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Small modular reactors are approximately one-third the size of the current nuclear plants (about 350 MWe or less) and have compact and scalable designs which propose to offer a host of safety, construction and economic benefits by offering great potential for lower initial capital investment and scalability.

Status updated based on IAEA Report as of September 2014

NOTE Some reactors are not included in IAEA Report.

Sortable table
Name Power (in MWe) Technology Producer Status
a 0 a a a
EGP-6 11 RBMK IPPE & Teploelektroproekt Design, Russia Operating
ELENA* 0.068 PWR Kurchatov Institute, Russia Conceptual Design
ABV 3-10 PWR OKBM Afrikantov, Russia Detailed Design
CAREM 27 PWR CNEA & INVAP, Argentina Under Construction
mPower 180 PWR Babcock & Wilcox, USA Basic Design
SMR-160 140 PWR Holtec International, USA Conceptual Design
Fuji MSR 100–200 MSR Thorium Tech Solution Inc., Japan Conceptual Design(?)
Hyperion Power Module[1] 25 LFR Hyperion Pwr Gen - Santa Fe, NM USA Conceptual Design
KLT-40 35 PWR OKBM Afrikantov, Russia Under Construction
VK-300 300 BWR Atomstroyexport, Russia Detailed Design
VVER-300 300 BWR OKB Gidropress, Russia Conceptual Design
VBER-300 295 PWR OKBM Afrikantov, Russia Licensing Stage
RITM-200 55 PWR OKBM Afrikantov, Russia Under Construction
MRX 30–100 PWR JAERI, Japan Conceptual Design
IRIS-100 100 PWR Westinghouse-led, international Basic Design
SMART 100 PWR KAERI, S. Korea Licensed
NP-300 100–300 PWR Areva TA, France Conceptual Design
Flexblue 50–250 PWR Areva TA / DCNS group, France Conceptual Design
PBMR 165 HTGR Eskom, South Africa, et al. Detailed Design
GT-MHR 285 HTGR OKBM Afrikantov, Russia Conceptual Design Completed
MHR-T 4х205.5 HTGR OKBM Afrikantov, Russia Conceptual Design
MHR-100 25 - 87 HTGR OKBM Afrikantov, Russia Conceptual Design
SVBR[2][3] 10–100 LFR OKB Gidropress, Russia Conceptual Design
Angstrem 6 LFR OKB Gidropress, Russia Conceptual Design
BREST[4] 300 LFR Atomenergoprom, Russia Detailed Design
4S 10–50 FNR Toshiba, Japan Detailed Design
S-PRISM 311 FBR GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy Detailed Design
TerraPower 10 TWR Intellectual Ventures - Bellevue, WA USA Conceptual Design
Westinghouse SMR 225 PWR Westinghouse Electric Company, USA Preliminary Design Completed
NuScale 45 LWR NuScale Power LLC, USA Basic Design
Xe-100 35 HTGR X-energy,[5] USA Conceptual design development
IMSR 33-291 MSR Terrestrial Energy, Inc.,[6] Canada Conceptual Design
Stable Salt Reactor (SSR) 300-1200 MSR Moltex Energy LLP,[7] UK Conceptual Design
U-Battery 4 (electric), 10 (thermal) Pebble-bed reactor U-Battery consortium (Urenco Group, Atkins, Amec Foster Wheeler, Laing O'Rourke, Cammell Laird, Nuclear AMRC), United Kingdom Conceptual Design[8]
z 9999 z z

* Once built, ELENA will be the smallest commercial nuclear reactor ever built.[9][10]

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