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A social bookmarking website is a centralized online service that allows users to store and share Internet bookmarks. Such a website typically offers a blend of social and organizational tools, such as annotation, categorization, folksonomy-based tagging, social cataloging and commenting. The website may also interface with other kinds of services, such as citation management software and social networking sites.[1]

Name Description
BibSonomy A system for sharing bookmarks and lists of literature.
Digg A news aggregator with an editorially driven front page.
Diigo Designed to bookmark web pages and highlight key points for reference. Has both a free version and a premium version.
Hatena Hatena Bookmark is a social bookmarking service by a Japanese company. It is often colloquially referred to as Hatebu.
Pearltrees Collaborative bookmark exploration and curation tool organized and presented like a mind map.
Pinterest A web and mobile application that offers visual discovery, collection, sharing, and storage of images.
Pinboard Pinboard has a plain design and a focus on personal management of bookmarks using tags to organize them, similar to early versions of the Delicious social bookmarking service
Reddit Users submit content in the form of either a link or a text ("self") post. Links and content can be voted on.
SiteBar A free online bookmarking manager. It is open source software, mainly funded by authors' donations.
We Heart It An image-based social network for inspiring images.
Plurk A free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates (known as plurks) through short messages or links, which can be up to 210 text characters in length (previously 140).

Defunct sites[edit]

Name Description
CiteULike A web service that allowed users to save and share citations to academic papers.
Clipmarks a Delicious-like social bookmarking service, bought by Clipboard in 2012.[2]
Connotea discontinued service on March 12, 2013.
Delicious The site was bought by Avos Systems on April 27, 2011, though was operated by Yahoo! until July 2011.[3] On June 1, 2017, Delicious was acquired by Pinboard, and the service will be discontinued. As of March 2018, the website is read-only.
Faves as of January 2012, the service is no longer active.
Furl web page clipping and archiving service, founded in 2003 and acquired by Diigo in 2009.[4]
Gnolia formerly Ma.gnolia
My Web as of November 2005 - Internet Expert
Simpy formerly
StumbleUpon StumbleUpon was a discovery engine that finds and recommends web content to its users. It has moved to Mix
Trackle Trackle offered a variety of information categories that users could keep tabs on and share like-interests with groups of users via Twitter, SMS, and Email.
Twine Twine existed from 2007 to 2010. Now shut down.
Newsvine Owned by NBC, Community-powered which hosts content from its users and syndicated content. Discontinued on October 1, 2017, redirected to NBCNEWS web page
Xmarks Syncs bookmarks (folders & sub-folders) and profiles across different browsers and platforms. Includes sharing option and possibility to access bookmarks via web-based-interface. On May 1, 2018, Xmarks was discontinued after being acquired by LastPass.

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