List of sights and historic places in Budapest

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Panoramic view points[edit]

Palaces and historic buildings[edit]

Ervin Szabó Library
  • Houses on Vienna Gate Square, this charming row of four houses was built in the late 18th and early 19th centuries on the ruins of medieval dwellings near the Vienna Gate Square  [hu]. The houses are adorned with decorative motifs in the Baroque, Rococo and Neo-Classical styles.
  • Sándor Palace, the original friezes that decorated this 19th-century palace were recreated by Hungarian artists as part of its restoration. The palace is now the headquarters of the President of the Republic of Hungary.
  • Várkert Casino, this Neo-Renaissance pavilion was built by Miklós Ybl as a pump house for the Buda Castle. It now houses the luxurious Várkert Casino.
  • Péterffy Palace, this place, commemorating a flood of 1838, was placed on one of the few Baroque mansions the remain in Pest. The house was built in 1756.
  • Ervin Szabó Library, the grand, Neo-Baroque palace the now houses this library was originally built in 1887 for the Wenckheims, a family of rich industrialists.
    Gresham Palace
  • Pallavicini Palace, Gustáv Petschacher built this Neo-Renaissance mansion on Kodály körönd in 1882. The inner courtyard was copied from the Palazzo Marini in Milan.
  • Danube Palace, this Neo-Baroque building was built between 1894 and 1897, construction was base on plans of Vilmos Freund and Géza Márkus.
  • Gresham Palace, Now housing a Four Seasons Hotel, this splendid example of Secession design was built in 1905-07 by Zsigmond Quittner.
  • Hungarian Academy of Science, the facade of the academy is adorned with statues by Emil Wolff and Miklós Izsó, symbolizing major fields of knowledge: law natural history, mathematics, philosophy, linguistics and history.
    Danube Palace
  • Buda Castle, this palace was a turbulent history dating back to the 13th century. Its present form, however, reflects the opulence of the 19th century. Today the palace houses some of the city's finest museums.[2][3]

Sights and historic places[edit]

Szt. István Bazilika
(The below sights are grouped by location.)


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