List of snakes of New Jersey

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This is a list of snakes known to be found in New Jersey, United States.


Image Binomial name Name Map
Carphophis amoenus amoenus Eastern worm snake
Cemophora coccinea copei Northern Scarlet snake
Coluber constrictor constrictor Northern Black Racer
Diadophis punctatus punctatus Southern Ringneck snake
Diadophis punctatus edwardsi Northern ringneck snake
Kornnatter.jpg Elaphe guttata guttata Corn snake
Elaphe obsoleta fg01.jpg Elaphe obsoleta Black rat snake
Heterodon platirhinosPCCA20060423-3588B.jpg Heterodon platirhinos Eastern hognose snake
Lampropeltis getula getula Eastern kingsnake
Red milk snake.JPG Lampropeltis triangulum "Coastal Plain" Milk snake
Lampropeltis triangulum triangulum Eastern milk snake
Nerodia sipedon sipedon Northern water snake
Opheodrys aestivus Rough green snake
Opheodrys vernalis Smooth green snake
Regina septemvittataPCCA20060513-3674B.jpg Regina septemvittata Queen snake
Pituophis melanoleucus melanoleucus Northern pine snake
Storeria dekayi dekayi Northern brown snake
Storeria occipitomaculata occipitomaculata Northern red-bellied snake
Thamnophis sauritus sauritus Eastern ribbon snake
Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis eastern garter snake
Virginia valeriae valeriae eastern smooth earth snake


Image Binomial name Name Map
Agkistrodon contortrix contortrix CDC-a.png Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen Northern copperhead
Crotalus horridus CDC.png Crotalus horridus Timber rattlesnake


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