List of shopping malls in Belgium

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The following are the largest Belgian shopping malls in terms of Gross Leasable Area (industry standard). The list excludes mini malls and boutique arcades like for example Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert.

  • "Basilix shopping Center", Sint-Agatha-Berchem has a retail space of 18.683 m² containing 65 shops. [2]
  • "City2" Shopping Mall is located on Rue Neuve/Nieuwstraat. With 104 shops on a surface of 51.000 m² it is the biggest inner city shopping mall in Belgium. [3]
  • "Docks Bruxsel" has 110 shops and restaurants and a cinema with 8 halls, on a total commercial surface area of 41.000 m² [4]
  • "The W Shopping", also known as "Woluwe Shopping Center" in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, has 130 shops with a commercial surface of 45.000 m². [5]
  • "Westland Shopping Center", in Anderlecht, has a total of 140 stores with a commercial surface area of 38.000 m². [6]
  • "Ville 2" located in the city centre has around 140 shops and restaurants. [7]
  • "Shopping 1" is the first indoor shopping mall established in Belgium. It is located in Genk, Limburg province. The commercial area is 27.100 m² divided into 95 shop-spaces. [8]
  • "'K' in Kortrijk" is located in Kortrijk, has 95 shops on a commercial area of 34.000 m². [9]
  • "Ring Shopping Kortrijk Noord", has 80 shops and a commercial area of 35.000 m². [10]
  • "Belle-Ile", has around 56 shops and a commercial area of 30 279 m². [11]
  • "Galeries Saint Lambert", has a surface area of 44.000 m². [12]
  • "Médiacité", the biggest shopping mall in Wallonia, with 124 stores covering 45.000 m² area. [13]
  • "L'Esplanade" (42.000 m²) [14]
  • "M2" Shopping Center [15]
  • "Les Grands Prés", over 75 shops and restaurants (27.000 m²) [16]
  • "Shopping Nivelles", located in the Walloon Brabant city 25 kilometers south of Brussels. [17]
  • "Waasland Shopping Center", the second largest mall in Belgium[1] is located in the Waasland region, 26 km south-west of Antwerp. Its commercial surface of 57.000 m² covers 140 shops. [18]