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This is a list of shootings in Texas. This list details homicides committed with firearms in the state of Texas that have a Wikipedia article for the killing, the killer, or a related subject.

Incident Location Date Deaths Description
Assassination of John F. Kennedy Dallas November 22, 1963 2 While travelling in an open car, President Kennedy was killed by a lone sniper, Lee Harvey Oswald, who then murdered J. D. Tippit, a Dallas police officer who had spotted him in a local neighborhood.
Lee Harvey Oswald Dallas November 24, 1963 1 As Oswald was being escorted by Police through the Dallas Police Headquarters basement to a waiting armored car that was to take him to the county jail, he was fatally shot in the abdomen, at close range, by Dallas nightclub operator Jack Ruby. The shooting was broadcast live on network television.
University of Texas tower shooting Austin August 1, 1966 18 A student, sniper, Charles Whitman, barricaded himself atop a campus tower.
Daingerfield church shooting Daingerfield June 22, 1980 5 Religious hate crime
Grand Prairie shooting Grand Prairie August 9, 1982 6 Workplace violence
Luby's shooting Killeen October 16, 1991 24 Misogynistic attack
Waco siege Axtell February 28, 1993 10 Botched police warrant search
Wedgwood Baptist Church Shooting Fort Worth September 15, 1999 8 Religious hate crime
2009 Fort Hood shooting Fort Hood November 5, 2009 14 Terrorist attack
University of Texas Library Shooting Austin September 28, 2010 1 A student, Colton Tooley, fired shots from an AK-47 before killing self in the Perry–Castañeda Library.[1]
2012 College Station shooting College Station August 13, 2012 3 Shoot-out with the police
2014 Fort Hood shooting Fort Hood April 2, 2014 4 Workplace violence
2014 Harris County shooting Spring July 9, 2014 6 Domestic violence
Curtis Culwell Center attack Garland May 3, 2015 2 Two attackers were the only fatalities.
2015 Waco shootout Waco May 17, 2015 9 Large, confused shoot-out
2015 attack on Dallas police Dallas/Hutchins June 13, 2015 1 Attack on police headquarters, followed by a chase that resulted in the attacker being killed
2015 Harris County shooting near Houston August 8, 2015 8 Domestic violence
2016 shooting of Dallas police officers Dallas July 7, 2016 6 A single attacker ambushed a group of policemen.
Seminole Texas shooting March 4, 2017 2 Shooter opened fire in a restaurant, killing 1, injuring 1, and then shot 2 more victims on the side of the highway. A total of 4 shot, 2 died and 2 were injured.
2017 Plano shooting Plano September 10, 2017 9 Domestic violence
Sutherland Springs church shooting Sutherland Springs November 5, 2017 27 Deadliest mass shooting in Texas history. Deadliest shooting in an American place of worship in modern history.
Santa Fe High School shooting Santa Fe May 18, 2018 10 School shooting
2019 El Paso shooting El Paso August 3, 2019 23 Shooting inside a Walmart and its surrounding area. The shooter, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius, was arrested by the police. 23 others were injured.
Midland–Odessa shooting Odessa and Midland August 31, 2019 7 Mass shooting at shopping centers and Cinergy movie theater
West Freeway Church of Christ shooting White Settlement, Texas December 29, 2019 3 Gunman opened fire during Sunday morning church service, killing two, before being killed by armed members of the congregation.

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