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This is a list of show mines, that are currently open to the public. Focus is on underground mining activity.


Name Province Municipality Notes Location Picture
Minas de Wanda Misiones Wanda Amethyst 25°58′15″S 54°33′51″W / 25.9709°S 54.5641°W / -25.9709; -54.5641 (Minas de Wanda)


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Name State Municipality Notes Location Picture
Historic Daydream Mine New South Wales Broken Hill Silver, started 1882, relatively old mine for Australia 31°52′59″S 141°19′37″E / 31.8830°S 141.3270°E / -31.8830; 141.3270 (Historic Daydream Mine) Day Dream Mine - tourist.jpg
Big Opal Mine New South Wales Lightning Ridge Black Opal 29°27′09″S 147°58′02″E / 29.4524°S 147.9672°E / -29.4524; 147.9672 (Big Opal Mine) Lightning Ridge5.JPG
Chambers of The Black Hand New South Wales Lightning Ridge Black Opal 29°27′23″S 147°58′01″E / 29.4563°S 147.9669°E / -29.4563; 147.9669 (Chambers of The Black Hand) The Corragated Church (6694133395).jpg
Walk-in Mine New South Wales Lightning Ridge Black Opal 29°24′09″S 147°58′07″E / 29.4026°S 147.9685°E / -29.4026; 147.9685 (Walk-in Mine) Lightning Ridge2.JPG
Bald Hill Mine New South Wales Hill End Gold 33°02′00″S 149°25′00″E / 33.0333°S 149.4166°E / -33.0333; 149.4166 (Bald Hill Mine) Bernhard otto holterman with 630lb gold from Hill End.jpg
Bobby Dazzler Sapphire Mine Queensland Rubyvale Sapphire 23°25′09″S 147°41′57″E / 23.4193°S 147.6993°E / -23.4193; 147.6993 (Bobby Dazzler Sapphire Mine) The Big Miner in Rubyvale.jpg
Miners Heritage Walk In Mine Queensland Rubyvale Sapphire 23°24′30″S 147°41′21″E / 23.4082°S 147.6892°E / -23.4082; 147.6892 (Miners Heritage Walk In Mine)
Wheal Hughes South Australia Moonta Copper, might be closed in 2014 34°03′18″S 137°36′50″E / 34.0550°S 137.6140°E / -34.0550; 137.6140 (Wheal Hughes) Wheal Hughes copper mine, Moonta 2.JPG
Umoona Opal Mine and Museum South Australia Coober Pedy Opal, major parts of the city are underground, due to the excessive summer heat 29°00′36″S 134°45′19″E / 29.0100°S 134.7552°E / -29.0100; 134.7552 (Umoona Opal Mine and Museum) Coober Pedy underground house.jpg
Old Timers Mine South Australia Coober Pedy Opal 29°00′32″S 134°45′34″E / 29.0089°S 134.7594°E / -29.0089; 134.7594 (Old Timers Mine) Baptistry soc australia.jpg
Douggies Underground Mine Tours Tasmania Queenstown Copper, 300 m shaft; also named: C.M.T. Underground Mine Tour 42°04′46″S 145°33′17″E / 42.0795°S 145.5546°E / -42.0795; 145.5546 (Douggies Underground Mine Tours) Queenstown minesite area 1984.jpg
Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Centre Tasmania Beaconsfield Gold, formerly Grubb Shaft Gold and Heritage Museum 41°12′06″S 146°48′57″E / 41.2016°S 146.8158°E / -41.2016; 146.8158 (Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Centre) Beaconsfield-gold-mine-20070419-005.jpg
Central Deborah Gold Mine Victoria Bendigo Gold, offers adventure tours to 228 m depth 36°45′53″S 144°16′13″E / 36.7648°S 144.2704°E / -36.7648; 144.2704 (Central Deborah Gold Mine) Ludwig Becker Bendigo 1853.jpg
Long Tunnel Extended Mine Victoria Walhalla Gold, with gold rush ghost town 37°56′20″S 146°26′57″E / 37.9389°S 146.4493°E / -37.9389; 146.4493 (Long Tunnel Extended Mine) Walhalla 1910 Goldmine 4000ft.jpg
State Coal Mine Victoria Wonthaggi Coal 38°37′07″S 145°35′48″E / 38.6187°S 145.5966°E / -38.6187; 145.5966 (State Coal Mine)


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Name State Municipality Notes Location Picture
Terra Mystica Kärnten Bad Bleiberg Lead 46°37′43″N 13°38′55″E / 46.6287°N 13.6486°E / 46.6287; 13.6486 (Schaubergwerk Terra Mystica)
Schaubergwerk Knappenberg Kärnten Hüttenberg 46°56′04″N 14°34′07″E / 46.9344°N 14.5686°E / 46.9344; 14.5686 (Schaubergwerk Knappenberg) Knappenberg - Bergbaumuseum2.jpg
Seegrotte Hinterbrühl Niederösterreich Hinterbrühl Gypsum; flooded mine with underground boat tours 48°05′10″N 16°15′26″E / 48.0860°N 16.2573°E / 48.0860; 16.2573 (Seegrotte Hinterbrühl) Seegrotte Austria 07.JPG
Schaubergwerk Grillenberg Niederösterreich Payerbach Iron 47°41′34″N 15°53′34″E / 47.6929°N 15.8929°E / 47.6929; 15.8929 (Schaubergwerk Grillenberg) Barbarakapelle.JPG
Salzwelten Hallstatt Oberösterreich Hallstatt Salt; mining since bronze age; oldest industrial complex in Europe 47°33′23″N 13°38′42″E / 47.5564°N 13.6450°E / 47.5564; 13.6450 (Salzwelten Hallstatt) 1083 - Hallstatt - Salzbergwerk.JPG
Salzwelten Hallein Salzburg Hallein Salt 47°40′02″N 13°05′23″E / 47.6671°N 13.0898°E / 47.6671; 13.0898 (Salzwelten Hallein)
Kupferzeche Larzenbach Salzburg Hüttau, district Niedernfritz Copper, from the 13th century till 1869 47°24′59″N 13°18′25″E / 47.4164°N 13.3070°E / 47.4164; 13.3070 (Kupferzeche Larzenbach)
Barbarastollen Leogang Salzburg Leogang Mining started before the middle ages 47°26′22″N 12°41′57″E / 47.4395°N 12.6993°E / 47.4395; 12.6993 (Barbarastollen Leogang) BGML - Buttenträger.jpg
Schaustollen Mühlbach am Hochkönig Salzburg Mühlbach am Hochkönig Copper; the adit continues through the mountain to the municipality Sankt Johann im Pongau and served as emergency route for the residents, in cases the street could not be used 47°22′46″N 13°07′24″E / 47.3795°N 13.1232°E / 47.3795; 13.1232 (Schaustollen Mühlbach am Hochkönig)
Schaubergwerk Hochfeld Salzburg Neukirchen am Großvenediger Copper 47°13′15″N 12°16′26″E / 47.2209°N 12.2740°E / 47.2209; 12.2740 (Schaubergwerk Hochfeld)
Silberbergwerk Ramingstein Salzburg Ramingstein Silver, mining came to an end 1780; everything kept in its original state, without electric light 47°04′36″N 13°51′35″E / 47.0768°N 13.8596°E / 47.0768; 13.8596 (Silverbergwerk Ramingstein)
Schaubergwerk Sunnpau Salzburg Sankt Veit im Pongau Copper; mining started before the Middle Ages 47°20′14″N 13°08′13″E / 47.3373°N 13.1369°E / 47.3373; 13.1369 (Schaubergwerk Sunnpau)
Zinkwand hiking trail Salzburg and Steiermark Weißpriach, Rohrmoos-Untertal Silver, cobalt, zinc and others; via ferrata to a 300 m long adit, that underpasses the main chain of the alps 47°16′11″N 13°40′56″E / 47.2697°N 13.6821°E / 47.2697; 13.6821 (Erzweg Zinkwand)
Salzwelten Altaussee Steiermark Altaussee Salt 47°39′05″N 13°44′21″E / 47.6514°N 13.7392°E / 47.6514; 13.7392 (Salzwelten Altaussee) StollenSalzbergwerkAltaussee.jpg
Silberbergwerk Arzberg Steiermark Arzberg Silver 47°14′57″N 15°30′50″E / 47.2493°N 15.5139°E / 47.2493; 15.5139 (Schaubergwerk Silberbergwerk Arzberg) Schaubergwerk Arzberg - Stollen mit Lore.jpg
Erzberg Steiermark Eisenerz Iron 47°31′30″N 14°54′42″E / 47.5250°N 14.9116°E / 47.5250; 14.9116 (Erzberg) Eisenerz (19).jpg
Magnesitbergwerk Keltenberg Steiermark Hohentauern Magnesite 47°26′45″N 14°27′48″E / 47.4457°N 14.4634°E / 47.4457; 14.4634 (Magnesitbergerk Keltenberg)
Sunfixl cave Steiermark Kohlschwarz Underground sandstone mine 47°08′19″N 15°05′38″E / 47.1386°N 15.0939°E / 47.1386; 15.0939 (Sunfixlhöhle)
Schaubergwerk Oberzeiring Steiermark Oberzeiring Silver 47°15′08″N 14°29′11″E / 47.2523°N 14.4863°E / 47.2523; 14.4863 (Schaubergwerk Oberzeiring) OberzeiringStollenKarleite20110425(8).JPG
Paradeisstollen Radmer Steiermark Radmer Copper; medieval, mining railway 47°32′38″N 14°45′23″E / 47.5438°N 14.7564°E / 47.5438; 14.7564 (Paradeisstollen Radmer) Radmer ehem Kupferbergbaustollen Paradeisstollen.JPG
Annastollen Bromriesen Steiermark Rohrmoos-Untertal, district Obertal Silver and nickel 47°19′00″N 13°41′00″E / 47.3166°N 13.6834°E / 47.3166; 13.6834 (Annastollen Bromriesen)
Knappenlöcher Fieberbrunn Tirol Fieberbrunn Adits in original state, no electric light 47°29′26″N 12°31′45″E / 47.4906°N 12.5291°E / 47.4906; 12.5291 (Knappenlöcher Fieberbrunn)
Schaubergwerk Ulpenalpe Tirol Fügen Iron, copper, cobalt, pyrite, quartz; could only be reached via the upper station of the cable car Spieljochbahn 47°19′35″N 11°46′48″E / 47.3265°N 11.7799°E / 47.3265; 11.7799 (Schaubergwerk Ulpenalpe)
Schaubergwerk Kupferplatte Tirol Jochberg Copper 47°23′21″N 12°25′31″E / 47.3892°N 12.4254°E / 47.3892; 12.4254 (Schaubergwerk Copperplatte)
Schwazer Silberbergwerk Tirol Schwaz Silver; one of the largest silver mines in the Middle Ages; most important financial source for Fugger and the Habsburg dynasties 47°21′13″N 11°43′39″E / 47.3536°N 11.7275°E / 47.3536; 11.7275 (Schwazer Silberbergwerk)
Schaubergwerk Lehenlahn Tirol Wildschönau Silver; medieval 47°25′45″N 11°58′16″E / 47.4291°N 11.9712°E / 47.4291; 11.9712 (Schaubergwerk Lehenlahn)
Goldschaubergwerk Tirol Zell am Ziller Gold 47°13′18″N 11°53′44″E / 47.2216°N 11.8956°E / 47.2216; 11.8956 (Goldschaubergwerk)
Bergwerk in Bartholomäberg Vorarlberg Bartholomäberg, district Worms 47°05′53″N 9°54′42″E / 47.0980°N 9.9116°E / 47.0980; 9.9116 (Historisches Bergwerk in Bartholomäberg)


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Name Province Municipality Notes Location Picture
Schieferstollen Recht Wallonia Sankt Vith Slate 50°19′25″N 6°02′55″E / 50.3235°N 6.0485°E / 50.3235; 6.0485 (Slate mine Recht)
Blegny Mine Wallonia Blegny Coal, UNESCO-World Heritage Site 50°41′13″N 5°43′26″E / 50.6870°N 5.7239°E / 50.6870; 5.7239 (Blegny Mine) Blegny Mine 1.jpg
Bertrix mine Wallonia Bertrix, near Neufchâteau Slate; also named: Au Coeur de l'Ardoise 49°48′45″N 5°16′20″E / 49.8125°N 5.2722°E / 49.8125; 5.2722 (Betrix Mine, "Au Coeur de l'Ardoise") Belgique-Bertrix-Au cœur de l'Ardoise-001.jpg
Les minières de silex néolithique de Spiennes à Mons Wallonia Mons-Spiennes Flintstone, prehistoric, UNESCO-World Heritage Site 50°25′50″N 3°58′43″E / 50.4306°N 3.9786°E / 50.4306; 3.9786 (Les minières de silex néolithique de Spiennes à Mons) Neolithic mines of Spiennes, Belgium.jpg
Carriere souterraine de Geromont Wallonia Comblain-au-Pont Limestone, in-ground, near stalactite cave Grotte de l'Abîme 50°25′50″N 3°58′43″E / 50.4306°N 3.9786°E / 50.4306; 3.9786 (Carriere souterraine de Geromont) Winter prospection in hibernation sites (2861889271).jpg
Grottes de Folx-les-Caves Wallonia Orp-Jauche Limestone, in-ground 50°40′04″N 4°56′19″E / 50.6679°N 4.9385°E / 50.6679; 4.9385 (Grottes de Folx-les-Caves) Grottes de Folx-les-Caves 01.jpg
Ardoisalle Wallonia Vresse-sur-Semois Slate 49°50′10″N 4°58′00″E / 49.8361°N 4.9666°E / 49.8361; 4.9666 (Ardoisalle)
Carrières souterraines de la Malogne Wallonia Cuesmes Phosphate, in limestone 50°25′33″N 3°55′19″E / 50.4257°N 3.9219°E / 50.4257; 3.9219 (Carrières souterraines de la Malogne) Cuesmes - carrière de la Malogne - 14.JPG


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Name Department Municipality Note Location Picture
Mines in Cerro Rico Potosí Potosí Silver and zinc, for centuries largest silver mine worldwide, still active, with guided tours 65°44′59″S 19°37′08″W / 65.7496°S 19.6189°W / -65.7496; -19.6189 (Minen im Cerro Rico, Potosí) MinerosCerroRico.jpg
Mina San José Oruro Oruro Silver, Zinc 17°57′37″S 67°07′25″W / 17.9602°S 67.1235°W / -17.9602; -67.1235 (Mina San José, Oruro) Monumento a los mineros (oruro-bolivia).JPG


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Name State Municipality Notes Location Picture
Mine des Chico Rei Minas Gerais Ouro Preto Gold, huge size; also named: Encardideira 20°23′10″S 43°29′59″W / 20.3862°S 43.4996°W / -20.3862; -43.4996 (Mine des Chico Rei)
MinaDoChicoRei-Ouro Preto.jpg
Minas da Passagem Minas Gerais Mariana Gold, they claim to be the largest gold show mine worldwide, over 30 km underground galleries, underground lake 20°23′29″S 43°26′19″W / 20.3913°S 43.4385°W / -20.3913; -43.4385 (Minas da Passagem)
Mina Fonte Meu Bem Querer Minas Gerais Ouro Preto Gold 20°23′16″S 43°29′29″W / 20.3877°S 43.4914°W / -20.3877; -43.4914 (Mina Fonte Meu Bem Querer)
Mina Velha Minas Gerais Ouro Preto Gold, started 1704 20°23′09″S 43°28′56″W / 20.3857°S 43.4822°W / -20.3857; -43.4822 (Mina Velha)


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Name State Municipality Notes Location Picture
Mining museums of Pernik Pernik Province Pernik Coal 42°36′33″N 23°01′44″E / 42.609167°N 23.028889°E / 42.609167; 23.028889 (Mining museums of Pernik)
Mining museums of Pernik 38.jpg


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Name Province Municipality Notes Location Picture
Atlas Coal Mine Alberta Drumheller Kohle 51°19′42″N 112°28′57″W / 51.3283°N 112.4825°W / 51.3283; -112.4825 (Atlas Coal Mine)
Bellevue Underground Mine Alberta Crowsnest Pass Kohle 49°34′40″N 114°21′55″W / 49.5778°N 114.3654°W / 49.5778; -114.3654 (Bellevue Underground Mine)
Bell Island's Mine Newfoundland and Labrador Wabana at Bell Island Iron; galleries below the sea 47°38′45″N 52°56′51″W / 47.6457°N 52.9474°W / 47.6457; -52.9474 (Bell Island's Mine Museum and Underground Tour) BellIslandPierCa1900.jpg
Simpson Mine Ontario Bruce Mines Copper 46°17′00″N 83°47′00″W / 46.2833°N 83.7833°W / 46.2833; -83.7833 (Mimpson Mine) Bruce Mines ON 2.JPG
Cobalt Mining Museum Ontario Cobalt Silver 47°23′44″N 79°41′08″W / 47.3956°N 79.6856°W / 47.3956; -79.6856 (Cobalt Mining Museum and Tour) Cobalt ON 2.jpg
Mine Cristal Québec Bonsecours Rock crystal 45°26′36″N 72°16′54″W / 45.4434°N 72.2818°W / 45.4434; -72.2818 (Mine Cristal)
Mines Capelton Québec Capelton Copper 45°20′21″N 71°50′50″W / 45.3393°N 71.8471°W / 45.3393; -71.8471 (Mines Capelton)
Thetford Mines Québec Thetford Mines Chrysotile 46°05′46″N 71°19′33″W / 46.0961°N 71.3259°W / 46.0961; -71.3259 (Thetford Mines)


Name Region Municipality Notes Location Picture
Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá Cundinamarca Zipaquira Salt 5°01′07″N 74°00′32″W / 5.0187°N 74.009°W / 5.0187; -74.009 (Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá) Water-Mirror-Zipaquira.JPG


Name County Region Notes Location Picture
Rudnik Zrinski Zagreb Medvednica Lead and zinc, medieval; nearby mountain hut Graik 45°54′39″N 15°56′39″E / 45.9107°N 15.9443°E / 45.9107; 15.9443 (Rudnik Zrinski) Rudnik Zrinski, Medvednica4.JPG

Czech Republic[edit]

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Name Region Municipality Notes Location Picture
Grafitový důl Český Krumlov Jihočeský kraj Český Krumlov Graphite 48°48′57″N 14°18′14″E / 48.8158°N 14.3038°E / 48.8158; 14.3038 (Ceský Krumlov) Grafitový důl ČK 26.jpg
Kovárna Královéhradecký kraj Pec pod Sněžkou Iron, arsen and copper 50°43′40″N 15°43′53″E / 50.7278°N 15.7314°E / 50.7278; 15.7314 (Starý Martin) Snezka podzemi.jpg
Chrustenická šachta Středočeský kraj Beroun, district Chrustenice Iron 50°00′16″N 14°09′54″E / 50.0044°N 14.1650°E / 50.0044; 14.1650 (Chrustenická šachta) Chrustenice vstupni stola.jpg
Hornické Muzeum Příbram Středočeský kraj Příbram Biggest mining museum in Czech Republic, incl. 3 show adits 49°40′58″N 13°59′13″E / 49.6827°N 13.9870°E / 49.6827; 13.9870 (Hornické Muzeum Příbram) Ševčínský důl (důlní vláček).JPG
Hora Svaté Kateřiny Ústecký kraj Hora Svaté Kateřiny Silver and copper; galleries partly on German territory; might be temporarily closed 50°36′36″N 13°26′12″E / 50.6101°N 13.4366°E / 50.6101; 13.4366 (Nikolaistollen, Hora Svate Kateriny)
Štola Sv. Jana Evangelisty Ústecký kraj Jiřetín pod Jedlovou Silver 50°52′30″N 14°33′55″E / 50.8749°N 14.5652°E / 50.8749; 14.5652 (Štola Sv. Jana Evangelisty)
Štola Starý Martin Ústecký kraj Krupka Tin 50°41′50″N 13°50′48″E / 50.6973°N 13.8466°E / 50.6973; 13.8466 (Štola Starý Martin) Štola Starý Martin 01.JPG
Štola Země zaslíbená Ústecký kraj Měděnec Malachite 50°25′27″N 13°06′41″E / 50.4242°N 13.1115°E / 50.4242; 13.1115 (Marie Pomocná) Mariahilf-Stolln.jpg


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Name Region Municipality Notes Location Picture
Thingbæk Kalkminer, Bundgaards Museum North Denmark Skorping Coal, nowadays also cheese production 56°49′55″N 9°48′42″E / 56.8319°N 9.8117°E / 56.8319; 9.8117 (Thingbæk Kalkminer) Cimbrertyren.jpg
Daugbjerg Kalkgruber Central Denmark Stoholm Lime 56°27′28″N 9°02′55″E / 56.4577°N 9.0486°E / 56.4577; 9.0486 (Daugbjerg Kalkgruber) Kove i Daugbjerg Kalkgrube-Hans Smidt.jpg
Mønsted Kalkgruber Central Denmark Stoholm Lime, claim to be the largest in the world 56°27′22″N 9°09′59″E / 56.4561°N 9.1663°E / 56.4561; 9.1663 (Daugbjerg Kalkgruber) Mønsted Limestone Mine 2017-04-15 7.jpg


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Name State Municipality Notes Location Picture
Tiefer Stollen Baden-Württemberg Aalen, district Wasseralfingen Iron, also asthma therapy 48°51′19″N 10°07′16″E / 48.8552°N 10.1211°E / 48.8552; 10.1211 (Besucherbergwerk Tiefer Stollen) Eingang Besucherbergwerk Tiefer Stollen heute.JPG
Salzbergwerk Kochendorf Baden-Württemberg Bad Friedrichshall, district Kochendorf Common salt; active period 1899–1994 49°13′06″N 9°12′36″E / 49.2183°N 9.2101°E / 49.2183; 9.2101 (Salzbergwerk Kochendorf) Bad Friedrichshall Salzbergwerk 20060701.jpg
Himmlisch Heer Baden-Württemberg Dornstetten, district Hallwangen Silver 48°29′23″N 8°30′11″E / 48.4898°N 8.5031°E / 48.4898; 8.5031 (Grube Himmlisch Heer) Bergwerk Hallwangen.jpg
Besucherbergwerk Schauinsland Baden-Württemberg Freiburg im Breisgau Lead, Zinc, large underground galleries 47°54′40″N 7°53′58″E / 47.9111°N 7.8994°E / 47.9111; 7.8994 (Grube Schauinsland) Schauinsland 1040386.jpg
Friedrichs Fundgrube Baden-Württemberg Freudenstadt Silver, between 1267 und 1730 48°27′30″N 8°24′33″E / 48.4582°N 8.4093°E / 48.4582; 8.4093 (Besucherbergwerk Friedrichs Fundgrube)
Friedrichs Fundgrube Baden-Württemberg Großerlach Silver, small gallery: 30 m length, from the 18th century 49°03′11″N 9°31′04″E / 49.0530°N 9.5177°E / 49.0530; 9.5177 (Besucherbergwerk Friedrichs Fundgrube)
Segen Gottes Baden-Württemberg Haslach Silver 48°17′32″N 8°05′07″E / 48.2921°N 8.0853°E / 48.2921; 8.0853 (Besucherbergwerk Segen Gottes) 20120520 Segen Gottes 13.jpg
Grube Teufelsgrund Baden-Württemberg Münstertal/Schwarzwald Fluorite 47°50′42″N 7°49′12″E / 47.8451°N 7.8201°E / 47.8451; 7.8201 (Besucherbergwerk Teufelsgrund) Teufelsgrund Hauptstollen Mundloch.jpg
Grube Hella-Glück Baden-Württemberg Neubulach Copper, silver, bismuth 48°39′20″N 8°42′20″E / 48.6555°N 8.7056°E / 48.6555; 8.7056 (Silverbergwerk Hella - Glück Stollen) Neubulach mine.jpg
Grube Frischglück Baden-Württemberg Neuenbürg Iron 48°50′00″N 8°35′34″E / 48.8333°N 8.5929°E / 48.8333; 8.5929 (Besucherbergwerk Frischglück) Bergwerk Frischglueck Neuenbuerg.jpg
Besucherstollen Niedereschach Baden-Württemberg Niedereschach Copper and lead, from the 16th century, 2 small galleries (Karl and Otto) 48°07′23″N 8°29′54″E / 48.1231°N 8.4984°E / 48.1231; 8.4984 (Besucherstollen Niedereschach (Karl)) 48°07′52″N 8°29′55″E / 48.1312°N 8.4985°E / 48.1312; 8.4985 (Besucherstollen Niedereschach (Otto))
Grube Wenzel Baden-Württemberg Oberwolfach Silver 48°19′12″N 8°12′21″E / 48.3200°N 8.2058°E / 48.3200; 8.2058 (Grube Wenzel) Grube Wenzel Stollenmundloch.jpg
Grube Anna-Elisabeth Baden-Württemberg Schriesheim Silver, vitriol (copper sulphate) 49°28′40″N 8°40′25″E / 49.4778°N 8.6736°E / 49.4778; 8.6736 (Grube Anna-Elisabeth) Grube Anna-Elisabeth 1528 - detail.jpg
Silbergründle Baden-Württemberg Seebach Lead, zinc 48°34′48″N 8°10′05″E / 48.5800°N 8.1680°E / 48.5800; 8.1680 (Besucherbergwerk Silbergründle) Bergwerk Silbergruendle Seebach
Grube Caroline Baden-Württemberg Sexau Lead, zinc 48°07′32″N 7°55′09″E / 48.1255°N 7.9191°E / 48.1255; 7.9191 (Grube Caroline)
Wetzsteinstollen Baden-Württemberg Spiegelberg Sandstone 49°01′18″N 9°26′01″E / 49.0217°N 9.4336°E / 49.0217; 9.4336 (Wetzsteinstollen) Wetzsteinstollen innen.jpg
Hoffnungsstollen Baden-Württemberg Todtmoos Pyrrhotite and nickel 47°44′41″N 7°59′08″E / 47.7446°N 7.9856°E / 47.7446; 7.9856 (Schaubergwerk Hoffnungsstollen) Todtmoos Bergwerk 1000818.jpg
Silberbergwerk Suggental Baden-Württemberg Waldkirch Silver 48°04′00″N 7°56′06″E / 48.0667°N 7.9350°E / 48.0667; 7.9350 (Silberbergwerk Suggental) Silberbergwerk Suggental Josephistollen.jpg
Grube Marie in der Kohlbach Baden-Württemberg Weinheim, district Hohensachsen Lead, silver 49°30′56″N 8°40′50″E / 49.51564°N 8.68044°E / 49.51564; 8.68044 (Grube Marie in der Kohlbach) Grube Marie in der Kohlbach Tiefsohle.jpg
Grube Finstergrund Baden-Württemberg Wieden Fluorspar 47°49′58″N 7°54′12″E / 47.8328°N 7.9032°E / 47.8328; 7.9032 (Besucherbergwerk Finstergrund) Bergwerk Finstergrund Schussfolge zwanzigstes Jahrhundert brisante Sprengstoffe Millisekundenzuender.jpg
Silberschacht Bavaria Bach a.d. Donau Gemstone, silver 49°01′32″N 12°18′08″E / 49.0256°N 12.3021°E / 49.0256; 12.3021 (Schmucksteinbergwerk Silverschacht)
Kupferberg Mine Bavaria Kupferberg Copper 50°08′21″N 11°34′33″E / 50.1393°N 11.5758°E / 50.1393; 11.5758 (Kupferberg) Kupferberg Bergbaumuseum.JPG
Salzbergwerk Alte Saline Bavaria Bad Reichenhall Salt 47°43′16″N 12°52′38″E / 47.7210°N 12.8773°E / 47.7210; 12.8773 (Alte Saline) Wasserradsaline.JPG
Grube Stephansberg Bavaria Bamberg Sand, underground; 12 km galleries, thereof 2 km open to the public 49°53′11″N 10°53′14″E / 49.8864°N 10.8873°E / 49.8864; 10.8873 (Bergwerk am Stephansberg)
Salzbergwerk Berchtesgaden Bavaria Berchtesgaden Salt 47°38′18″N 13°01′03″E / 47.6383°N 13.0175°E / 47.6383; 13.0175 (Salzbergwerk Berchtesgaden) Salzbergwerk-Berchtesgaden.jpg
Schaubergwerk Silberberg Bavaria Bodenmais Pyrite, Vitriol 49°03′27″N 13°07′33″E / 49.0574°N 13.1259°E / 49.0574; 13.1259 (Silverberg) Silberberg bei Bodenmais.jpg
Grube Grünten Bavaria Burgberg (Allgäu) Iron 47°32′20″N 10°19′19″E / 47.5389°N 10.3220°E / 47.5389; 10.3220 (Erzgruben am Grünten)
Grube Gleißinger Fels Bavaria Fichtelberg, district Neubau Biotite, Granite 50°00′28″N 11°50′12″E / 50.0078°N 11.8368°E / 50.0078; 11.8368 (Besucherbergwerk Gleißinger Fels) Eingang Gleißinger Fels.JPG
Schmutzlerzeche Bavaria Goldkronach Gold, small mine, 35 m gallery 50°00′37″N 11°42′23″E / 50.0104°N 11.7063°E / 50.0104; 11.7063 (Goldberg) Erinnerung an den Goldbergbau.jpg
Grube Mittlerer Name Gottes Bavaria Goldkronach Gold 50°00′37″N 11°42′23″E / 50.0104°N 11.7063°E / 50.0104; 11.7063 (Goldberg) Erinnerung an den Goldbergbau.jpg
Grube Kropfmühl Bavaria Hauzenberg Graphite 48°37′33″N 13°39′38″E / 48.6258°N 13.6605°E / 48.6258; 13.6605 (Bergwerk Kropfmühl) Förderturm Kropfmühl.JPG
Fürstenzeche Bavaria Lam Silver 49°11′55″N 13°04′36″E / 49.1986°N 13.0766°E / 49.1986; 13.0766 (Fürstenzeche) Germania-Magna26.JPG
Friedrich-Wilhelm-Stollen Bavaria Lichtenberg Iron, copper, fluorspar 50°23′29″N 11°41′09″E / 50.3913°N 11.6857°E / 50.3913; 11.6857 (Friedrich-Wilhelm-Stollen) FW-Stollen-Schaubergwerk.jpg
Tiefstollen Peissenberg Bavaria Peißenberg Coal tar 47°47′50″N 11°03′28″E / 47.7971°N 11.0579°E / 47.7971; 11.0579 (Bergwerk Peißenberg) PeissenbergTiefstollen.JPG
Grube Wilhelmine Bavaria Sommerkahl Copper 50°04′09″N 9°16′19″E / 50.0691°N 9.2719°E / 50.0691; 9.2719 (Grube Wilhelmine) Grube Wilhelmine 2.jpg
Reichhardt–Schacht Bavaria Stulln Fluorspar 49°26′18″N 12°06′20″E / 49.4384°N 12.1055°E / 49.4384; 12.1055 (Reichhart-Schacht)
Grube Gottessegen Hesse Alheim, district Oberellenbach Barite 51°01′04″N 9°38′31″E / 51.0179°N 9.6420°E / 51.0179; 9.6420 (Grube Gottessegen)
Grube Bertsch Hesse Bad Wildungen, district Bergfreiheit Copper 51°03′01″N 9°05′29″E / 51.0502°N 9.0915°E / 51.0502; 9.0915 (Bergwerk Bertsch) Bergfreiheit HE Bergwerk.jpg
Burgbergstollen Hesse Battenberg (Eder) Iron 51°00′57″N 8°38′33″E / 51.0157°N 8.6424°E / 51.0157; 8.6424 (Burgbergstollen) Battenberg (Eder) Burgbergstollen-DSCF3388.jpg
Hessian Brown Coal Museum Hesse Borken Brown coal 51°02′43″N 9°17′03″E / 51.0452°N 9.2843°E / 51.0452; 9.2843 (Hessisches Braunkohle Bergbaumuseum) Hessisches Braunkohle Bergbaumuseum Logo.gif
Grube Christiane Hesse Diemelsee, district Adorf Iron 51°22′26″N 8°47′59″E / 51.3739°N 8.7997°E / 51.3739; 8.7997 (Grube Christiane) Diemelsee-Bergarbeiterdenkmal.JPG
Grube Ypsilanta Hesse Dillenburg, district Oberscheld Iron 50°44′29″N 8°22′09″E / 50.7415°N 8.3692°E / 50.7415; 8.3692 (Grube Ypsilanta)
Goldbergbau Eisenberg Hesse Korbach, district Goldhausen Gold, shaft: Georgschacht 51°14′58″N 8°49′20″E / 51.2495°N 8.8222°E / 51.2495; 8.8222 (Goldbergbau Ironberg)
Grube Gustav Hesse Meißner, district Abterode Barium, copper, barite 51°12′41″N 9°56′18″E / 51.2115°N 9.9383°E / 51.2115; 9.9383 (Grube Gustav)
Grube Fortuna Hesse Solms, district Oberbiel Iron 50°34′28″N 8°25′23″E / 50.5745°N 8.4230°E / 50.5745; 8.4230 (Grube Fortuna) Maschinenhalle fortuna wetzlar.jpeg
Grube Ludwig Hesse Wald-Michelbach Manganese, from 1889 till 1918 49°33′54″N 8°51′03″E / 49.5651°N 8.8509°E / 49.5651; 8.8509 (Grube Ludwig) Grube Ludwig - innen.JPG
Grube Ludwig Hesse Wetzlar Iron, alsoHausertorstollen;started 1842, November 13, from 1944 used for underground war production 50°33′34″N 8°30′12″E / 50.5594°N 8.5033°E / 50.5594; 8.5033 (Hausertorstollen)
Schiefergrube Christine Hesse Willingen (Upland) Slate 51°17′54″N 8°36′43″E / 51.2984°N 8.6119°E / 51.2984; 8.6119 (Grube Christine)
Knesebeckschacht Lower Saxony Bad Grund (Harz) Lead, zinc, silver, alternative names: Erzbergwerk Grund and Grube Hilfe Gottes 51°48′21″N 10°13′30″E / 51.8058°N 10.2250°E / 51.8058; 10.2250 (Knesebeckschacht) Achenbach-Schacht 03.JPG
Scholmzeche Lower Saxony Bad Lauterberg Lead, zinc, iron 51°37′46″N 10°28′18″E / 51.6294°N 10.4717°E / 51.6294; 10.4717 (Scholmzeche) Scholmzeche.jpg
Klosterstollen Lower Saxony Barsinghausen Stone coal 52°17′58″N 9°28′09″E / 52.2995°N 9.4691°E / 52.2995; 9.4691 (Besucherbergwerk Klosterstollen) Klosterstollen Barsinghausen IMG 3198.JPG
Grube Dorothea Lower Saxony Clausthal-Zellerfeld Silver, Silver, lead glance 51°47′53″N 10°21′40″E / 51.7980°N 10.3611°E / 51.7980; 10.3611 (Grube Dorothea)
Grube Rosenhof Lower Saxony Clausthal-Zellerfeld underground wheel pit 51°48′24″N 10°18′49″E / 51.8066°N 10.3136°E / 51.8066; 10.3136 (Grube Rosenhof) Radstube Rosenhof.JPG
Besucherbergwerk Rammelsberg Lower Saxony Goslar UNESCO-World Heritage Site 51°53′15″N 10°25′54″E / 51.8875°N 10.4316°E / 51.8875; 10.4316 (Grube Rammelsberg) Rammelsberg Bergwerksanlagen.jpg
Feggendorfer Stollen Lower Saxony Lauenau Stone coal 52°17′29″N 9°24′34″E / 52.2914°N 9.4095°E / 52.2914; 9.4095 (Feggendorfer-Stolln) Feggendorfer-Stolln Mundloch-außen.JPG
Grube Lautenthals Glück Lower Saxony Langelsheim, district Lautenthal Lead glance, zinc blende; 150 m of underground ore transport with ships 51°51′51″N 10°16′57″E / 51.8641°N 10.2825°E / 51.8641; 10.2825 (Grube Lautenthals Glück) Bergbaumuseum Lautenthal (Harz) IMG 5556.jpg
Museum Industriekultur Lower Saxony Osnabrück Stone coal, with 300 m historical underground galleries 52°18′54″N 8°00′32″E / 52.3151°N 8.0088°E / 52.3151; 8.0088 (Museum Industriekultur (Osnabrück)) Niedersachsen, Osnabrück, Hasestollen NIK 9460.jpg
Hüttenstollen Osterwald Lower Saxony Salzhemmendorf, district Osterwald Stone coal 52°06′52″N 9°37′32″E / 52.1144°N 9.6255°E / 52.1144; 9.6255 (Hüttenstollen Osterwald) Hüttenstollen Osterwald Mundloch.jpg
Grube Catharina Neufang Lower Saxony Sankt Andreasberg Lead, silver; access via Grube Samson 51°42′47″N 10°30′57″E / 51.7130°N 10.5158°E / 51.7130; 10.5158 (Grube Catharina Neufang)
Grube Roter Bär Lower Saxony Sankt Andreasberg Iron 51°42′45″N 10°31′37″E / 51.7125°N 10.5269°E / 51.7125; 10.5269 (Grube Roter Bär) Mundloch Roter Bär.jpg
Grube Samson Lower Saxony Sankt Andreasberg Last fully operational man engine, worldwide; UNESCO-World Heritage Site 51°42′47″N 10°30′58″E / 51.7130°N 10.5161°E / 51.7130; 10.5161 (Grube Samson) Kraftwerk Samson.JPG
Grube Wennsglückt Lower Saxony Sankt Andreasberg Silver, cobalt, copper 51°42′44″N 10°31′39″E / 51.7121°N 10.5274°E / 51.7121; 10.5274 (Grube Wennsglückt) Mundloch Wennsglückt-ohne.jpg
19-Lachter-Stollen Lower Saxony Wildemann Lead, zinc 51°49′26″N 10°16′53″E / 51.8239°N 10.2814°E / 51.8239; 10.2814 (19-Lachter-Stollen) 19-Lachter-Stollen Besucherbergwerk.jpg
Schieferschaubergwerk Raumland North Rhine-Westphalia Bad Berleburg, district Raumland Slate 51°01′24″N 8°23′12″E / 51.0232°N 8.3867°E / 51.0232; 8.3867 (Schieferschaubergwerk Raumland)
Erzbergwerk Ramsbeck North Rhine-Westphalia Bestwig, district Ramsbeck Lead, zinc; with operational mine railway 51°18′56″N 8°24′10″E / 51.3156°N 8.4028°E / 51.3156; 8.4028 (Erzbergwerk Ramsbeck) Ramsbeck7.jpg
Venetianerstollen North Rhine-Westphalia Bestwig, district Ramsbeck Copper 51°18′16″N 8°23′50″E / 51.3045°N 8.3972°E / 51.3045; 8.3972 (Venetianerstollen)
Zeche Graf Wittekind North Rhine-Westphalia Dortmund, district Syburg Stone coal 51°25′16″N 7°28′48″E / 51.4210°N 7.4801°E / 51.4210; 7.4801 (Zeche Graf Wittekind) Dortmund Zeche Graf Wittekind Stollen 4 IMGP3130 wp.jpg
Grube Wohlfahrt North Rhine-Westphalia Hellenthal, district Rescheid Lead, zinc 50°26′05″N 6°27′18″E / 50.4346°N 6.4550°E / 50.4346; 6.4550 (Grube Wohlfahrt) Grube Wohlfahrt.JPG
Stahlberger Erbstollen North Rhine-Westphalia Hilchenbach, district Müsen Iron 50°59′32″N 8°01′35″E / 50.9922°N 8.0263°E / 50.9922; 8.0263 (Stahlberger Erbstollen) Stollenstrecke.jpg
Grube Altenberg North Rhine-Westphalia Kreuztal, district Littfeld Iron, lead, zinc 51°00′22″N 8°00′28″E / 51.0061°N 8.0077°E / 51.0061; 8.0077 (Grube Altenberg) Stollenmundloch Altenberg.JPG
Kilianstollen North Rhine-Westphalia Marsberg Copper 51°27′12″N 8°51′42″E / 51.4533°N 8.8616°E / 51.4533; 8.8616 (Kilianstollen) Marsberg-Kilianstollen1-Asio.JPG
Wodan-Stollen North Rhine-Westphalia Neunkirchen, district Salchendorf Iron 50°47′54″N 8°01′07″E / 50.7983°N 8.0187°E / 50.7983; 8.0187 (Wodan-Stollen) Wodanstolln.jpg
Grube Günnersdorf North Rhine-Westphalia Mechernich Lead, zinc; part of mining museum Mechernich 50°35′11″N 6°38′57″E / 50.5865°N 6.6492°E / 50.5865; 6.6492 (Grube Günnersdorf)
Besucherbergwerk Philippstollen North Rhine-Westphalia Olsberg Iron 51°21′54″N 8°31′18″E / 51.3650°N 8.5216°E / 51.3650; 8.5216 (Philippstollen) Briloner Eisenberg - Philipp-Stollen - Mundloch.jpg
Bleierzgrube Neu-Glück North Rhine-Westphalia Plettenberg Lead 51°13′18″N 7°52′15″E / 51.2216°N 7.8707°E / 51.2216; 7.8707 (Bleierzgrube Neu-Glück)
Besucherbergwerk Kleinenbremen North Rhine-Westphalia Porta Westfalica, district Kleinenbremen Iron 52°13′50″N 9°02′28″E / 52.2306°N 9.0411°E / 52.2306; 9.0411 (Besucherbergwerk Kleinenbremen) Besucherbergwerk2.jpg
Reinhold Förster Erbstollen North Rhine-Westphalia Siegen, district Eiserfeld Iron; outstanding portal 50°49′59″N 7°59′03″E / 50.8330°N 7.9841°E / 50.8330; 7.9841 (Reinhold Forster Erbstollen) Siegen Reinhold Forster Erbstollen.jpg
Grube Silberhardt North Rhine-Westphalia Windeck, district Öttershagen Silver 50°49′23″N 7°38′35″E / 50.8231°N 7.6430°E / 50.8231; 7.6430 (Grube Silverhardt) Besucherbergwerk.jpg
Zeche Nachtigall North Rhine-Westphalia Witten, district Bommern Stone coal 51°25′44″N 7°18′48″E / 51.4289°N 7.3134°E / 51.4289; 7.3134 (Zeche Nachtigall) Nachtigallstollen.JPG
Grube Wilhelm (Antweiler) Rhineland-Palatinate Antweiler Copper 50°24′03″N 6°49′56″E / 50.4009°N 6.8322°E / 50.4009; 6.8322 (Grube Wilhelm)
Schmittenstollen Rhineland-Palatinate Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg Mercury 49°47′25″N 7°46′54″E / 49.7904°N 7.7817°E / 49.7904; 7.7817 (Besucherbergwerk Schmittenstollen)
Mühlenberger Stollen Rhineland-Palatinate Bleialf Lead 50°14′22″N 6°17′11″E / 50.2394°N 6.2864°E / 50.2394; 6.2864 (Mühlenberger Stollen) Bleialf 2.JPG
Besucherbergwerk Herrenberg Rhineland-Palatinate Bundenbach Slate 49°50′37″N 7°23′00″E / 49.8437°N 7.3834°E / 49.8437; 7.3834 (Besucherbergwerk Herrenberg)
Alvenslebenstollen Rhineland-Palatinate Burglahr Gallery drainage, total length 1546 m, 400 m could be visited 50°36′57″N 7°30′02″E / 50.6157°N 7.5005°E / 50.6157; 7.5005 (Alvenslebenstollen)
Fell Exhibition Slate Mine Rhineland-Palatinate Fell Slate 49°45′21″N 6°47′56″E / 49.7558°N 6.7990°E / 49.7558; 6.7990 (Besucherbergwerk Fell) Bergwerk-fell-stollen1.jpg
Kupferbergwerk Hosenberg Rhineland-Palatinate Fischbach Copper, historical ore dressing plants 49°45′17″N 7°22′54″E / 49.7546°N 7.3818°E / 49.7546; 7.3818 (Kupferbergwerk Hosenberg)
Grube Holzappel Rhineland-Palatinate Holzappel Lead, zinc 50°20′27″N 7°53′34″E / 50.3408°N 7.8927°E / 50.3408; 7.8927 (Grube Holzappel) Mundloch Adelheidstollen.JPG
Edelsteinmine Steinkaulenberg Rhineland-Palatinate Idar-Oberstein Precious stones 49°43′45″N 7°17′14″E / 49.7293°N 7.2872°E / 49.7293; 7.2872 (Edelsteinmine Steinkaulenberg)
Grube Maria Rhineland-Palatinate Imsbach Iron 49°35′29″N 7°54′00″E / 49.5913°N 07.8999°E / 49.5913; 07.8999 (Grube Maria)
Weiße Grube Rhineland-Palatinate Imsbach Copper, cobalt, iron, silver 49°35′30″N 7°53′59″E / 49.5917°N 07.8997°E / 49.5917; 07.8997 (Weiße Grube) Imsbach Weisse Grube Stollenprofil.jpg
Römerbergwerk Meurin Rhineland-Palatinate Kretz Tuff, from Roman times 50°23′46″N 7°21′12″E / 50.3962°N 7.3533°E / 50.3962; 7.3533 (Römerbergwerk Meurin) Römerbergwerk Meurin Innenansicht 2010.jpg
Grube Bendisberg Rhineland-Palatinate Langenfeld, district St. Jost Lead, zinc 50°21′39″N 7°06′09″E / 50.3607°N 7.1025°E / 50.3607; 7.1025 (Grube Bendisberg)
Dachschieferbergwerk Assberg Rhineland-Palatinate Limbach Slate, started 1548 50°41′40″N 7°47′34″E / 50.6944°N 7.7927°E / 50.6944; 7.7927 (Dachschieferbergwerk Assberg)
Eisenerzgrube Edelstein Rhineland-Palatinate Luckenbach Iron 50°42′07″N 7°49′54″E / 50.7019°N 7.8317°E / 50.7019; 7.8317 (Ironbergwerk Edelstein)
Lavakeller Mendig Rhineland-Palatinate Mendig, district Niedermendig Trachyte, also vulcano museum Lava-Dome 50°22′33″N 7°16′58″E / 50.3757°N 7.2827°E / 50.3757; 7.2827 (Trachytbruch und Vulkanmuseum) Lavakeller Mendig 2010.jpg
Pützlöcher Rhineland-Palatinate Newel, district Butzweiler Copper, started by the Romans 49°49′20″N 6°38′04″E / 49.8221°N 6.6344°E / 49.8221; 6.6344 (Pützlöcher (römisch))
St.-Anna-Stollen Rhineland-Palatinate Nothweiler Iron 49°04′00″N 7°48′40″E / 49.0668°N 7.8112°E / 49.0668; 7.8112 (St.-Anna-Stollen) Nothweiler Erzbergwerk.jpg
Museum Steinbruch Rammelsbach Rhineland-Palatinate Rammelsbach Hard rock, quarryman duties, geology 49°32′41″N 7°27′01″E / 49.5446°N 7.4503°E / 49.5446; 7.4503 (Museum Steinbruch Rammelsbach) Rammelsbach-1998-49n3251-7e2640.jpg
Grube Bindweide Rhineland-Palatinate Steinebach/Sieg Iron 50°43′58″N 7°49′45″E / 50.7329°N 7.8291°E / 50.7329; 7.8291 (Grube Bindweide) Grube Bindweide.jpg
Grube Georg Rhineland-Palatinate Willroth Iron 50°34′02″N 7°31′20″E / 50.5672°N 7.5222°E / 50.5672; 7.5222 (Grube Georg) Grube georg.jpg
Kalkbergwerk am Königsberg Rhineland-Palatinate Wolfstein Lime 49°34′53″N 7°36′43″E / 49.5815°N 7.6119°E / 49.5815; 7.6119 (Kalkbergwerk am Königsberg) WolfsteinBergwerk1-2.jpg
Saarländisches Bergbaumuseum Saarland Bexbach Underground show mine in the museum 49°20′58″N 7°15′34″E / 49.3494°N 7.2594°E / 49.3494; 7.2594 (Saarländisches Bergbaumuseum) Bexbach Hindenburgturm.jpg
Kupferbergwerk Düppenweiler Saarland Beckingen Copper 49°24′46″N 6°46′59″E / 49.4127°N 6.7830°E / 49.4127; 6.7830 (Bergwerk Düppenweiler) DüppenweilerBerkwerk.jpg
Schlossberghöhlen Saarland Homburg Red sandstone, largest sandstone caves in Europe 49°19′16″N 7°20′36″E / 49.3211°N 7.3433°E / 49.3211; 7.3433 (Schlossberghöhlen) Schlossberghoehlen.jpg
Kupferbergwerk Walhausen Saarland Nohfelden, district Saar Copper, lead 49°33′38″N 7°07′46″E / 49.5606°N 7.1294°E / 49.5606; 7.1294 (Kupferbergwerk Walhausen)
Erlebnisbergwerk Velsen Saarland Saarbrücken Stone coal 49°12′59″N 6°50′01″E / 49.2164°N 6.8337°E / 49.2164; 6.8337 (Erlebnisbergwerk Velsen)
Besucherbergwerk Rischbachstollen Saarland St. Ingbert Stone coal 49°17′06″N 7°06′01″E / 49.2851°N 7.1002°E / 49.2851; 7.1002 (Richbachstollen) Richbachstollen-St-Ingbert.JPG
Emilianus-Stollen Saarland Wallerfangen, district St. Barbara Copper, Azurite, Malachite; Roman mine from approx. 200 A.D. 49°19′49″N 6°40′47″E / 49.3302°N 6.6798°E / 49.3302; 6.6798 (Emilianus-Stollen) Emilianusstollen.jpg
Bergbaumuseum Altenberg Saxony Altenberg Zinc, also ore dressing plant 50°45′46″N 13°46′10″E / 50.7628°N 13.7694°E / 50.7628; 13.7694 (Bergbaumuseum Altenberg) Altenberg NG-Stollen (1) 2006-06-28.jpg
Vereinigt Zwitterfeld zu Zinnwald Saxony Altenberg, district Zinnwald Tin 50°44′28″N 13°45′55″E / 50.7410°N 13.7654°E / 50.7410; 13.7654 (Besucherbergwerk Vereinigt Zwitterfeld zu Zinnwald) Zinnwald Tiefer-Bünau-Stollen (03) 2006-06-28.jpg
Erzgebirgsmuseum Saxony Annaberg-Buchholz Silver, started 1500; museum with silver mine ‘‘Im Gößner‘‘ 50°34′42″N 13°00′16″E / 50.5784°N 13.0044°E / 50.5784; 13.0044 (Erzgebirgsmuseum) Annaberg Erzgebirgsmuseum.jpg
Dorothea-Stolln Saxony Annaberg-Buchholz, district Cunersdorf Silver, cobalt, copper, nickel, uranium; with underground boat tour 50°33′30″N 13°00′06″E / 50.5582°N 13.0016°E / 50.5582; 13.0016 (Erlebnisbergwerk Dorothea-Stolln)
Markus-Röhling-Stolln Saxony Annaberg-Buchholz, district Frohnau Silver, cobalt, from 1500 till 1857 50°35′54″N 12°59′43″E / 50.5984°N 12.9954°E / 50.5984; 12.9954 (Besucherbergwerk Markus-Röhling-Stolln) Markus-Röhling-Stolln (01) 2006-11-04.jpg
Fundgrube St. Briccius Saxony Annaberg-Buchholz, district Geyersdorf Silver, copper 50°34′25″N 13°02′24″E / 50.5737°N 13.0401°E / 50.5737; 13.0401 (Besucherbergwerk St. Briccius)
Vestenburger Stolln Saxony Aue Tin 50°34′56″N 12°42′24″E / 50.5822°N 12.7067°E / 50.5822; 12.7067 (Besucherstollen Vestenburger Stolln)
Reichenbach-Stolln Saxony Lößnitz Silver, lead glance, arsenopyrite from 1500 till 1927 50°35′52″N 12°44′14″E / 50.5978°N 12.7373°E / 50.5978; 12.7373 (Besucherbergwerk Reichenbach-Stolln)
Marie-Louise-Stolln Saxony Bad Gottleuba-Berggießhübel, district Berggießhübel Iron, copper 50°52′30″N 13°56′58″E / 50.8749°N 13.9495°E / 50.8749; 13.9495 (Besucherbergwerk Marie-Louise-Stolln) BGH Marie-Louise-Stolln (01) 2007-02-10.jpg
Besucherbergwerk Bad Schlema Saxony Bad Schlema Silver, uranium; also Markus-Semmler-Stollen; part of UNESCO-World Heritage Site Erzgebirge 50°36′05″N 12°39′24″E / 50.6014°N 12.6567°E / 50.6014; 12.6567 (Besucherbergwerk Bad Schlema) SchlemaSchacht15IIb.jpg
Bartholomäusschacht Saxony Brand-Erbisdorf, district Erbisdorf Silver 50°51′37″N 13°19′10″E / 50.8603°N 13.3195°E / 50.8603; 13.3195 (Schauanlage Bartholomäusschacht) Branderbisdorfbartholomaeusschacht.jpg
Besucherbergwerk St. Christoph Saxony Breitenbrunn Iron, tin 50°28′48″N 12°45′16″E / 50.4800°N 12.7545°E / 50.4800; 12.7545 (Besucherbergwerk St. Christoph) Besucherbergwerk St. Christoph in Breitenbrunn Erzgeb.JPG
Oberer Rother Adler Saxony Breitenbrunn, district Rittersgrün Iron, 19th century 50°28′18″N 12°48′41″E / 50.4716°N 12.8113°E / 50.4716; 12.8113 (Besucherstollen Rother Adler) Oberer Rother Adler Stolln.jpg
Besucherstolln Fuchsloch Saxony Breitenbrunn, district Rittersgrün medieval mine 50°27′28″N 12°50′41″E / 50.4578°N 12.8447°E / 50.4578; 12.8447 (Besucherstollen Fuchsloch)
[elsendome Rabenstein Saxony Chemnitz Marble, 700 m underground gallery with lake and green grotto; option for cave diving 50°50′11″N 12°50′34″E / 50.8365°N 12.8429°E / 50.8365; 12.8429 (Besucherbergwerk Felsendome Rabenstein)
Fortuna-Stolln Saxony Deutschneudorf, district Deutschkatharinenberg Copper, silver; has seen undercover German transports of unknown goods by the end of WWII; operational steam engine from 1922 50°36′41″N 13°26′20″E / 50.6114°N 13.4390°E / 50.6114; 13.4390 (Besucherbergwerk Fortuna-Stolln) FortunaStolln Deutschkatarinenberg-1.JPG
Aurora Erbstolln Saxony Dorfhain Silver, lead, barite, fluorite 50°55′30″N 13°33′02″E / 50.9249°N 13.5506°E / 50.9249; 13.5506 (Besucherbergwerk Aurora Erbstolln)
Zinngrube Am Sauberg Saxony Ehrenfriedersdorf Tin, 750 years of history 50°38′33″N 12°58′26″E / 50.6425°N 12.9739°E / 50.6425; 12.9739 (Zinngrube Am Sauberg) Ehrenfriedersdorf - Sauberg.JPG
Himmelfahrt Fundgrube Saxony Freiberg Silver, later lead and zinc; also named Besucherbergwerk Freiberg Reiche Zeche 50°55′42″N 13°21′25″E / 50.9282°N 13.357°E / 50.9282; 13.357 (Besucherbergwerk Reiche Zeche) 20050331 Freiberg Reiche Zeche.jpg
Herkules Frisch Glück Saxony Grünhain-Beierfeld, district Waschleithe Iron, copper, sulphur, arsene, lead glance, marble; underground lake 50°33′08″N 12°49′31″E / 50.5522°N 12.8253°E / 50.5522; 12.8253 (Schaubergwerk Herkules Frisch Glück)
St. Lampertus-Schacht Saxony Hohenstein-Ernstthal, district Ernstthal Arsenopyrite with traces of gold and silver; formerly Saxony's most profitable gold mine 50°48′19″N 12°43′33″E / 50.8052°N 12.7259°E / 50.8052; 12.7259 (Besucherbergwerk St. Lampertus-Schacht)
Frisch Glück „Glöckl" Saxony Johanngeorgenstadt Silver, bismuth, uranium 50°25′42″N 12°43′53″E / 50.4283°N 12.7314°E / 50.4283; 12.7314 (Schaubergwerk Frisch Glück - Glöckl) Schaubergwerk Johannstadt.jpg
Andreas-Gegentrum-Stolln Saxony Jöhstadt, district Steinbach Silver, cobalt 50°32′47″N 13°08′24″E / 50.5465°N 13.1400°E / 50.5465; 13.1400 (Besucherbergwerk Andreas-Gegentrum-Stolln)
Besucherbergwerk Am Graben Saxony Kirchberg Iron 50°37′17″N 12°31′30″E / 50.6213°N 12.5251°E / 50.6213; 12.5251 (Besucherbergwerk Am Graben)
Altes Kalkbergwerk Miltitz Saxony Klipphausen, district Miltitz Lime and marble; including visit to Adolf-von-Heynitz-Stolln; starting 1944 used as underground production plant 51°06′13″N 13°24′55″E / 51.1035°N 13.4153°E / 51.1035; 13.4153 (Altes Kalkbergwerk Miltitz)
Kalkwerk Lengefeld Saxony Lengefeld Marble 50°42′01″N 13°10′14″E / 50.7004°N 13.1706°E / 50.7004; 13.1706 (Kalkwerk Lengefeld) Kalkwerk Lengefeld Miebner 2010.jpg
Besucherbergwerk Wismutstolln Saxony Lichtenau, district Merzdorf Silver, medieval; starting 1950 exploration for uranium; alternative name: Alte Silberfundgrube Hülfe des Herrn am Erzberge zu Biensdorf 50°55′53″N 13°00′47″E / 50.9313°N 13.0130°E / 50.9313; 13.0130 (Besucherbergwerk Wismutstolln und Hülfe des Herrn)
Besucherbergwerk Trau auf Gott-Erbstolln Saxony Lichtenberg Silver 50°49′35″N 13°26′07″E / 50.8263°N 13.4353°E / 50.8263; 13.4353 (Besucherbergwerk Trau auf Gott-Erbstolln) Lichtenberg Trau auf Gott Erbstolln.jpg
St. Anna Fundgrube Saxony Limbach-Oberfrohna, district Herrnsdorf (zu Wolkenburg-Kaufungen) Copper, lead, silver; medieval 50°53′53″N 12°39′30″E / 50.8980°N 12.6582°E / 50.8980; 12.6582 (Besucherbergwerke St. Anna-Fundgrube) SchlaegelstreckeAnna.JPG
Segen Gottes Erbstolln Saxony Limbach-Oberfrohna, district Uhlsdorf (Wolkenburg region) Copper, lead, silver; medieval 50°53′23″N 12°38′38″E / 50.8898°N 12.6438°E / 50.8898; 12.6438 (Besucherbergwerke Segen Gottes Erbstolln (Wolkenburg))
Rudolphschacht Saxony Marienberg, district Lauta historical horse-capstan 50°39′46″N 13°08′38″E / 50.6629°N 13.1439°E / 50.6629; 13.1439 (Pferdegöpel auf dem Rudolphschacht) Lauta Rudolphschacht Pferdegöpel (03pa).jpg
Molchner Stolln Saxony Marienberg, district Pobershau Zinc, silver 50°38′14″N 13°13′01″E / 50.6372°N 13.2169°E / 50.6372; 13.2169 (Schaubergwerk Molchner Stolln) PobershauTieferMolchener.jpg
Grube Tannenberg Saxony Muldenhammer, district Tannenbergsthal Zinc 50°24′57″N 12°27′35″E / 50.4158°N 12.4596°E / 50.4158; 12.4596 (Besucherbergwerk Grube Tannenberg) Grube Tannenberg 2.jpg
Bergbaumuseum Oelsnitz Saxony Oelsnitz Stone coal; formerly VEB Steinkohlenwerk Karl Liebknecht and VEB Steinkohlenwerk Oelsnitz/Erzgeb. 50°43′30″N 12°43′48″E / 50.7250°N 12.7300°E / 50.7250; 12.7300 (Bergbaumuseum Oelsnitz) Oelsnitz Bergbaumuseum (01wiki).jpg
Gnade Gottes Erbstollen Saxony Olbernhau Non-ferrous metal mining for Saigerhütte Grünthal 50°39′38″N 13°21′59″E / 50.6605°N 13.3665°E / 50.6605; 13.3665 (Besucherbergwerk Gnade Gottes Erbstollen)
Alaunbergwerk Ewiges Leben Saxony Plauen Potash alum, between 1542 and 1846 50°29′55″N 12°08′07″E / 50.4986°N 12.1353°E / 50.4986; 12.1353 (Alaunbergwerk Ewiges Leben) Plauen, Reichsstraße - Eingang Alaunbergwerk.JPG
Alaunwerk Mühlwand Saxony Reichenbach im Vogtland, district Rotschau Potash alum, between 1691 and 1827 50°35′58″N 12°17′27″E / 50.5994°N 12.2908°E / 50.5994; 12.2908 (Alaunwerk Mühlwand) Diadochit-Stalaktiten.jpg
Alte Hoffnung Erbstolln Saxony Rossau, district Schönborn-Dreiwerden Lead, copper, silver; with underground boat tour 50°57′37″N 13°00′07″E / 50.9602°N 13.002°E / 50.9602; 13.002 (Besucherbergwerk Alte Hoffnung Erbstolln)
Besucherbergwerk Grüner Zweig Saxony Schlettau Silver, starting around 1500 50°33′24″N 12°57′12″E / 50.5567°N 12.9533°E / 50.5567; 12.9533 (Besucherbergwerk Grüner Zweig)
Fundgrube Weißer Hirsch Saxony Schneeberg Silver, cobalt, bismuth, nickel; later uranium 50°35′18″N 12°38′15″E / 50.5882°N 12.6376°E / 50.5882; 12.6376 (Besucherbergwerk Fundgrube Weißer Hirsch) Weißer Hirsch Neustädtel.jpg
Fundgrube und Erbstollen Morgenstern Saxony Schwarzenberg, district Pöhla Zinc, iron, silver, wolfram; starting 1500 50°29′51″N 12°49′04″E / 50.4976°N 12.8177°E / 50.4976; 12.8177 (Fundgrube und Erbstollen Morgenstern)
Besucherbergwerk Pöhla Saxony Schwarzenberg, district Pöhla Zinc and uranium; 3 km underground galleries open to the public 50°29′33″N 12°49′13″E / 50.4925°N 12.8202°E / 50.4925; 12.8202 (Besucherbergwerk Zinnkammernl) Besucherbergwerk Poehla.jpg
Segen Gottes Erbstollen Saxony Striegistal, district Gersdorf Silver; medieval 51°03′58″N 13°12′58″E / 51.066°N 13.216°E / 51.066; 13.216 (Besucherbergwerk Segen Gottes Erbstollen (Gersdorf))
Wille Gottes Stolln Saxony Thalheim Arsen 50°42′31″N 12°50′15″E / 50.7085°N 12.8374°E / 50.7085; 12.8374 (Wille Gottes Stolln(Gersdorf))
Besucherbergwerk Am Steghaus Saxony Zschopau Silver, lead glance; in neighbourhood to „Heilige-Dreifaltigkeits-Fundgrube“ 50°44′44″N 13°05′08″E / 50.7455°N 13.0856°E / 50.7455; 13.0856 (Besucherbergwerk Heilige-Dreifaltigkeits-Fundgrube)
St. Anna am Freudenstein Saxony Zschorlau Silver; also Oberer und Unterer Troster Stolln 50°34′58″N 12°39′29″E / 50.5828°N 12.6581°E / 50.5828; 12.6581 (Besucherbergwerk St. Anna am Freudenstein) St Anna Zschorlau 14.jpg
Grube Glasebach Saxony-Anhalt Harzgerode, district Straßberg Fluorspar 51°36′45″N 11°03′39″E / 51.6125°N 11.0608°E / 51.6125; 11.0608 (Grube Glasebach) Grube Glasebach Foerdermaschine.jpg
Erzgrube Büchenberg Saxony-Anhalt Oberharz am Brocken, district Elbingerode Iron 51°47′28″N 10°49′04″E / 51.7912°N 10.8179°E / 51.7912; 10.8179 (Erzgrube Büchenberg)
Drei Kronen & Ehrt Saxony-Anhalt Oberharz am Brocken, district Elbingerode Iron pyrite, sulphur; formerly ‚‘Grube Einheit‘‘ 51°45′50″N 10°49′33″E / 51.7639°N 10.8258°E / 51.7639; 10.8258 (Besucherbergwerk Drei Kronen & Ehrt) Fotothek df n-11 0000343.jpg
Röhrigschacht Saxony-Anhalt Sangerhausen, district Wettelrode Copper 51°31′03″N 11°16′57″E / 51.5174°N 11.2825°E / 51.5174; 11.2825 (Röhrigschacht) Wettelrode Röhrigschacht.jpg
Besucherbergwerk Am Aschenberg Thuringia Bad Liebenstein Bergbautechnik in einem alten Bierkeller 50°48′43″N 10°21′42″E / 50.8119°N 10.3618°E / 50.8119; 10.3618 (Besucherbergwerk Am Aschenberg)
Besucherbergwerk Hühn Thuringia Brotterode-Trusetal, district Trusetal Barite and fluorspare 50°47′01″N 10°25′19″E / 50.7836°N 10.4219°E / 50.7836; 10.4219 (Besucherbergwerk Hühn)
Marienglashöhle Thuringia Friedrichroda Gypsum and copper-slate 50°51′45″N 10°32′30″E / 50.8625°N 10.5416°E / 50.8625; 10.5416 (Marienglashöhle) Marienglashoehle friedrichroda.jpg
Rabensteiner Stollen Thuringia Harztor, district Ilfeld Stone coal 51°36′08″N 10°47′24″E / 51.6023°N 10.7899°E / 51.6023; 10.7899 (Besucherbergwerk Rabensteiner Stollen) Grubenbahn ins Bergwerk - - 13627.jpg
Besucherbergwerk Lange Wand Thuringia Harztor, district Niedersachswerfen Copper-slate 51°34′09″N 10°47′10″E / 51.5691°N 10.7862°E / 51.5691; 10.7862 (Besucherbergwerk Lange Wand) Langewand Ilfeld.JPG
Schaubergwerk Volle Rose Thuringia Ilmenau Barite and fluorspore 50°39′52″N 10°55′25″E / 50.6644°N 10.9236°E / 50.6644; 10.9236 (Bergwerk Volle Rose) Schüttgutwaggon Volle Rose Ilmenau.JPG
Besucherbergwerk Vereinigte Reviere Thuringia Kamsdorf Iron, silver, copper 50°38′39″N 11°28′10″E / 50.6442°N 11.4695°E / 50.6442; 11.4695 (Besucherbergwerk Vereinigte Reviere)
Erlebnisbergwerk Merkers Thuringia Krayenberg, district Merkers Salt mine; major hide away for treasures in late WWII 50°49′13″N 10°07′29″E / 50.8203°N 10.1247°E / 50.8203; 10.1247 (Erlebnisbergwerk Merkers) Merkers Erlebnisbergwerk.jpg
Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes Thuringia Saalfeld Alaun 50°38′06″N 11°20′29″E / 50.6350°N 11.3413°E / 50.6350; 11.3413 (Saalfelder Feengrotte) Saalfelder Feengrotte 2013.jpg
Besucherbergwerk Finstertal Thuringia Schmalkalden, district Asbach Iron 50°43′43″N 10°29′44″E / 50.7287°N 10.4955°E / 50.7287; 10.4955 (Besucherbergwerk Finstertal)
Schaubergwerk Morassina Thuringia Schmiedefeld Alaun 50°32′07″N 11°13′32″E / 50.5353°N 11.2255°E / 50.5353; 11.2255 (Schaubergwerk Morassina) Morassina 4.JPG
Erlebnisbergwerk Glückauf Thuringia Sondershausen Salt 51°22′12″N 10°50′48″E / 51.3699°N 10.8466°E / 51.3699; 10.8466 (Erlebnisbergwerk Glückauf) Sondershausen mkt-ft.jpg
Besucherbergwerk Schwarzer Crux Thuringia Suhl, district Vesser Iron 50°36′11″N 10°47′34″E / 50.6031°N 10.7928°E / 50.6031; 10.7928 (Besucherbergwerk Schwarzer Crux)
Märchen- und Sandsteinhöhle Thuringia Walldorf Sand (underground) 50°36′43″N 10°23′06″E / 50.6119°N 10.3850°E / 50.6119; 10.3850 (Märchen- und Sandsteinhöhle)


Name Province Municipality Notes Location Picture
Lampivaara Amtyst Mine Lappland Lampivaara Amethyst 63°14′25″N 30°00′20″E / 63.2404°N 30.0055°E / 63.2404; 30.0055 (Lampivaara Amtyst Mine)
Tytyri gruvmuseum Southern Finland Province Lohja Lime 60°15′52″N 24°04′05″E / 60.2644°N 24.0681°E / 60.2644; 24.0681 (Bergwerkmuseum Tytyri)


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Name Region Département Municipality Notes Location Picture
Caverne du dragon Picardie Aisne Oulches-la-Vallée-Foulon Lime; medieval 49°26′29″N 3°43′57″E / 49.4414°N 3.7324°E / 49.4414; 3.7324 (Caverne du dragon) Caverne du Dragon - 20130829 171411.jpg
Catacombs of Paris Île-de-France Paris Lime, gypsum; starting 18th century: used as necropolis for over 6 million people 48°50′02″N 2°19′56″E / 48.8340°N 2.3323°E / 48.8340; 2.3323 (Katakomben von Paris) Catacombes Paris Inscription.JPG
Mine de Blanzy Burgundy Saône-et-Loire Blanzy Coal 46°42′05″N 4°22′57″E / 46.7014°N 4.3826°E / 46.7014; 4.3826 (Mine de Blanzy)
Gabe Gottes Alsace Haut-Rhin Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines Silver 48°13′49″N 7°09′51″E / 48.2303°N 7.1642°E / 48.2303; 7.1642 (Gabe Gottes) Ste Marie aux Mines - Bergwerk Gabe Gottes Stollen Ortsbrust.jpg
Saint Louis Eisenthür Alsace Haut-Rhin Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines Silver 48°14′43″N 7°10′59″E / 48.2452°N 7.1831°E / 48.2452; 7.1831 (Saint Louis Eisenthür) Ste Marie aux Mines - Bergwerk St Louis-Eisenthuer Stollenfirste geschlaegelt.jpg
Silvergrube St. Barthélemy Alsace Haut-Rhin Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines Silver 48°14′26″N 7°10′48″E / 48.2405°N 7.1801°E / 48.2405; 7.1801 (Silvergrube St. Barthélemy)
Saint Jean Engelsbourg Alsace Haut-Rhin Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines Silver; alternative name Parc Tellure 48°12′49″N 7°08′10″E / 48.2136°N 7.1362°E / 48.2136; 7.1362 (Saint Jean Engelsbourg)
Mine St. Nicolas Alsace Haut-Rhin Steinbach Lead, silver, iron, copper 47°49′14″N 7°09′08″E / 47.8205°N 7.1522°E / 47.8205; 7.1522 (Mine St. Nicolas)
Mine Temoin Languedoc-Roussillon Gard Alès Coal 44°07′56″N 4°03′59″E / 44.1321°N 4.0665°E / 44.1321; 4.0665 (Mine Temoin) Underground mine Ales 2.jpg
Pioch Farrus Mine Languedoc-Roussillon Gard Cabrières Copper; oldest mine in France 43°34′47″N 3°22′09″E / 43.5797°N 3.3692°E / 43.5797; 3.3692 (Pioch Farrus Mine)
Mine de Vielle-Aure Midi-Pyrénées Hautes-Pyrénées Vielle-Aure Manganese 42°48′47″N 0°17′45″W / 42.8131°N 0.2959°W / 42.8131; -0.2959 (Mine de Vielle-Aure)
Mine du Val de Fer Lorraine Meurthe-et-Moselle Neuves-Maisons Iron 48°36′56″N 6°06′31″E / 48.6156°N 6.1087°E / 48.6156; 6.1087 (Mine du Val de Fer) IntérieurMineValdeFer.JPG
Musée des Mines de Fer Aumetz Lorraine Moselle Aumetz Iron 49°25′22″N 5°56′57″E / 49.4228°N 5.9491°E / 49.4228; 5.9491 (Musée des Mines de Fer Aumetz) Chevalement Mine Aumetz.jpg
Mines de Fer de Neufchef Lorraine Moselle Neufchef Iron 49°19′32″N 6°01′41″E / 49.3256°N 6.0280°E / 49.3256; 6.0280 (Mines de Fer de Neufchef)
St. Joseph Lorraine Vosges La Croix-aux-Mines Silver; medieval; altgernative name: Mine d’argent de la Croix aux Mines 48°13′26″N 7°03′03″E / 48.2239°N 7.0508°E / 48.2239; 7.0508 (St. Joseph)
La Mine, grandeur nature Lorraine Moselle Petite-Rosselle Coal; largest show mine in France 49°12′14″N 6°51′48″E / 49.2038°N 6.8632°E / 49.2038; 6.8632 (La Mine, Musée du Carrau Wendel) WENDEL 1+2.jpg
Minier Lewarde Nord-Pas-de-Calais Nord Lewarde Coal 50°19′54″N 3°10′19″E / 50.3317°N 3.1719°E / 50.3317; 3.1719 (Minier Lewarde) Lewarde - Fosse Delloye des mines d'Aniche (311).JPG
Mine Bleue Pays de la Loire Maine-et-Loire Noyant-la-Gravoyère Slate 47°42′47″N 0°57′23″W / 47.7131°N 0.9564°W / 47.7131; -0.9564 (Mine Bleue)
Mine Couriot Rhône-Alpes Loire Saint-Étienne Coal 45°26′18″N 4°22′35″E / 45.43841°N 4.3763°E / 45.43841; 4.3763 (Mine Couriot)
Mine de Cap Garonne Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Var Le Pradet Copper 43°04′53″N 6°02′06″E / 43.0813°N 6.0351°E / 43.0813; 6.0351 (Mine de Cap Garonne)
Terra Vinea, Les caves Rochere Languedoc-Roussillon Aude Rochere Gypsum 43°03′06″N 2°55′39″E / 43.0516°N 2.9275°E / 43.0516; 2.9275 (Terra Vinea, Les caves Rochere)
Cathédrale d'Images Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Bouches-du-Rhône Les Baux-de-Provence Lime 43°44′38″N 4°47′43″E / 43.7438°N 4.7952°E / 43.7438; 4.7952 (Cathédrale d'Images) Cathedrale d'Images, salle du Nord.jpg


Name Provinz Municipality Notes Location Picture
Phocis Mining Park Phocis Delphi Bauxite 38°37′56″N 22°22′18″E / 38.6321°N 22.3717°E / 38.6321; 22.3717 (Vagonetto)


Name Province Municipality Notes Location Picture
Lubang Mbah Suro Padang, Sumatra Sawahlunto Coal 0°40′50″S 100°46′34″E / 0.6805°S 100.7762°E / -0.6805; 100.7762 (Lubang Mbah Suro)


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Name County Municipality Notes Location Picture
Glengowla Mines Oughterard Galway Silver and lead 53°25′06″N 9°22′24″W / 53.4182°N 9.3732°W / 53.4182; -9.3732 (Glengowla Mines)
Arigna Mining Experience Arigna Roscommon Coal 54°04′37″N 8°07′14″W / 54.077°N 8.1206°W / 54.077; -8.1206 (Arigna Mining Experience)


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Name Province Municipality Notes Location Picture
Bergwerk Villanders South Tyrol Villanders The mine of Villanders was one of the importenst mines at the middle ages in the area of Tirol. In the mine of Villanders was alsow found silver.[1] 46°39′15″N 11°32′36″E / 46.654196°N 11.54336°E / 46.654196; 11.54336 Logo Bergwerk Villanders.png
Schaubergwerk Prettau South Tyrol Prettau (Ahrntal) Copper 47°02′42″N 12°07′14″E / 47.045104°N 12.120516°E / 47.045104; 12.120516 (Schaubergwerk Prettau) Fonderia Predoi.jpg
BergbauWelt Ridnaun-Schneeberg South Tyrol Ridnaun Municipality Ratschings Together with Passeier-Schneeberg highest lying mine in Europe 46°55′42″N 11°16′16″E / 46.928317°N 11.270977°E / 46.928317; 11.270977 (Ridnaun-Schneeberg) Südtiroler Bergbaumuseum im Ridnauntal 1.jpg
BergbauWelt Passeier-Schneeberg South Tyrol Moos in Passeier Together with Ridnaun-Schneeberg highest lying mine in Europe 46°54′02″N 11°11′00″E / 46.900686°N 11.183386°E / 46.900686; 11.183386 (Passeier-Schneeberg)
Miniere Val Trompia Brescia Montana di Val Trompia Iron; minor climbing activity necessary to visit the mine; also historical furnace 45°40′44″N 10°11′15″E / 45.678956°N 10.187376°E / 45.678956; 10.187376 (Miniere Valrompia)
Miniera Marzoli di Pezzaze Brescia Stravignino Iron; with mine railway 45°46′29″N 10°14′30″E / 45.774853°N 10.241672°E / 45.774853; 10.241672 (Miniere Marzoli)
Miniera Schilpario Bergamo Schilpario Barite and fluorite; also named: Parco Minerario Ing. Andrea Bonicelli 46°01′09″N 10°11′57″E / 46.019168°N 10.199290°E / 46.019168; 10.199290 (Miniera Schilpario)
Miniera di Gambatesa Genoa Val Graveglia Iron; active mine till August 2012 44°20′04″N 9°26′13″E / 44.334561°N 9.436825°E / 44.334561; 9.436825 (Miniera di Gambatesa) Gambatesa Mine.JPG
Galleria Ravaccione Massa-Carrara Carrara Marble; in-ground mine 44°05′24″N 10°08′02″E / 44.090005°N 10.133976°E / 44.090005; 10.133976 (Galleria Ravaccione) Galleria Ravaccione.jpg
Parco Archeominerario di San Silvestro Livorno Campiglia Marittima Lead and copper 43°04′35″N 10°35′23″E / 43.076459°N 10.589732°E / 43.076459; 10.589732 (Parco Archeominerario di San Silvestro) Parco archeominerario di San Silvestro Galleria Lanzi-Temperino installation.jpg


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Name Prefecture Municipality Notes Location Picture
Sado gold mine Niigata Island Sado Gold and Silver 38°01′00″N 138°22′00″E / 38.0166°N 138.3666°E / 38.0166; 138.3666 (Sado gold mine) Sado gold mountain.jpg
Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine Shimane Ōda Silver; UNESCO-World Heritage Site 35°06′49″N 132°26′43″E / 35.1137°N 132.4453°E / 35.1137; 132.4453 (Iwami Ginzan) Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, Ryugenji Mabu Mine Shaft 001.JPG
Yubari-si Sekitan-no-Rekisimura Hokkaido Yubari Coal; with large museum area 43°04′06″N 141°59′21″E / 43.0683°N 141.9891°E / 43.0683; 141.9891 (Iwami Ginzan) 7150.JPG


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Name Province Municipality Notes Location Picture
Kupfergrube Stolzembourg Stolzembourg Municipality Putscheid Copper 49°58′07″N 6°09′41″E / 49.9685°N 6.1615°E / 49.9685; 6.1615 (Kupfergrube Stolzembourg) Koffergrouf--bannenan--w.jpg
Musée National des Mines Rumelange Iron 49°27′27″N 6°01′19″E / 49.4576°N 6.0219°E / 49.4576; 6.0219 (Musée_National_des_Mines) Musée National des Mines.jpg
Fond-de-Gras Petingen Iron 49°32′06″N 5°51′31″E / 49.5350°N 5.8586°E / 49.5350; 5.8586 (Fond-de-Gras) Entrée Minière Dhoil 01.jpg


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Name State Municipality Notes Location Picture
Mina de El Edén Zacatecas Zacatecas Gold and silver, since 1586; offers extensive guided tours 25°33′15″N 100°29′44″W / 25.5543°N 100.4955°W / 25.5543; -100.4955 (Mina de El Edén)
Mineral de Pozos Guanajuato Guanajuato, Mexico 21°13′19″N 101°16′24″W / 21.2219°N 101.2733°W / 21.2219; -101.2733 (Mineral de Pozos) Mineral de Pozos.jpg
Guanajuato Mines Guanajuato Guanajuato Several show mines 21°00′46″N 103°29′38″W / 21.0127°N 103.4939°W / 21.0127; -103.4939 (Minen in Guanajuato) SaintBocamina.JPG

New Zealand[edit]

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Name Province Municipality Notes Location Picture
Banbury Tourist Mine Denniston Coal; one of the oldest coal mines in New Zealand, with ghost town 41°45′09″S 171°48′41″E / 41.7526°S 171.8114°E / -41.7526; 171.8114 (Banbury Tourist Mine) Denniston Incline - New Zealand.jpg
Mitchells Gully Gold Mine Charleston Gold 41°54′18″S 171°26′21″E / 41.9051°S 171.4391°E / -41.9051; 171.4391 (BMitchells Gully Gold Mine)


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Name Province Municipality Notes Location Picture
Fluweelengrot Limburg Valkenburg aan de Geul Clay; with historical charcoal drawings and underground chapel; medieval 50°51′37″N 5°49′50″E / 50.8602°N 5.8305°E / 50.8602; 5.8305 (Fluweelengrot) Fluweelengrot dino.jpg
Gemeentegrot Limburg Valkenburg aan de Geul Lime; with historical charcoal drawings 50°51′45″N 5°49′44″E / 50.8625°N 5.8288°E / 50.8625; 5.8288 (Gemeentegrot) St George Mergelgroeve Valeknburg.jpg
Romeinse Katakomben Limburg Valkenburg aan de Geul Lime; with historical copies of Roman catacombs 50°51′56″N 5°49′18″E / 50.8655°N 5.8216°E / 50.8655; 5.8216 (Romeinse Katakomben (Valkenburg)) Valkenburg-Romeinse catacomben (1).JPG
Steenkolenmijn Valkenburg Limburg Valkenburg aan de Geul Lime; transformed to coal mine for touristic purposes 50°51′23″N 5°49′32″E / 50.8563°N 5.8255°E / 50.8563; 5.8255 (Steenkolenmijn Valkenburg)
Geulhemmergroeve] Limburg Geulhem Lime 50°52′01″N 5°47′01″E / 50.8669°N 5.7836°E / 50.8669; 5.7836 (Geulhemmergroeve) Geulhem-Ingang Geulhemmergroeve.JPG
Sibbergroeve Limburg Sibbe Lime, with underground chapel from 1865 50°49′14″N 5°49′51″E / 50.8206°N 5.8309°E / 50.8206; 5.8309 (Sibbergroeve) Sibbe-Kapel Sibbergroeve (2).JPG
Jezuïetenberg Limburg Maastricht Lime; with jesuit chapel 50°49′20″N 5°39′47″E / 50.8222°N 5.6630°E / 50.8222; 5.6630 (Jezuïetenberg) Maastricht - rijksmonument 506709 - Jezuïtenberg - De Kapel 20060914.jpg
Sint Pietersberg Limburg Maastricht Lime; during cold war headquarter of NORTHAG 50°49′20″N 5°39′47″E / 50.8222°N 5.6630°E / 50.8222; 5.6630 (Jezuïetenberg) Boogvormige houten toegangsdeur tot mergelgrotten met naambord erboven en werknemer in uniform op de voorgrond - Maastricht - 20415734 - RCE.jpg


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Name Province Municipality Notes Location Picture
Kongensgruve Buskerud Saggrenda near Kongsberg Silver 59°37′50″N 9°36′06″E / 59.6306°N 9.6017°E / 59.6306; 9.6017 (Silvermine Kongsberg) Kongensgruve 0606.jpg
Smaragdgruvene Byrud Gård Akershus Minnesund, Eidsvoll Gemstone 60°24′49″N 11°11′55″E / 60.4137°N 11.1985°E / 60.4137; 11.1985 (Smaragdgruvene Byrud Gård)
Blaafarveværket Buskerud Modum Cobalt, blue color pigments 59°54′46″N 9°53′15″E / 59.9127°N 9.8875°E / 59.9127; 9.8875 (Blaafarveværket) Nordgruvene.JPEG
Røros Kobberverk Sør-Trøndelag Røros Copper; with furnace and original miners dwelling; 2 show mines: Olavsgruva and Nyberget mine; UNESCO- World Heritage Site 62°34′38″N 11°23′21″E / 62.5772°N 11.3891°E / 62.5772; 11.3891 (Røros Kobberverk: Olavsgruva und Nyberget gruvet) Hyttklokka.jpg
Rutilgruva Telemark Kragerø Rutile 58°51′56″N 9°22′14″E / 58.8655°N 9.3705°E / 58.8655; 9.3705 (Rutilgruva) Rutilgruva innenifra.jpg
Folldal Gruver Hedmark Folldal Copper, zinc, sulphur; large mining complex with 70 buildings; operational from 1748 till 1993 62°08′23″N 9°59′35″E / 62.1396°N 9.9930°E / 62.1396; 9.9930 (Folldal Gruver) Vinter SFG.jpg
Orkla Industriemuseum Trøndelag Løkken Verk 2 show mines 63°07′29″N 9°42′18″E / 63.1247°N 9.7050°E / 63.1247; 9.7050 (Orkla Industriemuseum) Gamle gruvetaarn.JPG
Sulitjelma Besøksgruver Nordland Sulitjelma near Fauske 100 km north of the polar circle, 1.5 km mining railway, starting in 2015 part of the Sulitjelma Line will become museums railway; mine was operational from 1887 till 1991 67°06′11″N 16°04′43″E / 67.1031°N 16.0786°E / 67.1031; 16.0786 (Sulitjelma Besøksgruver) Sagmo 03 C.jpg
Gruve 3 Spitzbergen Longyearbyen Coal, from 1969 till 1996 78°14′15″N 15°26′44″E / 78.2375°N 15.4455°E / 78.2375; 15.4455 (Gruve 3) Longyearbyen Gruve 3 IMG 8771 rk 136717.JPG


Name Region Municipality Notes Location Picture
Khewra Salt Mine Pind Dadan Khan Khewra Salt 32°38′52″N 73°00′30″E / 32.6479°N 73.0083°E / 32.6479; 73.0083 (Khewra Salt Mine) SaltMosque.JPG


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Name Voivodeship Municipality Notes Location Picture
Kopalnia Uranu w Kletnie Dolnośląskie Kletno Uranium, since 1948 50°14′53″N 16°50′43″E / 50.2481°N 16.8452°E / 50.2481; 16.8452 (Uranium mine Kletno) Kletno - sztolnia fluorytowa PL.jpg
Sztolnie Kowary Dolnośląskie Kowary Iron; uranium since 1948 50°45′32″N 15°50′48″E / 50.7588°N 15.8466°E / 50.7588; 15.8466 (Uranium mine Kowary) Kowary sztolnie wejście.jpg
Muzeum Górnictwa i Hutnictwa Złota Dolnośląskie Złoty Stok Gold; mining railway, underground waterfall 50°26′21″N 16°52′29″E / 50.4391°N 16.8746°E / 50.4391; 16.8746 (Gold mine Złoty Stok) 5342viki Złoty Stok. Sztolnie kopalni złota. Foto Barbara Maliszewska.jpg
Podziemia kredowe w Chełmie Lubelskie Chełm Lime 51°18′47″N 23°28′16″E / 51.3130°N 23.4712°E / 51.3130; 23.4712 (Kalktunnel von Chełm) Chełm podziemia kredowe2.jpg
Saltmine Wieliczka Małopolskie Wieliczka Salt; huge mine, started in the 13th century, UNESCO World Heritage Site 49°59′01″N 20°03′20″E / 49.9836°N 20.0555°E / 49.9836; 20.0555 (Saltmine Wieliczka) Kopalnia Soli Wieliczka-Komora Weimar.jpg
Saltmine Bochnia Małopolskie Bochnia Salt; huge mine, started in the 12th century, UNESCO World Heritage Site 49°58′09″N 20°25′03″E / 49.969167°N 20.4175°E / 49.969167; 20.4175 (Saltmine Bochnia) Bochnia poland saltmine.jpg
Sztolnia Czarnego Pstrąga Śląskie Tarnowskie Góry Lead and zinc; guided tours with boats 50°25′49″N 18°48′02″E / 50.4302°N 18.8005°E / 50.4302; 18.8005 (Sztolnia Czarnego Pstrąga) Wylot sztolni czarnego pstraga pl.jpg
Zabytkowa Kopalnia Srebra Śląskie Tarnowskie Góry Silver; 1740 m tour length, therof 270 m with boats, open-air steam engine museum 50°25′32″N 18°50′59″E / 50.4255°N 18.8496°E / 50.4255; 18.8496 (Silvermine Tarnowitz) Dawna kopalnia srebra w Tarnowskich Górach.JPG
Skansen Górniczy Królowa Luiza Śląskie Zabrze Coal, since 1791; 1.5 km guided tour 50°17′51″N 18°48′22″E / 50.2975°N 18.8061°E / 50.2975; 18.8061 (Skansen Górniczy Królowa Luiza) Kopalnia Królowa Luiza w Zabrzu 03.jpg
Zabytkowa Kopalnia Węgla Kamiennego Guido Śląskie Zabrze Coal; Steinkohle; visits to the 170 m and the 320 m levels 50°17′23″N 18°47′30″E / 50.2897°N 18.7916°E / 50.2897; 18.7916 (Zabytkowa Kopalnia Węgla Kamiennego Guido) Zabrze, Kopalnia Węgla Kamiennego GUIDO - (326691).jpg
Prahistoryczne Kopalnie Krzemienia w Krzemionkach Śląskie Swietokrzyski Firestone, prehistoric 50°58′09″N 21°29′08″E / 50.9692°N 21.4855°E / 50.9692; 21.4855 (Prahistoryczne Kopalnie Krzemienia w Krzemionkach)
Saltmine Kłodawa Wielkopolskie Kłodawa Salt, with coloured salt in blue and pink 52°14′17″N 18°55′19″E / 52.2380°N 18.9220°E / 52.2380; 18.9220 (Saltmine Kłodawa) Salttransportklodawa.JPG


Name District Municipality Notes Location Picture
Cova dos Mouros Faro Ribeira da Foupana Copper; prehistoric 37°23′56″N 7°41′52″W / 37.3990°N 7.6979°W / 37.3990; -7.6979 (Cova dos Mouros)

Republic of China, Taiwan[edit]

Name Provinz Municipality Notes Location Picture
Jinguashi Mine Jinguashi Rueifang Gold, also named: Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park 25°06′32″N 121°51′27″E / 25.1090°N 121.8576°E / 25.1090; 121.8576 (Benshan Fifth Tunnel) Taiwan 2009 JinGuaShi Historic Gold Mine Abandoned Facilities FRD 7545.jpg
Affe Ecological Park Jinguashi Rueifang Coal 25°05′11″N 121°49′40″E / 25.0865°N 121.8278°E / 25.0865; 121.8278 (Affe Ecological Park) 猴硐煤礦博物園區-4.JPG


Name District Municipality Notes Location Picture
Salina Turda Siebenbürgen Turda Salt 46°34′35″N 23°47′40″E / 46.5765°N 23.7945°E / 46.5765; 23.7945 (Salina Turda) Salina Turda 3.jpg
Salina Praid Siebenbürgen Praid near Sovata Salt 46°33′03″N 25°07′30″E / 46.5508°N 25.1251°E / 46.5508; 25.1251 (Salina Praid) Parajd sóbánya.jpg


Name Province Municipality Notes Location Picture
Baňa Cígeľ Idrija Brown coal; 2 km overhead monorail ride to enter the minem then 500 m walking tour 48°44′01″N 18°38′04″E / 48.7337°N 18.6345°E / 48.7337; 18.6345 (Baňa Cígeľ)
Štôlna Bartolomej Banská Štiavnica Oldest mining town in Slowakia 48°27′03″N 18°53′14″E / 48.4508°N 18.8871°E / 48.4508; 18.8871 (Banská Štiavnica) Shaft Lill 40319.jpg


Name Province Municipality Notes Location Picture
Antonijev rov Idrija Mercury 45°59′56″N 14°01′21″E / 45.999°N 14.0225°E / 45.999; 14.0225 (Antonijev rov) AntonijevRov-Idrija.jpg
Museum Mežica Mežica Lead and zinc 46°30′43″N 14°51′24″E / 46.5120°N 14.8567°E / 46.5120; 14.8567 (Mežica) Mežiški rudnik v Žerjavu 1960 (3).jpg
Muzej Premogovništva Slovenije Velenje Coal 46°22′21″N 15°05′55″E / 46.3724°N 15.0985°E / 46.3724; 15.0985 (Muzej Premogovništva Slovenije)

South Korea[edit]

Name Province Municipality Notes Location Picture
Jasujeong mines Ulsan Eonyang Amethyst 35°32′54″N 129°05′16″E / 35.5484°N 129.0878°E / 35.5484; 129.0878 (Jasujeong mines)


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Name Region Province Municipality Notes Location Picture
Parque Minero de Riotinto Andalusia Huelva Minas de Riotinto Pyrite; gave name to the mining company Rio Tinto Group 37°41′00″N 6°35′00″W / 37.6833°N 6.5833°W / 37.6833; -6.5833 (Parque Minero de Riotinto) Riotintoagua.jpg
Mina de la Jayona Extremadura Badajoz Sierra de la Jayona Iron 38°09′48″N 5°54′01″W / 38.1634°N 5.9004°W / 38.1634; -5.9004 (Mina de la Jayona) Mina la Jayona 1.JPG
Minas de Arditurri Basque Gipuzkoa Oiartzun Iron; started in Roman times, till 1984 43°17′02″N 1°48′29″W / 43.2838°N 1.8080°W / 43.2838; -1.8080 (Minas de Arditurri)
Món De Sal Catalonia Barcelona Barcelona Salt 41°54′49″N 1°38′47″E / 41.9135°N 1.6465°E / 41.9135; 1.6465 (Món De Sal) Cardona - Muntanya de sal.jpg
Parque Arqueológico Minas de Gavà Catalonia Barcelona Gavà Prehistoric mine (approx. 4000 BD) 41°18′36″N 2°00′04″E / 41.3099°N 2.001°E / 41.3099; 2.001 (Parque Arqueológico Minas de Gavà) Mines de Gavà.jpg
Minas de Manganeseeso de Puras de Villafranca Castile and León Burgos Belorado Manganese 42°22′41″N 3°14′33″W / 42.3781°N 3.2424°W / 42.3781; -3.2424 (Minas de Manganeseeso de Puras de Villafranca)
La Union Murcia Murcia La Union Silver, lead, zinc, pyrite; large mining region with many adits and remains from ore processing 37°36′55″N 0°52′22″W / 37.6153°N 0.8729°W / 37.6153; -0.8729 (Bergwerke La Union) Mina Agrupa Vicenta 2.jpg


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Name Province Municipality Notes Location Picture
Falun Mine (Falu gruva) Dalarna Lernbo, Municipality Smedjebacken Copper; started in the 9th century; during 17th century 2/3 of worldwide copper production, closed 1992 60°35′56″N 15°36′44″E / 60.5988°N 15.6122°E / 60.5988; 15.6122 (Falu gruva) Stora stöten.jpg
Flogbergets gruva Dalarna Lernbo, Municipality Smedjebacken Part of Ekomuseum Bergslagen, Silver, Iron, zinc, manganese 60°08′44″N 15°18′17″E / 60.1455°N 15.3047°E / 60.1455; 15.3047 (Flogbergets gruva) Flogbergetsgruva0704001011.png
Hornkullens silvergruvor Värmlands län Nykroppa Silver 59°37′20″N 14°18′00″E / 59.6222°N 14.3000°E / 59.6222; 14.3000 (Hornkullens silvergruvor) Gammalkroppa hytta 1895.jpg
Stollbergs gruva Dalarna Lernbo, Municipality Smedjebacken Part of Ekomuseum Bergslagen, Silver, Iron, zinc, manganese 60°11′13″N 15°16′45″E / 60.1869°N 15.2791°E / 60.1869; 15.2791 (Stollbergs gruva) Stollbergs gruva 2013a 03.jpg
Loos Koboltgruva Gävleborgs län Los Nickel; ore from this mine led 1735 to the discovery of the element nickel. 61°44′32″N 15°09′23″E / 61.7422°N 15.1565°E / 61.7422; 15.1565 (Loos Koboltgruva) Nickelmonumentet (Los, Sverige, 2007).jpg
Tykarpsgrottan Skåne län Iganberga Lime; underground mining, because lime is very rare in Sweden 56°10′10″N 13°51′43″E / 56.1695°N 13.8620°E / 56.1695; 13.8620 (Tykarpsgrottan) Tykarpsgrottan 1.jpg
Malmbergsgruvan Norrbottens län Gällivare Iron; next to an active iron mine 67°11′45″N 20°42′29″E / 67.1959°N 20.7080°E / 67.1959; 20.7080 (Malmbergsgruvan) Malmberget Sweden.jpg
Kiruna gruva Norrbottens län Kiruna Iron, magnesite; next to an active mine 67°51′01″N 20°11′33″E / 67.8502°N 20.1926°E / 67.8502; 20.1926 (Kiruna gruva) Kiirunavaara industry plants.jpg
Bondstollen Koppaberg Örebro län Koppaberg Iron, silver, gold, sulfide 59°52′30″N 14°59′28″E / 59.8750°N 14.9911°E / 59.8750; 14.9911 (Bondstollen Koppaberg) Ljusnarsberg gruva.jpg
Skottvångs gruva Södermanlands län Gnesta and Strängnäs Iron 59°10′52″N 17°08′07″E / 59.1810°N 17.1354°E / 59.1810; 17.1354 (Skottvång Mine) Skottvång (4).JPG
Lockgruvan Örebro län Nora Iron 59°29′31″N 15°00′29″E / 59.4919°N 15.0081°E / 59.4919; 15.0081 (Lockgruvan) Pershyttans vattenhjul.JPG
Koppartorp Södermanlands län Tunaberg Municipality Nyköping Copper, cobalt; with ghost town and many old abandoned mines 58°38′13″N 16°53′59″E / 58.6369°N 16.8997°E / 58.6369; 16.8997 (Koppartorp) Simonberget2 Tunaberg Nyköpings kommun.jpg
Långban Värmlands län Filipstad Flooded, cave diving opportunity 59°51′00″N 14°15′00″E / 59.8500°N 14.2500°E / 59.8500; 14.2500 (Långban) Cucumber-Långbanshyttan.jpg
Kristinebergsgruvan Västerbotten Lycksele Copper, zinc, silver, gold 65°03′31″N 18°34′04″E / 65.0586°N 18.5679°E / 65.0586; 18.5679 (Kristinebergsgruvan) Kristinebergsgruvan-2012-06-26.jpg
Storbergets gruvor Gävleborgs län Torsåker 60 open pits plus small adits 60°31′37″N 16°23′32″E / 60.5270°N 16.3921°E / 60.5270; 16.3921 (Storbergets gruvor) Storbergets gruvor 12.jpg
Sala silvergruva Västmanlands län Sala Silver 64°48′03″N 20°44′32″E / 64.8009°N 20.7423°E / 64.8009; 20.7423 (Sala silvergruva) Carl IX shaft, Sala Silver mine, Sala, Sweden.JPG
Vildmarksgruvan Västerbotten Skellefteå Pegmatite 64°48′03″N 20°44′32″E / 64.8009°N 20.7423°E / 64.8009; 20.7423 (Vildmarksgruvan)
Kleva gruva Småland Ventlanda Copper, nickel; 2 km adits open to the public, underground church 57°26′16″N 15°12′21″E / 57.4377°N 15.2057°E / 57.4377; 15.2057 (Kleva gruva) Kleva gruva Zugang.JPG
Fröå gruva Åreskutan bei Åre Skellefteå Copper 63°24′15″N 13°12′30″E / 63.4041°N 13.2083°E / 63.4041; 13.2083 (Fröå gruva) PumpverkFroaGruva 01.jpg


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Name Canton Municipality Notes Location Picture
Landesplattenberg Glarus Engi, district Hinterdorf Slate 46°58′30″N 9°08′33″E / 46.9749°N 9.1425°E / 46.9749; 9.1425 (Landesplattenberg Engi_GL) Engi01.JPG
Silberberg Davos Graubünden Davos Monstein Silver 46°42′48″N 9°45′31″E / 46.7132°N 9.7587°E / 46.7132; 9.7587 (Silverberg Davos)
Stollen am Mot Madlain Graubünden Scuol, district S-charl Silver and lead; medieval 46°43′36″N 10°19′40″E / 46.7266°N 10.3277°E / 46.7266; 10.3277 (Stollen am Mot Madlain)
La Presta Neuchâtel Val-de-Travers Asphalt 46°55′55″N 6°39′40″E / 46.9319°N 6.6611°E / 46.9319; 6.6611 (Asphaltmine La Presta (NE)) Travers Minen.JPG
Gipsmuseum Schleitheim Schaffhausen Schleitheim, district Oberwiesen Gypsum 47°45′05″N 8°29′23″E / 47.751389°N 8.489722°E / 47.751389; 8.489722 (Gipsmuseum Schleitheim)
Gonzen St. Gallen Sargans Iron (hematite, magnetite, hausmannite) 47°04′02″N 9°26′02″E / 47.0672°N 9.4338°E / 47.0672; 9.4338 (Gonzen) Gonzen Untergeschoss.JPG
Salzbergwerk Bex Waadt Bex Salt; part of an active mine 46°15′39″N 7°01′45″E / 46.2608°N 7.0291°E / 46.2608; 7.0291 (Salzbergwerk Bex) Bex, saline - vd ch.jpg
Coppermine „La Lée“ Wallis Anniviers, district Zinal 46°06′23″N 7°37′52″E / 46.1065°N 7.6310°E / 46.1065; 7.6310 (Coppermine La Lée)
Bergwerk Riedhof Zürich Aeugst am Albis Braunkohle und Mergel-Bergwerk 47°17′11″N 8°28′57″E / 47.2865°N 8.4824°E / 47.2865; 8.4824 (Bergwerk Riedhof) Riedhof Stollen.JPG
Quarzsandbergwerk Chrästel Zürich Buchs Quartz sand 47°27′28″N 8°27′12″E / 47.4578°N 8.4532°E / 47.4578; 8.4532 (Quarzsandbergwerk Chrästel)
Bergwerk Käpfnach Zürich Horgen Brown coal and clay, 80 km of galleries in total 47°15′12″N 8°36′49″E / 47.2533°N 8.6136°E / 47.2533; 8.6136 (Bergwerk Käpfnach) Käpfnach Bergwerkstrasse 27 Bergwerkmuseum.JPG


Soledar Salt Mine Donetsk Soledar Salt 48°40′59″N 38°05′36″E / 48.6830°N 38.0934°E / 48.6830; 38.0934 (Soledar Salt Mine) Soledar salt mine concert hall.jpg

United Kingdom[edit]

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Name Region Municipality Notes Location Picture
Chislehurst Caves South East London Chislehurst Lime and firestone 51°24′27″N 0°03′27″E / 51.4074°N 0.0575°E / 51.4074; 0.0575 (Chislehurst Caves) Chislehurst Caves - - 38607.jpg
Carnglaze Caverns Cornwall St Neot Schiefer, unterirdischer See 50°28′21″N 4°33′23″W / 50.4726°N 4.5565°W / 50.4726; -4.5565 (Carnglaze Caverns) Carnglaze Caverns.jpg
Geevor Tin Mine Cornwall Pendeen Tin 50°09′08″N 5°40′34″W / 50.1523°N 5.6760°W / 50.1523; -5.6760 (Geevor Tin Mine) Geevor Mining Museum - - 1357393.jpg
Rosevale Mine Cornwall Zennor near St Ives Tin 50°11′31″N 5°34′04″W / 50.1920°N 5.5679°W / 50.1920; -5.5679 (Rosevale Mine)
Poldark Mine Cornwall Helston Tin, 18th century 50°08′17″N 5°14′38″W / 50.1380°N 5.2440°W / 50.1380; -5.2440 (Poldark Mine) Poldark.JPG
Goodluck Mine Derbyshire Middleton Blei 53°06′18″N 1°35′54″W / 53.1051°N 1.5982°W / 53.1051; -1.5982 (Goodluck Mine) Goodluck Mine - Adit - - 2297145.jpg
Heights of Abraham Derbyshire Matlock Bath A cable car connects 2 mines: Great Masson Cavern and Great Rutland Cavern 53°06′18″N 1°35′54″W / 53.1051°N 1.5982°W / 53.1051; -1.5982 (Heights of Abraham) Cablecars.jpg
North of England Lead Mining Museum Durham Cowshill Lead 54°46′59″N 2°16′23″W / 54.7830°N 2.2730°W / 54.7830; -2.2730 (North of England Lead Mining Museum)] Killhope Wheel Entrance To The Lead Mine BY ROBERT KILPIN.jpg
Clearwell Caves Gloucestershire Clearwell Iron and ochre 51°46′16″N 2°36′52″W / 51.7711°N 2.6144°W / 51.7711; -2.6144 (Clearwell Caves) Clearwell Caves, lake and cave roof.jpg
City of Caves Nottinghamshire Nottingham Sandstone; artificial labyrinth beneath the city 52°57′04″N 1°08′48″W / 52.9510°N 1.1466°W / 52.9510; -1.1466 (City of Caves) City of Caves Tannery.JPG
Florence Mine Cumbria Egremont Iron 54°28′43″N 3°31′05″W / 54.4785°N 3.5180°W / 54.4785; -3.5180 (Florence Mine)
Honister Slate Mine Cumbria Borrowdale (Lake District) Slate (Westmorland green slate) 54°30′41″N 3°11′56″W / 54.5113°N 3.1989°W / 54.5113; -3.1989 (Honister Slate Mine) Honister1.jpg
National Coal Mining Museum Yorkshire Wakefield Coal; 140 m man-ride, former mine Caphouse Colliery 53°38′35″N 1°37′12″W / 53.643169°N 1.619932°W / 53.643169; -1.619932 (National Coal Mining Museum) NationalCoalminingMuseum(IanM)Aug2005.jpg
Ecton Mine Educational Centre Staffordshire Ecton, Staffordshire Copper and lead 53°07′29″N 1°51′08″W / 53.1246°N 1.8522°W / 53.1246; -1.8522 (Ecton Mine Educational Centre) Entrance to Ecton Copper Mine - - 326509.jpg
Snailbeach Lead Mine Shropshire Snailbeach Lead 52°37′00″N 2°55′28″W / 52.6166°N 2.9245°W / 52.6166; -2.9245 (Snailbeach Lead Mine) Rusting rails. - - 326483.jpg
Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum North Yorkshire Skinningrove Ironstein 54°34′12″N 0°54′00″W / 54.5700°N 0.9000°W / 54.5700; -0.9000 (Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum)
Birkhill Fireclay Mine Scotland, West Lothian Birkhill Fireclay 55°59′36″N 3°39′38″W / 55.9933°N 3.6605°W / 55.9933; -3.6605 (Birkhill Fireclay Mine)
Lochnell Mine, Wanlockhead Museum of Lead Mining Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway Wanlockead Lead 55°23′49″N 3°46′37″W / 55.3970°N 3.7770°W / 55.3970; -3.7770 (Lochnell Mine) Lochnell Mine (6680934571).jpg
Great Orme Wales Llandudno Copper; bronze age 53°20′03″N 3°50′28″W / 53.3341°N 3.8410°W / 53.3341; -3.8410 (Great Orme) Great Orme Copper Mine - - 819.jpg
Sygun Copper Mine Wales Beddgelert Copper 53°01′06″N 4°04′52″W / 53.0183°N 4.0811°W / 53.0183; -4.0811 (Sygun Copper Mine) Sygun Copper Mine - - 98021.jpg
Dolaucothi Gold Mines Wales Blaenafon Gold; started in Roman times 52°02′29″N 3°57′08″W / 52.0413°N 3.9522°W / 52.0413; -3.9522 (Dolaucothi Gold Mines) Dolaucothimap2.jpg
Llechwedd Slate Caverns Wales Blaenau Ffestiniog, Gwynedd Slate 53°00′17″N 3°56′25″W / 53.0046°N 3.9403°W / 53.0046; -3.9403 (Llechwedd Slate Caverns) Llechwedd.jpg
Llanfair Slate Caverns Wales Harlech Slate 52°50′22″N 4°06′48″W / 52.8394°N 4.1132°W / 52.8394; -4.1132 (Llanfair Slate Caverns)
King Arthur's Labyrinth Wales Corris Slate; nowadays used to visualize the life of King Arthur 52°39′17″N 3°51′02″W / 52.6546°N 3.8505°W / 52.6546; -3.8505 (King Arthur's Labyrinth) King Arthur's Labyrinth - - 212085.jpg
The Silver Mountain Experience Wales Llywernog Silver 52°24′48″N 3°50′29″W / 52.4132°N 3.8413°W / 52.4132; -3.8413 (The Silver Mountain Experience) Ponterwyd, Llywernog Silver Lead Mine Museum - - 38219.jpg
Rhondda Heritage Park Wales Trehafod, Rhondda Coal 51°36′39″N 3°23′15″W / 51.6108°N 3.3875°W / 51.6108; -3.3875 (Rhondda Heritage Park) RhonddaHeritagePark MinersLamp AberdareBlog.jpg
Big Pit National Coal Museum Wales Blaenafon Coal, 90 m man-ride 51°46′21″N 3°06′18″W / 51.7724°N 3.1050°W / 51.7724; -3.1050 (Big Pit National Coal Museum) Wales blaenavon bigpit.jpg


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Name State Municipality Notes Location Picture
Goldfield Ghost Town Arizona Apache Junction Gold; with ghost town 33°27′24″N 111°29′32″W / 33.4567°N 111.4922°W / 33.4567; -111.4922 (Goldfield Ghost Town)
Copper Queen Mine Arizona Bisbee Copper 31°26′25″N 109°54′48″W / 31.4403°N 109.9133°W / 31.4403; -109.9133 (Copper Queen Mine) CopperQueenMineTour.jpg
Good Enough Mine Arizona Tombstone Silver 31°42′35″N 110°03′57″W / 31.7098°N 110.0657°W / 31.7098; -110.0657 (Goldfield Ghost Town) Tombstone-mine-mule-team.jpg
Gold Bug Mine California Placerville Gold 38°44′39″N 120°47′50″W / 38.7442°N 120.7973°W / 38.7442; -120.7973 (Gold Bug Mine)
Eagle and High Peak Mine California Julian Gold 33°04′52″N 116°35′50″W / 33.0811°N 116.5973°W / 33.0811; -116.5973 (Eagle and High Peak Mine)
Himalaya Tourmaline Mine California Santa Ysabel Tourmaline; 8 km underground galleries 33°13′55″N 116°45′33″W / 33.232°N 116.7591°W / 33.232; -116.7591 (Himalaya Tourmaline Mine)
Smuggler Mine Colorado Aspen Silver 39°11′35″N 106°48′25″W / 39.1930°N 106.8070°W / 39.1930; -106.8070 (Smuggler Mine (Compromise Mine)) Smuggler Mine, Aspen, CO, 1900.jpg
Lebanon Silver Mine Colorado Georgetown Silver; additional attraction: Georgetown Loop Railroad 39°41′50″N 105°42′39″W / 39.6972°N 105.7108°W / 39.6972; -105.7108 (Lebanon Silver Mine)
Country Boy Mine Colorado Breckenridge Gold; from approx. 1880 39°28′57″N 106°00′55″W / 39.4824°N 106.0152°W / 39.4824; -106.0152 (Country Boy Mine)
Carbonate Mine Colorado Breckenridge Gold; guided tours in the summer 39°29′24″N 106°01′42″W / 39.4900°N 106.0284°W / 39.4900; -106.0284 (Carbonate Mine)
Hidee Gold Mine Colorado Central City Gold 39°47′13″N 105°30′05″W / 39.7870°N 105.5015°W / 39.7870; -105.5015 (Hiedee Gold Mine)
Hopemore Mine Colorado Leadville Gold, silver, lead, zinc 39°14′43″N 106°14′05″W / 39.2453°N 106.2348°W / 39.2453; -106.2348 (Hopemore Mine) Ore bin and trestle, nr Stumptown CO.jpg
Bachelor-Syracuse Mine Tour Colorado Ouray Gold 38°45′11″N 105°09′38″W / 38.7530°N 105.1605°W / 38.7530; -105.1605 (Bachelor-Syracuse Mine Tour)
Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine Colorado Cripple Creek Gold; 330 m man-ride 38°03′34″N 107°40′43″W / 38.0594°N 107.6785°W / 38.0594; -107.6785 (Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine) MollieKathleenMineCO.jpg
Old Hundred Gold Mine Colorado Silverton Gold, operated 1905 till 1973 37°49′25″N 107°35′06″W / 37.8237°N 107.5850°W / 37.8237; -107.5850 (Old Hundred Gold Mine) OldHundred3.jpg
Phoenix Mine Colorado Idaho Springs Gold 39°44′56″N 105°33′56″W / 39.748981°N 105.565626°W / 39.748981; -105.565626 (Phoenix Mine)
Old New-Gate Prison & Copper Mine Connecticut East Granby Copper, 18th century; later turned into a prison 41°57′43″N 72°44′44″W / 41.9619°N 72.7455°W / 41.9619; -72.7455 (Old New-Gate Prison & Copper Mine) PostcardGranbyCTOldNewgatePrison1907.jpg
Consolidated Mine Georgia Dahlonega Gold, caused 1828 first gold rush, see also Stockmar Gold Mine 34°32′18″N 83°58′12″W / 34.5383°N 83.9700°W / 34.5383; -83.9700 (Consolidated Mine) Consolidated Gold Mine, Glory Hole, Dahlonega (Lumpin County, Georgia).JPG
Stockmar Gold Mine im Pine Mountain Mine Georgia Villa Rica Gold, caused 1826 first gold rush, see also Consolidated Mine 33°45′29″N 84°53′01″W / 33.7580°N 84.8835°W / 33.7580; -84.8835 (Stockmar Gold Mine) Cyanide Dissolving Tank 2.JPG
Crystal Gold Mine Idaho Kellog Gold 47°31′55″N 116°05′28″W / 47.5320°N 116.0912°W / 47.5320; -116.0912 (Crystal Gold Mine)
Sierra Silver Mine Idaho Wallace Silver 47°28′18″N 115°55′32″W / 47.4716°N 115.9255°W / 47.4716; -115.9255 (Sierra Silver Mine)
Vinegar Hill Mine Illinois Galena Lead 42°29′49″N 90°24′55″W / 42.4969°N 90.4154°W / 42.4969; -90.4154 (Vinegar Hill Mine)
Strataca Kansas Underground Salt Mine Kansas Hutchinson Salt 38°02′37″N 97°52′03″W / 38.0436°N 97.8675°W / 38.0436; -97.8675 (Strataca Kansas Underground Salt Mine) Carey Salt Car.jpg
Portal 31 Kentucky Lynch Coal; huge 36°57′54″N 82°54′51″W / 36.9651°N 82.9143°W / 36.9651; -82.9143 (Portal 31)
Delaware Copper Mine Michigan Mohawk Copper 47°25′23″N 88°05′59″W / 47.4231°N 88.0996°W / 47.4231; -88.0996 (Delaware Copper Mine)
Iron Mountain Iron Mine Michigan Iron Mountain Iron 45°46′57″N 87°51′55″W / 45.7825°N 87.8654°W / 45.7825; -87.8654 (Iron Mountain Iron Mine) Chapin Mine D Shaft c 1900.jpg
Quincy Mine Michigan Hancock Copper; huge 47°08′18″N 88°34′11″W / 47.1383°N 88.5697°W / 47.1383; -88.5697 (Quincy Mine) QuincyMineNo2Shafthouse.jpg
Bonne Terre Mine Missouri Bonne Terre Lead; claim to have the largest underground lake worldwide 37°55′22″N 90°33′08″W / 37.9227°N 90.5522°W / 37.9227; -90.5522 (Bonne Terre Mine) MO Mines SHS-jun06.jpg
Soudan Underground Mine Minnesota Lake Vermilion Iron 47°49′29″N 92°15′22″W / 47.8246°N 92.2562°W / 47.8246; -92.2562 (Soudan Underground Mine) Soudan Mine Headframe.jpg
Free Enterprise Radon Mine Montana Boulder Uranium; nowadays also radon-therapy 47°49′29″N 92°15′22″W / 47.8246°N 92.2562°W / 47.8246; -92.2562 (Free Enterprise Radon Mine)
Techatticup Mine und Savage Mine Nevada Nelson Gold, both mines could only be visited with a boat tour on the Eldorado Canyon 35°42′34″N 114°48′12″W / 35.7095°N 114.8032°W / 35.7095; -114.8032 (Techatticup Mine und Savage Mine) Techatticup Mine.jpg
Chollar Mine Nevada Virginia City Gold and silver; additional nearby mines: Ponderosa Mine, Comstock Gold Mill and others could be visited 39°18′06″N 119°39′03″W / 39.3018°N 119.6509°W / 39.3018; -119.6509 (Chollar Mine) Savage Silver Mining Works. Virginia City, Nevada - NARA - 519493.jpg
The Sterling Hill Mining Museum New Jersey Ogdensburg Zinc 41°04′59″N 74°36′24″W / 41.0830°N 74.6066°W / 41.0830; -74.6066 (The Sterling Hill Mining Museum) Sterling-hill-mining-museum.png
Reed Gold Mine North Carolina Midland Gold 35°17′06″N 80°28′11″W / 35.285°N 80.4696°W / 35.285; -80.4696 (Reed Gold Mine) ReedGoldMine.jpg
Sheffield Mine North Carolina Franklin Gemstone 35°16′20″N 83°23′36″W / 35.27233°N 83.393465°W / 35.27233; -83.393465 (Sheffield Mine)
Tour-Ed Mine Pennsylvania Tarentum Coal 40°37′02″N 79°45′37″W / 40.6173°N 79.7604°W / 40.6173; -79.7604 (Tour-Ed Mine)
Lackawanna Coal Mine Pennsylvania Scranton Coal 41°25′00″N 75°42′59″W / 41.4168°N 75.7163°W / 41.4168; -75.7163 (Lackawanna Coal Mine) Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour sign IMG 1553.JPG
No. 9 Coal Mine and Museum Pennsylvania Lansford Coal 40°49′43″N 75°53′49″W / 40.8285°N 75.8970°W / 40.8285; -75.8970 (No. 9 Coal Mine and Museum) No 9 Mine and Museum 08.JPG
Pioneer Tunnel Pennsylvania Ashland Coal; mining railway 40°46′40″N 76°21′08″W / 40.7779°N 76.3522°W / 40.7779; -76.3522 (Pioneer Tunnel)
Seldom Seen Tourist Coal Mine Pennsylvania Patton


40°40′00″N 78°40′51″W / 40.6668°N 78.6809°W / 40.6668; -78.6809 (Seldom Seen Tourist Coal Mine)
Broken Boot Gold Mine South Dakota Deadwood Gold 44°22′15″N 103°44′34″W / 44.3707°N 103.7429°W / 44.3707; -103.7429 (Broken Boot Gold Mine)
Park City Silver mining Utah Park City Silver 40°39′34″N 111°29′59″W / 40.6594°N 111.4997°W / 40.6594; -111.4997 (Park City Silver mining) SilverKing.jpg
Pocahontas Exhibition Coal Mine Virginia Pocahontas Coal 37°18′29″N 81°20′59″W / 37.3080°N 81.3497°W / 37.3080; -81.3497 (Pocahontas Exhibition Coal Mine) Pocahontas Exhibition Coal Mine - Portal.jpg
Morefield Gem Mine Virginia Amelia Courthouse Gemstone 37°21′28″N 77°55′05″W / 37.3579°N 77.9180°W / 37.3579; -77.9180 (Morefield Gem Mine)
Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine (Phillips-Sprague Mine) West Virginia Beckley Coal 37°47′03″N 81°11′37″W / 37.7841°N 81.1936°W / 37.7841; -81.1936 (Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine) Beckley Exhibition Mine.jpg
Bevans Lead Mine (Platteville Mining Museum) Wisconsin Platteville Lead and zinc 42°43′58″N 90°28′22″W / 42.7328°N 90.4727°W / 42.7328; -90.4727 (Bevans Lead Mine)

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