow to the Columbia River by the Salvage Chief, she came loose and sank of the coast at Yachats.
Captain Ludvig 25 Jun 1953 Newport
Blue Magpie 19 Nov 1983 cargo ship Newport
New Carissa 04 Feb 1999 cargo ship Waldport Half of the ship. This half was beached before being towed off and sunk by Navy. The other half is at Coos Bay. The ship broke apart at Coos Bay, with the rear portion drifting north.

South coast[edit]

Name Date Wrecked Vessel Type Location Notes
Bandon 00 Jan 0000 steamship Coos Bay Grounded several times before being sold.
Cohansa 00 Jan 0000 Coos Bay No further information.
Echo 00 Jan 0000 sternwheeler Bandon Refloated.
Jackson 00 Jan 0000 Coos Bay No further information.
New World 00 Jan 0000 Coos Bay No further information.
W.L. Hackstaff 00 Aug 1849 schooner Gold Beach Grounded at Rogue River. Survivors marched overland to the Willamette Valley.
Captain Lincoln 30 Dec 1851 schooner Coos Bay Survivors established Camp Castaway.
Anita 00 Jan 1852 barque Port Orford
Chansey 00 May 1854 Coos Bay
Quadratus 00 Jan 1856 schooner Coos Bay
Friendship 00 Jan 1860 barque Sixes River
Baltimore 00 Jan 1861 schooner Coos Bay
Cyclops 00 Jan 1862 schooner Coos Bay
Energy 00 Jan 1862 brig Coos bay One survivor.
Noyo 00 Jan 1868 schooner Coos Bay Burned when her cargo of lime ignited.
D.M. Hall 03 Oct 1868 barque Coos Bay
Alaska 00 Dec 1869 schooner Bandon
Ida D. Rogers 15 Dec 1869 brig Coos Bay
Commodore 00 Jan 1870 steamship Coos Bay
Charles Devans 00 Feb 1870 barque Coos Bay
Occident 3 May 1870 barquentine Bandon
Bunkalation 00 Jul 1870 schooner Cape Blanco
Jenny Thelin 00 Jan 1874 schooner Refloated. Lost for good later at Punta Maria, California.
Laura May 00 Jan 1874 schooner Coos Bay
Northwester 00 Jan 1875 schooner Gold Beach
Mary Schowner 00 Jan 1876 schooner Bandon
Messenger 00 Jan 1876 Sternwheeler Coos Bay
Harriet Rose 28 Jan 1876 schooner Port Orford
Perpetua 24 Oct 1876 brig Coos Bay Foundered in a gale offshore.
Oregonian 16 Jan 1877 schooner Bandon
Esther Colos 21 Oct 1879 schooner Gold Beach
Gussie Telfair 25 Sep 1880 steamship Coos Bay Formerly a Confederate blockade runner named the Gertrude that had been captured.
Victoria 28 Nov 1883 steamship Port Orford / Cape Blanco
Mose 28 Jul 1884 Port Orford
Escort 21 Dec 1886 tugboat Coos Bay Sank in bay when its boiler exploded.
Dawn 03 Feb 1887 scow Coos Bay Drifted for nine days before being towed into Coos Bay. However, abandoned due to the ship being waterlogged.
Ocean King 26 Dec 1887 cargo ship Cape Blanco Destroyed by on board fire.
Julia H. Ray 26 Jan 1889 schooner Coos Bay
Parkersburg 18 Nov 1889 schooner Bandon Ran aground during storm attempting to enter Coquille River.
Rosalind 18 Feb 1890 schooner Gold Beach
Express 08 Sep 1891 steamship Coos bay Destroyed by fire.
General Butler 08 Dec 1891 barque Coos bay / Cape Blanco Started breaking up 100 miles (160 km) offshore. Part of hull drifted north and ran aground at the Yaquina jetty.
Charles W. Wetmore 08 Sep 1892 steamship Coos Bay Previously ran afoul of Columbia Bar after rudder came loose.[18]
Emily 17 Jul 1893 steam schooner Coos Bay Repaired and renamed the Arago. The re-christened Arago sank at the same location.
T.W. Lucas 24 Oct 1894 brig Port Orford
Bawnmore 28 Aug 1895 steamship Bandon
Ella Laurena 18 Dec 1895 schooner Coos Bay Abandoned by crew during a storm. Found ran aground the next day.
Arago 20 Oct 1896 steamboat Coos Bay Struck bar previously in 1891 at same location.
Cyclone 00 Jan 1897 schooner Destroyed by fire prior to launch.
Moro 06 Dec 1897 gas schooner Bandon
Eureka 30 Nov 1899 schooner Bandon
Monterey 19 May 1900 power schooner Coos Bay Salvaged and converted into a whaler.
Baroda 29 Aug 1901 barque Bandon Refloated. Converted into barge.
South Portland 19 Oct 1903 steamboat Cape Blanco
Fulton 12 Feb 1904 Port Orford
Western Home 13 Nov 1904 schooner Bandon
Del Norte 00 Jan 1905 steam schooner Bandon Collided with the vessel Sea Foam.
Onward 25 Feb 1905 schooner Bandon
Sacramento 15 Oct 1905 schooner Coos Bay
Melanope 00 Dec 1906 barge Cape Blanco Began as a Cape Horn windjammer in 1876, turned into a barge after damage at Cape Blanco in 1906. Sunk to form part of breakwater at Royston, British Columbia in 1946.[19]: 14 
Daisy 00 Jan 1907 schooner Destroyed by forest fire prior to launch.
Chinook 12 Apr 1907 schooner Coos Bay
Novelty 20 Sep 1907 schooner Coos Bay
Marconi 23 Mar 1909 schooner Coos Bay
Czarina 12 Jan 1910 steamship Bandon
San Buenaventura 14 Jan 1910 schooner Cape Blanco Abandoned. Final resting spot unknown.
Washcalore 21 May 1911 oil schooner Gold Beach
North Star #1 20 Jan 1912 motor launch Coos Bay
Osprey 01 Nov 1912 gas schooner Coos Bay
Advent 08 Feb 1913 schooner Coos Bay
Randolph 15 Apr 1915 gas schooner Bandon
Claremont 22 May 1915 steam schooner Coos Bay
Santa Clara 02 Nov 1915 steam schooner Coos Bay Formally named John S. Kimball and then James Dollar.
Fifield 21 Feb 1916 steam schooner Bandon Second ship named Fifield.
Sinaloa 15 Jun 1917 gas schooner Cape Blanco
Wallacut 03 Nov 1918 barge Coos Bay
Rustler 24 Aug 1919 Destroyed by on board fire.
J. A. Chanslor 18 Dec 1919 oiler Cape Blanco
Adel 02 Oct 1920 Coos Bay
Joan of Arc 15 Nov 1920 steamboat Gold Beach
Ozmo 17 May 1922 schooner Port Orford Originally christened as Hugh Hogan
Sea Eagle 20 Nov 1822 tugboat Coos Bay Wrecked while towing the vessel Ecola. The Ecola survived.
Brush 26 Apr 1923 steamship Coos Bay
C.A. Smith 16 Dec 1923 steam schooner Coos Bay
Columbia 17 Feb 1924 steam schooner Coos Bay
Acme 31 Oct 1924 steam schooner Bandon
Admiral Wainright 00 Jan 1927 steamboat Bandon Refloated.
Mary E. Moore 23 Feb 1927 steam schooner Bandon
Sujameco 28 Feb 1929 steamboat Coos Bay Ran aground at Horsfall Beach in heavy fog missing Coos Bay entrance by a few miles. During WWII much of the hull was scrapped for iron. The wreck is partially visible each winter due to seasonal sand movement; more than usual emerged April 2010.[20]
Fort Bragg 14 Sep 1932 steam schooner Coos Bay Hit south jetty and ran aground inland.
E. L. Smith 01 Jan 1936 gas schooner Bandon
Phyllis 09 Mar 1936 steam schooner Port Orford Scuttled by captain after ship sprang a leak.
Golden West 29 Mar 1936 cargo ship Bandon
Golden Bear 00 Jan 1937 cargo ship Coos Bay Superstructure began to fall apart, incapacitating the ship and crew. Towed by the Active and converted into a barge. Now a part of a breakwater in British Columbia.
Cottoneva 10 Feb 1937 steam schooner Port Orford Originally christened as Frank D. Stout
Willapa #2 02 Dec 1941 steam schooner Port Orford Formerly christened Florence Olson. Crew saved by local fishermen.
Camden 04 Oct 1942 oiler Coos Bay Torpedoed off Coos Bay by Japanese submarine I-25. Towed north by tug Kenai to attempt salvage. Sank off Grays Harbor several days later.
Larry Doheny 05 Oct 1942 oiler Gold Beach Torpedoed and sank off Gold Beach by Japanese submarine I-25.
Susan Olson 15 Nov 1942 steam schooner Port Orford Formerly named the Willamette and California.
Y M S #133 21 Feb 1943 minesweeper Coos Bay
George L. Olson 23 Jun 1944 steam schooner Coos Bay Formerly named the Ryder Hanify.
Alvarado 16 Mar 1945 steam schooner Coos Bay
Ida M. 23 Sep 1948 Coos Bay
Alice H. 23 Sep 1950 Port Orford
Helen E. 00 Sep 1951 patrol boat Coos Bay Grounded and burned.
Cynthia Olson 09 Jun 1952 cargo ship Bandon Salvaged by crew of the Salvage Chief and repaired. Sister ship of the Oliver Olson.
Oliver Olson 03 Nov 1953 cargo ship Bandon Filled with rocks and sank as extension of the south Coquille River jetty. Sister ship of the Cynthia Olson.
Port of Pasco #510 12 Dec 1953 barge Coos Bay
Andrew Jackson 05 Mat 1954 Gold Beach
New Carissa 04 Feb 1999 cargo ship Coos Bay After running aground, oil cargo was burned out. Half of the ship remained beached while the other half was taken out to sea and scuttled. Remaining half has since been scrapped.


Name Date Wrecked Vessel Type Location River Notes
Bully Washington 12 Dec 1857 steamship Scottsburg Umpqua River Filled in as the foundation of a dock.
Telephone 5 Jan 1892 steamship Scappoose Multnomah Channel / Willamette River Struck the revetment on the eastern shore of Coon Island. Heavy fog prevented the pilot from seeing its red cautionary light. The 80 passengers and 30 crew members were all saved.[21][22]
Regulator 13 Jul 1898 steamship Cascade Locks Columbia River Wrecked on the rocks. The 160 passengers and most of the freight were landed on the Oregon shore.[23] Towed in to drydock at Cascade Locks around September 1. The hull was found to be a "complete wreck."[24]
Gypsy 11 Jun 1900 steamship Independence Willamette River Tore hole in bottom and sank in ten feet of water.[25]
Rogue River 16 Nov 1902 sternwheeler Gold Hill Rogue River Struck a rock at what is now known as either Boiler Rapid or Boiler Riffle.
Welcome 13 Nov 1904 sternwheeler Myrtle Point Coquille River

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