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List of snakes lists snakes, part of the squamata order of reptiles, by family, subfamily and genus, mostly according to the continuing work of Dr. Roy W. McDiarmid, available through ITIS.[1] The one exception is the family Colubridae because ITIS information for it is currently incomplete. In this case, taxonomic data from the New Reptile Database was used instead,[2] combined with some information for authorities, years and common names from ITIS.

Approximate world distribution of snakes.

Infraorder Alethinophidia Nopcsa,[edit]

Family Acrochordidae – Wart snakes[edit]

Family Aniliidae – American pipe snakes[edit]

    • Genus Anilius 16 – American Pipe snake

Family Anomochilidae – Dwarf pipe snakes[edit]

Family Atractaspididae – Stiletto snakes[edit]

Family Boidae – Boas[edit]

  • Subfamily Boinae Gray, – Boas
  • Subfamily Erycinae Bonaparte, – Old World sand boas

Family Bolyeriidae – Mauritius snakes[edit]

Family Colubridae – Colubrids[edit]

Family Cylindrophiidae – Asian pipe snakes[edit]

Family Elapidae – Elapids[edit]

Family Loxocemidae – Mexican burrowing python[edit]

    • Genus Loxocemus 1 – Mexican burrowing python

Family Pythonidae – Pythons[edit]

Family Tropidophiidae Brongersma, – Dwarf boas[edit]

Family Uropeltidae – Shield-tailed snakes[edit]

Family Viperidae – Vipers[edit]

Family Xenopeltidae – Sunbeam snakes[edit]

Infraorder Scolecophidia[edit]

Family: Anomalepididae – Primitive blind snakes[edit]

Family: Leptotyphlopidae – Threadsnake[edit]

Family: Typhlopidae – Typical blind snakes[edit]

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