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List of skateboarding magazines

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A skate magazine or skateboarding magazine is a publication whose main topic is skateboarding. They can be in print form, online, or both.[1]

Classic skateboard magazines covers on display at a Look Back Library exhibit at NJ Skate Shop - New Brunswick, NJ
Skateboarding magazine Years active Location
43 (magazine) United States
411 Video Magazine 1993-2005 United States
Action Now 1980-1982 United States[2]
ABD Magazine Vienna
BE Skateboarding[3] 2016–present Europe
Big Brother (magazine) 1992-2004 United States
Brasil Skate (BR) Brazil
COLOR (magazine) 2003-2013 Canada
Concussion Magazine United States
Dose Skateboarding 2020–present Germany
Confusion magazine 2010–present International
Concrete Wave Magazine 2002–present Canada
Déjà-vu Skatemag France
document (magazine) 1997-2009 United Kingdom
DOGPISS MAGAZINE[4] United Kingdom
Esqueite Brazil
FLAT Mégazine 1993-1996 Switzerland
Free (skateboarding magazine) 2015–present United Kingdom
Format Skateboard Magazine
giftorm Est. 2004 Sweden
grey skate mag United Kingdom
Jenkem Magazine 2011–present United States
Juice (skateboarding magazine) 1993–present Venice Beach, CA
Huck (magazine) 2006–present London, UK
Kingpin Magazine United Kingdom
Lodown magazine 1995-2016 Germany
Lowcard Mag United States
Love Skate Mag 2018–present Montreal
Le Nouveau Skate International ~1978 France
Medium Skate Mag Toronto
Monster Skateboard Magazine ~1985
National Skateboard Review 1976-1979
New Zealand Skateboarder New Zealand
North Skateboard Magazine 2011–present Scotland
OH-SO Est. 2018
One Love Skatemag Denmark
Pocket Skateboard Mag Germany
Pop Magazine 2005-2016 Australia
Poweredge Magazine Jan 1988-Oct 1991 United States
Push Periodical 2015–present San Francisco / Belgium
R.A.D. 1987-1995 United Kingdom
same old[6][7] United Kingdom
Session Magazine c. 2010 South Africa
Sidewalk (magazine) 1995-2016 United Kingdom
Skate International Belgie ~1978 Belgium
Skateboarder (magazine) 1964- print ended in 2013 United States
Skateboard 1975 one issue United States[8]
Skateboard Germany
Skateboard Magazin ~1978 Germany
Skaterock 2005- Czech Republic
Slicks Australia
Skateboard! 1977-1979

1988-1992 relaunched

United Kingdom[9][10]
Skateboard Scene 1977- United Kingdom
Skateboard Special 1977-1978 United Kingdom[11]
Skateboard World 1977-1979 United States[12]
Skateboard World.Japan 1977-1978 Japan
Skate Jawn
Skateworld Journal
Skat'n News
Skate Rider
Skate Magazine France
Skate France International France
Skateboard France
Slam Skateboarding Australia
SOLO skateboard magazine Cologne, Germany
Super Skateboard France
Slap Skateboard Magazine 1992-2008 United States
Staf magazine Spain
Stoops Los Angeles
STRENGTH (magazine) ended Oct 2002
The Quarterly Skateboarder only 2 issues before it became Skateboarder Magazine
The Skateboarder's Companion United Kingdom
That Noise Magazine[13] Est. 2012 Switzerland
Transworld Skateboarding 1983 - print edition ended in 2019 after 397 issues United States
The Skateboard Mag Est. 2004
Thrasher (magazine) Est. January 1981 – present San Francisco
Wild World of Skateboarding 1976-1978 United States[14]


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