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This is a list of magazines that promote or practice scientific skepticism.[1][2]

Magazine Language Founded Publisher Current editor
ARIP View[2] English 1988 Association for the Rational Investigation of the Paranormal (ARIP) D. Liknaitzky
Association for Rational Thought News[2] English 1991 Cincinnati Skeptics
Bay Area Skeptics Information Sheet (BASIS)[2] English 1982 Bay Area Skeptics (Discontinued in 2008)
CAZette[3] French 2011 Centre d'Analyse Zététique
El Escéptico[2] Spanish 1998 Alternativa Racional a las Pseudociencias (ARP) Felix Ares deBlas
El Ojo Critico[2] Spanish 1994 Grupo Fenix Manuel Carballal
El Ojo Escéptico[2] Spanish 1991 CAIRP
Enchanted Skeptic[2] English 1990 Nex Mexicans for Science
Folkvett[4] Swedish 1983 Vetenskap och Folkbildning Sven Ove Hansson
Free Inquiry[1] English 1980 Council for Secular Humanism Tom Flynn
Georgia Skeptic[2] English 1988 Georgia Skeptics
Grain of Salt[2] English 1988 Delaware Valley Skeptics
Great Lakes Skeptics Update[2][note 1] English 1989 Great Lakes Skeptics
Indian Skeptic[2] English 1988 Indian CSICOP
ISRAP Newsletter[2] English 1988 Iowa Society for a Rational Approach to the Paranormal (ISRAP) Randy Brown
Journal of the Japan Skeptics[2] Japanese 1992 Japan Skeptics
KASES File[2] English 1987 Kentucky Association of Science Educators & Skeptics (KASES)
La Alternativa Racional[2] Spanish 1986 Alternativa Racional a las Pseudociencias (ARP) Felix Ares deBlas
La Nave de los Locos[2] Spanish 2000 Sergio Sanchez & Diego Zuniga
La publication de l'Observatoire Zététique (La POZ)[5] French 2004 Observatoire Zététique Nicolas Vivant[5]
LA Raison[2] English 1987 Mid-South Skeptics Association
Le Raison[2] English 1987 Baton Rouge Proponents of Rational Inquiry Wayne Coskrey
Le Trait d'Union[2] French 1992 Comité Para Michel Soupart
Los Angeles Skeptics Evaluative Report (LASER)[2] English 1985 Los Angeles Skeptics Al Seckel
Manifestations[2] English 1989 Berkeley Skeptics
MCRI News[2] English 1987 Midwest Committee for Rational Inquiry (MCRI) Robert v Valzah
Minnesota Skeptics Newsletter[2] English 1987 Minnesota Skeptics
National Capital Area Skeptical Eye[2] English 1987 National Capital Area Skeptics Helen Hester-Ossa
Nederlands Tijdschrift tegen de Kwakzalverij[6][note 2] Dutch 1881 Vereniging tegen de Kwakzalverij Bert van Dien[7]
Nouvelles Sceptiques[1][note 3] French 1949 Comité Para Olivier Mandler
Phactum[1] English 1995 PhACT - Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking Ray Haupt
Science et pseudo-sciences[8] French 1968 Association française pour l'information scientifique (AFIS) Jean-Paul Krivine
Skepter[1] Dutch 1988 Stichting Skepsis Hans van Maanen[9]
Skeptical Intelligencer[10] English 1997 Association for Skeptical Enquiry Michael Heap
Skeptical Inquirer[1] English 1976 Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (formerly CSICOP) Kendrick Frazier
Skeptic (Skeptic Magazine)[1] English 1992 The Skeptics Society Michael Shermer
Skeptiker[1] German 1987 Gesellschaft zur wissenschaftlichen Untersuchung von Parawissenschaften Inge Hüsgen
Skeptikernytt[1] Norwegian 1992[2] Skepsis Norge Terje Emberland[2]
Skeptikko[11] Finnish 1988 Skepsis ry Risto K. Järvinen
The Arizona Skeptic[1] English 1987[2] Phoenix Skeptics
The Beacon[2] English 1988 East Bay Skeptics Society
The Gateway Skeptic[2] English 1990
The New England Journal of Skepticism[2] English 1998 New England Skeptical Society Steven Novella
The New York Skeptic[2] English 1988 New York Area Skeptics
The Skeptic[1] English 1981 Australian Skeptics Tim Mendham
The Skeptic[12][note 4] English 1987 Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (formerly CSICOP) Deborah Hyde
Wonder en is gheen Wonder[13] Dutch 2000 SKEPP Pieter Van Nuffel[14]

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  3. ^ Formerly named Nouvelles Brèves.
  4. ^ Named The British & Irish Skeptic until vol. 4, issue 3.


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