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The following list encompasses notable smart TV platforms and application software that are used as software framework and middleware platforms used by more than just one manufacturer.

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Middleware providers to multiple third parties[edit]

For TV sets and companion boxes vendors, available under OEM license.

Framework platforms managed by standardization bodies or technology consortium[edit]

Framework Managed by Comments
HbbTV HbbTV Association An HTML5 based application framework middle-ware software platform.
CE-HTML CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) As part of Web4CE.
OIPF Open IPTV Forum
Tru2way CableLabs
Ginga Brazilian Digital Terrestrial Television Forum, ABNT Brazilian Digital TV System[1]

Framework platforms managed by single companies or foundations[edit]

Available to third parties, under OEM license.

Framework Managed by Used by Comment
Android TV Google Asus

Free/Iliad (Freebox mini)

NVIDIA (Shield Console)





Smart TV platform for TV sets and set-top-boxes. Gives access to Android apps through the Play Store.
Boxee Boxee, Inc D-Link Popular fork of the Kodi/XBMC media center software with custom graphical user interface and some proprietary application framework for apps.[2][3]
Firefox OS for TV Mozilla Panasonic So far, only available on a few Panasonic Smart TV models in Europe.[4]
Frog Wyplay SFR Used by some IPTV operators, such as SFR in France on its set-top-box
Google TV Google Asus

Bouygues Telecom (Bbox Miami)









Android based platform.[5] Its development stopped in 2013[6] and it is replaced by Chromecast and Android TV.
Horizon TV Liberty Global A cross-platform platform based fork of the Kodi/XBMC media center software with proprietary middleware framework for video on demand and handling DRM for streaming cable television channels.
httvLink HTTV Kaon




An HbbTV compliant TV Operating System for Connected TV receivers, addressing all Digital TV platforms.
Inview Inview Technology Ltd Digifusion



Connects an ordinary TV (or set-top box) to get IPTV.[7][8]
Kodi Entertainment Center (formerly XBMC Media Center) XBMC Foundation Open source cross-platform media center and DVR/PVR frontend software.
MeeGo Nokia, The Linux Foundation Middleware for smart TV. Now split into Tizen, Mer, and Sailfish OS)[9] (Linux Foundation, Intel, AMD[10]) currently based on a derivative fork of Kodi/XBMC media center software[11][12][13][14]
Mediaroom Ericsson (former: Microsoft) Swisscom Middleware for Pay-TV operators[15][16][17]
OpenTV Nagravision BSkyB (UK)

Sky Italia (Italy)

Digital+ (Spain)

Numericable (France)

EchoStar (USA)

Middleware for Pay-TV operators.
Opera TV Opera Software Hisense







TV solution for operators, OEMs, and brands.
Plex Plex, Inc Closed source cross-platform media center with proprietary streaming functionality to numerous devices, (initially started out as a popular fork of the Kodi/XBMC media center software.
Roku Roku, Inc. HiSense




RDK (Reference Development Kit) Comcast Cisco



TV solution for operators, OEMs, and brands.
Smart TV Alliance Smart TV Alliance LG

Panasonic (VierraConnect)

Philips / TP Vision

Toshiba (CloudTV)

A common SDK for TV app development and publishing for TV vendors.
SOP SoftAtHome Huawaei








An embedded unified software platform for Set Top Boxes, Dongles, Media Servers.
ToFu Media Platform Pivos Pivos


Cross-platform fork of Kodi/XBMC media center licensed to third parties and other commercial partners as OEM.
Ubuntu TV Canonical Ubuntu operating system[18][19][20] based platform, with Unity Next user interface for TV.
Yahoo! Connected TV (formerly Yahoo! GoTV) Yahoo! Mediatek





Vizio (Internet Apps Plus)

Available on some TV sets.[21]

Vendor specific smart TV platforms[edit]

Some vendors have their specific platform, but also may use third-parties solutions for other products.

Vendor Platform Devices Fire TV (Fire OS based) For Fire TV devices, including TV stick.
Apple tvOS For newer Apple TV boxes.
Apple Apple TV, running on iOS For Apple TV boxes. Initially using Front Row (software).
Google Chromecast For Chromecast HDMI dongles.
LG webOS Smart TV Current solution for TV sets.[22]
LG NetCast Former solution for TV sets.[23][24][25][26][27]
Microsoft Xbox One For Xbox One game console. More Smart TV features and TV apps expected with the Windows 10 update, that include the Windows Universal App Store.
Microsoft Xbox 360 For Xbox 360 game console, with smart TV features.
Netgear NeoTV For NeoTV streaming players.
Panasonic Viera Cast and Viera Connect For TV sets. The newer TV models now use the Firefox OS TV platform (no longer vendor specific).
Panasonic Life+Screen For TV sets.
Philips Net TV For TV sets.
Samsung Tizen OS for TV For newer TV sets.
Samsung Samsung Smart TV Former solution for TV sets and connected Blu-ray players. Now replaced by Tizen OS.[28][29][30]
Sharp AQUOS NET+ For TV sets.
Sharp SmartCentral For TV sets.
Sony PlayStation TV with Sony Entertainment Network For PlayStation game console.[31][32]
Sony Sony Internet TV (Sony Apps) Former solution for TV sets. The newer TV models now use the Android TV platform (no longer vendor specific).
TCL / Thomson Smart TV 2 For TV sets.
TiVo TiVo For TiVo DVR box.
Toshiba Toshiba Places For TV sets.[33]
Sling Media Slingbox For Slingbox set-top-boxes.
Western Digital WD TV For WD TV boxes.

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