List of sites of interest in Marshall, Texas

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The T&P Depot, constructed in 1912, in the Ginocchio National Historic District, houses the Texas & Pacific Railway Museum, and also is a functioning Amtrak station.

This is a list of sites of interest in Marshall, Texas.

This list may not be complete.

  • Arnot House, 306 W. Houston St
  • First Methodist Church, 300 E. Houston St., constructed before the Civil War
  • Fry-Barry House, 314 W. Austin
  • Ginocchio National Historic District
  • Hagerty House, 505 E. Rusk St
  • Hochwald House, 211 W. Grand Ave.
  • Hotel Marshall, 210 W. Houston
  • James Turner House, 406 Washington Ave
  • John R. Stinson House, 313 W. Austin St
  • Magnolia Hall, 303 N Columbus St, historic home